What about Krilin?

This is my first Krilin-#18 fanfic. Is divided in short chapters.
It's about how Krilin marries #18. I'm not good at comedy,
I'll try my best (but if you can laugh at anything it'll be funny).
These are some descriptions:
Rated: PG-13
Things it has: adult language (who cares!), romantic things too hard to
understand to a 10-12 child
(I think), kisses (yuck), and more and more love (yuck again).
Now the story:

#18 flew off the Celestial Tower. Indifferent for Krilin's feelings. He
stood stand and almost frozen. Did she just said 'see you later' for
fun or what? He left the tower too; he went to Kame House. He wanted to
think; also he wanted to fight someone, someone weaker than him. In the
way he founds Vegeta that was going to Capsule Corp., Krilin, like
wanted to get killed told Vegeta to stop. Vegeta didn't. So Krilin throw
him a kame hame ha...

Meanwhile, in the middle of nowhere, #18 found his brother. She told
him who killed Cell. And how Krilin wished such a thing. "Maybe fall in
loooove" #17 said laughing at his sister. She got angry an almost hit
him, but was red enough to say that maybe was true. "I... I... don't love
him!" She yelled at her brother. Then like a 'sorry' she said "Maybe
he's cute... but not to fall in love." He couldn't stop a full-mouthed
laugh, making his sister angry again. Then, they stop as they feel Krilin
and Vegeta's 'kis'. #18 looked at her left and said "What is he... what
are they doing?" "I don't know, seems like your boyfriend is very nuts!
You want to go to see if... he's OK?" Asked #17. "No... he'll be all
right. Now..." She felt that Krilin was hurt badly. "Let's GO!" she
yelled and went flying as fast as she could.

At the fight, Krilin was almost death. Vegeta didn't realize that he
was attacking Krilin, until he heard his voice. Vegeta went very
surprised at Krilin. "What are you trying to do? To get yourself killed? What
the..." He was kicked by #18, who was trying to 'hide' from Krilin. But
it didn't work. He saw her, she saw him; they both were starring at
each other. Her brother told her to hurry; he grabbed Krilin and said,
"You know... that my sister likes you? She thinks you're... 'cute'" Krilin
looked how #18 started yelling at her brother. He laughed and said
"What a lie" and then he pass out. They went to Celestial Temple and then
returned to the woods.

Krilin woke up, for his surprise, all his friends were there, including
Vegeta. He went first to talk with him, "I'm sorry... you just...
jumped out of nowhere and fired me a kame hame ha... so I..." Krilin
interrupted him: "No, I'm sorry" Vegeta didn't know what to say. "I was very
out of me, but, tell me the truth... my... attack...? It DID hurt you,
right?" Vegeta said 'yes', and then he went back to the other side of
the room. "Were am I, anyway?" He asked. Bulma just said. "#18... She
dropped you here, with her brother... and she... said... 'Get well'.
That's what she said. But I think her brother forced her to say that" She
looked at Krilin to find out that he wasn't there.

Krilin's runaways are not common, thought Bulma. She was worried about
his friend; she loved him like the brother she never had. Krilin DID
love #18. She only said "Krilin, what a strange person. He loves her very
much, he can't accept a 'no' from anybody. I just hope that she won't
kill his heart" "Enough! Stop talking about him! Krilin, what a nerd!"
Yelled Vegeta. But then he started talking about him too "Well, what do
we know? Let's see... he's in love, he went after her, but she doesn't
love him; and the stupid knows that!" Bulma knew that Vegeta was
worried for Krilin.

"I don't want to fight!" Yelled Krilin at #18, then he landed in
forest. He sat down on the floor and began to think. She suddenly appeared,
not knowing why. Why am I doing this anyway? I could let him here and
laugh a lot! But... I can't. I think I love him. LOVE! Come on #18!
You're not like that! She finally spoke "I think... we... can... be...
just... friends! Don't you think so?" He didn't answered, because he knew
that if he begun to talk, he would let out a sad cry. He didn't look at
her either. But he didn't need to speak to cry; he started crying
without a sound or movement. She sat down beside him, and then she realized
that... she love him. "Or maybe not. We can be... more than... just
friends." He saw her beautiful face, but he didn't want to screw it up.
"W... what... do you... mean... 'more than just friends'?" He didn't mean
to say it. "Sorry, I don't..." Before he could finish his sentence, she
kissed him. "HEY FOLKS! ARE YOU FINISH NOW?" #17 yelled at them from
the sky. They both looked up and... Well... they saw #17... with Gohan!
LOOKING the KISS! What a way to start for our couple.
"You think we should go somewhere else?" Asked Krilin. A pretty stupid
question. The answer was YES! So they flew off at top speed. But they
were followed by the little Gohan, as stupid as his father he only
wanted to know what the hell was going on? Why Krilin have to be kissing
after what she said to him? Was he nuts or what? "Hey! You two, what the
hell is going on?" But no answer, they kept flying at top speed. Later,
Krilin gave him a "Go do your homework, Gohan!" What the hell is going
on with this guy? And she's pretty nuts too! She called him 'old man'!
And now they're kissing? This is a really really strange day.

They were flying to somewhere, "Why did you kissed me?" He asked her,
he was almost dying to know why. He was happy, but disturb about this.
"I mean, you DID call me an 'old man', why did you kissed the old man
anyway?" "Because... you're cute. Besides, you were sad, I thought that
the kiss will cheer you up" She smiled. "You're very worried about that,
aren't you?" Smiled again. Krilin's face turned red, very red. She let
go a laugh. He didn't know what to do,so he laughed too. "I love you
#18" She turned her head to see if his face was red, but it didn't.
Actually he was smiling at her; she was the one with the red face now. "I'm
going to Kame's, if you don't want to come it's fine. Maybe that creepy
Roshi is going to disturb you. And I have to say that he IS pervert
when a beautiful woman... is in his house" He suddenly stopped in the
middle of the air "Well, bye!" He went very red. And then he hear her voice
calling him "Bye, come back here TOMORROW!" He then asked "It's this a
date?!" She screamed "YES!" YES! YES! YES! YES? What on Dende... I have
a DATE? With #18! He went to Kame's alone but smiling, he was happy.

Bulma was talking to his one-year son, who didn't understand anything.
Then the phone started ringing. She answered. It was Krilin! "Krilin
what the hell... where are you?" "I'm at Kame's" "So, what happened? Did
you find her?" "You didn't spoke with Gohan? He and #17 found #18 and
"Stop screaming Bulma. I didn't offer her to marry me. You're acting
like you were nuts!" "Sorry but I... Hello? Hello?" He hung down the

"#18 you're in love! Ha ha! Who would think such a thing?" Said #17,
while he was trying to do some fishes. "So why did youkissed him?"
"Because I love him!" She turned red again. Then she went to sleep in the
tiny house that her brother had.

"So?" Said Krilin. "What are we going to do now?" He looked at #18; he
was trembling like a leaf. #18 just smiled and then she laughed
nervously. They were both in the middle of the air. "Oh... wait... I know...
f-f-f-f-follow me" He begun flying somewhere, and #18 just followed him.
They went to a restaurant; they ate and talk about fights. It's hard to
find a woman that likes to fight, thought Krilin. "And the kie-zan
(destructo disk)..." He begun talking, teaching her his techniques. Then
they went to the movies, and saw a horror movie. In there they laughed a
lot, because of the stupid monster suits of the 'horror' movie. They
were kicked out of the movies. And then he took her to a bar. They drank
till Krilin was drunk. So she had to carry him to Kame's. Strangely,
the old man wasn't there. #18 putted him in his bed. He was all red, and
was just smiling and calling her name (well you know: #18). She didn't
like his look. Then he said: "Do you know that I love you?" And he
fainted. #18 smiled and kissed him.

About an hour later she went to her brother's.  "Ha ha!" Laughed #17.
"He, drunk?" He couldn't help it. That was VERY funny for him. "And he
wanted you to sleep with him?" Still laughing. "And you didn't? Why?" "I
won't sleep with him!" She yelled. "I don't want to get pregnant or
anything!" Then he stopped laughing. She had a point. He finally spoke
without laughing: "But sister. If you love him, you can't just 'love him',
and that means that sooner or later you'll have to give up to him. And
anyways, I would laugh more seeing you as a mother" He started laughing
again. "But... I can't go and just 'give up'. That's stupid" She didn't
know what to do. She really loved Krilin, but she wouldn't give herself
up to him like that.

Three days later, Krilin was in his new job. He was working in a
construction, so had to wear a plastic cap, a jean and a black T-shirt. He
looked handsome. He even stopped shaving, so he had tiny little hairs
growing out of his head, all at the same time. He didn't saw #18 in the
last three days, he couldn't feel her 'ki' (since she's an android), and
he was worried. How could I been drunk like that! I'm jerk! I lost the
opportunity of my life! I really screwed it up!, he thought. Then he
forgot and continued working, blowing a building into ashes. "Good job
Krilin" Yelled his boss, who has been told of Krilin's powers by Master
Roshi. Krilin just stared at him; he hated his boss for none reason.
Then Krilin did a fake smile. "Can I go home now?" Asked Krilin. He wasn't
tired; he was sad, and thinking of #18. His boss also has been told of
Krilin's 'love' problems with some 'girl'. "No Krilin. Just three more
buildings, please?" Said the Boss. Krilin nodded and went to look to
the map, to find the three buildings he had to blast. He was unhappy, but
the Boss had to obey Master Roshi. 'He's alone, and I don't want him in
home watching TV, getting drunk and all that', the Boss remembered
Roshi's words. "Later boss" Said Krilin, as he headed to the buildings in
another city.
Five minutes later, Krilin was back. He's pretty quick; anyways it
looks like he won. I'll let him go. "Hey Krilin, you're out!" Said the
Boss. As fast as Krilin landed, the Boss hugged him. Krilin did nothing; he
was to depressed to avoid the fat and huge man. He felt like a girl's
doll, being pulled up, down, side to side, smashed, and even shirked by
his boss. "So?" He finally leaves him breath, "Where you're going kid?"
And do you think I'm going to tell you?, thought Krilin. "Nowhere" He
answered coldly. His boss just stood there, trying to understand why the
hell was he acting like that. Finally Krilin flew off and went to
Dende's Palace.

Meanwhile, #18 was flying to Kame's House to see Krilin. When she
arrived she went inside. But she found all his friends (Gohan, Bulma,
Vegeta, Yamcha, Chichi, Puar, Oolong, Chibi Trunks, Roshi, who was on the
phone, and even Piccolo, who was only for that 'special party'). All
turned their heads to see #18 who was actually staring at all those people.
"I'LL KILL YOU, #18" As always, it was Vegeta, "HOW DARE YOU TO DEFEAT
PRINCE VEGETA?" He yelled at the android. She only stared at him, and
then she started searching Krilin in the room without moving. "WHAT????
G......" Roshi walked to the living room, for his surprise, #18 was
there. "What happened?" She asked him. "He's pissed. He almost killed an
entire city" Roshi answered. "I'll go see if I can calm him down" She said
and flew off. "But why #18?" He said to the sky, as everyone looked at
him, "Do you really care about Krilin?" She wasn't there but he asked

Why did I go there anyway? She thought. She was flying at top speed
feeling Krilin's 'ki'. Why is he so angry?

"I'M A JERK!" Krilin screamed in Dende's Palace. He was seated under a
palm tree. "WHY DID I HAVE TO GET DRUNK?" He took a deep breath "NOW
SHE THINKS I'M AN ALCOHOLIC" Dende was only watching his friend, trying
to ignore the pain in his ears. He knew that Krilin only needed to be
listened by someone. "Now what I'm going to do?" He said calmly, for
Dende's surprise. "Do you want to know where she is?" Asked Dende. "Can you
do me that favor?" "Sure" Said the green kid. He closed his eyes and
tried to concentrate. "Oh my..." He said. "She's searching you" Krilin
got up and asked stupidity as Goku "What do I do?" "Why are you asking
me! I'm just a kid!" "Okay. I'll go there and-and-and-and f-f-f-face her"
Said Krilin, then he flew off. As Dende stood wondering why Krilin was
weirdest than the other warriors. "Mr. Popo what do you think?" He
laughed. The black alien just said, "I think he loves her" And with that
they returned to their routines.

I can feel his 'ki' getting closer Thought #18. She smiled as she felt
that he was calmed down. She stopped and saw him in the horizon. He
flew shyly to her. "Hi" He said. "Hi?" "Yeah, hi!" He said trying to
understand her, "Is anything wrong?" He sighed, "I think I should apologize"
"Why?" She asked amazed. "Because you were drunk?" "Yes" He sighed
again, "I didn't mean to say anything" "What? Krilin what do think you
said?" She couldn't contain laughing at him. "I don't know, but Roshi told
me that when I get drunk I act very rude" He then smiled, "W-w-what did
I said?" "You said 'Do you know that I love you?' That doesn't sound
rude. It sound sweet" She laughed even more, "It's that why you where
mad?" "Yeah" He said sighing and smiling at her like if he was drunk
again. Then he returned to normal and cleared his throat, "I mean yes" He
said normally. "Well, you'll know if you are rude to me" She said
laughing. "Yeah, how?" He said laughing too. "If you're dead" She laughed even
more. "I just hope I wont get drunk" Krilin joked. And they laughed
even more and more. Then Krilin kissed her. "I guess you're going to kill
me for that too" He said as he smiled at her. "I don't think so" And
they kissed a 'real love kiss'. That day he took her to all the places he
could, brought all things she liked (and he could afford), and finally
he took her to her brother's. They kissed again and said goodbye to
each other.

Now, five years later, Krilin was still dating with #18. They didn't
married, because they thought, if they married their bond could break.
So, they lived at Kame's.

"Krilin!" #18 yelled from the kitchen. "Come on! Teach me please" "Ok,
ok, I'm coming" He was lying in the sofa, wearing only his boxers and a
white T-shirt. They were alone that day. "Ok, let's see" He was now in
the kitchen, "You got the onions?" "Yes" She said happily. "Tomatoes?"
"Yes" "And garlic?" "Yes, now what?" She asked. "Now, you cut those
things into tiny pieces" Krilin explained to his 'girlfriend'. He showed
her how to cut. "Krilin I'm not stupid" "But I'm showing you that this
is the safer way to cut... OUTCH! SHIT" He
yelled. "You see, Mr. 'Showing a safer way to cut'?" She laughed. "Let
me look at that" "No! Don't worry, I can do it alone" He was acting
like a child. "I wont bite you Krilin" She took his hand, he only had a
tiny cut, "You'll survive, Krilin" And she laughed more. "Very funny"
Krilin went to the bathroom to get some aids. He didn't realize that she
was following him. He closed the door behind him. He begun changing his
clothes. Now he was naked. He was about to put his clean boxers, but
suddenly the door was opened, and there she was! "Oh my... S-s-s-sorry,
Kril" She said. And she turned around. As red as a tomato. "W-w-w-w-what
are you doing here?" He said surprised. "I-I-I-I came here to tell you
that I need your help" She said, "I really am sorry" He smiled and
tried to make her redder, "For what?" But he was red too, "Don't be like
that Kril" She said, and turned around to see if Krilin was still naked
or not. He wasn't. "Don't call me Kril. I hate it" "Oh ok, KRIL" Then
she yelled, "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!" Oh my! She's nuts! He thought. I'll
chase her anyways. So they ran in the house, till she let him catch her
in the bed......

Roshi entered his house and turned of the oven, not knowing what
happened. There was smoke all over the kitchen. He started looking for
someone in all the rooms. His room, nothing. Guestroom, nothing. Krilin's
room, nothing. #18's room, Krilin and her sleeping, together? "WHAT THE
HELL?" Roshi yelled. Suddenly they both jumped out of the bed. "WHAT ARE
They obeyed. And soon they knew what he was talking about, their 'race'
had done a mess to Kame House. Roshi gave them both 'things' to clean up
the mess. "I'm not telling you that you can't love each other, but
LOOK" He pointed to the mess, "What you were thinking? This looks like a
battleground, not like MY house. You forgot the food in the oven, you
could have started a fire!" He sighed, as the two lovers looked at him.
"I'm going to Chichi's, and if this is not clean when I get back... YOU
AND YOU ARE GOING TO GET A NEW VICTIM!" He went to the door and
"He was really mad," She said. "I never saw somebody yell me like that"
She turned to Krilin. To her surprise, he was looking kinda goofy. He
was just laughing in silence. Till he broke up his silence laughing so
loud that #18 thought that he was crazy.
"I NEVER SAW HIM SO MAD!" He screamed. Then he stopped. He started
cleaning the floor and the entire house. Three hours later, Roshi entered
in his house. It was shining, all clean. They'll learn! He thought. He
smirked. "So?" Asked Krilin and #18 in unison. "Go" He said.
"W-w-w-what?" Krilin asked, "What do you mean Roshi?" "I SAID GET OUT OF MY HOUSE
KRILIN!" Roshi went to his room. "What are we going to do?" Asked #18
worried. "WHERE are we going to go?" Asked Krilin. But without looking
at anything. "Well, better start packing all our stuff" "I'll call
Bulma" Said #18. She picked up the phone. "Hi, may I speak to Bulma please?
Ok! I'll wait... Krilin do you believe this jerk? He asked me to wait!"
She saw Krilin smiling. "Oh... hi Bulma" (Bulma's voice) "Hi. Who are
you?" "It's me, #18" "Oh. Hi #18. What do you want?" "I want to know if
we can spend one night in your house" "You and...?" "Krilin and I"
"WHAT?" "What is it?" Asked Krilin when he saw #18 jump. "She didn't know
that we're..." Said #18. "Oh" Said Krilin. Then he continued packing.
"Yes Krilin and I" "Ok. Just tell me why?" "Because... I'll tell you when
we get there, ok?" "Ok, ok. Well bye #18!" "Bye" She hung down. Then
sighed and helped Krilin. "So?" He asked. "She said yes" They stared at
each other. Then they continued packing.

An hour later they were at Bulma's telling her the whole story. "Oh my
God" She laughed. "What's so funny?" Krilin asked. "Sorry Krilin, ah...
but you two are just crazy. You could be more careful next time" Krilin
and #18 jumped at the same time, "NEXT TIME?" Their faces turned red.
They're so weird! Thought Bulma. But she started laughing again.
"Anyways, you can live here. Tomorrow you could buy those stupid magazines to

Bulma thought that the couple was normal, that they wouldn't be a
problem for her. WRONG! "So?" Asked Krilin, who was sitting at the table.
They all were. Bulma, Vegeta, he and #18. It was dinnertime. Vegeta
glared at him and said, "So what?!" Krilin felt a little humiliated. But
nobody knew it. "I mean, what's up?" He said quickly. "I don't know,
what's up?" Said #18, and begun laughing. Bulma, Vegeta and Krilin stared at
her; then Krilin begun to laugh too. "You're nuts!" Said Vegeta, almost
scared. Krilin and #18 stopped laughing and stared at each other. Then
Krilin said, "You're nuts!" Almost like Vegeta, and begun laughing
again, followed by #18 and Bulma (who found it funny). "If you want to die,
then say it again!" Said Vegeta. Krilin changed the subject, "Bulma,
are you doing anything tonight?" Bulma looked at the little guy, then at
the yellow harried woman, then at Vegeta (who was eating), she finally
spoke, "No, not at all. Why?" "Because I'm going to take #18 to my
favorite 'place' and I was wondering if you and Vegeta wanted to come with
us!" She looked at Vegeta again and said, "Go ahead, you two go and
have fun. I don't think Mr. Actitude can get out of there without killing
someone" Krilin almost laughed, but #18 glared a look that told him not
to hurt Bulma.

Later, Krilin and #18 went to the 'place'. For #18 surprise, it was a
field full of flowers, "Oh this is so beautiful, Krilin!" "Well, I just
wanted to say... That of all the flowers that I see, you're the
prettiest" He cleared his throat, he was blushing like hell. #18 smiled and
said, "I love you Krilin" She kissed him. He begun kissing her

It was morning; they were sleeping in the forest, near the field.
Krilin woke up and looked to his left, #18 was sleeping with her head over
his chest. He smiled, because he couldn't move. So he had to wake her
up. "#18, wake up honey" She opened her eyes and looked at him, he was so
cute. "What?!" She said. She realized that she was naked, and so did
he. "Hey! We're naked. Where's our clothes?" She said. He looked around
confused. "Where are we?" "Krilin, you don't even know what happened?"
"Well... I remember what we did, but not how I fell asleep" He said
smiling at her. "You always fall asleep, Kril" She said. "Hey! Don't call
me 'Kril'!" He protested. "But it's sounds cute" She smiled and kissed
him" "Don't start that" He laughed. "Why not?"

"Where the hell are they?" Bulma asked Dende. She was worried; they
have been missing for one day. "Well... I found them. But I can't tell you
where they are. Krilin could kill me!" Said Dende. Then he added,
"They're ok" Bulma sighed, "Ok. I'll go home then"

"Can we go to Cap. Corp. now?" Asked Krilin while he was dressing up.
"Oh... Come on Kril. Tell me the truth... We had a blast!" "Yeah!" Then
he added, "But I think I'm going to fall asleep again" #18 couldn't
help it, she stared laughing. He was dressed now, so did #18. They took
off from the 'place' and went to Cap. Corp.

"We're here!" Krilin yelled. "Krilin, #18!" Bulma's voice felt like
thunder. "Where have you two been?!" Krilin and #18 were both red. Bulma
showed them their room and the bathroom, and she gave them some towels.
Then Bulma went to her lab.
"I can't wait #18" Krilin said. "What do you mean?" "I mean, that I
want to take a shower... with you" "Excuse me" Said Vegeta, "But you
lovers, will have to wait for me" Both lovers were red, RED! They found
another bathroom. So they took a shower together. They were full of grass,
flowers, dirt and other things. He helped her, cleaning her back. She
helped him, cleaning his back. They cleaned each other and then they
went to their room. There they got dressed and went downstairs to eat

Krilin was trying to convince Roshi that wouldn't mess up his house
again, while #18 was with a doctor: "Well... you're pregnant" Said the
doc. #18 only looked at him like a psychotic. The doc didn't know what to
say. Suddenly she yelled, "I'M PREGNANT?!" She just wanted to kill
somebody because she was so happy.

That afternoon, they met at Cap. Corp. (Capsule Corporation). She told
him that she got news: "Krilin, you know well that I'm an android" She
was interrupted by him, "Well whatever you are it doesn't matter to me"
"Oh. How sweet" She kissed him. She never thought that he would love
her that much. "Well, as I was telling you, maybe... I can't tell you
this" "Tell me what?" "It's hard to me to explain you this" "You don't
love me anymore?" "It's not that!" She said as hugged him and kissed him
again. Then she started crying. He hugged back and tried to understand
her, but he couldn't. "Wha-wha-what is it honey?" He asked. "I'm not
crying because I'm sad" "Then why are you crying?" "Because I'm happy that
I'm pregnant" He only looked at her. She was crying and had the biggest
grin in the whole world. It was after a minute that he hugged he and
kissed her and yelled like a ridiculous person, "OH MY GOD I CAN'T
BELIEVE THIS" He yelled happily, "I-I-I-I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" He kissed her
again. She was just staring at him, letting him kiss her, hug her and yell
at her. But she never saw Krilin so happy. "You really love me?" She
said in child voice. "Of COURSE I love you, silly!" "Even if I'm going to
look fat, nervous and eat like a saiyayin?" He smiled, "Yeah!" He said
smiling. She smiled back, "Hey! What about if we go and tell Bulma!"
"If you want to" So they went and told Bulma. She was very happy too.
That night, they talked about what names they liked for the baby and all
that baby-stuff.

The next morning, Krilin went to the city to buy something. #18 went to
the mall with Bulma and Trunks (who was 6 years old), to buy baby

"Sir? Sir? SIR?!" A receptionist yelled. Krilin blinked "Who? Me?" The
woman looked annoyed, "Sir... I have been yelling at you for at least
ten minutes..." She watched Krilin, who looked like a stupid lunatic.
"Never mind... what do you want sir?" "I want that ring over there" "Are
you going to marry?" Krilin nodded. "That's so sweet!" "Give me the
ring, please" "Oh sorry... here you have. That's... 120 dollars" "WHAT?!
THIS LITTLE RING COSTS 120 DOLLARS?!" Somehow, the scream reached to #18
and Bulma, who were in the SAME mall! "What the hell was that?" Asked
Bulma. "That sounded like Krilin" "Yeah! You're right! Let's go check it
out!" Said Bulma. #18 nodded, and they went to see what was happening.
Krilin wanted to hit the poor woman, but he paid and got out of that
store. He saw #18 and Bulma, but they didn't saw him. So he went to Kame

"Master Roshi!" Krilin screamed. "Here!" "Master Roshi! Before you kick
me out I have something to tell you!" Roshi was reading those magazines
again. "What do you want?" He asked coldly. "#18 is pregnant! I'm going
to be a daddy!" Roshi dropped his magazine and looked into Krilin's
eyes, he was almost crying. "Really?" Roshi asked annoyed. "Yeah! And
you're going to be a grandpa!" Krilin said, almost yelling. "Well, that
means that... you can come back here with #18. I can't kick out a pregnant
woman!" "What do you think?" "CONGRATULATIONS!" "THANK YOU MASTER
ROSHI!" Both men started yelling, because they were happy. After 20 minutes
of yelling, Krilin went to Cap. Corp.

"#18! Are you here?" "Here honey!" She said from the bathroom. He could
hear his 'girlfriend' vomiting. "Are okay honey?!" He almost screamed.
"Don't worry this always happens to a pregnant woman" "Oh sorry" "It's
not your fault!" "Hm?" "What do you want?" "Hm?" "Sorry... I think I
lost temper..." "That's okay... when you finish... brush your teeth...
I-I-I heard that it's good for you moms" "Okay" With that Krilin went
downstairs. After a few minutes she went to meet him. "What is it Kril?"
"Well... um... d-d-do you want to... go outside?" "Sure" So they went
outside. "Well?" He showed her a little black box, when she opened the
box, she found a little golden ring of pure gold with little cristals and
a script 'To my Love Flower'. "You like it?" She started crying. "I
love it!" "Are you okay?" "Yeah, it's moms stuff!" And then he kissed her.
"Master Roshi is waiting for us" "Really?" She said. "Yeah! Let's go
and pack our stuff again" And so they went back to Kame House.

What About Krilin?

Nine months had passed, and our couple is very happy. They don't show
the same love than before but they DO love each other. Now they're in
Kame House with all their friends. They're in a Baby Shower. #18 is still
"Hey #18! What's your baby's name?" Asked Oolong. "If it's a boy I'll
name it Kril... and if it's a girl, Krilin will name it" "Wow! Like his
father!" Said Oolong. "Yeah! But I'm sure that is a SHE!" Bulma said.
"Me too" Said Chichi. "I don't care to much. I want to know what it
feels to be a father!" Krilin said from the other side of the tiny island.
"Yeah! Me too!" Said #18; she smiled to her husband. "But if it's a
girl?" Asked Oolong. "If it's a girl I'll name it Marron!" Everyone who
knew about his other girlfriend was shocked. "But Marron was..." Started
Gohan. "His girlfriend?" Asked #18, "Yeah I know... but is also the
feminine name of 'Krilin'. I found it in an encyclopedia. Besides,
Krilin's ex-girlfriend's name was with one 'R'. And my daughter's name is
going to be with two 'R's" "That sounds cool!" Said Gohan. "But I think
it's going to be a boy" Said Krilin. "It's going to be a girl!" Said #18,
"How do YOU know?" Asked Krilin while he was laughing. "I know because
is in MY body" Said his wife. He smiled, "Good point" and then he went
to check the BQ. She smiled too. For a minute there was silence in all
the island, only the wawes that crashed in the rocks and the sand were
heared. Suddenly, #18 broke the silence, "I think..." EVERYBODY looked
at her, she was sweating and grabbing her stomach. "... it's time" And
EVERYBODY ran to her. Krilin placed her in the airplane and they all
went to the hospital.

They entered to the hospital like a bunch of 13 lunatics. The nurses
stared at them annoyed. #18 was screaming to eveybody. Piccolo and Vegeta
flew away from the hospital, Bulma and Chichi were talking at top speed
to #18 "Breathdeep,breathdeep" Yamcha was pushed away from #18, with
Roshi, Oolong and Puar. Gohan was chasing Trunks and Goten. And Krilin
was loosing his mind. "COULD EVERYBODY JUST SHUT UP?!" He screamed. All
silence, till #18 spoke, "Honey? Could you please...?" "Yeah, yeah. ANY
MOMMY ALERT!" Screamed Vegeta, who apparently came back. "YOU HEARED THE
GENTLEMEN! LET'S GET GOING!" Said a nurse. A nurse sat #18 in a
wheelchair and pushed her to a room. Krilin followed her. The nurse left the
room and let Krilin talk to #18 before she was taken to give birth.
"Honey? Are you all right?" "Yeah... I feel better now" She said. He was
smiling, so did she. "Is anything I can do for you?" He asked. "Kiss me"
So he kissed her. He sat next to her bed, in a sofa. She stared at him
for a while. Then the pain begun again. He jumped off the sofa and
called a nurse. Then they took her away. Krilin was worried. Everybody was
nervous. Vegeta went to see Kriin. "Krilin... I got something for you"
"W-w-what is it?" "Blood" "How kind" Krilin said. "I mean a
transfusion... I need human blood, and you need saiyan blood" Krilin looked at
Vegeta... 'the Pince of Saiyans', he sighed "Ok. When do you want my blood"
"Now" "How about before we leave this hospital?" "Deal" With that
Krilin felt like a traitor. But if he wanted save his wife in the future, he
couldn't do it without being a saiyan.

Krilin looked at his watch, it only has been an hour since he got to
the hospital. He looked aroud, everybody was sleeping. He sighed, he
didn't see his wife or child yet. The doctor didn't say nothing, he only
waked away, glaring at him, for what?! He thought. "Krilin" He heared
somebody whispering at him. "What is it Vegeta?" "Now let's go, you're
there doing nothing!" Krilin nodded and followed Vegeta into a tiny room.
"We're not going to feel nothing, till two to four years. That's why I
wanted to do it quickly!" Krilin rolled his eyes and nodded again.
Vegeta cutted himself in the arm, so did Krilin. Vegeta took Krilin's
blood, and Krilin took Vegeta's; then Krilin put his hand over his wound, so
did Vegeta. They walked out of the room and went to opposite
directions. The next thing that Krilin saw was everything turning black.
"Mr. Krilin... I'm so sorry. I'm Dr. Zeed, I am trully sorry... your
wife didn't make it. Neither your son" Krilin jumped out of the bed
screaming "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" And he felt a baby crying,
someone hitting him, voices calling him, but he didn't open his eyes, he
didn't feel the one who hit him, he didn't heared the voices, he only
heared the baby. He was focused on the baby. He openned his eyes, to find
out where was he, who hit him, who was calling him...... who was the
#18 stared at him annoyed. He was looking at her like if he was
watching Einstain teaching him science. "Are you all right Kril?" "You...
you... you... you're... alive?!" "Of course I am!" She started laughing
"You thought that I was dead?" The baby was still crying, #18 looked down
to her left and took the baby carefully. She was smiling, looking at
the baby "You're hungry?" "Hm?" "I'm talking to the baby Kril!" She said
smiling. "Stop calling me 'Kril', my name is Krilin!" "Whatever...
Kril" Before he could reply the baby yawned. "Who's that?" He said, knowing
that it was his child, but he didn't know how to start "Your daughter"
"You... mean... son... don't you?" "D-a-u-g-h-t-e-r" "S-o-n" "Look at
her... she's hungry" #18 ignored Krilin's ignorance.
She glared at everyone who was in the room (except for Krilin) "Can you
go outside, please?" Krilin could hear few 'sures' and 'oks' from his
friends. "What do I do?" "Stay here if you want" "Oh... ok" She showed
her breast to her daughter, who started drinking. Krilin looked at the
baby, then at his wife's face, she was still smiling! "So..." He broke
the silence. "Hm?" "..." "What is it Kril?" "Hm... ummm" "Well, I'll
tell ya. You fainted in the hall. And this is your daughter" She pulled
the baby to Krilin, the baby was asleep, to his surprise "Wow... it
doesn't need to much to eat" "Shhh! You'll wake her" "Sorry" He whispered.
"Here, grab her head like this. With the other hand her body. Here you
go" "I feel like I'm gonna hurt her" "Don't worry... Geez!" "What did I
do now?" "I mean... you look handsome with that baby" She kissed him.
He blushed, but smiled. Then he made the funniest thing #18 could ever
imagine. He made a baby-like voice "You too mommy" She started laughing
like crazy. "Shh... You'll gonna wake her" He said smiling. Then he
kissed her.

Three years had been since Marron was born. Peace, quiet and.... party!
Yeah another one: Marron's third birthday!

"Come in!" Said Krilin opening the door. "Hi Bulma! Trunks, Vegeta!
Please, come in!" "JOIN THE PARTY!" Screamed Yamcha, he was drinking
something and watching TV with Gohan, Chichi, Goten (he was 7 years old),
Roshi, Oolong, Puar, #18 and Marron. "HEY DON'T SCREAM!" Screamed #18.
"Come on honey calm down. You're very nervous today" Said Krilin. She
glared at Yamcha and then she went to the kitchen, Krilin followed her.
"What do you want?" She said. "What the hell is going on with you?" He
almost yelled. "Nothing, I'm tired. I want to sleep. But I can't let you
alone with Marron" "Well, just wait three hours and you'll go to
sleep!" "Kril?" "Hm?!" "Are you mad at me?" "Nope" "Kril?" "Hm?" "Can we go
to a hotel tonight?" "NANI?!" "You know... to make love?" "NANI?!
TONIGHT?!" "Don't scream, honey!" "But why tonight?!" "Cuz I want to do it
tonight, if you want" "Oh..... well.... we can let Marron with
Roshi.......... Yeah! Why not?!" He smiled and blushed. "OK! I'll go with Bulma
and Chichi, I'll try to join their chat........ without fight this
time..." "Yeah! Good luck!" This is going to be a long night. He thought.
Then he went to join his friends.
"DADDY!" Screamed Marron. "Marron don't scream like that" Said a very
calmed Krilin. Marron hugged his leg and begun giggling. Her dad smiled
and picked her up. "How ya doing Marron?" Asked Gohan. Marron only
giggled more. Gohan realised that she wasn't going to answer him and
continued talking with the others. Krilin was talking with Yamcha, Roshi and
Oolong. "Yeah! It's tough to be a father!" Said Krilin. Marron looked
at him, still on his shoulders. "Daddy.... I'm hungry!" She said. Krilin
looked to Yamcha and Roshi "You see... Well......
what-do-you-want-to-eat?" Marron thought a little bit. "Macarroni and Cheesse!" Krilin was
surprised. "We don't have macarroni and cheesse dear" He said calmly.
"But I want macarroni and cheesse!" She protested. "Marron you're old
enough to understand that WE DON'T HAVE MACARRONI AND CHEESSE!" He yelled.
Marron was with her eyes wide openned, but she didn't cry. Everyone
turned around and stared at him. He didn't move, he knew that #18 would
get VERY mad! Someone turned off the stereo. Everything was silence now.
Krilin was blushing, he realized that Marron was giggling. "Why did ya
turn off the music?" She asked. Again, someone turned on the stereo.
But his friends were still looking at him. "Let's go Marron..... We'll
buy the macarronis" Said Krilin. Marron knew that her 'daddy' didn't want
to yell at her. Krilin saw #18 smiling at him. Then he took off with
Marron on his arms.

"Sorry Marron...... daddy didn't meant to yell at ya" Said Krilin, like
a whisper. "Don't worry daddy! I never listen to you!" Said Marron.
Krilin added "But you have to listen to me.... If not...... you wont learn
what's right or wrong" "What's right or wrong?" "Hai! You see.... if
you behave your self..... THAT'S right.......... if you don't obey me or
your mom..... THAT'S wrong" "Daddy?" "Nani?" "I love you!" "Me too
Marron" Krilin said. He landed in front of a market and went inside with
his daughter. Marron looked all the macarroni and cheesse's boxes. Krilin
only watched her. She's like her mom He thought. She always gets what
she wants.
They returned to their home. Nobody was there, only #18. "Where were
ya? It's late! Oh... anyways... I'll take you to bed. And you, you go to
bed too" His wife said. "Okay..." He said. #18 took Marron to bed. She
went to her room and found Krilin in bed already. He was sleeping. She
looked at Krilin's expressions, the ones he didn't make when he was
awake. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

We are now IN the Buu Saga... When Buu got out of the Room of Time.....

"Well... I'll eat that little girl over there!" Said Buu. Krilin was shocked. He wasn't strong enough to kill Buu or even hurt him! Until he got craisy, Krilin screamed and launched to Buu. On the way, he turned to SSJ and tried to punch him. He felt his body getting bigger. He went to SSJ2, but he couldn't punch him. Then, he turned to SSJ3 and punched him, but that didn't kill him, of course. Buu kicked Krilin to the Earth, and fired a big black ki blast. Everyone, who could, felt Krilin's ki getting weaker, until they didn't feel it more. Buu laughed. They didn't have time to think that Krilin was a saiyan. "I'll turn the girl into a chocolate!" Yelled Buu. Before he could do that, a gigant golden monkey apeared. "Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!" Yelled the Golden Osharu (big monkey). "I'll turn you into a candy!" Yelled Buu at the monster. The Golden Osharu desapeared, and apeared behind him. Buu was shocked, he could feel a great ki in the monkey. Marron smiled and giggled. "Daddy!!!" She yelled. The Osharu turned around and roared, not kindly. It was mad, with everyone. Buu tried to eat Marron again, but Osharu punched him. Then, he drained Buu. His stomach begun growing, so Golden Osharu splitted Buu. To everyone's surprise, there were TWO Buus. The fat one, and the bad one. Gotenks and Piccolo got out of the Room of Time. Piccolo
screamed, because he was scared. "Buu turned into a golden monkey???!!!" Asked
Gotenks. Piccolo showed him (or, them?) the two Buus. Both Buus were shocked, looking at Golden Osharu. The monster begun attacking everyone, until he hit #18. Making her to fall on the floor of the palace. Videl caught Marron. Osharu centered his attention in #18. He got closer to her. She was still weak and dizzy. Osharu threw her a big rock, that brocke her left leg. Marron had to make her 'daddy' to return to normal.
"Videl? Please... You have to take me to him!!! He'll kill mommy if I don't speak to him!!!" "Hm..... Ok! Hold on tight!!!" Said Videl. She flew near to one of Osharu's ears. "DADDY!!! DON'T KILL MOMMY!!!!!!!" Marron said crying. "PLEASE...DON'T DO IT!!!!!!" She continued. Videl was shocked. As everyone else. The Osharu turned to Videl and blew her away. She fell on the floor, at #18's side. Marron was alright. She got up, and ran to Osharu's feet. "DADDY!!!!!!!! PLEASE... YOU TOLD ME THAT IF SOMEONE DOESN'T BEHAVE WELL, THAT WAS.... WRONG!!!!! REMEMBER..... DADDY?!!!!!!" Marron couldn't scream more, she was getting very tired. The bad Buu kicked her away from the palace. "Little stupid girl!!!!!!"
Said BAD Buu. Osharu didn't move. Then, he roared and blasted away Evil Buu with a ki blast. Evil Buu returned to normal, and absorbed Fat Buu again. New Buu, charged a ki blast at Osharu. He got craisier and blasted at everyone, even New Buu. Then, a yellow light surrounded Osharu and he turned SSJ4! It was Krilin! He had the same large hair than Yayirobee; yellow eyes; red hair on his shoulders, back and abdomen (except his chest), a large red tail; and a lot of power. He took off where Marron had fell, on Earth. He catched her just on time, before she hit the ground. And he returned to Celestial Palace. "Krilin?" Asked #18. Krilin stared at her shocked, then, he looked down at his daughter. Marron was smiling and crying. "I'm sorry..." He said. He looked up at Buu and launched at him....

"So Krilin.... is a saiyan?" Asked Gokou in Heaven. Vegeta nodded. "I can't believe it!" Said Gohan. Ro Kaioh Shin finished reading a magazine. "I think Krilin wont kill Buu... That's your job Gokou... Krilin is way too powerful. If he becomes the first way to defeat everyone, then you'll become as fat as your friend Yayirobee" Ro Kaioh Shin said.

Yelled Krilin. Dende nodded. He called telepathyly Gokou, and told him. Krilin punched Buu. He fell on the ground, on Earth. "COME ON!!! I WON'T KILL YOU!!!! SO TRY TO BE FUN!!!! I THOUGHT YOU'D BE STRONGER!!!" Krilin yelled. He followed Buu. "IT CAN'T BE... I'LL TURN YOU INTO A COOKIE!!!!!!" Buu blasted a ray with the tentacle on his head, but Krilin evaded it. "YOU'LL HAVE TO DO BETTER THAN THAT!!!" Krilin said laughing. He punched Buu again. "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?! KRILIN COME BACK HERE YOU RETARD!!!" #18 screamed. Krilin flought upper, to the Sun taking Buu with him.

"He's going to kill him!" Ro Kaioh Shin yelled. "But you said..." Kaioh Shin said. "FORGET what I said.... he IS going to kill Buu!!!!!!" "I'll kill him!!!! I'm his Prince!!! He can't do this to me!!! Kakarrott take me to him!!!!" "But Vegeta..." "NOW!!!!" Vegeta yelled.

When Krilin was going to kill Buu, Gokou appeared in front of him. "What are you doing here?" Krilin asked.Vegeta launched to him and turned SSJ3 easily. "VEGETA YOU CAN GO SUPER--" "OF COURSE I CAN BAKA!!!" Vegeta yelled at Gokou. Vegeta punched Krilin, but he kicked the price away.

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