Vegeta's Contest
by Brad
  Bulma,Trunks,and Bra,are all looking at an old album. "And this is last christmas when Goku was putting up Christmas
decorations to win a contest,and your father was so determined to beat  him,no matter what.Then he fell off of the roof and that was it for  him."said Bulma as they all saw the picture and giggled. Just then,Vegeta walks past them carrying a box of tools. "I'm almost afraid to ask but,why are you--"just then Bulma was cut off.

"Kackarott is doing home repairs,so I'm going to do it better,"said Vegeta gruffly.
"But,you have no idea what your doing,"said Bulma.
"Off course I do,"argued Vegeta.
"Now I'm off to do repair's,"said Vegeta arrogantly. "Starting with are wireing,"said the prince again.
"Oh no,your not touching the wireing,"commanded Bulma.
"I'm going to do this woman,now leave me to my wiring,"said the egotistical saiyan arrogently again.

Then he walked away,and Bulma went right after him. Vegeta was on the roof for the t.v,lights,refridgeration,and other stuff like that's wireing."Now if I touch this,"Vegeta said as he touched  it.ZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAPPPPP! "EOUCHHHH!" screamed the prince in pain."I told  you that you have no clue what you're doing,"said Bulma.

"I ment to do that,"said Vegeta.
"Really,"said Bulma.
"Come on,it's starting to snow and get cold,come on inside and I can make some hot chocolate, Vegeta" coaxedBulma.
Vegeta said"No."
(Oh by the way gohan wished it would snow this year in Japan,just like last year,a story I haven't told yet.)

 Finally,after being shocked three hundread and forty two times,Vegeta gave  it one last go and..."Here we go,"Vegeta pulled,fell off of the roof,his legs got tangled in the wires,and there he lay,swinging in the snow,"He,he,I told you not to do this,"said Bulma as she giggled.Just then,Trunks ran by with a camera and took a picture."TRUNKS,GET BACK HERE!!!" yelled the prince.Just then,the snow fell off the roof,untangled Vegeta,and burried the  saiyan prince in a ton of snow.
"Trunks get a shovel!"yelled Bulma.

An hour later...

"You were just burried in like a ton off snow,and you still wan't to go on with this?"Bulma questioned.
"Not the wireing,"said Vegeta.
"Then---"Bulma was cut off again.
"I'm doing the plumbing,"announced Vegeta. Then Vegeta walked down to the basement and Bulma went right after
him."Now if I twist this,"Vegeta said as he twisted it. pssssstt.
"What's that---"now it was Vegeta who waas cut off by the gallons off water spraying his face.Witch,by the,has so much pressure that it sent poor Vegeta flying across the room on a,or rather,in a water stream.
"Trunks,get a couple buckets!"called Bulma as trunks came down,gave her a  bucket,took a picture,and then helped pale his father out.

An hour later...

"Just quit,you've been sprayed,electricuted,and now you're going to be---"and once again,Bulma was cut off.
"I'm fixing the  shingles,"said Vegeta.
"Oh,no,"said Bulma.
"Trunks,get a trampoline!"shouted Bulma.
And Trunks came out with a trampoline.Then Vegeta yelled, "Trunks give me the  film you've been taking pictures with!!!"commanded the  prince.Then he fell off of the roof,landed on the trampoline,that sent him  flying onto the roof,wich made him fly through the roof and onto the couch. Trunks ran by and took a picture.

"Now will you give it u--"Bulma was cut off again.
"I'm shoveling the drive way,"said Vegeta.
"Well,you can't get hurt very much by that,"Bulma said releaved. Vegeta walked outside and used his power to melt the snow. Then he saw Kackarott adding an electric to the garage with a rope. "Hmmmm,"he thought.Then he tied a rope to something and then went ontop off  it to check it and...

  The thing slipped causing him to be stuck in the rope.Just then,the garage door malfunctioned causing Vegeta to be draged up and down, hitting the roof,then the ground,that went on for about twenty minutes and then Trunks drove the car.When he did that,poor,poor Vegeta got draged down the road for three blocks.

Two hours later...

"Will you give ti up now?"pleaded Bulma.
"Yes,"said Vegeta,who was beaten up very,very,VERY,badly.That's why he was on a couch,in a blanket,drinking hot chocolate.
RING,RING,it was the phone.Bulma answered.
"Hello?"asked Bulma. "He's doing what,really.Wish him luck for me,bye,"Bulma said hanging up the  phone.
"That was ChiChi,Goku's going to ride in a motorcycle contest,"Bulma said.
"A motorcycle contest,really?"Vegeta sid grinning.
" Now don't  start again,"Bulma said.


~Omoishiroi neh? ^_^

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