Marron my Angel.
by MarronChanI

Never have I held someone so small.
so tiny and beautiful.
We are so different yet we hold a bond
A bond no one can break.
I am your mother.
And as your mother
I am to protect you from the monsters under you bed
And the boogie man in your closet.
To run to your door every time I hear a whimper
Or a cry.
For I`m your mother.
And I will always be there for you.


My daughter.
I can`t believe you belong to me.
That I am your mother.
You are the one I wake up to,
And the one I hold the dearest.
Your bright raven eyes,
And small little smile.
I can`t believe it..
Your mine.
Your little feet, and little ears.
There mine.
That smile,
Reminds me of your father.
What would he say,
If he could see you?


My child.
How am I suppose to act toward you?
I`ve never shown anyone love.
Not even the man you call your father.
But I know he knows I love him.
But how will a child know?
How do I hold you?
How do I care for you?
You need so many things from me.
And I will have to lean along the way.
Everything you go through,
I go through as well.
For it`s the first for me,
As it is for you.
I`ll try my best
Just have your patience.
Believe me my young one.

Mommy, when I was little I remember you.

I remember your careful eyes
That followed my every step.

Your helpful hands
That helped me find the path when I got lost.

Your caring arms
That helded me tight when I was frightened

Your warm smile
Which kept me alive when I thought no one else cared.

Mommy, Did I ever tell you thank you?

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