Okay, since I'm REALLY stuck on Friends Forever, I've decided to go make another epic Romance between T/M...  I wuv em!  Oh, AND this is going to have action in it!  It's AMAZING!!   And I can't forget, there is SOME G/B & U/P!!   Well, here it is!!! ~T.F.
P.S. The stuff in bold is me!!

The Saiyan Princess
by T.F

Chap 1:   The Chosen One

  "Marron!!  Look at these really cute shoes!!  And their PINK!!  You're favorite color!" Bra showed
Marron the shoes.

  "Nah, I just got those excact ones last weekend Bra.." Marron sighed.  "Don't you remember?" Bra
put the shoes down and walked away.

  "Hey, can we eat yet?  I'm STARVED!!" Goten pleaded.  Pan laughed.

  "Uncle, you're always HUNGRY!!" Goten blushed.  Bra went up to Goten and jumped in is shopping
DIFFERENT!!  Plus, they needed a break, don't you think?).

  "You wanna go eat NOW?" Bra asked Goten.  Goten nodded.  Bra kissed his nose and nodded her

  "I think I'm gonna be sick!" Trunks whispered to Marron, which made her giggle.  Uubu got sick and
tired of this, took Pan's hand and said,

  "OKAY THEN!!  LET'S GO EAT!!"  They walked to the food court.

(Okay, if you haven't noticed, Goten & Bra are going out & so is Uubu & Pan.  No T/M yet!!
ToT  Soon, maybe....)


  "Man!!  That hit the spot!" Goten streched out his arms.

  "You're tellin me, that food was DOPE!" Uubu aggreed.  Pan gave him a questioned look.  Uubu
sighed.  "I meant that in a good way..."

  "Hey, listen, I gotta go to the bathroom, Bra, come with me, please???" Marron asked, breaking the
nerving silence.

  "Goten, did you ever notice how girls always go to the bathroom in groups?" Trunks asked.  Goten
laughed out loud.

  "Yeah, why can't they just go alone, like us?  Do they use each other as toilet paper??" Goten joked.
Pan, Marron, and Bra glared at the two of them.

  "I was kidding!!!!" Goten laughed.

Bra stuck her tongue out at Goten, nodded, and off they went.


  "So, Bra, actually, I didn't have to REALLY go to the bathroom, I have to ask you something,"
Marron confessed.

  "I know, I know, what is it?" Bra sighed.  Marron crooked and eyebrow up.

  "What's with you Bra?" Marron asked.

  "Nothing, now get on with it!" Bra snapped.  Marron had a questionable look on her face.  She shook
her head, and continued.

  "Well, okay, I've been meaning to tell you this, but.....  I'm in love!"  Marron sighed.

  "With Goten?" Bra questioned.  Marron smiled.

  "NO!!  I would never steal your boyfriend away!!!" Marron laughed.

  "With who?" Bra asked, getting quite irritated, for no reason. (AKA MOOD SWINGS!!  One hint
"What keeps you up at night, that wails and wails when it's new???')

  "Well...." Marron started.

  "Come on you can tell me..."

  "Are you going to attach yourself to the roof and go insane on me?"

  "NO!  Now tell me."

  "I don't want to..."


  "Okay okay.  It's......  UNCLE?!"  Bra spun around to see and Android 17, IN THE GIRL'S
BATHROOM.  (WHAT A PERV!!!  **slaps 17 aross the room**  Just kidding!)

  "What are you doing in the girl's bathroom?!" Bra shouted.  17 smirked.

  "I came to get you," he pointed to Bra.

  "Why do you want to get her Uncle?" Marron asked.

  "She's the chosen one," he answered.

  "I'm no chosen one!!!  What the hell are you talking about?! " Bra shouted.

  "I'm getting tired of this......" 17 sighed.  So, he shot a little blast at Marron, knocking her out, cold.
He picked up Bra.

  "Hey!!  Lemmie go you creep!!!!" Bra yelled, and pounded on his back and kicked him.  But, 17 just
flew away, with Bra.


  "DAMN!!  What's taking so long?!" the impatient Trunks whined.  Uubu shrugged.

  "I'm going to go check up on them," Pan got up and left.

  "I wonder if they fell in the toilet and got washed away into the sewer and out to sea?" Goten joked.
Silence.  (Crickets chirpping...  heehee)

  "No Goten, that's not funny.."  Uubu said.

  "HEY I CAN TRY!!!" Goten yelled.  Trunks shook his head.

  "HEY YOU GUYS!!!" Pan called.  She was coming back and with something in her hands!  Trunks
squinted his eyes to see MARRON!!  He shot up, as so did Goten and Uubu, just faster, (hint-hint,
wink-wink, nudge-nudge) and ran to Pan.

  "What happened?!"  Trunks asked worriedly.  He took her into her own arms, and layed her on the

  "Oh Marron hunny woney!!  What happened to you, my darling sugar lumps?  Is there ANYTHING
wrong, baby honey pie ookie bookie cutie patootie?" Goten mimicked in a girlish tone.  Trunks glared
at him.  Just then Marron stirred (what a kawinki dink!!).

  "What happened?" Trunks asked.  Marron sat up.

  "He took Bra!!"

  "Who, Marron, who?" Goten now was worried.


  "Um, can you be more Pacific, and not Atlantic?"

  "GOTEN!!"  Do you even care about your girlfriend?!"


  "Then listen!"

  "Yes Miss Marron."



  "GET ON WITH IT!!!!"  the annoyed Pan yelled.  Marron nodded.

  "Well, my Uncle, Android 17, said that Bra was some kind of 'chosen one'.  I don't know what that
means.  So, anyway, he took her and left, " Marron explained.

  "Chosen one?" Uubu asked.  Marron nodded.  Pan was in thought.

  "Maybe my father knows something.  Let's go ask him if her knows what the hell 17's talking about
and what he's up too," Trunks suggested.  They all agreed, and made their way to Capsule Corps.


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