Bulma and the Ohzaro
by Queen Bulma

Once upon a time there lived a handsome prince in planet Vegeta.
The Price was called Vegeta.
One day a Namec came to that planet.
But it was a bad time for a visit because that nigth there would be a full moon.
The namec arrived at the palace and rang the door bell.
One of the sirvants opened the door.

Kami: "Can I please spend the nigth at the palace it's the only place I'll be safe from the Ohzaros when the full moon comes"

Radittz: "No!"

Kami: "But I can give you something valuable for it"

Radittz: "This palace belong to Prince Vegeta and what could you have that he doesn't?"

Kami: "Can I talk to the prince please?"

Radittz: "No!" *Maybe if Vegeta blats this alien he woun't be so cranky and he'll stop bothering us guards...* "On second thougth I'll ask him wait here"

Kami waithed at the door while Radittz whent to the trone room.
At the trone room Nappa was standing on his head.

Vegeta: "Boring..."

Nappa: "But prince you blasted the entertainment"

Vegeta: "That blue cat fish and he bad jokes was no entertainment"

Radittz came inside the throne room.

Radittz: "prince Vegeta there is a namec who wants to talk to you"

Vegeta: "Let him in I'm bored anyway"

A few minutes later Radittz returned to the throne room whit Kami.

Vegeta: "What do you want green bean?"

Kami: "Please let me spend the nigth in your palace and I will give you something very valuable in retunrn"

Vegeta: "And what may that be?"

Kami took out the 7 dragon balls.

Kami: "Whit this magic dragon balls you can get anything you want"

Vegeta: "I don't belive you so say sayonara"

Vegeta blasted Kami and was surprised to see that he had survived.
Kami whent over to the dragon balls and called the eternal dragon.
The eternal dragon apeared making a hole on the roof.

Shenlong: "I will grant you 1 wish"

Kami: "I wish that prince Vegeta would get stuck in Ohzaro mode but in his normal size untill... untill... he gets married but forcing it doesn't count"

Shenlong: "It is granted farewell"

The dragon disapeared as Vegeta transformed into an Ohzaro but remained in his normal size.

Nappa: "Nani?"

Radittz: "How can he do that whitout the moon?"

Vegeta: "Nappa get me a mirror now!"

Nappa got Vegeta the morror.

Vegeta: "What have you done tomy perfect self?"

Kami: "You'll be stuck like that till you get married but then again who would want to marry you like that?"

Vegeta: "You'll pay for this!"

Vegeta power up and flew strigth up.
He shot a slow but powerfull Galac Gun.
Whit his saiyan speed he got inside a space pod and escaped.
The planet blew up whit everyone in it.
Vegeta whent to the planet Earth to find someone that would marry him so he could go back to normal.
He landed on Earth and tryed to be nice or at least as nice as it could get for Vegeta but everyone was afraid of him.

Vegeta: *How I'm I suposed to get married if the girls run away as soon as they see me?*

Vegeta finally came to Capsule Corp.
There he saw a girl but desided to hide so she wouldn't run away.
The girl was figthing with a guy and she trwe something small at him that sudently turned into a car.

Vegeta: *Where did that came from?*

The guy ran away scared.

Bulma: "And don't you ever come back Yamcha!"

Vegeta: *Maybe that girl knows magic and she can turn me back to normal*

Still hiding Vegeta called her.

Vegeta: "Wait don't go!"

Bulma: "Who said that?"

Vegeta: "You promise you woun't run away?"

Bulma: "I promise..."

Vegeta came out from his hiding place and Bulma got scared and yelled but she didn't run away.

Bulma: "Who are you and... what are you?"

Vegeta: "I'm Vegeta the prince of the saiyans"

Bulma remembered that her friend Goku was a saiyan and she was interested in learning more about that race.

Bulma: "But you don't look like a saiyan you look like an Ohzaro... a small Ohzaro..."

Vegeta: *This girl does know a lot about my race...* "It's because somebody curse me to stay stuck in Ohzaro mode but in my normal size"

Bulma: "And?"

Vegeta: "An... you can break to spell if you marry me"

Bulma: "Sorry but I allredy have a boyfriend and..." *Wait a minute this is the perfect chance to make Yamcha jelowse* "What I meant is that you have to be my boyfriend for a while before we get married"

Vegeta: "How long?"

Bulma: "I'll tell you when it's time... meanwhile why don't you come inside and tell me more about the saiyans?"

Vegeta: "Ok"

Vegeta whent inside Capsule Corp.
After Vegeta told Bulma the story of his life up to when he blew up the planet and whent to Earth Bulma offered him some food.
Ofcouse Vegeta acepted.
Bulma had made the food herself whitout the help of higth tec cooking machines.
She only used the stove.
Noone on Capsule Corp eat her food and not even Goku eat it.
But Vegeta seamed to like it...

Vegeta: *This is great! just like the food I used to eat back home but better!*

Bulma was happy to see that someone liked her food.
Later that day...

Bulma: *If I put him in the guesst room my dad will find him and probably get a heart a ttack or something... where can I hide him...*

Bulma finally took him to her room where she just stared at him.

Vegeta: *Could it be that she likes me?*

But the truth was that Bulma wanted to leaanr even more about saiyans and she had a plan.
That nigth...

Bulma: "Hey, Vegeta why don't you come see my lab?"

Vegeta: "Ok, let's go"

Bulma and Vegeta whent to Bulma's secret lab and nobody saw them.

Bulma: "You have to promise you woun't tell anyone about this..."

Vegeta: "I woun't..."

Bulma: "All rigth... I'll trust you but remember I never bring anyone here so noone must know..."

Bulma tiped down the password on a keyboard that was on the door to her lab.

Bulma: "Sit down there"

Vegeta: *Why does she keep giving me orders?*

Vegeta sat down.
Bulma started to put some cables around Vegeta.

Vegeta: "What are you doing?"

Bulma: "Just something to know you better..."

Vegeta: "Nani?"

Bulma: "Just hold still"

Vegeta did as she said.
Bulma activated a machine that was connected to the cables and an electrick shock hit Vegeta.

Vegeta: "What are you trying to do kill me?"

Bulma: "No, but if I run some tests on you I know I can bring you back to normal"

Vegeta: "I thougth you were going to marry me?"

Bulma: "Hai, but first I'll try to heal you because..." *What do I tell him?* "Because it's something I hve to do before I marry you"

Vegeta just got more confused but decided not to ask.

One week later...
Bulma had seccided in keeping Vegeta a secret from her parents.
Yamcha came back to apologize but Bulma told him she had found someone else.
But she didn't say who.
So Yamcha decided to spy on her and find out.
Yamcha fainted when he saw Bulma talking to what looked like a monkey but the real reson he fainted was because the monkey talked back.
When Yamcha woke up he looked for Bulma and what ever that thing was.
Yamcha heard them talking of getting marryed and belived it.
Yamcha came out of his hiding place.

Yamcha: "Bulma no!"

Bulma: "Yamcha? What where you doing spying on me?"

Yamcha: "Bulma, you can't marry that... that... thing"

Vegeta: "Who you calling a thing?"

Bulma: "It's not of your buisness what I do and I am getting marryed"

Bulma signal Vegeta to follow her and he did.

Yamcha: "Bulma!"

Bulma: "It's over!"

Bulma lef whit Vegeta.

Yamcha: *Was I relly that bad... so bad that she would leave me for that?*

Bulma: *That should teach him a leson and when I go back to him he'll allways say I'm rigth and I'll allways make him do what I say*

Vegeta: "Do you have the cure yet?"

Bulma: "I think I'll have it by tomorrow"

The next morning...
Bulmatook a large breakfeast and took it to her room.
Later she came bck for more.

Mrs. Brifs: "Where are you going whit that food Bulma?"

Bulma: "It's just that I'm relly hungry today"

Mrs. Brifs: "The truth?"

Bulma: "Ok, I admit it I have a pet hiden in my room"

Mrs. Brifs: "But you don't have to hide a pet you know I would let you keep it"

Bulma: "I know, well gotta go"

Mrs. Brifs: "Whit I want to see your pet"

Bulma: "But you're not going to like him"

Mrs. Brifs: "How bad can it be is it a snake?"

Bulma: "No"

Mrs. Brifs: "A lion?"

Bulma: "No"

Mrs. Brifs: "a tiger?"

Bulma: "No"

Mrs. Brifs: "I know! An elephant!"

Bulma: *He may eat like an elephant but he's not* "No"

Mrs. Brifs: "I give up what?"

Bulma: "A... it's a..."

Mrs. Brifs: "It's ok you can tell me"

Bulma: "A monkey"

Mrs Brifs: "a monkey that sound like fun!"

Bulma: "Hai gotta go feed him"

Mrs. Brifs: "I'll gowhit you"

Bulma: "No! you'll scare him"

Mrs. Brifs: "Don't worry I woun't scare that little fellow"

Bulma: "He's not exacly little..."

Bulma knew her mother wouldn't rest untill she saw Bulma's pet.
Bulma ran ahead and entered her room.

Bulma: "Vegeta get in my bed cover yourself whit the blanket and pretend you're asleep.

Vegeta: "Nani?"

Bulma: "Hurry! and don't move no matter what me or my mother saiy untill I tell you"

Vegeta: "But..."

Bulma: "Go!"

Vegeta did it.
Bulma's okasan entered the room.

Mrs Brifs: "What's that on your bed?"

Bulma: "My pet"

Vegeta: *Your what?*

Mrs Brifs: "Kire he is't small"

Bulma: "Hai..."

Mrs. Brifs: "Is he dangerous"

Bulma: "No..."

Mrs. Brifs: "Can you wake him up so we can play fetch?"

Bulma: "I played fetch whit him a lot so he's tired..."

Mrs. Brifs: "Ok, I'll just let the little fe... I mean the big fellow sleep..."

Bulma's mom left.

Bulma: "That was close..."

Vegeta: "What do you mean I'm your pet?"

Bulma: "Come down I allmost have the cure..."

Vegeta: "Where is it?"

Bulma: "I'll go get it"

Bulma left and returned 1 hour later whit 7 big dragon balls.

Bulma: *Who knows where Kami disapeared to and Piccolo's gone too but at least Guru send me his dragon balls from Namec*

Bulma entered her room.

Bulma: "Come see Vegeta!"

Vegeta and Bulma whent outside.

Vegeta: "That's what caused the problem in first place!"

Bulma: *So it was Kami...*

Vegeta: "and then that namec called a dragon"

Bulma: "Then we'll do the same, . >//|| /\/~ ^|-= =^=;~//| ->;//(/~"

Vegeta: "What was that?"

Bulma: "I have to say things in namec so the dragon understands"

The sky turned dark and the dragon Porunga apered.

Porunga: ". **.|| (;//~^ [/* 3 **."|-""

Bulma: ". **."|- ^|-//^ [/* <;.~( #=(=^// <//>|< ^/ ~/;|||//|"

Porunga: ".^ ." (;//~^=->"

Vegeta had no idea what they where talking about but his fur started to disapear and he turned back to normal.
Bulma was about to wish for a new boyfriend when she saw Vegeta.

Bulma: *Kire! he was a handsome prince after all!*

So Bulma told the dragon that she had no more wishes and the dragon disapeared.
Bulma Send the dragon balls back to Namec.
Vegeta and Bulma got married and lived happly ever after.


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