I Don’t Know You Anymore
By: Amanda

 Pan sat staring at Trunks with sad eyes; she had to go through with it, as much as Much as she knew it would hurt Trunks as well as herself it was still the right thing to do. Trunks’ eyes began to fill with tears “I’m sorry Pan, it was just once!! Please give me another chance it will never happen again!”
 Pan shook her head “No Trunks cheating is nothing that even you can fix, it’s over. I’m sorry that you could not make it work, we could have been together a long time.
 I should’ve known that you would cheat me like all the other girls you dated.” Pan herself was on the verge of crying, but refused to show it in front of her lover.
 Trunks sat staring at the floor, a single tear rolled down his face, then more came, he wiped them away ferociously not allowing Pan to see.
 She walked over and bent down allowing him to see her sad eyes. She wiped a piece of lavender hair away from his face, “Good-bye my love” she whispered and gently kissed his lips one last time.
  Pan turned away from him and flew out the window leaving sad and now lonesome Trunks behind.

  I flew away from the house that I knew so well in hopes of never returning to see him again. If only he knew how much I loved him! But no, he had to go out with that slut Marron and sleep with her! He lied to me! I wipe the tears away from my face violently; this kind of emotion was intolerable and I was going to make it through this even if it broke what was left of my already torn heart.

 Pan flew home and went straight to her room, telling her parents that she had no appetite. She sat down on the bed and looked out the window; the emotion was more than she could bear anymore! She finally broke down; her strong wall that took so long to build was crumbling with every tear.
  When she was done letting out her emotions she stood firmly no more!
 She thought to herself I will not make the same mistake again! No more! Pan began to write a note to Trunks, a note that would explain to him how she felt about him, about the pain he caused her, and it would tell him that she hopped he was happy.
 She wrote all night until the sun came up. At 6:30 in the morning she was emotionally and physically exhausted that she passed out at her desk, her dreams were filled with visions of Trunks.

 I can’t get it out of my head, what I did was so terribly wrong. I broke the only girl I ever loved heart! And now she left me to look at myself in the mirror and know that I had hurt her. Damn! I think to myself, I was so wrong! I loved her, and then I had to go and sleep with Marron! Dammit Trunks! I look around my room, I feel the walls whisper the past in my ears, they whisper the voices of us having fun, and the night she and I spent in each other’s arms.
  I felt damned to hell for what I did, But without Pan my life is nothing but a bunch of bull shit. I think I will write her a note to tell her how feel and that I am sorry, although I now she will never, could never forgive me. To hell with it I’ll do it anyway!

  Trunks began to write the note to Pan, even though he was up all night thinking about nothing except her. He wrote until he could barley keep his eyes open. I have to finish it! I must give it to her today! He kept thinking to himself.
 Finally he collapsed on his bed from no sleep and slept through the whole day with the note he had written still in his hand.

  Pan awoke to the sunlight shining in her face; it burned her crusty eyes that stung from the endless hours of crying the night before. She got up and stretched Her legs and arms she looked at the note she had written. Her father knocked at the door “Come in dad.” She said in a sleepy voice.
  He entered “I see you’re finally awake, your mother and I were getting worried are you hungry? Breakfast is downstairs.”
  Pan moaned at the though of food just thinking of it made her want to vomit. “No thanks I’m not hungry, and I didn’t mean to worry you and mom, sorry.”
  Her father shrugged and looked at her with the eyes that she knew so well.
 His look that he had told her that she knew what was going on. She looked away from her father; she had grown up now she didn’t need any emotional support. “ Dad I’m a grown woman, I can deal with this myself.” She said bitterly.
&bsp; Her father frowned “Pan I tried to tell you…”
  “But I didn’t listen! I know about that dammit! But I was and still am in love with him and nothing you say or do can change that!!!” tears stung Pan’s already bloodshot eyes.
  Her father didn’t understand he wasn’t a female, and he never knew what it was like to have his heart broken because Videl never cheated on him! Gohan left the room, he knew it would take a long time for her to get over this.

  When Trunks awoke it was mid-afternoon, he looked in his hand where the note still remained in and envelope. He got up and changed into clean clothes after a refreshing shower, he would go over to Pan’s house and give it to her personally.
 When he went downstairs and walked in the kitchen, Bulma saw him and frowned.
 Bulma walked up to her son and smacked him across the face, “I have brought you up to become better than this Trunks!” she yelled.
  Trunks put his hand up to his face in pain and shock, although his mother was a female she could pack a good hit. Trunks remembered the time his mother hit Vegeta, he must have provided her with practice. “You know that you love Pan, and then you had to go and blow it!”
 Trunks kept his focus on the floor, his mother sighed, “Trunks, you don’t know what you have just thrown out the window,” she continued. The phone rang.
 “Moshi moshi?” Bulma answered. “Bulma this is Marron……..is Trunks there?” Marron asked in a shaky voice.
  Bulma gave an icy glance and mouthed ‘It’s Marron’ Trunks looked at her with wide eyes “He’s not here. But I’ll tell him you called.” Bulma said in a bitter voice.
  Marron was upset, she needed to talk to him about what happened between them last week. “Oh……well thanks anyway Bulma, ja ne.” and she hung up.

  Pan stared out her open window, she couldn’t focus her mind on anything. She tried training but she injured her self because her mind was off somewhere else when the ki blast hit her, she looked down at her bandage on her arm. How could she focus in battle if her mind was wandering? A CD was playing her and Trunks’ song when they first went to the school dance, while that song was playing he was telling her how he really loved her.

They’re always running around
Telling me that I should be free
But there’s no kind of way
I’d let them take your love from me
You see I’m not one who goes on
Speculations, hearsay, gossip
But I’m a firm believer
In trusting, caring and loving
My love for you is so timeless
It’s deeper than the depth of emotion
But every day goes by. I am finding
The reasons I love you more and more

Now and forever will I be true
Now and forever will I keep what we have new
I will cherish, adore you
Trust and give my all to you
Now and forever will I always love you

I’m not entrusted in starting all over again
To give you up on someone’s words
It’s not something I’d do
You can tell a tree
By the fruit that it bears
And from where I stand
I see my field is yielding
Wish we could sail away on the ocean
Float away on midnight dreams
And we don’t need a magic potion
So we can live our dreams

Now and forever will I love you and be true
Now and forever will I keep what we have new
I will cherish, adore you
Trust and give my all to you
Now and forever will I always love you

You’re everything I want in a lover
You’re everything that I need in a friend yes you are
You’re the that shoulder I’m leaning and depending on
And I could never hurt you
You’re everything to me……

  The words brought back so many memories, she would never forget what it felt like to hold him in her arms, to kiss him, to listen to him tell her that he would always love her. Some of those memories she wanted to stay with her forever, she looked at the letter she held. She stood and was about to throw it away when she heard a knock on her windows.
 She turned around and in floated Trunks with a note! Their song was on repeat and continued playing, Trunks listened remembering every word.
  He looked at her bandage, “Are you alright?” he asked concerned.
  Pan looked at her bandage and quickly covered it up with her long sleeved shirt, “It’s nothing for you to worry about.” She muttered.
  Trunks walked up to her and outstretched his hand that held the note, Pan crossed her arms defensively. He looked at her eyes, they looked like they were made of glass, he could tell that she had been crying.
  “Here, this is for you.” He said handing her the note, Pan took the note and put it on her desk she would read it after he left. Her lower lip quivered, but she tried her best to hide it. She pulled off her bed a note for him as well, and handed it to him, “And this is for you, I meant to give it to you yesterday but I spent most of it asleep.” Trunks took the note and put it in his pocket.

 I couldn’t look her in the eyes it was almost impossible to remain in the same room with her, but the only hope I had was that she wouldn’t break down in front of me. It always killed me to see her cry, though she hardly ever did. I put the note in my pocket, I intended to read it later at home. As I look at her I see the eyes that once told me she feared nothing, begin to surface with tears. How I wanted to take her in my arms and tell her it would be all right! I wanted to kiss those tears of sadness from her face, but what I had done I realize I cannot undo it.

 Just looking at him made my heart crumble, he lied and he cheated me. I hope he knows what he has done to my life, but when I look at him now I see longingness in his eyes. It was just unfair! I was about to slap him right then and there, he never knew how much I loved him. I would die before I let anything harm him, and now look where love has gotten me.

  Pan sat down as if she was weak and unable to stand, she sighed with regret And impatience, “Trunks, I think you should go.” She said. Trunks nodded and went to the window Please read the note Pan… he said in his mind, then he flew off. Pan brought her knees up to her chest and stared off to where he flew, I will..

  Gohan and Videl had become more worried about Pan than before, she was locked up in her room for the past 4 days. She hadn’t ate anything since she got home from the Capsule Corp. “Maybe we should take her up some dinner,” Videl said giving her husband a tray of food.
Gohan walked up the stairs that led to Pan’s room, he knocked on the door before entering “Pan I brought some food for you to eat.”
  Silence, “The door is open dad.”
  Gohan entered and set the tray down on her desk. He looked at his daughter as she sat by the window staring out into space as if in some kind of trance.
 He sat on her bed, “Pan, I know you think that I don’t know what your going through, I may not but I am still your father.” Pan sat in silence, still in the same position she was in when Trunks left.
 Gohan wasn’t sure if she was listening to him or not, he sighed then turned his attention to an envelope that sat on her bed. He set it next to his daughter, “It might be important,” he said, and he walked out. Pan’s eyes turned to the letter, she opened it and began to read it:

  I know that nothing I can say right now, could ever mend the deep wounds that I have set in your heart. But at least let me tell you this, without you in m life I feel like nothing. Ever girl that I have dated can never come close to what you have given me, you showed me that a girl could show no fear. You also showed me that someone cared. Without you in my life, nothing makes sense anymore. I love you more than I could ever express with just plain words. I just hope you know that, even though you can never forgive me for my deed, please at least know this:
I love you.

Love Always and Forever,

  Pan began to sob hiding her hands in her face, she sobbed until no tears could come anymore. He really did know how much he meant to her! She sighed sadly and put the note in her box that was full of things that Trunks had given her. It would forever remain there and in her heart, afterwards she flew off to the waterfall, a place that she and Trunks only knew about. She sat there looking out of the water. What would happen to Trunks when he read her note?

  Trunks sat on his bed, had Pan read his note? He reached in his pocket for the note that was given to him. Compared to his this one was longer than his was.
He removed it from the envelope that held the note:

  I just wanted you to know first before I tell you about what you have done I think you should know this. When I was five I knew that you and I were meant to be together, I loved you even then. The first time that you kissed me I felt as If I could do anything, I felt loved. I didn’t feel like a child, you made me feel like I was whole again. I knew out about you and Marron before I even asked you, I called your apartment and no one answered. Then I called your sister, she told me where you were and I went over there, in the window of her bedroom, I saw the two of you.
  I didn’t stay for long more like five minuets, but I knew what was going on.
 I decided that I needed to know if you were trustworthy or not, so I asked you and you lied to my face. You tore my heart into pieces, you killed something that I never had in any relationships. Trunks you’re a stranger to me now, I’m not sure who you are anymore. I guess you really love Marron, but you never told me that something was wrong. Please show me the Trunks that I lost.

Love Always,

 Trunks’ eyes filled with water, he understood now they completed each other. He killed the best thing that he ever had, the love of his lover. Her love completed him, and when ever she was away from him. He had changed into someone that he didn’t want to be, his eyes floated to the ring he held in a velvet box. The ring that could’ve held their bond together forever. A tear rolled down his cheek and hit the soft white carpet, the name Pan was written in that drop of water that fell from his blue eyes. “It’s over.” He whispered to himself.

I would like to visit you for a while
Get away and out of this city
Maybe I shouldn’t have called but someone had to be the
first to break
We can go sit on your back porch
Talk about anything
It don’t matter
I’ll be courageous if you can pretend that you’ve forgiven me

Because I don’t know you anymore
I don’t recognize this place
The picture frames have changed and so has your name
We don’t talk much anymore
we keep running from the pain
but what I wouldn’t give to see your face again

Springtime in the city
Always such relief from the winter freeze
The snow is more lonely than the cold if you know what I
Everyone’s got an agenda
Don’t stop keep that chin up you’ll be alright
Can you believe what a year it’s been
Are you still the same?
Has your opinion changed?

Because I don’t know you anymore
I don’t recognize this place
The picture frames have changed and so has your name
We don’t talk much anymore
We keep running from these sentences
But what I wouldn’t give to see your face again

I know I let you down
Again and again
I know I never really treated you right
I’ve paid the price
I’m still paying for it everyday

So maybe I shouldn’t have called
Was it too soon to tell?
Oh what the hell
It doesn’t really matter
How do you redefine something that never really had a name?
Has your opinion changed?

Because I don’t know you anymore
I don’t recognize this place
The picture frames have changed and so has your name
We don’t talk much anymore
We keep running from the pain
But what I wouldn’t give to see your face again
I see your face
I see your face

“I Don’t Know You Anymore”
By Savage Garden
The End


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