(MasterRochi,Oolong,Puar and Krill were at the kame House that day.Oolong and Par were inside and MasterRochi was reading the newspaper. Just then,krillan came out.)

Krillan/Hello MasterRochi.Notice anything new about me?
MasterRochi/Don' kno-hey!Who're you?!
Krillan/It's me Krillan!Don't you already know that?
MasterRochi/You can't be Krillan.Krillan is as bald as a doorknob.
Krillan/Not anymore.I used hair grow for men.It really works.
MasterRochi/Hey,you think I could use some?I have a couple ugly bald spots on my head.

(Just then Gohan arived.)

(adult)Gohan/Hey MasterRochi,Oolong and Puar.What's up?
Krillan/Hey!What about me?
Gohan/Hey,who's the new guy?
MasterRochi/It's Krillan.
Gohan/Hey,you can't be Krillan.Krillan is bald and beautiful.
Krillan/Not anymore.I used hairgrow for men and it really works.

(The Briefs family arived and laughed at Krillan.)

Vegeta/My hair looks better than that!
Bulma/It always had darling.
Trunks/Sorry Krillan but I can't help it.
Yoko/Krillan it's not that bad.
Krillan/At least Yoko arived.

(More people arrived.)

Krillan/Hello Marron.Give daddy a hug.
Marron/AHH!Mommy mommy who's that weird man?!Help help!He's trying to kidnap me!
#18/Don't say stuff like that.It's your father. Guys!There's no time!Cell is here!We gotta fight him!

(All the men blasted off for the fight.Yoko was about to go when Bulma stopped her.)

Bulma/Yoko you stay here.
Yoko/Why?I wanna go fight with Trunks.
Bulma/But you must be a proper lady.

(On the Battle Field.........)

Cell/Well well well if it isn't the Z fighters.
Goku/We're here to whoop your heinie.
Cell/Krillan!Your head!You grew hair!
Krillan/Yes.I used hair grow for men.It really works.
cell/Krillan,you know I used to like you when you were bald but now... URGH!Begone with your hair!

(Cell formed a distructo disk and buzzed off all of Krillan's hair with it.)

Krillan/My hair!My beautiful hair!WWAAAAAAHHHHH!!
Gohan/Krillan's hair is gone!He's bald again!Let's all celebrate!
Krillan/You guys don't get it!!All my life I've always wanted hair and now I got and now it's gone!WWWWWWAAAAAAHHHH!

(Krillan flew back to the kame House.)

Goku/Krillan wait!!!!!

(Back at the Kame House....)

Krillan/Nothing will make me happy ever again.
#18/Honey,remember that big valentines party you had?
Trunks/The one where Yoko gave me the best valentine,since I love her).
#18/I bet having a party will cheer you up.
Krillan/Yeah!It's fun decorating.Let's go!
Gohan/Hey I have a mansion,why don't we have it there!
Krillan/Great idea!We'll have food,music and invitations!Everyone let's all get to work!

("AWOO-GA!!AWOO-GA!!AWOO-GA!!!"Trunks' yoyo Yoko clocks' alarm went off.His clock was a regualar alarm clock but it had a Yoko figure on the top.Everytime the alarm went off the Yoko figure would be yoyoing her
yoyo.The alarm made an "AWOO-GA!!"noise.Trunks flicked the Yoko figures head and it began to say "Trunks I hate you!OO your awesome and the best!")

Trunks/Yes your the best too Yoko.
(Trunks awoke from his bed.)
Bra/Oh Trunks here's something for you.Our entire family got one.)
Trunks/Let me see that brat.
(Trunks opened the envelope and saw a card.)
Trunks/It says...........
Come to Krillan's party.It has music food and friends and everything there.
Where:Gohan's big mansion on OrangeRD
When:From 11:00 to midnight.
And blah blah blah.
Cool!I'd like to come to this party.And I bet you-know-who Kisomaki is there too.Whoa!It's almost 11:00!I better get ready.

(Trunks took a show and then looked in his closet for something to wear.)
Trunks/Let's see......I'll wear My black tanktops,my cacki cargo pants,and my favorite boots.

(Trunks slipped those on.)

Trunks/I better go super saiyan cause I look cuter that way.

(He went to super saiyan level 2.)

Trunks/NO!The other supersaiyan level!Level 1!I look more awesome.
(He went to super saiyan level 1.His blonde cool hair was there.)
Trunks/And last but not least....some colone for you-know-who.
(Trunks went to the party.)
Bra/Trunks!Wait!You forgot your................belt.
(So,Trunks went to the party where his mother was already at(she helped decorate).)
Goten/Hey yo!Trunks!Over here!
Trunks/Hey Goten.You look awesome.
Goten/So do you.
Trunks/And don't think I'd forget the lovely Yoko.You look fantastic.
Yoko/You do too and you smell nice.
Trunks/::blushes and smiles::Hey,is Anzel here?
Yoko/He got an invitation but he got sick.
Trunks/Oh,man.Without Anzel it would'nt be the same.He's my man.
Goten/Well I'm gonna get some more pizza.
(Goes over to the pizza box and takes all the pizza.)
Pan/Goten you are such a pizza pig!!!
Goten/So what.Your a Pan-cake party pooper!
Marron/Hello TUR-runks!
(Trunks' pants fell down,by themselves,and there,again,was the Goku underwear.Then Vegeta saw them.)
Trunks/Hey!My pants!Uh-oh,I must've forgot my belt!!
(Vegeta pulled out his portable flamethrower and chased Trunks,who was running with his pants down.ThenTrunks went into the bathroom and locked the door.)
Trunks/Oh shoot!!How could I have forgotten my belt!And what's even worse is that the girl of my dreams saw my underwear.

(Just then Bra came.)

Bra/Hi Yoko I love that color on your dress.Well if you see Trunks here's his belt.I tried to tell him he lost it.
(Trunks came out of the bathroom.He looked for Vegeta.)
Trunks/Good,dad isn't here.
Vegeta/Oh son.
Trunks/!!!!!!!Uh....h-h-hi dad.Please-don't-hurt-me!!!
Vegeta/I won't.Here slip on my underwear over that stupid Kakarott underwear.

(Trunks did it.Then Vegeta turned on his flamethrower.)


(The flame went threw the Vegeta underwear and burned the Goku underwear.Then Trunk went over to Yoko.)

Yoko/Trunks,here's your belt.Bra gave it to me.
Trunks/Thankyou Yoko!::hugs her and kisses her cheek::
yoko/::blushing brightly::
Trunks/Your a lifesaver!!!
(Trunks went in the bathroom.)
Trunks/These are cargo shorts with big pocket on the size.These pockets are big enough to put a secret stash of Goku underwear.
(Trunks put on the Goku underwear,and took of the Vegeta ones,and put on his shorts and belt.Trunks came out and joined his friends.Then suddenly a girl with headphones and short hair and overalls came.)
Krillan/Oh good,our disjocky is here.
(The disjocky came up to Krillan and gave him noogies.)
Rita/Hey Krillan.Your still bald.Heh hehe.Thanks for lettin me be your disjocky.
Krillan/your still my best friend Rita.
goku/BEST friend?!
Krillan/Best friend that's a girl.
Rita/So your Goku.Krillan's told me about you and I've seen you fight at the tournaments.You rock.
(So Rita got the music.)
(Trunks was talking to his friends when Marron popped up.)
Marron/Hello TUR-runks!
(Marron kicked his behind.)
Trunks/THAT'S IT!!!!
(Trunks took Marron outside and when he came back in Marron was crying.)
Marron/Daddy daddy!Weeweeeweee!!!Trunks-
Krillan/Not now honey.Everyone may I have your attention!
(Everyone got his attention.)
Krillan/Right now you can all sign up to attend our annual dance contest!
Vegeta/Dance contest,that reminds me,he should be here right now.
(Just then "BOOM!"Right threw the wall Freeza,Napa and Cell came out.)
Vegeta/That must be him.
Freeza/Having a party without us?How rude.
Krillan/Were you invited?
Freeza/No,but we are coming when we want.
Goku/Hi guys.
Freeza,Napa&Cell/AAAAHHHHH!NOT HIM!!
Krillan/You guys want any trouble you'll have to deal with Goku.
Cell/All we wanted was to be in your party.
Napa/Can we attend your party?
(They all made puppy dog/bambi eyes.)
Krillan/Oh fine.
Freeza/Now,you said something about the dance contest.
Krillan/Freeza will start out with the sign up sheet.

(While Goten was pigging out on pizza everyone else was signing up.)

Vegeta/Come on Napa.
Napa/Guess what everyone,we're doing-
Napa/Sorry Vegeta.
(They went into the bathroom.)


Krillan/Attention everyone!The annual dance contest will now begin.Our first contestants are Vegeta and Napa with the disco!!!
(Vegeta and Napa slid onto the stage on their knees and they were in disco suits with the disco shoes.)
Vegeta/Saturday night fever baby!!!
Napa/Let's get funky!
Krillan/And the challengers are......Freeza and Cell with the disco!!
(Both of them came out in disco suits too.)
Napa/What?!!Copycats!!They stole our act!!
Freeza/Did not!!You stole ours!!
(They song they were to dance to was "I'm gonna Get you".)
Freeza/Why miss yo time!You know ya gonna be mine!You know ya gonna be mine!You know yo gonna be-
Vegeta/Don't sing along with the music fool!!!!

(First Vegeta and Napa snapped their fingers with the beat they began to do the disco.Freeza and Cell only did the moonwalk.Then Vegeta shook his boody and Napa continued with the disco.When the music got to the fast parts Vegeta was dodging all the tiny beams that Freeza shot at him.Freeza chased Vegeta while Vegeta was doing the moonwalk.When freeza got to him Vegeta was walking backward and the freeza followed him and Vegeta walked backwards away from him again.Then suddenly,Freeza tripped on his tail and fell.)

Krillan/Vegeta and Napa are the winners!!Our next contestant is.....
Yoko and Trunks with the tango!!
(Yoko and Trunks came out in formal dresses.They boys rooted for Yoko and booed Trunks.)
Trunks/Hey!!!I'm on her side!
(The boys were silent.....then booed at him again.)
Yoko/Please stop booing my best friend!!!
(They stopped.Then Yoko and Trunks did the Tango.Trunks had a rose in his mouth and Yoko was sorta pulling him along the way.trunks got comfy and did it.)
Krillan/They did a great job!NO mistakes!
Yoko/You did awesome Trunks.
Trunks/No you did.
Krillan/The next person is........Tien and Chao-zu,with the macarena!!!
(The music sprung on as Tien and Chao-zu did the macarena.)
Krillan/Awesome!!And next is my cute little peach blossom....Marron with her ballet preformance!
Marron/Hello everyone!!
(Marron jumped out in a pink tootoo with toeshoes.The song was "American Pie",bye Madonna.)
Marron/A long,long time ago,if I can still remember..dum dum dum dum da!
(When the real spacy part came on she started to jump around doing the ballet.Then she jumped up and landed on Trunks' foot.Trunks was hurt.)
Marron/We started singin,bye bye american pie,from the shevi to the levi and the levi is pie,and good ol boys a drinkin whiskey and wine singin this will be the day that I die!!!Singin this will be the day that die!!!
(Then Marron finished her dance,curtseyed,and went off the stage.)
Marron/Thankyou everyone!!
Krillan/Next is......Chichi and Bulma with the Can-can!
(Bulma and Chichi came out in can-can dresses and kicked their legs up and down.Everyone was lookin up and down,up and down.)
(But Trunks and Goten were a little too close so their mothers ended up kicking their faces.)
Chichi/Sorry Goten.
Bulma/Sorry Trunks.
(Trunks and Goten were on the floor covering their kicked faces.More dances occured.Kaiou of the east and #18 did rain dancing,and they had real native suits on.Kame and Mr.Popo did square dancing.Pan and Gohan did the Russian dance.Goten and Ubuu did Irish dancing.)
Krillan/That is the en-no!Wait a minute!There are two more anonymous contestants!Where can they be?
(Then suddenly Krillan disappeared.Then out popped Goku,in baggy pants,gold chains and a shirt and he had sunglasses on.)
Goku/Hey!Wuz up ma people!!??
(Then Krillan popped up.He had the same thing Goku was wearing only a leather jacket and a raphat on.)
Krillan/Let's get this party kicking home-G!!!
(Then the song "All-star"by Smashmouth came on and they did free dancing.Goku and Krillan danced.Krillan jumped on Goku's head and twirled around then jumped off.Then they both did some real cool moves.)
Judge(Kaioushin)/I made my decision.I decided that Goku and Krillan are the winners!

(So for the rest of the day everyone pigged out and did fireworks(Trunks blasted off with a fircracker and when he came back down her was all burnt).


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