Dragon Ball GT...Continued!
Episode 1
                                                               Dragon Ball Quest!
 It has been one hundred years since Goku has ridden off with Shen Long.  Pan is an old woman, over one hundred years old,
with her great-grandson Goku Jr.  It has been a while since Pan was in the hospital and Goku went off with Paku to get a Dragon
Ball so Pan could get better.  In his journey he went to Goku's old house to find the 4-star Dragon Ball.  He somehow turned into
Super Sayai-jin and attacked a transforming boar because he was hurting his two bear friends.  When Goku got the Dragon Ball
Goku Sr. came to him and said you have to get all the Dragon Balls to make a wish, and said Goku Jr. had courage.  Then Pan and
Paku came down from a helicopter and Goku Sr. disapeared.
 Then after that Goku Jr. entered the next Budoukai and faced off aginst Vegeta Jr.  It was a tight match as both warriors went
Super Sayai-jin.  Goku eventually won the Bodoukai.
 Now Goku and Paku are going off to find the other Dragon Balls.  Thier search leads them to a wooded area.  "Where are we
going to find the other Dragon Balls?  We don't even know where they are," Paku asked.  "We'll find them" Goku said.  He was
determined.  After winning the Bodoukai Goku has felt a lot more confident in himself, but he still has his weak points.
 "Wait," Goku said and stopped.  "What is it?" Paku asked.  "I hear something" Goku said and Paku and him stood there and
There was something.
There definately was something!
 Goku turned his head and saw a girl driving a hoover car cravily.  "Move!" Goku yelled and pushed Paku out of the way.  The girl
flew past them and crashed into a tree.
 The girl lifted her head out of the wreakage and said "ouch".  Goku went up to and asked "Are you okay?"  "What do you think I
am?!  I just ran into a tree for heaven's sake!  I hate these dumb hoover cars! They're the worst!  I keep telling mother to get the
upgraded model but she says 'no, the old models are rare, we can get more money by keeping them' Well we're not going to get
more money by crashing into trees!"  the girl yelled.
 All that screaming scared Goku and he backed off.  "Well, what are you looking at?" the girl asked Goku angrily.  "Nothing" Goku
said and ran behind the tree Paku was sitting against.  "You probably think I'm a maniac don't you"  the girl said.  She pulled and a
gun and started shooting in the air, "I been known to go crazy when I run out of makeup!"  Paku screamed and ran behind the tree
with Goku.
"HaHaHaHaHa!" the girl laughed maniacly.
 Then Goku noticed a Dragon Ball slip out of the hoover car wreackage.  Goku ran out to get it.  The girl was too busy laughing to
notice. Goku picked up the Dragon Ball and wondered how he could get back to Paku without the girl seeing him.  The girl noticed
Goku just standind there with the Dragon Ball.  "That's my Dragon Ball!"  the girl yelled, turning around, and started shooting at
"Aaaaah!"  Goku screamed and started running away with the Dargon Ball, with pistols following close behind.
 Paku watched from behind the tree.  "Man, I got to do something" Paku said to himself.  He saw a rock on the ground.  He picked it
up and then an evil grin came over his face.  He pulled out his slingshot.  "Reminds me of my old prank-playing school days" he
said as he pulled back on his slingshot.  He fired the slingshot!  It hit the girl's gun out of her hand.  "Who did that?!" she screamed.
Paku hid back behind the tree.  "oh no" he said to himself.
"I know you're there kid, come out"
"Oh no, she knows I'm here"
"Come out wherever you are"
 Meanwhile Goku was getting pretty far away.  He stopped to take a breack.  It was getting dark out.  He put the Dragon Ball
down and sat down on a log.  "Ah" he said, relaxed.  Goku then heard a rushling in the bushes.
 A wolf came out of the bushes!  Goku screamed.  The wolf jumped at him, about to eat his head. Then...the wolf stopped.  Goku
had stuck the Dragon Ball between its teeth.  The wolf spit out the ball and it hit Goku on the head.  "Ow" Goku said holding his
head.  The wolf got ready for another pounce.
 Then Goku heard a voice.  It was Goku Sr.  It said "go into the bushes, Goku."  So Goku went into the bushes.  He found the
Flying Nimbus!  It used to belong to Goku Sr. and he probably put it there for Goku Jr. to find.  Goku hopped on Nimbus and said,
"Go Flying Nimbus"  Nimbus flew away just as the wolf pounced.  The wolf hit the ground hard and then watched as Flying
Nimbus took his dinner away.
 Meanwhile, Paku was trying to sweet talk the girl.  He came up an idea that maybe the girl will stop shooting us if they team up
and collect the Dragon Balls together.  It was night time now, and the girl  started to set up her camp.  She said that they'd work it
out in the mourning when she got her Dragonball back.  Then Goku returned on the Flying Nimbus.
 "What is that?"  Paku asked.  "It's the Flying Nimbus.  The legendary cloud candy, my Old Man gave it to me." (Goku Sr. goes by
the name of Old Man because he doesn't know how many generations go between them).
 The girl makes a fire and introduces himself as Thonga, descendant of Bulma, and twin brother of Vegita Jr.  Goku remembered
his fight with Vigita during the Bodoukai.  Them both going into SSJ and then when he thought he was going to lose, he won.
Then Thonga brought out some hot dogs to roast on the fire.  They each picked some to roast, Goku took most of them.  Then they
cooked and ate them.  Thonga commented on Goku being a disgusting pig, seeing him hog down all the hot dogs.  Then they go to
 The next morning Thonga wakes up to see Paku and Goku packing their bags.  "Are you leaving?" She asked.  "Yeah" Goku said,
"We're going to get the other Dragonballs.  You can keep yours.  Then we'll meet again someday."  "No, I'll go with you and we
can get the Dragonballs easier that way" Thonga said.  She pulled out a device from her pocket.  "Its a Dragon Radar" She said, "It
detects Dragonballs."
"Cool!" Goku and Paku said in unision.
And so Goku, Paku, and Thonga started thier quest to collect the dragonballs.

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