Episode 2
                               Beast of the Dessert
 Last time on DBGT...Cntd.  Thonga joined Goku and Paku in their search for the Dragonballs.  Thonga already had a Dragonball
and a Dragon radar.  Now their journey leads them to a vast dessert.
 Thonga was riding her hoover car with Paku in the back of it, and Goku was riding on the Flying Nimbus.  "Man, I hate this hot
weather" Thonga said wiping sweat of her face.  "I can't handle this!" she screamed and the hoover car went flying out of
 The hoover car crashed!  Goku hopped down off of Nimbus to see what was wrong.  "Oh, great!  Now what am I going to do?
Walk?!" Thonga screamed.  "Duh," Paku said rubbing the bump on his head.  "What do you mean 'Duh'?  I'm not walking and risk the
chance of getting a leg cramp!"  Thonga yelled at Paku and he panicked.
 Thonga shuffled through the wreckage and took out her backpack.  "Here Goku" she said, giving it to him.  Goku almost fell over.
"What's in this thing?!" Goku asked.  "Nothing much" Thonga said, "Just all my makeup, a blowdrier, my hole collection of Teen mag,
my hole closet of clothes..."
 An hour later..."An exclusive brochure for Nickel's Rad clothing sale and that's about it.  Goku, Paku?"  Both boys fell asleep from
her rambling.  Thonga took out a tug of water from her backpack and threw it at Goku and Paku.  They woke up instantly.  "Where
are we?" they asked.  "We're in the middle of nowhere looking for the Dragonballs and you need to find them!" Thonga yelled (it
seems that's all she does).
 "There's a Dragonball right ahead of us" Thonga said looking at the Dragonradar.  She gave it to Goku, "Goku you lead us, Paku
carry this and follow me." "What do you need this for?" Paku asked.  It was a giant fan!  "To keep me cool in this hot dessert"
Thonga said.
 So Goku led the way on the Flying Nimbus, followed by a cool Thonga and a heavy burdened Paku.  "There it is!" Goku yelled.  He
jumped off the flying cloud, "There's the Dragonball!"  He ran over to where the Dragonball was.  A little mouse was holding it.
"Watch it kid, this my Dragonball!" the mouse said.  "Huh?" Goku said.  The mouse could talk!  Thonga and Paku came up.  "Okay
mouse give us the Dragonball!" Thonga said.  "Not on your life lady" the mouse said.  "What?!" Thonga said, "Goku take the
Dragonball from it!"  Goku pulled the Dragonball out of the mouse's hands.  "Hey, that's mine!" the mouse yelled.  "Not anymore"
Thonga teased.
 The group ignored the mouse and started a new conversation.  "Well we better get the next dragonball" Paku said.  "Let me see
the radar Goku" Thonga said.  "The next ball is here" Goku said pointing at the radar.  'Oh, no.  That's up north in the mountains.
It's freezing cold out there!" Thonga yelled.  "Well, it'll feel good after being blasing hot right here" Paku said.
 The mouse was getting real annoyed with the others ignoring him.  "You're going to pay!" it yelled.  The group turned around.  The
mouse was changing.  It was turning into a gigantic beast!  "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" everyone yelled and started running
away.  "Give me my Draganball!" the beast yelled.  Goku threw the Draganball.  It flew through the air.  Thonga threw a capsule
and a hoover bike popped out.  She and Paku got on the bike.  Leaving Goku alone with a monster.
 "Oh, no.  Goku!" Thonga yelled.  Goku ran into a wall of a plateau, and was surrounded by the monster. "Where's the
Dragonball?" the monster roared.  "A don't have it!" Goku screamed.  Goku's cowardess side took over him.  He was about to wet
his pants.  He screamed.  "We have to help Goku" Paku said.  "But how?" Thonga asked.  "I have an idea" Paku replied.
 The giant monster was furious!  It took a swipe at Goku.  Goku ducked and the monster took out a cluck of the plateau.
"AAAAAAAHH!" Goku screamed.  "You're lucky I missed" the beast said. The monster started to hit Goku.  Goku jumped and
missed each swing.   Goku was very scared.   The monster yelled angrily and shout a beam out of its mouth.
"Hey are you looking for this?!"
 It was Paku!  He had the Dragonball.   He distracted the beast and the beam missed Goku by an inch.  "Give me the Dragonball!"
The beast yelled to Paku.  "Now Goku!" Paku yelled.  Goku did a jump kick at the monster.
 Then the monster fell to the ground.  Then suddenly it turned back into a mouse.  "It's a mouse!"  Goku said.  Goku knelt down and
patted the little mouse.  "It's actually kinda cute when its not a giant monster.  I think I'll name him Squeaky"
 So then Thonga rode the hoover bike, with Paku riding along, and Goku flying on the Flying Nimbus across the dessert.
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