by Queen Bulma

One day Bulma was thinking that if Marai no Bulma could build a timemachine she could do it too so she did. Bulma was in her lad looking at her finished timemachine.

Bulma: "This is great! But I need someone to test it..."
*I can't go my self because I have to stay here whit the controls and the scaning machine to make sure that everything is ok...
I'm not letting Trunks or Bra go on non tested timemachine.
Maybe... no I can't ask the Sons for this they're happy whit they're peacefull lives and besides Chichi would hate me for it.
I know the Z team... no they'll never understand what there supposed to do*
"What if they find an enemy?" *Consentrate Bulma an enemy in the middle of time? No way.
But what am I going to do then?* "Think Bulma who do you know that is a very strong warrior?"

Bulma whent out side Capsule Corp. to the gravity room where Vegeta was training.

Bulma: "Vegeta come out of there"

Vegeta: "I told you not to bother me when I'm training"

Bulma: "How would you like to go on a dangerous mission?"

Vegeta got out of the gravity room.

Vegeta: "What's my mission?"

Bulma: "Come whit me and I'll show you"

Bulma brougth Vegeta to her lab.

Vegeta: "I allways wanted to know why in the world do you enjoy being looked up in here all day"

Bulma: "And I allways wanted to know why in the world do you enjoy being looked up in the gravity room all day"

Vegeta: "I like to train"

Bulma: "And I like to invent things"

Vegeta: "Why did you make me come down here anyway and what's that mission you're talking about?"

Bulma: "Your mision is to test my time machine!"

Vegeta: "That's it?"

Bulma: "What do you mean that's it? It's a very important and dangerous mision"

Vegeta: "What's so dangerous about that?"

Bulma: "Because..." *If it relly was that dangerous I wouldn't let him go but he woun't go unless he thinks it is*

Vegeta: "Well?"

Bulma: "Because it's program to go to a war"

Vegeta: "A war? Sounds good I'll get a good work out"

Bulma: "Hai, go inside the timemachine and I'll control it from here"

Vegeta: "Hai"

Vegeta whent inside the timemachine.

Bulma: "Redy?"

Vegeta: "Hai"

Bulma: "Ok here goes"

Bulma activated the timemachine and it disapear.

Bulma: "It works!"

Later the timemachine landed...

Vegeta: *I dodn't sense any war... wait there's something coming it's... it's... me?"

Vegeta got out of the timemachine.

Chibi-Vegeta: "Who are you?"

Vegeta: *I don't belive it it's me in the past*

Chibi-Vegeta: "Hey did you hear me? Who are you?"

Vegeta: "I'm..." *He's not going to belive it... I know I wouldn't...*

Chibi-Vegeta: "Did you forget?"

Vegeta: "No"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Then tell me"

Vegeta: "I... I mean you... you wouldn't belive it"

Chibi-Vegeta: "I will if it's true"

Vegeta: "I'm you"

Chibi-Vegeta: "You're my what?"

Vegeta: "Your future"

Chibi-Vegeta: "My future what?"

Vegeta: "I mean I come from the future and I'm your self"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Nani?"

Vegeta: "It's true I'm prince Vegeta... well I'm king now..."

Chibi-Vegeta: "You were rigth I don't belive you"

Vegeta: "Is'nt there a battle aroud here?"

Chibi-Vegeta: "No"

Vegeta: *Bulma must have tricked me into testing her timemachine*

Chibi-Vegeta saw the timemachine.

Chibi-Vegeta: "Is that your space ship?"

Vegeta: "It's a timemachine"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Yeah rigth... so what planet are you from?"

Vegeta: "From Vegeta but now I live on Earth"

Chibi-Vegeta: "So what are you?"

Vegeta: "What do you mean what am I?"

Chibi-Vegeta: "I'm a saiyan what are you?"

Vegeta: "I told you I'm you"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Then where's your tail?"

Vegeta: "I... don't have it anymore..."

Chibi-Vegeta: "Too bad..."

Vegeta: "Never mind I'm leaving"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Wait I belive you"

Vegeta: "Relly?"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Hai and since I'm very bored here I'm going to the future whit you" *I don't care where I go as long as it's some place less boring... but I know that not relly a timemachine"

Vegeta: "But I can't"

Chibi-Vegeta: "You have to take to your planet I mean your time or dimension or watever"

Vegeta: *That's rigth this isn't my dimension this is an alternet timeline so if I take me... him... I woun't damege history in my timeline*

Chibi-Vegeta got inside the timemachine.

Chibi-Vegeta: "This is the strangest space ship I've ever seen"

Vegeta: "What are you doing in there"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Waiting for you to make this thing take off"

Vegeta sensed someone coming.

Vegeta: *It's Nappa*

Chibi-Vegeta: "Come on if they find me there not going to let me go"

Vegeta: *Bulma didn't tell me what to do to go back...*

Meanwhile in the present...

Bulma: *I hope everything is ok I better call...*

Bulma used the radio to call Vegeta. In the timemachine...

~Vegeta are you there~

Chibi-Vegeta: "The space ship talks and it know me name!"

~Vegeta is that you it's me Bulma is everything ok?~

Vegeta: "The space shi doesn't talk that's Bulma"

~Vegeta what's going on in there?~

Vegeta: "Nothing but there's no war so I want to go back and Bulma..."


Vegeta: "You mind if I bring someone whit me?"

~The timemachine created another timeline so nothing will change here if you do but you have to make sure nothing bad will happen there~

Vegeta: "It's ok"

~Ok then get redy~

Bulma made the timemachine come back to the present. In the present Vegeta got out of the timemachine.

Bulma: "How did it go and who did you bring"

Vegeta: "There was no war and you knew it and I brougth me"

Bulma: "Nani?"

Chibi-Vegeta got out of the timemachine.

Chibi-Vegeta: "Where am I?"

Vegeta: "In the future I told you it was a timemachine"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Cool!"

Vegeta: "My past wanted to come..."

Bulma: "That's your past?"

Vegeta: "Hai"

Bulma: "He's so cute!"

Vegeta: "Nani?"

Bulma: "Konichiwa Chibi-Vegeta I'm Bulma"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Konichiwa Bulma"

Trunks got to Capsule Corp.

Trunks: "Okasan where are you? I want a snack"

In Bulmas lab...

Chibi-Vegeta: "Who's that?"

Bulma: "Trunks is my son and Vegeta's his father"

Chibi-Vegeta: "So you're saiying that he's like my son from the future?"

Vegeta: "Hai"

Bulma: "I met him before he was born too when he came from the future at first I didn't belive it but then he was born here and he looked the same"

Chibi-Vegeta: "It's just imposible... hey if he's me and Trunks is his and your son then you must be the queen of the saiyans"

Vegeta: "She is"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Then why aren't you in planet Vegeta and how come you have that *Kawaii* blue hair? This place doesn't feel like Vegeta"

Bulma: "I'm a human and this is Earth"

Chibi-Vegeta: "I still don't get it..."

Trunks whent inside the lab.

Trunks: "Okasan, Otousan?"

Bulma: "Trunks come and meet Vegeta"

Trunks: "Otousan?"

Bulma: "No... hai but not the same..."

Trunks: "Who are you?"

Chibi-Vegeta: "I'm prince Vegeta"

Trunks: "But how"

Vegeta: "I brougth him here in the timemachine"

Chibi-Vegeta: "I'm getting bored just standing here I want to go out and play"

Trunks: "Ok lets go!"

Trunks and Chibi-Vegeta whent out side.

Bulma: "You never told me you were such a nice kid Vegeta"

Vegeta: "..."

Trunks and Chibi-Vegeta passed the the afternoon playing untill Bulma called them to eat. At dinner Bulma knowdest that both Vegetas had the same big saiyan apetite and so did Trunks...

Bulma: *I'm never going to understand how could they eat so much...*

That nigth Trunks and Chibi-Vegeta stayed up relly late playing video games so in the morning they were still asleep. In the kitchen Bulma was making breakfeast and Vegeta just walked in.

Bulma: "Breakfeast will be in minute"

Vegeta: "Hai, but..."

Bulma: "Nani?"

Vegeta: "I have to take me... him... Chibi-Vegeta I have to take him back"

Bulma: "So soon?"

Vegeta: "Hai"

Bulma: "But Trunks is having so much fun"

Vegeta: "He has to go back to his timeline"

Bulma: "I guess your rigth but Trunks is going to get bored whit noone to play whit..."

Vegeta: "What about Goten?"

Bulma: "I thoguth you said you did want him here"

Vegeta: "I was angry when I said that"

Bulma: "What did Goten do to make you angry?"

Vegeta: "Nothing I got angry at Kakarotto because he let me win"

Bulma: "I thougth you wanted to win"

Vegeta: "But I want to win by my self"

Bulma: "He was provably trying to be friendly"

Vegeta: "That's enoying"

Bulma: "But what if you beat him for real?"

Vegeta: "No, it was too easy to be for real"

Bulma: "Maybe you got stronger"

Vegeta: "Maybe..."

Bulma: "Hai"

Vegeta: "I guess I'll find out when we spar again..."

Trunks and Chibi-Vegeta just got up and whent to have breakfeast. After breakfeast Vegeta told Chibi-Vegeta that it was time to go but Trunks convince him to wait untill tomorow.
Trunks and Chibi-Vegeta whent to the Son house.

Trunks: "Goten!"

Goten: "Trunks?"

Trunks: "Hai and look who else is here!"

Goten saw Chibi-Vegeta.

Goten: "Who is he your little brother?"

Trunks: "No"

Goten: "He look a lot like Vegeta"

Trunks: "He is"

Goten: "Nani?

Trunks and Chibi-Vegeta told Goten all the story and then they whent to play.

Goten: *I didn't know Trunks's otousan would be so much fun to play whit*

Meanwhile Goku and Vegeta where sparing at Capsule Corp.

Vegeta: "If you let me win again I'll send you to the next dimension"

Goku: "But I didn't let you win, you won for real"

Vegeta: "You're not trying hard enogth"

Goku: "You want me to win?"

Vegeta: "I want to beat you at your best"

Goku: "Ok here goes!"

After a while Vegeta beat Goku.

Vegeta: "Don't hold back Kakarotto"

Goku: "Gomen I just don't feel so good"

Vegeta: "Nani?"

Goku: "Chichi is making me go on a diet"

Vegeta: "Saiyas don't go on diets"

Goku: "That's what I told her but she insisted..."

Vegeta: "If you don't eat I don't get a good workout so..."

Vegeta took out a capsule and trew it. A lot of food apear.

Vegeta: "Let's eat"

After they ate they started to spar again Goku was figthing much better now. Trunks, Goten and Chibi-Vegeta got there, Goku sensed them and stoped figthing.

Goten: "Otousan!"

Goku: "Konichiwa!"

Vegeta: "Kakarotto keep figthing"

Goku: "Come Vegeta let's take a break"

Vegeta: "Fine..."

Goku: "Look Vegeta he looks just like you!"

Vegeta: "He is..."

Goku: "Nani?"

Vegeta: "He's my past"

Goku: "Your past?"

Vegeta: "I brougth him in the timemachine"

Goku: "Oh, Konichiwa Chibi-Vegeta"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Konichiwa"

Bulma got there.

Bulma: "Konichiwa everyone I have some news..."

Trunks: "What news?"

Bulma: "Bad news..."

Vegeta: "What happened?"

Bulma: "Chibi-Vegeta's timeline is in chaos"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Nani? My timeline?"

Bulma: "Hai and all because you're not there but we can fix it"

Chibi-Vegeta: "How?"

Bulma: "I'll send you back to your timeline so you get there 5 minutes after you left"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Will it change history?"

Bulma: "Hai"

Vegeta: "I thougth all you could do was make another timeline"

Bulma: "I made some changes to the timemachine"

They all whent to Bulma's lab.

Bulma: "Ok you 2 Vegetas get in"

Vegeta: "Why me?"

Bulma: "You've done it before besides he is you"

Vegeta and Chibi-Vegeta got inside the timemachine.

Bulma: "Ok here goes"

Bulma activated the timemachine and it disapear. In the past...

Vegeta: "Here we are time for you to go"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Ok but are all the things I saw relly going to happen to me?"

Vegeta: "Hai"

Chibi-Vegeta: "I think I like my future"

Vegeta: "Ok I gotta go now"

Chibi-Vegeta: "Sayonara!"

Vegeta: "Sayonara" "I'm redy to go back now Bulma"


Vegeta arrived at Capsule Corp.

Bulma: "Was everything ok in the other timeline?"

Vegeta: "Hai"

Trunks: "I'm gonna miss him..."

Goten: "Me too..."

Goku: Me three..."

Vegeta: "Ok enogth about me come on Kakarotto let's spar"

Goku: "Ok"


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