(As usual at 5:00 Trunks was watching TV.Today Trunks was home alone but since he was a teenager he was allowed to stay home by himself.Vegeta,Bulma and Bra were out for the day.)

Trunks/HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!I love this show!It's so funny!!!AHAHAHAHAA!!!
TV/"You stupid idiot!Eat this!this !"
(Then suddenly,Trunks heard a knock on the door.)
Trunks/Hmm??Who could that be?
(Trunks went to the door and opened it.There outside was girl with black hair in a long black dress.She had pale eyes too.)
Trunks/(WHOA!!This kid gives me the creeps!)Uhh....hello?May I help you?
Trunks/Uhh....hello?Anyone in there?
(The girl just stared at him.Trunks knocked her head twice.)
Trunks/Oooo,it's hollow.
(The girl was still silent.Trunks waved his hand infront of her face.She still stared in silence.)
(Trunks shut the door.Then the doorbell rang again and Trunks,again,opened the door.This time the girl said something.)
Girl/..........dead people(whispering).
Trunks/Dead people?
girl/......I see dead people(whispering).
Trunks/Dead people?
Girl/Dead people.
Girl/I see dead people.
Trunks/Kid......all I can say is that your REALLY weird.
(Trunks shut the door.The girl had left.)
Trunks/Ahhhhhhh....peace at last.
(Trunks went back to the television set.)
Trunks/AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!I missed my show cause of that....that......
"Dead People girl"!
(The Next Day Trunks was watching the same funny show when the doorbell wrang.Trunks went to the door and there was the same girl.)
Girl/I see dead people(whispering).
Trunks/Oh no.
Girl/I see dead people.
Trunks/Where are they?
Girl/They're all around us.
Trunks/Why can't I see them?
Girl/Because they're dead people.
Trunks/Can they see us?
Girl/They see what they want to see.
Girl/Dead people.
Trunks/::keeps stareing at her then shuts the door::Whoa!What a creepy kid!
(Trunks looked out and the girl wasn't there anymore.)
Trunks/Ahhhhhh.....yes she's gone.She's ghost herself.

(And for the next two days she kept on coming and saying "Dead People".)
Trunks/AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!I can't take it anymore!What does she want from me?!!!
Okay,Trunks,calm down.Your a smart and stylish guy.What do the letters of your name stand for??!!!!!
T for Tremendous
R for Radical
U for uh....well I don't know,I'll get back to that.
N for Non-smoker
K for Uh.....well I forget that one too.
S for Smarts and style!!
And that spells Trunks!!!!I gotta stand up and try to get rid of that weird girl some how. That's it!Tommarrow I will begin my mission.

Trunks/Wooden leg.
Trunks/Heavy item.
Trunks/Enormous Slingshot.
Trunks/Mini Trampoline.
Trunks/Boxing glove.
Trunks/Huge Spring.
Trunks/And that's all I have on the list.
Trunks/There,we gotta set up. 
Goten/Che-oops!Sorry.I wasn't paying attention.
Trunks/Be more attentive my friend.
(So the boys set up they're traps.After that they waited for "Dead People Girl" to show up.First they saw the mail man,then they saw Dead People Girl.The boys ducked from the window and waited.Then they heard crashing
noises and a scream.Goten and Trunks came out of they're hiding spot.)

Trunks:Okay.With the shovel we dug this hole.Dead People Girl should've fallen and bounched back up on the mini trampoline.Then she would step in the loop of the rug.Then it would pull the wooden leg away and the heavy item would fall.Then the little door of the heavy item would open and the boxing glove tied onto the large spring would push her far back into this enormous slingshot and then she would be flying.
Goten/It worked!!!
???/Dead People.
Trunks/::stops and his eyes go wide::I did'nt hear what I think I just heard.
(Trunks turned around and there,standing right behind him was "Dead People Girl".)
dead People Girl/Dead People.
(Trunks and Goten raced back into the house and locked the door.)
Trunks/What's happend?!!!I thought it worked!!
Goten/She must be a ghost or something!The traps had gone right threw her body,maybe that happened!!!
Trunks/We heard the noises and the heavy item was out of it's starting position.Someone had to have gotten attacked by our trap!
goten/But who?
(Trunks and Goten slowly opened the door and examined their traps
Trunks/Yup.Someone got caught in our trap.
(Just then Anzel came rolling by on his Skateboard.)
Anzel/Hey guys what's up?And what happend to your yard?What's with all this stuff?
Trunks/Our trap to get rid of that "Dead People Girl".
Anzel/I cool.Well my mom wanted me to come over here and ask if you've gotten your mail yet cause we did'nt get our mail.
Trunks/We did'nt get our mail either but we did see the mailman.I think he passed our street cause I don't think I saw him go to my mailbox.
Goten/We already got our mail at my house.
Yoko/Hi guys.Sorry to bud in but I saw the strangest thing ever.Just a few minutes ago I saw the mail man flying above my house screaming his head off.Do you guys know what happend?He must be really scared or something.
trunks&Goten/::has a water drop and one hand is behind their shoulder::Uh...heh heh.. we don't know what happened to the mailman!
Yoko/Well I gotta go.See you guys later.

(So Anzel and Yoko went home together.)

Trunks&Goten/::both look at each other::
Goten/Whoa.We found a way to make the mail man fly.
Trunks/Into trouble.


Trunks/How in the world can we get rid of her!Traps won't work cause we might get in trouble.
Trunks/Goten are you listening?
Trunks/Oh your reading the garfield comic strip.Let me see.
(Trunks read it.)
Trunks/HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!You know,this comic strip gives me a good idea.Goten look.

(Goten and Trunks looked at each other and smiled.)

Trunks/Goten,are you thinkin,what I'm thinkin?
Goten/Yup.That we should mail Dead People Girl to Abudabi.
Trunks/::has a waterdrop::No,but we're doing something similiar.The kid might have parents and if they found out we'd be in so much trouble.I thought we should lead her all the way to the city.Then she'll get lost or something.The kid whispers so no one will hear her. Just wait.I got the whole plan fixed out for tommarrow.


Trunks/Okay,here she comes.Wait for the doorbell to ring.
("Ding Dong!"Trunks opened the door.)
Trunks/Hello Dead People Girl.
Dead People Girl/I see dead people.
Trunks/Yea.Well I know where you can find some more.You know I wanna tell you a story about a ghost.Come follow me.
(The girl was gullible to follow him.)
Trunks/Psst...Goten,you know any ghost stories?
Goten/Yeah.I know a whole book of em.
(So Goten told her and they went into the busy streets of the city.)
Trunks/Okay kid.We.....uh.....wanna see something.So stay here.
(The girl stayed there while Goten and Trunks flew all the way back home.)
Trunks/She's so gullible!!!
Goten/I can't believe she fell for it!!
??/I see dead People.
(Right behind them was Dead People Girl.)
Dead People Girl/I see dead people.
(They ran into the house.)
Trunks/How do we get rid of this kid??!!
Goten/I know.she's everywhere!
Trunks/It's like Scream.The guys in the masks never die!
Goten/We better hide.
(They hid in the closet.Trunks looked out the window and the girl was gone.)
Trunks/Creepy kid.We gotta find something new.


Trunks/Alright Dead People Girl!!!LEAVE US ALONE!!!!GET OUT OF OUR
Dead People Girl/Dead People-Alright :(  ::walks away sadly::
Trunks/'s great she's gone.
Goten: Then how come I don't feel so good about it.
Trunks/I don't know.Okay,tomarrow we say sorry to dead people girl.
(The next day they waited and waited and she never showed up.)
Trunks/Maybe she got sick or something.
(Then day after that she never came.)
Trunks/Still sick?
(The day after that.)
Trunks/Probably has to do her chores or something.
(For the past week she did not come.)
trunks/That's it!We blew it!We hurt her feelings!I feel like a criminal!!!
Goten/Me too!!
Trunks&Goten/We broke a little kid's heart!WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Trunks/We gotta find that kid and say we're sorry!
Goten/But how?
Trunks/What do you mean just "how"?
Goten/I mean we don't know where the kid lives.
Trunks/Then we'll try to find the house she lives in.
Goten/But how will we do that?
Trunks/Well,let's try to describe Dead People Girl.How would you describe her?
Goten/Always down in the blues.
Trunks/Down in the blues?Where'd you come up with that?
Goten/My dad always says it to me when I feel sad.
Goten/She always says "Dead People".
Trunks/So we should try to find a house that looks creepy and looks like......dead people are around.

(So Trunks and Goten began their mission.)
Trunks/Look here's a house.
Goten/That house has nobody living in it.
Trunks/Oh.How about this one?
Goten/That ones under construction.
Trunks/Oh.How about this one?
goten/That is no house.It's an old shed.
Trunks/Oh.How about this one?
Goten/It's a cemetary!!FIND A HOUSE!!!
Trunks/Let's go up the street.
(The looked and looked but did'nt find her house.)
Trunks/Let's look at just one more house.
(Trunks and Goten came toward a scary looking house that looked kind of haunted.)
Goten/Hey,this might be the one.It's spooky and looks like dead people live here.
Trunks/Look,the lights are on so that must mean someone lives here.
(They opened the gate and went up to the door.)
Trunks/come to think of it this place gives me the creeps.
(Goten nervously rang the doorbell.Then a couple minutes later a huge guy
came up to the door and he talked in a VERY low voice.)
Trunks&Goten/::stareing in shock::.......m-m-m-monster!!AAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
(Trunks and Goten ran away back to Trunks' house.)
Goten/That was close.
Trunks/Da-da-da-da.The adams family.
Goten/I agree with you.But.......didn't that house look just like the adams family's?
Trunks/DUH.Why do you think I sung the song.
Goten/Oh.Let's go home.I give up.


Trunks/So,what's up man?
Goten/Nothin much.You?
Marron/La la la la la!!!!
Trunks/Oh no.
Marron/Hey guys!!I just came back from my ballet classes.Guess what.
Trunks/What brat-face.
Goten/::secretly eating pizza::
Marron/I made a new best friend.
Trunks/Whoa.That's a first timer.
Marron/STOP IT!!That isn't nice.It's not often I get to have bestest friends-and Goten you should'nt be eating pizza!!Remember what your mother said cause I can tell.
Goten/No!!Not that!!PLEASE DON'T!!!!
Trunks/Of course Brat-face is always a tattle tail.
Marron/AM NOT!
Trunks/Are too.
???/Marron-dead people-are you still there?
Trunks&Goten/::looks at each other in surprise::DEAD PEOPLE GIRL!!!
Marron/This is my new bestest friend,Wendy.We've been playing together everyday since we first met.My family met hers and we're friends!!
Trunks/So,that must explain why she did'nt come back.
Dead People Girl/Sorry-dead people-I annoyed you-dead people- and my name is Wendy.
Trunks/Okay.Sorry we yelled.
Marron/Wendy has to whisper all the time because she has a sickness that makes her whisper.She always says dead people cause it's a habit she just CAN'T stop.
Trunks/Now,it all makes sense.She kept annoying us cause she was just looking for a friend.
Goten/So,I guess we have a new member to the gang.
(Just then Yoko and Anzel came and got to know Dead Peo-I mean Wendy more.)

Just a reminder this was supposed to be an important episode cause it introduces a new charecter to the gang.



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