Knowing Him
By Marron 

Trunks looked at his girlfriend. Tall, blonde, blue eyes, captain of the softball team, and star of thebasketball team, she was every guys dream girl. Every guy but Trunks.

"You miss her don't you?" Goten's voice snapped Trunks back into reality.

"Who?" Trunks played stupid but he knew who Goten was referring to.

"Trunks , don't play stupid with me. First all, that's my job." Goten hoped to get a smirk for this but got nothing. "And second of all, you haven't been yourself since she moved. You don't even work out any more and we haven't spared in forever."

Trunks looked solemnly at his friend. "I miss her so much. Only thing a she doesn't miss me. I know she hates me. I got so jealous and didn't believe her."

Goten pat his friend on the back. "She doesn't hate you. I know she misses you." He calmly replied.

"How do you know? Have you talk to her lately? No! Nobody has."

"Well you should least breakup with Christine. I know the only reason that you're going out with her is because you think she looks like Marron."

Trunks shot him a vicious clear.

"Fine. I'm out of here. Do what you want. I'll see later." Goten waved to goodbye and left.


Trunks walked into his house. He was relieved that he and Christine had broken up, but once again he felt that there was a hole in his life and heart.

Bulma welcomed him home then noticed the look his eyes.

"What's wrong honey?"

"Nothing." Trunks whispered.

"Do you have anything planned for this weekend?"


"Good, because were going on the trip."

Trunks held back a moan. "Where to?"

"A little country place off if I-32. We'll be spending the weekend there and there's no way out. Plus you'll like the surprise we have for you."

Trunks brightened a little, then decided he'd better finish the homework so he went upstairs and pulled it out. Just as he found a comfortable place on his bed, his phone rang, making him loose his place.


"Hey! You hear about the trip this weekend?"

"You have one too?"

"Trunks, we are going on it together!"


"Well, you better start working out again."

"Why? I have no one to impress."

"That's what you think"

"Okay let me clarify, Marron won't be there' who cares?!"

"That's you think!"

"What you mean 'That's what you think?'"

"Think about it! I wouldn't be telling you to workout if I knew someone wouldn't be there."

"Oh my gosh. Goten, you best not be messing with my mind."

"Okay old Texan hick. (Authors note: no offenses taken please. I’m a hick of Texas myself. :-D Thank you.) I'll give it to you plain as day. We are going to Marron's new place. Our parents are going see hers. We are going to see her."

"Goten, I'll call you back a few seconds." Trunks said, then hung up the phone. He took five deep breaths then called Goten back. Goten picked up.

"Yes Trunks?"

"You promise you will spar with me tomorrow?!"

"Trunks! Like I wouldn't!"

"Goten, you the best friend a guy could have!"

"I know! I know."

"Okay, just a little conceded there aren't we?"

Goten chuckled.

"Well, I have to start working out again. Talking to you later!"

"Trunks, don't forget about your calculus homework!"

"Oh, right! After that I'll workout."

"Good. Bye!" Goten hung up.

Trunks quickly finishes homework the last word few problems then ran to practice. He had a lot of catching up to do before the weekend.


Trunks walked into the kitchen it early morning. He been working out all night and didn't feel one bit tired.

"I can believe it! We're taking a trip to go see my baby. Then I can apologize and hopefully should take the back."

"Of course she will. She loved you. The heart of a person doesn't break that easy after loving that
long." Bra said coming in.

"What you doing at?" Trunks suspiciously asked his sister.

"You and that damned gravity machine are so loud. There's no way I can sleep."


"Go to sleep." She snorted . "Go lie in your bed and fall asleep."

"I'll think about it." He looked his sister it then noticed how heavy his eyelids suddenly felt.

"Good. Go on." Bra coaxed, then hurried her brother off to bed.


"You have to be kidding! They're coming?!" Marron exclaimed.

Krillin nodded. "But you have to clean up the place before they come. Most of the stuff is yours anyway."

"You promise? Uncle Goku and his family are coming to?!"


Marron began jumping for joy. "What about Bulma and them?"

"I don't know. I don't think they are."

Marron's jumping slowed been stop. "Are you sure about that?"


"Good. I'm off to make a call then."


"Goten, telephone!" Goku yelled at his sparring son.

"Who is it dad?" Goten asked running up.

"Don't know. Just a girl."

"Who is it Goten?" Trunks teased.

"Let me find out." "Hello?"


"Who is this? Nicole?"

"Nicole? That's what you think?"

"No way?! Oh my gosh! How have you been?"

"Who is it?!" Trunks asked like a whiney little kid.

"Goten? Is that Trunks?"

"Uh...maybe. Hold on." Goten covered the receiver. "I'll tell you if you shut up."


"Never mind. Wouldn't be safe."

Trunks was sure of the person it was now. He snatched the phone from his friend's hand. "Hello?

"Who is this?" Marron teased.

"Oh sorry miss." Trunks said as he handed the phone back. "Sorry bout that."

"That was Trunks?! Dende, I miss his voice."

"To bad. So does everyone else 'cept me. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, about how much he misses Marron."

"Goten will you put him on the phone for a moment."

Goten handed the phone over to his friend.

"Sorry about earlier." Trunks apologized.

"Would you like to talk to me. I love your voice."

"Well, what do you wanna talk about."

"Our ex's, I guess. You go first."

"Were can I start? She is gorgeous, smart, funny, quick, a warrior, a cuddly friend, and overall perfect."

"Wow. Not many those, are there?"

"No. Now tell about yours."

"Well, mine was a warrior had every girl after him, and his younger sister hated how all of her friends would never shut up about her brother."

"Sounds familiar."

"Anyway, he and his best friend always made fun of the when I was younger and then overnight we all grew up. He was gorgeous and ---"

"I know who you're talking about. Me!!!!! This has to be Marron!"


"Wow, how have you been?"

"Missing you very much! You?"

"Missing you more than anything!" Goten answer for his friend.

Marron laughed "So Trunks, I know Goten is coming this weekend, but are you?"

"I don't know...of anything that would keep me away."

"Ok. Is Gohan and his family coming too, Goten?"

"Uh... let me get see." Goten put on the phone.




"Oh, you're serious."

"Marron, would you go back out with a guy if he was truly sorry for being the jack ass that he was whenthey were going out?"

"Goten wants to dump Bra to go back out with Paris? After we worked so hard to break them up?"

"NO!! I love Bra more than I could ever love Paris." Goten said

"good day just checking. So?"

"Yeah, they coming."

"Ok so we have 3 plus 4 plus 3 plus 3 equal's 13 hate is anyone else coming?"

"No." Both Trunks and Goten said at the same time.

"Wrong answer. Uncle Juunana is coming. Okay, 14. Five kid, nine adults. That means...the guest house has to be cleaned for people."

"Oooooohhhh. Have fun!" Goten said.

"Don't worry, I've got guys do that."

"What do you mean?" Trunks asked.

"The captain of the baseball team wants me go out with him. You know, kind of like the whole Trunks situation only with me and Josh. Well he calls me up. If I tell my have to clean, the junior varsity baseball team becomes maids."

"What happens to you?"

"Joy of a horse that knows the place like he knows his name. We take of and don't return for hours. By that time the guys are done and Josh is too stupid to realize that his dirt bike can go the places Black Diamond can."

"Black Diamond?" Goten asked.

"Goten, its her horse." Trunks answered for her.

"Any ways, I hafta go you guys. I am seriously going to clean. They aren't gettin in my room. Talk to you later and Trunks, yes." Marron said then hung up the phone.

"Yes? Trunks what is going on?"

"Goten, you hafta help me with training. Time is wasting."

Bulma walked into the kitchen only to see Trunks hard at work cleaning everything. "Trunks what has gotten into you?"

He looked up, gave her a smirk then went back to work.

"Trunks what have you done? What did you break? Are you in trouble with the law again? What do you want?"

"Mom, I am not in any sort of trouble and the law isn't after me don't worry. I just want to go on the trip. Plus I came in here and the place was a mess. I felt it would do me good to clean it up."


Trunks nodded.

"Well I am not sure about going on the trip any more."

Trunks stopped what he was doing. "But I need to get away from this place."

"Honey, I have a project I have to get done."

"But mom..."

"Trunks, you can drive. Your old enough. You just have to take your sister if you want to go and ask your father."

"Really? That's all I have to do?"

"Yeah, after you finish the kitchen."

"That is so awesome mom. Thanks." Trunks picked up the little bit of cleaning he had actually done and put the supplies away.

"So I guess Goten told you where we were going huh?" Bulma smirked. "Darn that boy. Couldn't keep a secret if he had to."

Trunks laughed at the truthfulness in his mothers comment then took off to go see his best friend.

"Mom, is this clean enough for you?" Marron asked.

18 poked her head in her daughters room. Magazines were all over the floor, her clothes were in a pile in the corner of her room, and her stuffed animals were piled up on her bed. The only cleaned area in the whole room was the dresser.

"Well, put the little bear in front of the big one and it'll look great. So get those baseballers over here and lets go shopping."

"What's up with you?"

"Those guys smell really bad, your father is in a horrible mood and I got money to burn. Come on. That baseball dude is on the phone anyway."she said handing Marron the muted phone. After telling Josh that she would love to go to the movies with him only she has to clean the house, Josh told her the JV team would be over soon and asked for the orders they were to be given. She told him then hung up and started brushing her hair to pass the time. When Josh and the team arrived, Marron gave him a quick kiss then ran of the house wiping her lips and spitting. She jumped in the car beside her mom.

"C'mon mom! Let's burn rubber." she exclaimed as they tore away from the house.

Trunks tapped lightly on his sisters door.

"Come in Trunks."

"How'd you know it was me?"

"You are the heaviest walker I know. What do you want?"

"Just want to know if you are still planning on going to Marron's this weekend."

"Like I wouldn't? Her, Pan and I are going to have so much fun."

"So you and Goten aren't?"

"He's going? He told me he wasn't."

"Well he's full of shit and I know it and you know it."

"Careful, tha's my boyfriend your talking about."

"Fine. I give up Thanks for the info and as it stands it will just be me and you in the car because dad says he would not show up there if he had to."

Bra laughed at her brother as he left her room.

Marron walked into the house with 2 big bags of clothes and face beaming. "Hi daddy!" she exclaimed, putting the bags down on the stairs.

"Where have you 2 been?"

"Oh everywhere." she smiled.

"That's nice." He followed his wife across the room with is eyes. "So you ready for tomorrow?" he inquired.

"With sleeping arrangements? Yeah. Food? Hahahaha." she laughed.

"I understand. 6 sayian stomachs will be hard to keep full." He smirked.

"Well actually, Pan, Trunks, Goten, Bra and I will be out and about for most of the weekend. We will even be at the baseball game this weekend. I promised Josh I would come to one of his games."

"You mean you are getting rid of our maids?" 18 whined.

Krillin frowned unapprovingly.

"Mom, how dare you think of him as a maid," Marron scolded. Krillin smiled at his daughter. "He is our butler." Marron corrected.

Her fathers smile turned upside down as the 2 females laughed.

"Come on. He isn't such a bad guy." Krillin said. "He and I had a great conversation and I invited him to diner tomorrow night."

"Daddy! But tomorrow at dinner everyone will be here."

"I know. I want to see how nice he is when you are all over Trunks."

Marron gave her dad a sly smirk. "Why daddy, I believe you are turning into one of us."

"I can't wait," he continued like she had said nothing, "Someone needs to beat that boy over the head and I want to watch."

"He is! He is! He is turning into one of us!" Marron said jumping up and down and clapping her hands."He is learning our way of thinking."

"Well little one. You need to make sure that we have, for sure, enough room for everyone."

"Mom, the adults are staying in this house and all of us "kids" will be in the bunkhouse. There is plenty of room for all of us. Plus if Trunks and Goten or Vegeta and Uncle Juuana have and I quote, "too much fun" there will still be a place for the rest of us to sleep."

"Marron," 18 started.

"Yes?" she said angelically.

"Shut up."

"And go get ready for dinner."

Marron 'hmphed' and ran up to her room, loaded down with her bags.

"Almost here, Almost here!" Marron said in a sing-song voice. She was on Black Diamond, her horse, trotting up and down the shoulder of the road that ran in front of their land. She had one other horse but he was her favorite of the 2. White with a black star and very energetic, he was as unique as her boyfriend, and reminded her of Trunks so she rightly called him that when the occasion came up.

"Trunks is coming! So is Pan and Bra and Goten." she sang on, as she turned her horse around. She saw a cloud of dust coming up the distant hill. "Is it them already?" She got Black Diamond into a gallop then stopped when she saw that is was a red truck.

"Why can't Josh leave me alone?" Marron mumbled to herself as the chevy pulled to a stop next to her.

"Howdy Marron."

"Hi Josh."

"Did you know that I am coming to dinner tonight?"

"Yeah, I can't wait. Look, I would LOVE to stay and chat but I have to go shopping for the dinner. Please forgive me for cutting us short. See ya." she said as she darted up the drive to her house.

Josh honked his horn, waved, then drove off.

Marron put her horse in his stall then ran into the house.

"Mom, I am taking the bike to the store. I need to pick up a couple things before they come."

"Ok, but be back before to long. They should be here within the hour."

"I know mom. Don't worry." she said grabbing the keys to the dirt bike off the counter. *Trunks must have known I would be using this more often then a car when he got this for me* Marron smirked as she started up the little engine then drove off the land.

Marron was putting her cokes and snacks in the small refrigerator when she heard a car pull up into her drive. She ran to the window only to see to her disappointment that it was the same red truck that she wished she hadn't see earlier that day. She walked down to meet Josh and then ran to her mom.

"Mom, where are they? It's almost dinnertime." Marron whispered as she saw her father trying to control his temper around the boasting jock.

"I don't know hun. I wish they would get here soon. I don't know how long your father can hold out."

30 min. later....

"Honey, can we eat NOW!" Krillin asked. Marron knew her father was regretting having Josh over that night.

"Sure, Come on over to the table." Juuachi said as she and Marron reluctantly put the food on the table.

They all sat down and ate, Marron in complete silence, her mother asking Josh a few questions and her father still trying to keep up a conversation with out blowing the guys head off with a small blast.

*HEHEHE. I'd like to do that.* Krillin commented to himself as the thought crossed his mind.

As Marron cleaned up the dishes, her Mom had taken control of the conversation to let Krillin release some stress. He walked up to his blonde daughter.

"Would you mind if I blew off his head?"

Marron giggled. "I had been wanting to do that but I didn't want you to have to visit me in jail and I don't want to have to visit you in jail either."

"But if it slipped?"

"The cops wouldn't care daddy." then she heard the low rumble of 2 cars pulling up the drive way. She quickly ran to the window to see a blue SUV and an orange convertible coming from the sun's last rays of light. Marron let out a small scream then ran out to meet her friends. First one she ran into was Bra. They hugged, asking each other how one another had been and what they had done recently. Then Marron turned to see someone that she was happier to see than any other person. She ran up to him and hugged and kissed him. When they released, she asked how he was.

"So much better now that the 3rd most beautiful person is in my arms."


"Yeah, Mom is first of course, then Bra cuz she'd had dad after my butt if I didn't say that."

"Oh, I understand now. So, out of family I am the most beautiful person?"

Trunks nodded and Marron laughed then went and hugged her 3rd out of 4 best friends.

"Wow. You've buffed up." Goten commented.

Marron blushed. "Mom and dad have been training me off and on but then again the farm work is muscle building itself."

Goten smiled. Marron ran and hugged ChiChi, Goku and Gohan. "Where's Pan?" she asked her friends father.

"Oh, I am sorry. She and Vidal got the flu and couldn't come."

"Oh, I'm sorry." She looked around then walked up to Trunks. "Where's you're mom and dad?"

"Mom had a project to work on and dad....well he felt that he should work out rather than show up here."

"Oh, ok. Well, come inside. Mom and Dad, not to mention me, have been waiting for ever for you guys to
get here."

"Sorry," Chichi apologized at they walked into the house, "there was a store that Bra just had to go into and then Goku, Goten, and Trunks all had a sudden hunger strike so they all had to stop and eat."

"That's ok. Well you all know mom and dad, I hope. This is JOSH. Josh, this is Trunks, his sister Bra, Goten and his parents Chichi and Goku." Marron introduced her visitors to the dumb jock.

Josh's eyes immediately scanned Bra, which both her brother and her boyfriend saw, so they moved to cover her.

Juuachi invited them to sit, so naturally they did; Bra next to Goten and Marron next to Trunks on the couch and Chichi and Goku sat across from their friends.

The parents quickly started up their own conversation and Josh went in to find out why his 'girl' was almost on top of this purple haired freak of nature.

"So, Trunks, what do you do?"

"I am the president of Capsule Corp."

"Oh big man, huh?"

Trunks couldn't believe this guy.

"To bad you don't got a gorgeous girl like Marron, huh?"Josh added.

"Yeah. Too bad." he said, wrapping his arm around the blonde's shoulders.

Josh looked down at his watch, "Man I am late to practice. See ya tomorrow Marron." as he kissed her forehead then left.

Marron ran to the bathroom and locked the door. When she came out there was a red rub spot from where he had kissed her.

Her friends laughed at her. "Well come on. Let me show you where to put your stuff." Marron said picking up 2 of Bra's 4 bags and headed up to the bunkhouse. The others followed not far behind. Marron put the 2 bags down in game room and waited for her friends to catch up.

"Wow, that's a nice work out just going up those 30 stairs." Bra said as s he threw her 2 bags next to the ones Marron had brought up.

"Ok guys, your room is down there." she said pointing to the hallway to the left. " Last door on the left. Last door on the right is your bathroom. We'll will be down here if you need us."

Trunks sent her a sly smile.

"For help if you have gotten an 'ouchie' or the other one has made fun of you." Marron laughed.

"Gee, thanks for clarifying that for us." Goten laughed, as he adjusted his bag and carried it into the room Marron had appointed for them.

"Come on Bra, lets get you unpacked." Marron said carrying her friends bags into their room then closing the door behind them.

"Why was that guy over here? I mean wasn't it supposed to a 'just for us

"I know. Dad invited him over because he wanted Trunks to beat his head in when Josh started getting possessive. But neither of them got that far. Geez girl. How many outfits did yo bring over here? You're only going to be here for tonight and tomorrow night."

"Well, I had to bring all my make up, and a couple of out fits incase I got my others dirty, and–"

"Huh, Bra. We do have a washing machine."

"Anyway, and then I had to bring some clothes incase we went out somewhere and then for the baseball game I had to bring some and I had to bring each pair of shoes that matched each outfit."

"Anything else?" Marron laughed.

"Umm......yeah. Trunks had me bring something for you but he want's to give it to you."

Marron looked at her friend slyly.

"Ok...ok. I did look at it and you will like it very much." Bra said, grabbing the package and running down the hall to her brother and boyfriends room.


Marron gently knocked on the guys room door. Trunks opened it just enough to let his voice get through.

"Password?" he said in a low gruff voice.

"I have on my new bikini." She replied ever so angelically.

Trunks threw open the door. "You lied." he exclaimed.

"You bought it." she laughed, making her way in.

"So?" he retorted.

"Not my fault." she looked over at the other 2. "Well I have everything worked out for tomorrow."

"Really? What are we going to do?" Trunks asked, pulling his girlfriend towards him and kissing her neck.

"Well, tomorrow morning we are eating here, going into town to shop, and then to Josh's baseball game around 4:30."

Bra looked over at her blonde friend. "Oh, fight."

"Only if it gets that far. After that, it goes where it goes."

"Hmm, sounds fun." Goten laughed.

"Yeah, even the shopping part."

Marron put her hand on his forehead then stared at her boyfriend. "Are you feeling ok?"

Trunks smirked. "Yeah, I haven't spent money on you for quite a long time. I gotta catch up."

Marron smiled. "Well, there aren't a whole lot of shops out here so you won't have to worry about spending too much."

He wiped the invisible sweat from his forehead.

"I need a coke. Any of you want any?"

Everyone nodded.

Marron left the guys rooms and grabbed the cokes, trying to find a way to keep her fingers from going numb. She passed out the cokes and then opened a window to let in a warm breeze. "Hey, who is that over there?"

"Where?" Bra asked looking in the direction her friend was looking.

"By the cars."

"There's no one out there."

"But there was." Marron looked around outside then around the room and smiled. "I'll be right back." She ran down the stairs over to the main house. 5 min later, Goten spotted her running back , carrying something.

Trunks confronted her half way up the stairs. "Whatcha got?"

"Nothing for you."


"No." she said as she pushed her way passed him and to the girls room.

Trunks followed her like a lost puppy, but never found out what she had.

Then Marron entered the guys room and put a jar on the dresser.

"Whatcha got there?" Goten asked from the other side of the room.

"You'll see." she said as she turned off the lights.

"LIGHTNING BUGS!!!!!!" Bra shrieked. "You have lightning bugs out here?!?!?!?!"

"No, she just got them shipped in from Illinois." Trunks smirked.

"Funny man we have here." Bra sneered.

"Ok, tempers are flaring. Lets say good night and go to sleep." Marron enforced.

"Yes mommy." Goten chuckled. The couples kissed and said good night then the girls went to their rooms, changed, and fell asleep.


"Good morning sunshine." Marron laughed as Bra stretched the next morning.

"Shut up. Just because you are used to waking up this early doesn't mean we are."

"You mean you."

"Yeah, whatever."

"Come on. Breakfast is ready. If you hurry there might still be some left."

Bra darted out of the bunkhouse and to the main house. She was starved.


The group came back just in time to see Marron putting away all of cleaning supplies.

"Did you eat?" Trunks asked feeling guilty for eating all the remaining pancakes.

"Yeah, long before any of you Saiyan men woke up. I wasn't born yesterday, ya know." She looked at them standing there. "What do you think you are doing... go get dressed. I have stores I have to go conquer."

Bra brightened up. "YEAH!!!! Come on guys. Hurry! Go get dressed." she yelled as she pushed the guys in their room and ran down to her own.

In minutes flat, she was ready and waiting with Marron for the guys to come out.

"Hey Bra, what size pants and shoes does your bother wear?"


"Cuz he is buying an outfit and he isn't going to know he bought it."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you actually think he would want to try on wranglers and boots all day?"

"Maybe, but why does he need them?"

"To fit in."

"Why?" Bra asked, her eyebrow rising in curiosity.

"Mighty curious today aren't we?"

Bra gave her friend her father's smirk.

"Well the guys out here seem to think that city folks are never country boys. I am going to prove to them that you 3 can be every bit country as they are."

"You think the guys will go for it?"

"How often to they live down a dare?"


"Good, come on guys. I have an outfit I need you to help me pick out."

Trunks hurried out of the room dragging Goten behind him and out to the convertible.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"Getting in the car."Trunks said, pointing to his prized vehicle.

"Oh, well hold on." she said as she ran around the other side of the barn.

"Don't tell me we are going to ride horses to town." Goten mumbled.

Marron smirked as she heard this comment. She climbed in the cab of her truck and reeved up the engine and tore around the corner.

As she pulled to a stop she couldn't help but laugh at their expressions. She rolled down the windows and unlocked the doors. "Yup Goten. We are going to town with 400 horses under the hood.

Bra climbed up beside her blonde friend. "Nice."

Marron laughed at the still gawking guys. "Come on, get in." Marron said, pointing to the back seats of the 4 door cab.

The guys got in and Marron floored it. "Off we go." she cheered.


"Marron, where did you get that truck?"

"Why honey, you picked that out. From the chrome wheels, to the leather interior, to the horse power and torque."

"Oh, ok. Next question.....why are we here?"

"Oh, I have been dared that I couldn't make you 3 fit in by the baseball game tonight. I know I can but the first thing I would have to do is to get ya'll to look like the locals."

"That's all?"

"For the most part. Pretty worthless dare, huh?"

"Well what do you get if you win the dare?"

"He&'ll leave me alone."

"And if you lose?" Goten asked.

"I have to go out on a date with him."

"You'll win. Promise." Trunks said leading them into the shop.


Marron walked out of the dressing room in the outfit she liked best. A white tie front tank top, black wranglers and boots and a straw cowboy hat.

"I like it." Trunks smiled. "A LOT!!!"

"Ok, Bra...come on out." Goten urged.

She emerged in a yellow spaghetti strap top, blue wranglers and brown, scuffed up boots.

"Great look for ya." Marron smiled. "Now for the hard part. To get the guys dressed." she laughed as she walked back into the changing room to get change into what she came in.


"Are these things supposed to be this tight?"

"Yes Trunks, now come out. Lets see whatcha look like." Goten laughed. He had been easy to dress. A light blue denim over shirt tucked in dark blue jeans but unbuttoned to show his undershirt. He also go to wear his old sneakers.

"Ok, here I come." Trunks stepped out in dark blue wranglers, a black shirt and brown boots.

"Come here." Marron motioned with her finger. "Some thing is just not right." She began to unbutton his shirt.

"Uh....Marron? What are you doing? Not in public..." he said nervously.

"Oh shut up." she said, untucking his shirt and took it off. She stood back.

Goten and Bra clapped.

"What?! In my undershirt?!"

"Well, you're also in jeans. You shouldn't be that worried. At least you won't be out there naked." she smirked.

"Good point. But hey.....why does Goten get to wear his comfy shoes."

"Don't whine." Bra muttered.

"Ok, ok." Trunks said ripping off the tags and handed them and his credit card to the clerk to pay for everything.


Marron pulled into her drive only to find a red truck parked out front. She took a quick right and tore through the mud.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!"Bra shrieked, reaching for something to hold onto as the truck lost traction in the mud. After sending mud flying in all different directions, Marron slowed to a stop on solid ground.

"Why did you do that?" Goten asked, still holding on to his seat belt for dear life.

"We went mudding if he asked." Marron sneered as she jumped out of her truck with the bags.

"He being Josh right?"

"Yeah, lemme go find out what he wants."

"I am coming too."

"No your not. If anyone is coming with me, it's Bra."

Bra ran to her friends side. "You guys go bring our stuff to the bunk house and do something. We'll be there ASAP."

The guys gave them a disappointed look but followed orders.

When the girls walked into the kitchen, they heard Josh's voice complaining about something.

"Hey, there you are. You are still coming to the game right?"

"I told you I was. What, don't believe my word."

"Oh, I do, just wanted to make sure you didn't forget."

"Never. We'll be cheering you on the whole time."

"Great. So you ready to fall on your face with that dare?"


"Well, the game is at 4 not 4:30 so I guess I will see ya then." he said, smiling at the girls then walking out of the house.

"Uh, mom, we are going out to Jimmies. We'll be back before too long. If the guys ask, I had to show Bra something."

"Ok, just be back before 4."

"Awwwww mom!" Bra laughed as she followed Marron out to the barn.

Marron bridles both horses and then jumped up on Black Diamonds back.

"He lives just over the hill. This will be the fun way." Marron told her friend.

"You sure?" she giggled as she hopped up on the back of the black stallion and the 2 girls rode off.


"Where have you 2 been?" Goten asked when they ran up the stairs.

"Just get dressed. We have 20 min till the game begins."


"How do you survive driving this tank?" Trunks asked as he tried to pull into a parking spot.

"You get used to it. Come on, everybody out. The game is at the top of the second." Marron said looking at the score board.

Trunks stepped down and helped Marron down.

"Oh wait." Marron said as she scrambled back into the back seat. She pulled out an old baseball cap and put it on top of his head. "Perfect."

"Aww man, he gets the cool hat." Goten whined.

Trunks smiled and took off the hat. "John Deere?"

"Tractors!!!" Goten smiled. "Gee, I though everyone knew that."

"Come on." Marron said tugging at the guys arms. "Josh is waiting for us." she said as she smirked evilly.


"Josh, sorry about the game. We were cheering for you the whole time." Goten smiled, slapping him on the back.

"Yeah, I heard ya'll even when I was in the dug out." he turned to the blonde. "So, did you lose the other guy?"

She smiled. "Yeah right."

"So, I guess you lost the dare huh?"

"That's what you think." a male voice said from behind him.

Josh spun around to see a guy in cowboy boots, wranglers, a white 'wife beater' and a John Deere hat.

"And you are?"

"Mr. Capsule Corp."

"Really.....wait. Capsule Corp as in the big company."


"Oh my gosh. My sister loves you. She has your pictures all over her room. She thinks you are cuter than Leonardo DiCaprio. Wait till I tell her that my girlfriend is friends with you."

"That's what you think." Trunks smirked. "She's my girlfriend."


"No seriously. We have been going out for a couple years now."


Trunks was getting annoyed. "Listen buddy. I don';t know what you are getting at but back off. Ok?!"

Josh threw a punch which was easily ducked. Josh threw another and Trunks let it hit him.

"Not as quick as you thought you were huh?" Josh smirked.

"Not as strong as you thought you were, huh?" Trunks' eyes gleamed.

Marron noticed this. "Josh, if you know what is best for you, run."

"What? from a fight?! I don't think so. He is just a city boy. He doesn't know how to fight." Josh smiled as he punched at Trunks.

Trunks blocked and punched him. Josh flew back, then stood up and wiped a bloody lip then charged. Again Trunks blocked and punched. Trunks laughed.

"Marron, is this all he has?"

Marron shrugged and sat back to watch with Bra and Goten.

"You aren't going to try and stop it?" Bra asked.

"No, I already tried." she said as she watched Josh attack and land a painless punch or two. Trunks punched him once in the stomach and Josh doubled over. He grabbed the baseball players collar and lifted him off the ground. "If you ever touch my baby, you will not walk away." He warned through his teeth. Trunks lowered Josh down to the ground and watched as he scurried off then turned to his girlfriend who what surprisingly upset.

"What's wrong?" he asked, a little scared.

"You just got rid of my maids." she said with a strong voice.

Trunks smiled and pulled her close. " I'll make you a deal. I got rid of those, I'll send you some of my own."

She smiled and kissed him. "I love you."

He bent down. "I love you too." he whispered in her ear. Then he looked up at his sister and best friend. "Come on. Lets get home."

"No. Bra and I have a movie to catch. See ya later." Goten said as he picked up his angel and flew off.

The 2 slowly walked, side by side, back to the truck.


"Marron, where are we going?" Trunks asked as she lead him down a path.

"You'll see just hold your horses. And don't take off your blind fold till I tell you to."

"But it is almost midnight."

"That never kept you from doing this kinda stuff for me, why should it keep me from doing the same thing to you."

After walking in silence for another 5 minutes, she stopped him. "Stand still." she instructed, as she pressed play on her cd player. When she turned around, he was gone. She stomped her foot and then was lifted into the air.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asked.

"You know what? I don't know, but....."

"But what?"

"I do now." He flew up to a large tree and sat down on a large branch.

"And what are we doing now?"

"Well I am watching the stars. They are so bright and beautiful."

"Yeah. They are gorgeous."

Trunks wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer. He rested his head on her shoulder then whispered in her ear. "This is how to live the perfect life."

She smiled then kissed the side of his head. She knew that is was like him to do this and that was what she loved most about him. Then together, they fell asleep, not caring what happened anywhere else in the world.


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