“It can get really boring up here sometimes,” Dende says leaning his head on his hand as he sits in his favorite chair. He’s noticed that when the dragonball gang wasn’t fighting some all-powerful enemy that things became quite boring. It’s been a week since Golem was defeated by the dragonball gang. Ever since then the only thing that has brought some interest to him are the growing powerlevels of the generation Z members. He feels a powerful force suddenly appear near him. “That’s got to be Gokou,” Dende says walking out of his house and seeing Gokou walking towards him. “Hey Dende!” Gokou says waving his hand in the air. “Hello Gokou, is everything fine?” Dende says shaking hands with Gokou. “Yes of course, Goten has completely recovered from his injury and Ubuu and Overkill are becoming even more powerful. They said they wanted Verbuu to be the most powerful warrior in the universe,” Gokou says smiling. “They also said that if there was a fifth Super Sayajin form, Verbuu was going to reach it before anyone else,” Gokou says slightly laughing.

 “Oh yeah Gokou something came that I think you and the rest will be very interested in,” Dende says smiling. “What is it?” Gokou says his curiosity peeked. “It’s an intergalactic tournament!” Dende says smiling. “Really? Cool!” Gokou says exited. “All the guardians of all the planets pick their eight most powerful warriors to fight in different categories for intergalactic titles and cash prizes,” Dende says seeing Gokou become more and more exited with every word. “So figure I will pick you, Vegeta, Ubuu, Overkill, Trunks, Goten, Pan, and 18 to fight in the tournament,” Dende says smiling. “Sorry Dende but 18 is resting, she got some kind of virus and is home sick for the next week or two,” Gokou says to Dende. “Oh darn,” Dende says crossing his hands thinking of a replacement. “Well there’s Bra,” Gokou says to Dende. “Bra? Well she isn’t that powerful. Do you think she can compete in a tournament of this type?” Dende says to Gokou. “Actually she is pretty powerful now that she is able to reach Super Sayajin. And ever sense she has been training very hard with Vegeta,” Gokou says. “Ok then Bra is in,” Dende says smiling. “This is gonna be fun! I need a good fight!” Gokou says. “I’ll go and tell the others about it,” Gokou says slowly walking away from Dende. “Bye Gokou!” Dende says waving his hand. “See ya later!” Gokou says flying off of the edge of the floating island and suddenly disappearing. Dende smiles and walks back into his house.


 “Come on slow poke!” Bra yells as she walks out of the clothing store holding a small bag of clothes. Behind her walks Overkill with his arms full of boxes and bags of all sizes and colors. “So this is why Goten and Trunks never go shopping with Bra!” Overkill grunts to himself as he tries to balance the weight of the clothes in his hands. “Wow! Two for one special at Bloomindales!” Bra yells with happiness as she disappears inside. After a while she looks back outside as she notices Overkill is missing. She retraces her steps and finds all her boxes and bags in a large pile on the ground. “That Overkill! He just ditched me and left the clothes here on the ground!” Bra says stamping her foot angrily. She hears a muffled sound coming from the pile and looks at it closer. “Heeeeeelllllppp meeeeeee!” She hears coming from the pile. She moves a couple of boxes away and reveals Overkill’s head which gasps for air. “What are you doing down there?” Bra asks Overkill. “Well gee, I got so darn tired I decided to just take a small nap right here on the floor, in the middle of the stinkin’ floor with a pair of lace bra and panties dangling in my face!!” Overkill yells at Bra with a sarcastic tone in his voice. “Well get up you’re getting my Tommy Hilfiger jeans all dirty!” Bra says as she walks away and into the store for more clothes. Overkill just lies there with a large sweat drop on his forehead. “How do Trunks and Goten go without strangling her?” He thinks to himself.

 They finally make it out of the mall and Overkill struggles to carry the large pile of clothes to the car. He puts them inside and gets into the font driver’s side seat. Bra gets into the passenger side and looks to the back seat where her new clothes were and sighs with disappointment. “Two thousand dollars worth of clothes,” She says shaking her head as she turns around and sits down in her seat. “I hate light shopping,” She says. Overkill looks over to Bra and exhales deeply. He turns around and drives away towards home.
They reach the Capsule Corp building and Overkill parks into the parking lot. He opens the door then he feels something holding onto his arm. He looks back and sees Bra has grabbed his arm. “Vertell, could you please sit down for a second?” She says as Overkill takes his seat again in the car. Overkill looks to Bra who apparently has something to say. Bra exhales deeply and looks to Overkill. “You might not know this but…” Bra starts to say. “What?” Overkill says starting to get a little nervous. “Well… when you started living with us, I’ve been noticing things about you that I never really paid attention to about anyone before,” She continues. “Things like what?” Overkill says, as he becomes more and more nervous. “Well… the way you chew your food, how you and Father get along so well, how you always seem to be there for me and how you seem to be looking out for me all the time,” She says moving closer to Overkill. “I really care about you a lot,” She says in a low voice. Overkill gulps loudly as Bra continues to get closer to him. “Ever sense the time in that club where you stood up for me when that jerk tried to hit me, I’ve felt this way about you,” Bra says. “Umm…” is all Overkill can say as she gets closer to him. “I don’t know how you feel about me but I’ve already told you how I feel about you,” She says sliding away from Overkill. He exhales deeply seeing that she has moved away. She sits back in her seat and looks at Overkill. “When you came back to save me and my family when Golem was beating us badly, I instantly fell in love with you,” Bra says.

Overkill jerks his head in Bra’s direction surprised by what he has heard. Bra starts to blush and she can’t believe she had said that to him. She never said anything like that to Goten, who she was madly in love with for a long time, why was she so bold to tell this to Overkill?  Overkill looks for something to say about what she just told him but can’t seem to think of anything.  “You know how I went Super Sayajin?” Bra says looking forward. Overkill becomes relived thinking that Bra has changed the subject. “No how?” He asks. “At first I was thinking of how Golem had treated my family and how he had beaten my father, that got me mad but not mad enough,” Bra says pausing, “Then…  I thought of how you had left us, That’s when I went Super Sayajin,” Bra says to Overkill. “Yeah I sorry about trying to leave but…” Overkill is cut off by Bra’s long stare at him. “That’s not what made me mad, It was that I would never see you again, That’s what put me over the edge and made me go Super Sayajin,” Bra says and Overkill looks at her. “I’m going to leave you alone now and go inside, I guess you just don’t have the same feelings that I do,” Bra says opening her door to get out of the car. Overkill instantly grabs her wrist and she stops then sits back into the car. They look at each other in pure silence then they both lean in and kiss each other. It is a long and passionate kiss and it takes both of them a while to break away.

They sit in the car and just look at each other. “Should we tell everybody?” Overkill asks. “No, not yet. I have no idea how father is going to reach to us going out together yet,” Bra says. “Yeah I don’t want Vegeta after me,” Overkill says smiling as Bra smiles back to him. “Yeah we should just keep it a secret until the right time and then tell everyone about it,” Bra says opening the car door and getting out. Overkill gets out of the car too and they both walk to the door that leads from the garage to the house. They get inside to find all of the dragonball gang sitting and talking among themselves. “Hey you two! We have some cool news!” Goten says walking up to Bra and Overkill. “What is it?” Overkill says to Goten. “We’re going to be in a tournament! The most powerful warriors across the universe are going to be there and Dende has signed us up as his team from Earth!” Goten says. “That’s great Overkill! This will give you a chance to show your stuff to all those people around the Universe!” Bra says to Overkill. “Not just him B-Chan, your in the tournament too!” Goten says smiling and putting his hand on Bra’s shoulder. Bra blushes and looks at Goten with a large smile on her face. Goten gives a large smile in return and looks at the smiling Bra. Overkill notices this and looks at Bra then to Goten. He quickly dismisses it as nothing and congratulates Bra.

“From what I’ve read from this flier there are four main categories for the competition. Adult battle, Teen battle, and Women battle, and Team battle,” Gokou says explaining the tournament. “It is a three day tournament,”  “This is gonna be fun!” Goten says. “I’ve been looking for a good fight ever sense Golem was wasted!” Overkill says popping his knuckles. “My first tournament! Oh my gosh! What will I wear!?!” Bra says excitedly. “I’ll help you pick out something. It’ll say “I’m here to destroy you, but I also don’t want to break a nail”,” Marron says laughing. Her and Bra go up to Bra’s room to pack for the Tournament. “When is the tournament happening?” Krillin asks. “Tomorrow,” Gokou says. “It’s being held on some distant planet, Dende is going to teleport us there,” Gokou says. “Well then if it is tomorrow we should get some sleep,” Bulma says. “Yeah I’ll see you later on Kame’s floating island,” Gokou says as he and his family leave the Capsule Corp building and go home.  Everyone else leaves and the house gets empty fast. Overkill goes to the attic and goes to sleep. Vegeta and everyone else go quickly to sleep in preparation for the tournament the next day.

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