Everyone had gathered on Kame’s floating island for Dende to teleport them to the tournament. Everyone had a suitcase or two for the trip except for Bra. “Oh stop being a bunch of babies!” Bra says as she walks to the crowd with Goten, Trunks, and Overkill carrying her suitcases. “What do you have in here? A bunch of bricks?” Trunks’ yells as he huffs and puffs as he carries one of Bra’s larger cases. “Well you know what they say about women and packing: If they can still close the lid, they’re not done packing,” Goten says joking. Overkill laughs slightly but instantly stops when Bra turns around and gives all three of them a cold glance. “I’m just going to imagine that I didn’t just hear you say that!” Bra says crossing her arms, “Now put my things down before you guys ruin them somehow,”

They set the suitcases down and sit down next to them as they try to gain back their breath. “Now tell me this,” Overkill starts to say, “ How does Bra always get us to carry her heavy bags?”

“I have no idea,” Goten says out of breath, “But it seems to be hereditary” Trunks and Overkill look up to what Goten was pointing to and see Bulma walking up to the crowd of warriors with Vegeta right behind her carrying her many bags and cases. They can’t help but laugh and snicker but stop as Vegeta walks buy. As soon as Vegeta passes they start to laugh again.

 “Hey lil’ Bro!” Gohan says as he walks up to Goten and the rest. “Hey big Bro!” Goten says getting up from the ground. “Sorry I can’t come to the tournament but I wish I could be there to cheer you on!” Gohan says putting his arm around his brother. “Well I understand you have work to do,” Goten says. “Ok then I just wanted to stop bye and say good luck,” Gohan says as he starts to walk away. “See ya later,” Goten says as Gohan disappears.

 Not everyone had shown up. Many of the dragonball gang had sudden plans or work that couldn’t be ignored. The only ones that had shown up were Gokou, Vegeta, Bulma, Chi chi, Bra, Marron, Goten, Trunks, Pan, and Overkill. Overkill looks around wondering where his fighting partner was. It really wasn’t like Ubuu to be late. Even Gokou had made it here on time.

 Overkill walks around the floating island. He is still curious at how the island is able to stay afloat in mid air like it does. He peers over the side of the island and looks at all the open land below. He feels a large powerlevel as it moves quickly towards him. It’s coming from below; he looks down but doesn’t see anything. Then he notices a reflection of light far, far to the ground but he can’t make out what it is. Whatever the thing was suddenly gained speed and whizzes right past him and causes Overkill to fall backwards. Overkill rolls backward to his feet and forms a power ball in his hand ready to fight whatever the thing was. He looks up into the air for his target and smiles as he sees his good friend Ubuu. “Little paranoid don’t you think?” Ubuu says laughing. Overkill disperses the energy ball and smiles as Ubuu lands next to him.

 “Ready to kick some intergalactic butt?” Overkill asks Ubuu smiling. “More then ready,” Ubuu says as they walk to the rest of the group as they get ready to teleport. They make a circle around all their bags and cases as Dende walks out to them. “Glad you all could make it,” Dende says. “Everyone hold hands,” Dende says grabbing the hand of Gokou and Marron, which were at his side. Overkill looks over to his right side were Bra was standing and smiles to her and she smiles back. They tightly hold hands as they wait for Dende. Bra is almost slightly shocked as she sees Goten was holding her other hand. They feel energy being gathered as Dende closes his eyes and concentrates. In a quick flash they disappear from Kame’s floating island and are in a different place all together.

    They look around at the wondrous sight. “Wow,” Gokou says looking at the large exotic city they were now standing in. They look up and see large skyscrapers that never seem to end as they thrust skyward. Floating vehicles quickly fly over the streets and seem to make a sea of flashing metal in the bright sun above. Restaurants were scattered everywhere and the sweet aroma of freshly cooked food fills the air around them. On the sidewalk many races of aliens walk around and commune with each other in perfect harmony. “This place is wonderful!” Bulma says in awe of the city. “Come now we must get to the Intergalactic Trade Center, that’s were the tournament is being held,” Dende says flying into the air. They get into the air after him and fly right behind Dende.

 “What is that building?” Bra says pointing to a large Building that was a lot bigger than the other buildings. It was solid gold and flashed brightly in the sunlight. “That? Oh that’s just the mall,” Dende says. Bra looks over to Marron and they smile to each other. They notice lots of largely muscled people flying the same was they were. “They must be going to the tournament too,” Trunks’ says looking at a very large blue man that was twice his size. “Hate to face that guy,” Goten says seeing the man.  “I could take him,” Overkill says giving the man a short glance, which the man returns. “ Wait till we start the tournament then start a fight,” Goten says smiling.

 They reach a large white building that had a huge arena connected to it. “That’s the place,” Dende says as he starts to descend down onto it. The dragonball gang closely follow not wanting to get lost in the huge crowd of people that was around the Center. They land in front of the door and go inside. The noise instantly hits them as thousands of people talk a once and in many different languages.
They slowly make their way through the thick crowd and make it to the counter. “Name please,” The attendant behind the counter, says. “Dende, I should be on the list,” Dende says being pushed into the counter by the crowd. “I have you here, what planet are you from?” She continues. “Earth,” The whole center turns quiet as he says this. The attendant even looks at them funny. “Is there something I missed?” Trunks’ says. “Maybe they’ve heard of us,” Goten says back to him.

“Umm,” The attendant continues almost nervously, “Name of the team?” She asks. “Name? I didn’t know we needed a name,” Dende says. “Well so many teams and groups entered so we need a name for all of them so that we know who is who,” The attendant explains. Dende turns back around to the group.

“What should our name be?” He asks. The center is still quiet as they watch the group from earth. “What about the Rough Riders?” Overkill asks. The group looks at him funny. “What? I know it’s the name of a rap group but it’s still a good name,” Overkill crossing his arms. “I don’t think so,” Goten says, “What about umm… Crimson… I don’t know something with crimson in it, make it sound dramatic,” Goten continues. They continue to disagree over and over again and every fighter in the center has a large sweat drop on their forehead. “I got it!” Ubuu says. “What?” the rest reply. “What about Dragon Force?” Ubuu says. The group pauses for a second thinking about the name. “I like it!” Overkill says and the rest agree. “Dragon Force it is!” Dende says going back up to the counter and telling the attendant.

“Humph! Dragon Force! Just a bunch of murderous Sayajins!” The group hears from behind. They turn around to find a man standing behind them. He was medium build with rippling muscles. He wore some baggy jeans and a sleeveless white shirt. The rest of the people in the center didn’t seem to disagree with his statement. “We all know your kind! Murderous Sayajins that used to work for Freeza! You may not sell planets like you used to but your all still the same!” The man continued. “The names Dragget if you didn’t catch it. And I’m wise to you all. My planet was destroyed by your stinkin race and I’m not going to let you get away with it,” He says. Overkill walks over to him slowly and stops right in front of him. Overkill looks straight into his eyes and sees the hate that exists in him. “If it’s a fight you want you can have it! The names Overkill and I hope I face you,” Overkill says. “Why tell me your name? I won’t be able to tell you from the rest of them Sayajins. You know y’all all look the same,” Dragget says. Overkill pushes him away and says, “We might all look the same to you but you’ll know me by heart cause I’m the one who’s going to personally beat the crap out of you,” Overkill says. Overkill turns around and walks back to the group. Dragget tries to jump at him but his teammates hold him back.

“Making friends already I see,” Ubuu jokes. “He ain’t nothin,” Overkill says as him and the rest of the group walk to the side of the center and sits down on the benches. “You don’t stand a chance!” Dragget says as he nods to his team. They all get in a circle with their backs to each other and powerup. Their powers cause Objects to float that aren’t bolted to the ground. Everyone feels their power and it is very strong. A bright aura forms around the group and then they stop as all the object fall to the ground. “Heh beat that Sayajins!” Dragget says. “We don’t need all of us,” Overkill says as He, Goten, Trunks, and Ubuu stand up. They get in a circle also with their backs to each other. They slowly power up as very small objects float in the air like pencils and paper. “Ha! You all are weak! How could your race have possibly been feared all these years?” Dragget laughs. Goten smiles to the rest as they all nod to each other. They all crouch down as they do a massive powerup. They yell loudly as their power continues to grow to amazing levels. All kinds of objects float in mid air and then the floor starts to break as benches that were bolted to the floor break away and fly in the air. The four young warriors do not stop though as they continue and the ground that they stand on and the ground that the other warriors were standing on crack and peel away as they powerup. Under the four the floor gives way and a large crater is made under the four warriors. They yell loudly until they suddenly stop without warning. The large benches and other objects fall to the ground with a large thud! The other people in the center back away from the group of fighters from earth. “Is that better?” Overkill asks Dragget. Dragget growls low under his breath as he grits his teeth then turns around and walks away.

After the exhibition in the main area of the center they are all taken to their rooms in the hotel portion of the center. Trunks and Goten get in the same room together, and so do Chi chi and Bulma, Pan and Marron and Bra, Ubuu and Overkill, and after many hours of arguing with his wife Vegeta got in the same room with Gokou. They all are actually tired from being teleported and all go to bed happily, except for Bra who tries to sneak out to the mall but is caught by Bulma. They all happily sleep away soundly once again except for Bra who was grounded for a couple of days which will start when they get home after the tournament.

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