I Don't Know You Anymore: Part 3

  He looked at her through his icy blue eyes, why was it so hard for him to just let her go? Of course he knew the answer to that question, Pan would always have a piece of him. Trunks had always thought that fate brought him to love her, and now he kept wondering, weather or not fate just screwed him over.
        She wiped her tears away, “God, if only you knew.” she whispered “I know,” Trunks said, remaining in his spot. “You just have to keep on being the hard ass that you are.” he continued, Pan laughed gently. There was silence for a few minutes, neither of them knew what to say. Finally Pan stood, she couldn’t take it anymore! Those sad, hungry eyes, were making her miserable, “Well it’s been fun...see ya.” she said walking away.

At the capsule Corp...

        Bra had invited Pan over, mainly to get some sense knocked back into her. She knew how much Pan was and is in love with Trunks. She would give the world to him, there was no doubting that. The only thing was, that Pan could never in her mind forgive Trunks. They climbed the stairs to her room and closed the door when they entered.
        “So what is the topic today?” Pan asked, Bra made a face.  “I can’t lie to ya. The topic is you and your current situation, with yours truly.”
“And what is my current situation, and with who?” Pan asked getting interested in the topic, Bra grabbed a soda and tossed one to her friend. “You and your badass love confusion with my brother.”
        Pan nearly chocked on her soda, “WHAT?!” she coughed. Bra rolled over and sat up, “Yes my friend I know everything about you two little lovebirds. And to me it’s a pretty damn sad thing.” she said sipping her soda gently. Pan wiped her mouth with the corner of her sleeve, “What the hell are you talking about?” she asked still coughing. Bra  looked her friend straight in
the eyes.
        “Come on girl be honest. I can tell by just looking at you, that you know  you have forgiven him. Yet your mind tells you to not give in and take your time, to let him know how sorry he has to be.” Bra winked, Pan stared at her in disbelief. “I had the same thing going on girlfriend.” Bra said grinning. Pan paced back and forth, “OK so you know what is going on, big deal. I mean it’s not like he’s going anywhere.”
        Bra made a face that told Pan something different, now Pan was focused and scared. She didn’t want Trunks to go anywhere, somewhere in the back of her head she just had this image of them; together and happy. “He decided to leave for the Bahamas, and he may not come back. You won’t forgive him, at least that’s what he says.” Bra said opening a notebook.
        “He never told me that!” Pan shouted becoming hysterical, Bra tried to calm her down “Why should he have? There’s no reason in telling a person that you love where you’re leaving if they can’t give you another chance.” she told Pan soothingly. Pan suddenly felt sick to her stomach, those times they had, what they did with each other and how they felt, all of those emotions and pictures were coursing through her veins. She ran out of the room and toward the waterfall.

Where Trunks has been all day...
        Trunks had his eyes focused n a rock, his eyes were starting to sting from not blinking too often. He held the engagement ring in his hand, there was no reason for him to keep it, if that ring wasn’t on Pan’s finger. Trunks wanted to try and face it, she was never ever going to forgive him, so what was the point in asking her to? He yawned and rubbed his sleepy eyes. Maybe he would take a nap before releasing Pan from his heart.

10 minutes later...

        It was cold inside of the cave, Pan could see her breath and began to shiver. She stepped over sharp rocks and entered deeper into the cave. Now it was warmer and she could breath without coughing, who was that in the shadows? Pan squinted her eyes to get them to adjust to the darkness. His face was pale with dark lines underneath them, and he had a kind of violet hair...yes it was Trunks! She wasn’t too late after all!
        Pan almost threw herself into Trunks’ arms, but he was sleeping and she didn’t want to wake him, not just yet. He could feel her, Pan knew he could, now if he could just open his eyes. Now he was slowly opening them, but he still couldn’t see her, Pan could tell that Trunks was still looking around for her. “Pan?” he called out she only sat ten feet away from him and smiled.
        When he finally had ‘sniffed’ her out, she turned on a flashlight. Trunks put his hand to her cheek, and brushed one tear away. For Pan it was the last tear of sadness that she had left, and he was there to brush it away. “Trunks would you go back if you could, and make this right?” she asked clasping his hand o hers, he smiled “Hell yeah.” he whispered hugging her.
        Now she was happy, but Pan was even more happier, no TEN times happier when Trunks got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” almost broken down in tears Pan nodded. “Yes, I will” she said. Trunks picked her up in his arms and spun her around.

-the end-

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