The old lady and the Park

It was late afternoon as Marron and Goten were strolling down the park
side-walk, little did they know Bra and Pan were following close behind in the
bushes. Bra looked at Pan, "OK Pan your sure u know what to do???" "Ya, ya I
know, I know you've only told about seven times Bra-chan." Pan spoke
while rolling her eyes. "Alright on the count of three we go ok?" Bra's
voice was dripping with enthusimom. "ok Bra-chan" Pan sighed. "One, Two,
Three!" The two jumped out of the bushes at the unsuspecting couple
(auther's note:hey guys, Goten here just to let u know I shall NEVER
write a fic bout Goten/Marron unless im drunk, witch shouldn't be
happing for a while seeing as how im not even fifteen yet ^_^, so anyway just
thought u guys needed to know if u like Goten/Marron fic then you
shouldn't come to me to get one.well back to the story)
Goten only had time to jump out of the way as Pan came like a bullet at Marron
knocking her down and holding her down, as this was happening and Goten
was just getting up from the floor Bra took the opertunity to run to Goten pin
him, and kiss him. When finally they drew back for air Goten looked into
Bra's blue shining eyes and wisperd " I love you Bra-chan" Bra heard
this and smiled and leaned down to Goten's ear nibbling on it. Then she
wispered back to him, "I have always loved you Goten." The two kissed again.
As they were kissing Marron kicked Pan off her and looked to see Goten and
Bra kissing, but instead of feeling heart broken she just shruged. Right at that
moment Trunks came walking down the sidwalk, Marron dived at him,Trunks
mearly side steped and walked to Pan. Pan seeing what Bra and Goten were
doing got and idea. She triped Trunks and pinned him also. Trunks's
eyes widened and then he relaxed as his and pan's lips

Two hours later an old ladie was walking along the park side-walk she say a
young blond gril knocked out, and four naked teenagers. The old
lady just smiled and walked the other way.....



The End.......or is it????? 

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