An Unexpected visitor... 

It was a normal day at the Son house of as normal as they get around there, Goku was singing in the
shower as her did every morning, Chichi was making breakfast to feed a dinosaur and Gohan was off
playing with Icarus.
"La la la la"Goku snag it the shower then all of a sudden goku senced very powerful force
"huh....ahhhhhhhh"goku sliped on the bar of soap."Whoa thats one big force its to strong to be Vegeta i
wonder what it is?"."Goku thought i got to go see what it is maybe its an evil force who knows im too
far away to tell". Goku grabbed his towel and wraped it around his waist then looked out the
window."Huh?".He saw a small spacepod in the distance and when he looked closer... "wha. another
saiyan omposible ...but how?".goku opened the widow and started to fly off.
"Goku where do you think your going?"a very mad Chichi yelled at goku."Oh Chichi i have to go
there-"."Ya ya whatever but get some pants on first".Goku looked at his towel tied succurly around his
waist and blushed."I guess your right this isnt my fighting gi.Goku came back down and walked inside.
The ship neared the earth then with a loud thud as it landed.
The door opened and a tall figure walked out.It was wearing saiyan a aumour and its hair was long but
very straight compared to most saiyans.
It was very muskular and strong. It just stood there and seemed to be waiting...
Then out of no where another saiyan pod landed.
The door opened and a much shorter figure walked out.It had hair almost identical to the other figure
but was spiky at the was also wearing saiyan aumour and looked muscular and strong also.
"Father"the shorter one said."Do we have to look for them?"."No son we dont the strongest is already
on his way.i can feel him coming"."Whatever you say father".The smaller i said and then looked around
the new planet.
"i hope gohan gets here in time".goku thought to himself as nimbus speeded to the 2 spacepods in the
Gohan jumped out the window and flew off in the direction his fater had taken off in."Moms gonna be
real ticked off at me for this but this might be the worlds sake were talking about but somehow i think
moms worse".
Gohan had just turned 12 and had reached ssj level.
The taller figure turned "Katon".The younger figure turned
"Yes fater". The smaller replied. "They are almost here".The taller said confidentally."Im ready
fater".The smaller said then faced the direction the taller figure was facing.
Goku finnally spoted the landing site.He jumped off hte cloud and stared at the figures for a few minutes
they looked like saiyansbut somehow didnt seem like saiyans.Their hair seemed to straight.They didnt
seem evil.But still he knew they were saiyans.
"Why are you here and what do you want".Goku finnally asked. "We are not here to harm your
world".The taller of the 2 said "We come completely in peace. We have heard of the warriors on this
planet from across the galaxy.WE are looking or the one you call Goku or as we call him Kakarot.
Isuppose you are him".
Now Goku knew they were saiyans."i am Goku and what do you want of me?".He replied.
"I don ask of much i just would like to spar with yo to see who is the grater warrior."
Goku just starred at him for a few minutes."If that is all you ask that is what you shall have
"I have also heard of your son Goku ,my son would also like to spar with him".
"Hes on his way".Goku replied
"Well in the meantime we shold get to know eack other i am Karon and this is my son Katon we are
both full blooded saiyansas you can see ."
"But why is your hair so straight then?".Goku asked."A little mix up that happened in the gene
pool".Karon said "I have also heard Vegeta is living here now"."Yes why do you know him?"."Know
him every single saiyan knows of Vegeta".He smirked at his coment."Butnot as many saiyans knew him
like i did when i was young i was his best friend you know".Gokus eyes widend ."Oh yes we were
quite good friends at that we were never without each other untill freiza took him away but thanks to
you hes dead now".
"You said your son is complete saiyan right".Goku asked."Yes he is,why do you ask?"he replied."well
how old is he?"."he just turned 11"."Well if hes only that old who is his mother?".goku asked."Well
another saiyan of course".Gokus eyes widened once again."She has to be the only female saiyan left.I
found her on a planet with a broken space pod one day but she left only a while after us so she should
be here in a few hours. Her name is Celeicia she is quite a good fighter at that".
Gohan hit the ground. Goku talked to Gohan mentally nd told him everything so Gohan just stood
"Now enough talking lets get fighting".Karon said confidentally. "fine with me ".Goku said then got into
a fighting stance."Lets make a little wager here Goku". "what would that be?"Goku asked."Oh lets say
whoever wins gets to train the losers son". "Unless your scarred youll lose".he said smirking."Im not
scarred its ok with me but I should ask Gohan first". "Its ok with me".Gohan said before Goku could
even ask anything."Ok then lets go".
They just starred at each other for a few seconds then Goku made the first move .He raced to ward
Karon and Karon suddednly dissapeered and reapeersed behind him .Karon kicked him in the back
sesnding him fliying forward."Come on you can do bett4er than that go super saiyan why dont you i can
too".Karon said then smirked at goku."Ikinda thought so".Goku flew back up into the air and started
powering up to super saiyan and so did Karontheir hair blasted straight up and turned golden "There
now for a real fight".Then he smiled and charged at go0ku with all his might seding him into a cliffside
making an imprint of his body.Goku fell to the ground got right back up then wiped the blood flowing
from the corner of his lip.
"Come on Goku i was expecting more of a fight from you".He said then chuckled to himself."Oh ive
just only began".Goku said the flew up to Karon and landed a punch in the stomach that sent him flying
back in the air .Karon quickly stopped and was back into fighting position .Then Karon turned to see a
ki blasts aimed directly at him.Karon saw it just at the last second and doged.Then sent back one of his
own.But Goku also doged it them at the same time they started powereing up there own attacks they
both pulled their hands back and started gathering energy.
They both let the blasts go and then they collided in a bunch of sparks and small explosions.
"Looks like my dads going to win". Katon said to Gohan who was standing beside him. "My dads
better than yours". Gohan replied. "No way hes better than my dad". Katon said starting to get
annoyed.Soon they were in a small fight of their own.
The two powerful forces collieded making most everthing blow away.Goku sent a little more energy
and his beam expanded.then Karon did so as the beam gaiined on him.They seem ed about even till
Karon sent out all his energy and so did Goku ...
A giant flash filled the area.Who was the winner?
The smoke slowly cleared the sons of the two warriors starred into the smoke a figure appeared in the
air .The smoke finished clearing to reaveal Karon with a few cuts and bruses.
"You did it fater".Katon shouted with joy."See it told you he would win Gohan".Then he smirked and
flew up to his fater.
Gohan could only stare his dad never lost a single fight ever.then he ran and found his dad really brused
up and bloody but still concuios in a crater."Dad are you ok?"Gohan asked."Just fine son.Nothing a
little senzu bean wont fix".He said while gohan helped him up."Well it looks like youll have to let Karon
train you".He said to Gohan.Gohan just remembered now he did have to get trained by Karon.
He frowned but looked to the upside he would learn some new attacks.
Vegeta had felt a familier force but had to stay home and take care of trunks so he couldnt go see what
it was.He kept thinking who it might be but couldnt quite pinpoint it. Maybe some person he had met
long ago . He thought it feels like a saiyan power. Then it hit him "NO WAY ..THERES NO WAY
ITS IMPOSSIBLE OR IS IT? why you dirty dog you .So Karon you made it out of the explosion did
you it feels like you beat kakarot".Well not for long you havent had a taste of Vegeta prince of saiyans
yet.He smirked to himself and hoped bulma would be home soon.
Goku got up and looked at Karon."So i guess you get to train Gohan".He said not very pleased at all."I
guess i do. Ill tell you what ill train Gohan for 6 months in the meantime you can train after that 6 months
is over you will meet me here again and we will spar again. Then well see whos the better fighter".He
said then looked at Gohan."Well what are you waiting for".He said starting to get annoyed at
Gohan.Gohan looked at Goku. "Ill be back soon dad".Gohan said before taking of into the air after
"YOU DID WHAT?" Chichi was yelling at Goku once again. "Gohan already had to go away for a
year when he was 4 now he has to again for 6 months how could you Goku".Chichi said sounding not
worried but mad.
Karon flew untill he reached the area where he had landed.He landed and steped beside his
spacepod.He pulled a remote out of his pocet and typed in a few numbers and the small space pod
grew into what looke like a rounded house of space pod. Karon walked and opened the door.He
stopped inside and looked at gohan. "Well what are you waiting for?".He said sternly and walked
Gohan walked in and looked at the almost bare room with many doors on each side of the walls.He
followed Karon into one room and saw a machine on the wall and a few weights in some of the
corners.It oubviously was a gravity controlled training room.


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