Wah~((^O^)). My second epic fanfic! Although I'm still finishing Just A Feeling, I think I might start with this one too. Except
this fic is a lot more shorter then my Bra/Goten story ^_^.
Ya know what, I have this feeling that I'm the only one on this planet who made/collect fanfic about this lovely girl (O_O).
Come on, Pan and Bra-chan are cool , but we HAVE to focused on other people too, right? ^_^
Marron-chan here is my first choice ^_^

CHAPTER 1:  First Day in High School
CHAPTER 2: Baby-Sitting Bra
CHAPTER 3: (untitled)
CHAPTER 4: (untitled)
CHAPTER 5: (untitled)
NOTE:  Since I'm VERY busy with my other fanfic and especially my fan manga, readers might have to wait a while until this story finished. Gomenasai. ((-_-)).

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