Chapter 1: First Day In High School 

  "Musume, I always have the time to teach you fly, ya know..."

"Oh, c'mon otosan. You know I'm afraid of heights, don't you?" she stepped out from their little hover car. " See ya after school!"

The older man sighed. "Alright. Have a good time, okey? And if theres any trouble, just call me. I will..."

"I'll be fine!! Don't worry too much!" she giggled. "Bye!!" waving at her father after dropping a kiss on his forehead. She ran among the crowds excitedly and stepped into the main entrance.

"Marron.." Kurilin smiled proudly at his preciouse child.


   Her heart was pounding. Slightly, nervouse. This is her first year in high school after graduating from Junior High a few months ago. She's now in the school's hall, and she could see peoples everywhere. Most of them were students. Girl students. She sighed disapointedly.

"Otosan doesn't want me to mix with boys," Marron thought, frowning. " He said its too dangerouse..." she muttered while walking along the hallway looking for a notice board. All she gotta do now is to find her class.

"Year 1, room 5." she said softly when she saw her name posted on the board. Happily, she skipped her way through and gone searching for her new class. "Year 1, room 5...year 1 room 5...Year 1, room 5..," she repeated over and over again as she checked every sign on the door along the corridor.

"Yatta!! here it is!!" she exclaimed and immediatly opened the door without a doubt. As soon as she was inside, she saw a gang of kogyaru , about 35 of them, chit-chatting, laughing, quarreling and even some of them were busy doing their make up or brushing their hair.

Marron's eyes widened. She looked back at the paper she's holding . "I-is this really my class..?" she asked herself, stepping in slowly and meet all the new faces.

"Oh, look girls," a voice called. "Another newcomer!"

 Marron stood and look at her. She have long curly blond hair passed down her shoulder. And she got small eyes with red lips. Obviously, she wore a cheap lipstick. Marron tried not to laugh because of her funny face. She just being her friendly self and she bowed.

"Hajimemashite! I'm Marron. Pleased to meet you all!"

None of them responded. They were only glaring and laughing at her. Marron looked at them in confused. Maybe these peoples are weird, she thought. She then, just ignored her classmates-to-be and search for an empty seat. She's not going to like this class. She just knew it. The girls here seems to watch her in an anoyying way . And when she looks back, they started laughing. Sort of like teasing. And she's really irritated with that.

   She sat right in front on the class on the first row so she could concerntrate on her studies everytime when the teachers were teaching. Afterall, she's always been a studiouse person ever since she gone to school. And she thought she might join in the same group in some other classes who were seriouse in their education, but seems like she's stucked with these mob of girls who prefer doing their nails instead of doing their notes.

  She was totally dispointed. " Otosan was wrong..." she sighed.


"Hey, Moron."

"It's Marron..." she corrected when the same girl with the cheap lipstick called her.

"Whatever. So..." she sat in front, facing her. " Where ya from?"

At first, Marron just stared at her who's chewing her gum loudly. She was a little bit disgusted but she tried to ignore it. "..uh.. in the middle of Pacific Ocean.." she blurted out and she knows they're not going to believe her. More and more girls gathered around her when they heard this. Everybody was startled, then they laughed loudly.

How Marron wanted so much to scratch their faces one by one.

 And so the girls asked her more and more question. Stupid Questions. Marron just answered them in one shot, anoyed. Some of them even criticize her hair and uniform, her nails and her face.

" Ugh, you better loose those pony-tails sugar. Don't you ever read any beauty megazines?"

" I do. But not always. Its just made me feel ugly." answered Marron with sort of a low voice.

"Well,.." the girl swing her hair. "Thats just it. You ARE ugly...DUH~!" again, they started to laugh.

     Marron bit her lips. She tried not to blow up because she doesn't want to ruin her first day in high-school. But it did ruined. Only because of these worthless girls who knows nothing. And how is she going to have some fun while learning in this class? She looked up at the girl who's still giggling in front of her. Marron wanted so much to slap her accross the face and yell at her telling that she is NOT UGLY!!! But something just stopped her.

"Attention to all Freshmen, please come down to the school's hall for an assembly." an announcment said.

And so, they all stood up and walk out the class unwillingly. While Marron, in the other hand, the first thing she gonna do when she gets home, is to yell at her father.

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