Chapter 6:  Looking ahead


  They walked back to their hotel.  "I'm going to take a shower and the rest of you should too knowing how smelly you all are!"  Marron exclaimed pinching her nose.  Bra decided to take a look out the window to see the bright
lights of Las Vegas because it was starting to get dark.  "Wow!  Look at that shopping building!  I feel like going shopping, how would you guys feel about taking Marron and me shopping?"  Bra said very enthused.  "Hold
up!  We're doing everything at once!  You know we do have thirteen more days left!"  Goten said in reply.  Bra pouted for a second and then decided to hug Goten which made him blush slightly and then he smiled.

  "You know I'm really glad I decided to go on this trip with you guys because I could only think of one other place I want to be."  Marron said coming out of the shower in a towel smiling at Trunks.  Trunks jaw dropped seeing what she was getting at.  Marron grabbed a dress off the top of her cloths pile and walked back in to bathroom to change into what she picked out.  "Guess that's your kind of girl Trunks, huh?"  Bra noted with Trunks jaw still dropped.

 "Speaking of whick your my kind of girl, Bra."  Goten said and reached in his pocket and pulled out a long blue velvet box.  "I bought this about a week ago and haven't found a good time to give it to you so here it is, now or never, right?"  He opened the box and in it was a long golden chained necklace with a sparkly clear gem in to center.  "Its 24 carrot gold and that is real dimond and I had to save my moeny for a long time to get it!"  Goten said and slipped it around Bra's neck with Bra still in seriouse 'awe.'  "Ohmygosh!  I love it Goten!"  Bra said and gave Goten a great big kiss!  Then Marron came out in a sky-blue down to her knees tanktop dress.

 "What did I miss?"  She asked her friends.  "Just an apparent proposal."  Trunks said casually.  "Oh my gosh!  I'm never leaving you two alone again when I'm taking a shower!  Who knows, next Bra may be pregnant!" Marron
said.  "It wasn't a proposal, Trunks."  Goten said sending evil glares in the way of his best friend.  "Oh right, the only thing you messes up on was getting a necklace instead of a ring!"  Trunks teased.  "You're lucky I don't
have a tennis racket and ball, mister!"  Bra said finally joing the conversation.

  "Hey why don't we just plan what were going to do the next four days!"  Marron said. "Okay, how 'bout this, tomarrow we go shopping,  the next day we totally hit the pool, next we chill, and then hit the cainos!"  Bra sudguested.  "Oh, did I forget to mention that the day you said we should chill that this hotel is having a formal dance?"  Marron said.  "That just happened to slip your mind!  Now I don't have anything to wear because I wasn't prepared for a formal!"  Bra said.  "Oh, don't worrie! We can pick stuff of on tomarrows shopping trip!"


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