by Marron

PROLOG: "Good bye For Now" 


"You promise that you will come and visit me right?" Marron asked her 3 best friends on her moving day.

"Marron hurry up, we gotta get going if we want to get there before dusk." her dad called.

She looked at her parents and then to her friends. Tears welled up in her eyes and her chin started to quiver.

"Every chance that I get I'll be there with you." Bra told her.

"We will be there too!" Goten said elbowing Trunks.

"Yeah and don't forget. We may have a long distance relationship, but you can't have a another boyfriend."

"Gee, ruin all my fun." Marron teased her boyfriend as she got in their car. Her dad started up the car and it started to hover above the ground. They pulled out of the driveway of their old house and started down the street. Marron popped her head out of her window and waved good-bye to her friends and continued to wave till she could no longer see them. She felt sure that she would never see them again.

"Ore wa tensai basketto man, Sakuragi Hanamichi! Dozo Yuroshiku!"
HaRUko:" guys don't mind if I bring along my favourite guy along with me , do you? ^_^