CHAPTER ONE: "Getting There"

"How much longer?" she asked for the 5th time in the past hour. Luke, her dog, also looked tired of watching nothing but flat land roll by the outside of the car.

"About an hour, honey. Why don't you pull out a piece of paper and draw the way you want your room to be laid out." her mom suggested.

Marron pulled out a piece of drawing paper and looked for a pen.

"I don't see why I couldn't have stayed in Satan City. I mean I'm 18 and I am old enough to get my own job and place."

"Then why don't you go back." Her dad said pulling the car over to the side of the road.

"Come on. She's just upset that she had to leave her friends." her mom told her father.

"Well, I'm make a deal with her. If she is quiet for the next hour I'll tell her a secret." Krillin told the car load.

Marron finally found a pen and started to think of where she would want everything to go. She was side tracked when a question appeared in her head. She scribbled down her question and past it to her mom with the pen. A few seconds later she handed it back. It read: Why? You want  Bra or one of them to move into the guest room? She replied : No, it's just they want to come and visit and it is to far away for them to come and leave in the same day. She sent it back up. Her mom scratched something down, turned around and stuck her tongue out at her daughter.

Marron looked at the paper. There will be 2. She smiled and relaxed to think of the time that Trunks and everyone else would come to visit her. Man she missed them. She began to put where she would think she would like ever thing to go even though she didn't know just how the rooms lay out would be. She was sure that she wouldn't like the new house. She watched Luke as his lungs slowly went up and down; he was asleep and she, herself, soon nodded off to.


"Wake up honey. We're going to eat." Her mom's voice coaxed her awake.

"Huh? Aren't we supposed to be there?"

""Yes, but your father took a wrong turn so it'll be another hour. Come on." she helped Marron out of the back seat.

Krillin 'humped' like Vegeta.

"My car and stuff will be delivered a couple of days after we get there, right?"

Juuhanchi nodded and watched as her husband walked ahead of them.

"What's wrong with dad?" Marron asked.

"I knew we were going the wrong way, but he didn't believe me so know he'd upset that I was right."

"Oh. Hey maybe now he'll listen to you more."

"Maybe but I doubt it."

They entered the restaurant and ate.

When they were done they trudged back out to the car and took off in the direction they came from. Marron fell asleep much easier now that her stomach was full.


Something made the car bounce and that woke Marron up. She looked out the window and could see a cozy white house at the end of the road they were driving on.

"Is that our new house?" Marron asked. The closer they came to it the more and more it looked like their old house.

"So your up. Yes it is. It looks just like our old house huh?" Krillin asked his child.

"Uh huh. Does it have the same lay out?"


Marron looked at her mom who was being noticeably quiet.

"She's asleep." he told her.

"So I can see."

Krillin stopped the car in the front and turned it off. Quietly he, Marron, and Luke got out and started to unload the car. They put all the luggage in the front entry way then Marron went out to wake her mother.

"Mom. Hey wake up. Come on."

Her move turned over in the car seat. Marron signaled for Luke to come to her.

"Lick her face boy." she told him.

Juuhanchi shot straight up. "I don't think so."

"Darn. Sorry boy."

Luke whimpered. Her mom got out and all of them joined Krillin inside. The house was quite nicely kept up. Marron went to the kitchen and looked around. She found 3 doors all right next to each other. That was different from her old house. One was the pantry, one lead down to the basement and the other lead upstairs. The girl and her dog raced up stairs. The stairs creaked beneath them and when they reached the 2nd floor it was dusty. Dust covered everything. They last owners must have not used the upper level. The dust was at least an inch thick, literally. With every step they took, dust rose into the air. It was so thick Marron ran to all the windows she could find and opened them, then she and Luke ran around. After a few minutes the place was almost dust free and that was only the den, they still had another 3 rooms and bathrooms.

"We'll finish this tomorrow." she told her pet. They walked downstairs and found her parents in their bedroom.

"How do you like it?" her mom asked her.

"It is a pile of dust up there. We're going to have to vacuum the entire upstairs before we can even begin to clean. We did bring the vacuum and cleaning supplies."

"Then that will be your job tomorrow along with how ever much more of the house you can clean. We'll be gone all day. We have to go find the movers. Their van's both broke down so we are both going to go get our stuff."

"Where am I going to sleep tonight?" Marron asked her parents.

"The couch isn't filthy. That is the one thing that they couldn't take so we get it."

"Well good night then." she said turning around to go find the couch.

"Night." her parents told her.

She found what she was looking for and laid down on it. "I need to call Bra and tell her to give my number to Pan. Everyone else will have it soon enough. I also need to get my car so I can drive around and find out how much land we have. And we get to clean all tomorrow." she told her dog. She looked down at him. He had fallen asleep. She looked
out at the sky through a slightly dirty window. She saw the moon. She sighed thinking about Trunks.


Trunks was at his desk, typing up paper for his sister. Hey, he was getting paid 20 dollars and it allowed him to be away from everyone so he could think about HER.

"I didn't think it would be this hard to get my mind off of her." he said. Every other word on the screen was her name. He stared out of his window at the moon."I wonder what she is doing right now."


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