CHAPTER TWO: "To Clean or to Dream"


The sun light leaked into the living room and it's gentle light woke Marron. She sat up stretching. She stood up and walked to the kitchen. There were a couple of cold pancakes on the table with a note. Marron put them in the microwave and started it up. Then she read the note.


Good morning. Here's breakfast.
We'll be back when we can.
Have fun cleaning. BYE.

Love Mom and Dad.

A few moments later the machine beeped and she removed the now warm pancakes from it. She put butter and syrup on them and thought of Trunks. That was his favorite breakfast meal only like 20 instead of 2. She ate her fill and gave the rest to Luke.

"Come on boy. Lets get started." It was 8:30. They went upstairs with the vacuum andstarted to look around. Marron opened up all the windows and sent Luke to look around for anything interesting while she vacuumed. Bye noon the second floor was dust free and clean enough to live in. Marron got to see every crack of the upper level.

"Ok this is going to be my room because of the window seat and the glorious view of the horizon. This one will be Bra's room because it connects to mine and the one down the hall will be Goten and Trunks' room. It is very large and it will be perfect for them." She brought the vacuum back down and grabbed all of the cleaning supplies and sanitized the entire upstairs then cleaned all of the windows in the house after letting Luke outside so he could be adventuresome. She sat down at the kitchen table and found her snack to eat. She then vacuumed the entire downstairs and the steps. She
then brought everything down to the basement. It was cleaner than even the first floor was. After neatly placing everything where she wanted it to go she went up to get her cell phone out of her purse. She turned it on and dialed Trunks' work number. She got his voice mail and left a simple message: Hey there soon to be pres of Capsule Corp. It's your blonde girlfriend. I miss you and there are 2 extra rooms so you and Bra and Goten can all come visit when everything is moved in. Call me on my cell. You know the number. Love ya. Bye.

"Well he wasn't there."she told the air in the room. She was getting ready to call Bra when she heard Luke barking and decided to go see what at. She walked outside and saw a truck coming up their long drive. It came closer and it stopped right in front of her. The passenger side window rolled down and inside was a green haired, teenage girl sitting in the driver side.

"Howdy." she said. "My name is Cori. You just move here, right?"

"Yeah. My name is Marron. Nice to meet you."

Cori stepped out of her truck. "Same." She was really tall and strong looking with a dark complection. "Nice dog. You move here by yourself?"

"Thanks and no. My parents just went to get the stuff from the moving vans. They broke down on the way here."

"Well I just wanted to tell your parents something that was included in the price of the house that they didn't know about and that is at my house."

"Really? What is it? What do you live?" Marron asked her.

"A couple of small objects. You can see where I live if you go to the top of that hill and look down. It is a small house right in the middle of an enormous plot of land." Cori looked at the sky.

"Well I got to go. Tell your parents to come by sometime tomorrow, k?" she said getting into the cab of her truck.

"Sure. I'll come to."

"Alright. See ya then. Bye." she started up her truck and took off toward her home.

It was close to 6 and her parents weren’t home but she didn't worry. She and Luke went inside and went to the Library. It was full of books for her to read. She pulled a book off the shelf and looked at it.

"Gee. Gohan would like this book." she told her dog. He looked up at the familiar name. She sat down at the desk in the room and started to read a book that was sitting on the desk. There was a low rumble outside. She got up and saw 2 large moving vans driving up the front drive and her parents in the air above them. She ran outside and welcomed them.

"Sorry we were so late. They were sure they knew their way here and the vans didn't break down they got lost so we had to go find them. Your car is following behind. It will be here in a few minutes." her mom filled her in on all the details.

"Thanks. One of our neighbors came to tell us that there was something that came with the land that you weren't told about. She said that we could come by tomorrow."

They unloaded all of the items that were in the back of the vans then Krillin brought the movers to the nearest town and dropped them off. When he returned Juuhanachi had moved the washer and dryer down into the basement and plugged them up and were starting to unpack the dishes and put them away in the cupboard. Marron carried her boxes up to her room and brought the boxes that were to be unloaded in the guestrooms in those rooms. Then her parents brought 4 beds up to the rooms. Marron got a queen sized bed and so did the room next to her's but it was brand new and down the
hall 2 new full sized went in.

"Did my parents know my plans for the rooms?" she asked her dog. She went downstairs and got the sheets to go on the beds and the pillows. Marron carried the dressers up piece by piece making it very easy and light and eventually got all 4 up by herself. The family had dinner together.

"Hey mom. Could the 3 of them come down and visit next week?" Marron asked, referring to Trunks, Goten, andBra.

"We'll see." both of her parents told her.

Marron went up to her room and sat down on her bed. She stared at the moon and felt like Trunks was right there beside her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought of him. She laid down and fell asleep.


Trunks was out at him and Marron's favorite spot to be together. He felt like crying and a single tear rolled down his cheek. The moon's bright glow was the only thing that he felt comfort in because he knew that somewhere Marron was looking at the moon, too. When it started to rain he flew home and checked his office voice mail and heard the voice he missed. He laughed at her message and made a note for him to call her the next day when he got to the office.


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