Luke nudged Marron's hand and started to lick it. She tossed and turned and finally woke up.

"Ok, come on." she said slowly getting out of bed. She grabbed her brush and headed down the stairs with her dog. Once in the kitchen she looked at the clock. It was 10 and her parents were unpacking the rest of their stuff. Marron found the dog food and poured some into a bowl for her dog.

"She's up. Come on and get dressed. We're going to go to the neighbors to get what we didn't know we were supposed to get."

"Oh I'll be right back. Let me go get dressed." She dashed up the stairs and changed quickly then ran back down. She met her parents out in front of the house. Her car had been delivered and a brand new truck.. They got into it and Marron directed them to Cori's house. She lived on a HUGE farm with hundreds of cows and crops that Marron thought went on for miles.

"There she is." Marron shouted out the window. Cori rode up on a beautiful white horse.

She is so at ease on it. Marron thought. She jumped out of the truck as Cori slid off the horse.

"It's gorgeous. What's it name?" Marron inquired.

"His name is Courageous Racer. He is my favorite. Hi." she said to Marron's parents.

"Hi." they replied.

"Come on in. My parents are inside." Cori said leading them to the house. "So do you have any brothers or sisters?" she asked Marron as the parents introduced themselves and started to talk.

"No. Do you?"

"Naw. Have any other pets other than that dog of yours?"

"Besides a boyfriend back in Satan City, no."

"Hey isn't that where that Capsule Corporation is located?"


"That Trunks is so cute. It'd love to meet him in real life."

"I miss him so much."

"You know him?" Cori shrieked.

"Yeah.I...."her phone rang. "Please hold on."


Marron picked it up. "Hello.

"Hi baby."

"Trunks! Oh I miss you so much."

"No WAY! You didn't tell me you and Trunks were going out!" Cori screeched.

"I never got the chance to." She turned her attention back. "Hey, we've gotten moved in almost completely and mom says that maybe you guys could come out next week for a visit. Would you be able to take the time off?" She said sarcastically.

"What do you think? Nothing would keep me from you. I was at our spot last night lookin' at the moon and wishing you were there with me."

"Me too."

"You were at our spot with me?"

"No. I was looking at the moon and I felt like you were there with me." Marron told him. Cori was having a heart attack sitting there listening to Marron's side of the conversation. "Honey, my friend Cori is dying to talk to you. Would you accept this BRIEF conversation with her Mr. Briefs?"

"I guess but before she hangs up I want to talk to you again, k?"


Marron handed the phone to her friend. "Before you hang up give it back to me."

Cori nodded, shaking she took the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi. I'm Trunks. How are you?"

"Your Trunks Breifs. Mom is the president of Capsule Corp.?"


"Oh my God. Chris and Gena are never going to believe me that I talked to Trunks." she started screaming. Marron grabbed the phone afraid that either Trunks had gone deaf or had hung up.

"Hello? You there?"

"Yeah. Is she still screaming?"

"Yes. I am sorry."

"That's ok. How is country life?"

"Pretty good. The new house is a lot like my old one only it has more rooms. It looks just like my old one. Well except that it has a barn and corral and a much larger front yard. We, Luke and I, spent all day yesterday cleaning the house."

"Loads of fun. I should send you a robot to do all the work. Would you like that?"

"Yes. That would be most appreciated."

"It'll be there tonight. What's your address?"

"1586 Applecourt Lane."

"It'll be there and maybe a little surprise."

"Oh. I wonder what it could be."

"Yeah, me too!" Trunks said thinking about what he would send her.

"Well I gotta go. The battery is dying."

"Ok. I love you and I miss you." he said depressed.

"I love you too! And send my love out to everyone there."

"I'll do that."

"Ok. Bye."


Marron pressed end and hooked the phon back up to the waist of her pants.

"Marron, you have go to be the luckiest girl in the entire world." Cori exclaimed.


"Wh...Why! Because you have the richest bachelor falling all over you."

Marron blushed.

"Marron, we need to ask you something." her mom called from the porch of Cori's

Marron and Cori ran into the house.


"Well, along with the house are 4 horses that belonged to the old owners and they couldn't bring them with them. They have all the needed supplies except food. Are you willing to take care of them?" Krillin asked his daughter.

"Of course." she said jumping up an down clapping her hands.

"I'll go help you hook up the trailer." Cori's dad told Krillin. They stood up and walked outside. Juuhunanchi and Cori's mom was making something at the stove and were laughing and talking.

"Would you show me the horses I am to be getting."

"Sure. Thanks for taking them. It is going to ease up on how much work I have to do in
the morning."

Marron followed Cori out to the back pasture.

"There. The 4 that are together. The black one is Black Ruby we call her Ruby, the brown and white blotched one is Cowboy. The solid gray one is Shadow Walker but we call him Shadow, and the black one with the red tint and white streak on his face is Red Lighting nicknamed Flash."


"Lets go herd them up. They'll get to know you real quick if you spend time with them." Marron and Cori ran and Cori called out two names. Courageous Racer and a cream horse came up."

"This is Dark Ice. Get on." Cori jumped on the Racer and they took off. Marron climbed on the back of the horse. She never rode bare back before. He took off after his owner. Marron and Cori herded up Marron's new pets and put them into a small corral. The trailer was backed up and open waiting for the four horses to be loaded into it. They loaded them in, thanked Cori and her family and drove home. They had spent most the rest of the day there so they unloaded them and then went inside to eat. Marron helped her mom make dinner and after they were done, Marron went outside to put the horses in their stalls with her Man in the Moon watching over her. She went back inside and the front doorbell rang.

"Marron, package." her dad called.

"Wonder what it could be." she slapped her forehead. "Duh, Trunks was sending me something." she ran, grabbed the package, then dashed upstairs with Luke at her heels. She ripped it open. Inside was a robot and a capsule. She placed it on the floor and it popped open to reveal a TV and VCR. It turned on and a movie started to play. On the screen was Trunks in her favorite outfit: her fav. blue Capsule Corp. shirt and his ripped up jeans.

"Hey baby. I miss you so much. Satan City hasn't been the same and it has been raining off and on. It seems to me like it is crying because you're gone. Well I can't wait to see you again. Bra wants to tell you something. I love you. Bye."

Bra popped up and pushed him off the set. "Hey, Trunks said that we could come down next week so that's what we are planning to do. Hey, we all miss you down here. Hope you are having fun. Love ya. Bye."

Trunks and Bra waved good bye with Goten behind them and it flashed off. She looked at the moon with teary eyes.

"I miss them too." she said. She hugged Luke, welcomed him into her bed and the 2 of them fell asleep.