CHAPTER FOUR: "Getting to Know You"

Off in the distance a rooster crowed to greet the morning. Sunlight slowly filtered into Marron's empty bed. She and Luke weren';t in the kitchen either. The robot sat in the corner of Marron's room next to the table that the TV and VCR sat on
along with her favorite pictures from when she lived in Satan City. Her bedroom didn't have any boxes in it and everything was neatly put away.(Gee, who could have done that ^_^) Luke was out in the yard barking at the frogs in the pond and Marron was busy with the horses. She was mucking the stalls and giving them fresh food and water, and lying down fresh straw. She went outside to look over the horizon and watched as the sun slowly rolled it's rays of light across the pasture. Something caught her eye. It was a moving object in the pasture that was coming closer and closer to her. It was a horse. Dark Ice. He came right up to her and nudged her gently.

"Hey there boy. How'd you get into my pasture?" She jumped on his back. "Oh, well. I don't know how the other horses ride but you, I do. Come on. We're going to check out the fence. That's more than likely how you got in here." she
told the horse. He started to trot right up along the fence as Marron looked at it for any loose or broke wires. They spent a good 2 hours looking over all the fencing and marking the areas that she thought would have to be repaired. She returned to the barn and found some extra barbed wire and the 2 of them with Luke's help went out and repaired the fencing in no time. Of course, when it was all done it was near noon. Her parents were calling for her and when she came riding up, at first they were frightened because they didn't think she could ride but then they worried that wasn't her horse.

"Hi." she greeted them.

"What are you doing?"

"I was getting ready to return Dark Ice to Cori. It's her horse. He was in our pasture and he needs to get home."

"Well return him then get back here. We need to talk to you.

"And I need to show you something but it can wait till I return." She hopped down and ran to the barn and fetched a horse. After putting a bridle on Black Ruby she brought her out and the 3 of them took off down their drive and headed toward Cori's house. When the little white house came into view Marron saw Cori out calling for her lost horse. He whinnied out to his master and she looked in his direction. When she saw Marron on him as sighed a sigh of relief adn ran out ot greet them.

"Good morning. Was he out with your horses this mornin'. " She asked Marron as she slid of him and climbed onto her horse.

"Good morning to you too and no. I was out cleaning and Luke was having the time of his life with the frogs. Anyway I went out to watch the sunrise and saw him coming toward me. I hope you don't mind though, he helped me repair the fence."

"Oh no. That is his favorite thing to do. He looks forward to it."

"That I could see." Marron laughed.

"Well, thanks for returning him. He'll probably be over there a lot. He loves that pasture."

"No problem and he can be over there when ever he wants to be. I need to get home. Parents want to talk to me. Nice talking to ya. Hope to see you soon." she said as she turned Ruby toward the road and they started home.

Marron was amazed at what a smooth ride she had. She really seemed to like having her on her back and she decided that she would take a short cut home. When they got to the road, they cantered for a while than she jumped the fence and dashed for the barn. When they got near enough, Ruby slowed and eventually stopped. Marron slid off and walked
her to her stall where she took the horses bridle and left for the house. Once inside she sat down with her parents at the kitchen table. They would have sat at the dinning room table but it was still under boxes.

"Yeah." she asked."

"Well, we know that you have been wanting for Goten, Bra, and Trunks to come out here and we want all of them to come on out so they know where they can find us if they need to. So next weekend we are planning to have a huge get together with everyone. It is going to be an over night sort of thing. That only means that we have to clean all next week." her dad told her as her mom made sandwiches for them to eat.

Juuhanachi looked up. "Would you like to go to the store with me. We need food and we will have to do it again next weekend."

"Yes I'll go to the store and I will clean as much as possible when ever possible." Marron told her parents. She ate her sandwich then brought her parents up to her room and showed them the video. Once they finished watching it, Marron went out to be with her horses so she could get to know them and their attitudes. She already knew that Ruby liked her and would do anything for her if she knew that she was trying to get from one place to another, is very patient, and very loving. She found that Cowboy is very wild hearted but very sweet and calm after being around him for a while. Shadow Walker was a big baby at heart, but very courageous and curious. He also loves to cuddle. Red Lightning is Marron's favorite out of all of them. Curious, lovable, protective, and very voluntary to anything.

They found Marron to be a very her to be very protective, caring, loving, and curious. She loves to be around them and they enjoy her being around them.

She released them into their pasture but they didn't wander far from where they could see her. Marron spent the rest of the day Marron spent cleaning and waxing the 4 saddles and 4 bridles. When it was time for her to go in for dinner she called in the horses and they all came running in and went straight into their stalls. She told them good night and Luke welcomed her inside. She had kept him in the house so he wouldn't disturb the horses. They had dinner and Marron went upstairs to take the first shower since she had arrived. She spent a hour in there trying to rid herself of all the dirt and dust out of her golden hair. She would have to start looking better if Trunks was going to come out and visit. She sat down on her bed and dried her hair. Luke sat up on her bed and watched her as she slowly lied down and fell asleep.

She and her mom never made it out to get groceries.