Marron woke up.  She was dizzy, her mind distorted.  What was making that horrible sound?  Oh yeah, the alarm.  She crawled out of the warm cozy bed, to turn it off.  It was still dark out.  She looked around the room.  Why was she waking up early again?
         The training, duh.  She said to herself, then turned on the light.  She went for her stuff and put on the first thing her fingers touched.  Which was some stretch shorts and a baggy T-shirt.  She was supposed to meet Trunks in the gravitational room.  Marron grabbed her brush and walked out of her room.  It was quiet in the hallway, and she tried to remember where the room was.

         "Um . . . I wish they had one of those directories like at the mall."  She mumbled.   "Oh yeah, it's in the front hall. "  She ran into the room, brushing her hair.

        Trunks waited in the room.  Had she forgotten?  Probably not, but he was going to go and wake her up in about ten minutes, if she didn't get there.  That's when she walked in, wearing a sexy pair stretch-shorts.
        Even in the morning she looks good! Trunks thought to himself; remembering what Bra looked like.  She was brushing her hair, which sparkled lightly.  He stood there, captivated for a few seconds, then they started.

       " So . . . where do we start?"  She asked, then yawned.

       "  How about I fight like a normal human, and you attack.  I'll give you some pointers, and then you'll put on the weighted clothing."   Trunks said.
       "Okay.  Wait; what's my power level, I want to compare it later on."  Marron said. "It's around . . . 70."  Trunks said.   "That's pretty good, a normal man is 15."

 "Cool."  She said, then they started.  At first Trunks held a lot back, but Marron was pretty strong for having no training.  She managed to land one kick in the face, and he fell.

        " Wow, you haven't done this before?"

        " Well, I always watch you guys sparring, so I have a pretty good idea of what to do." Marron admitted. "You have a knack for it."  Trunks said.   "Let.s start again."

        " Okay.   She tried a punch, and he blocked it, and hit her in the stomach. "When you punch, keep the other arm up to block the other person's attack."  Trunks said, tripping her. Marron got up quickly.
        She pulled him up close, and said, " By the way, you're a great kisser."   His eyes went wide, and he was open.  She elbowed him the gut, and flipped him over her head.

         "Good distraction.  No man will be able to fight you and win."  Trunks laughed.

         "Thanks.  I think I'm ready for the weights now."  She said.

        Vegeta woke up early.  He heard someone in the training room!  It's probably Trunks.  Vegeta thought. I'll go join him.  He got up and walked towards the room, and opened the door, seeing Marron and Trunks sparring!  Wha? He
asked himself.  Trunks tripped her, and she got up quickly, and pressed really close, grabbed one of Trunks's arms.   "By the way, you're a great kisser." She said.   Vegeta almost flipped out at that!

        What was he doing with her!?  The worthless daughter of Krillian?  That.s when he saw Marron elbow him and flip him over her head.  Trunks got up.   "Good distraction.  No man will be able to fight you and win."   Trunk laughed.

        Oh.  It had been a distraction; she hasn.t really kissed him.  Vegeta thought, relieved.  But why is she
training?  She doesn.t like to fight . . . does she?

        Vegeta pondered this for a moment a realized that 18 had always said that Marron didn't want to fight. Never Marron.
So she wants to learn how to fight, why not?  Vegeta thought.  It would be interesting to see if she improved any.  He decided to back to bed.

        She felt tried, really tried.  She had just spent an hour with Trunks in the gravitational room under three times Earth gravity and wearing eighty pounds worth of weights.  Trunks had praised her the whole time, telling her how great how she was, for someone who hadn.t had any training.

         "Okay, let's get out now.  It.s 7:15, and mom wakes up around 8:00.  We should catch up on some sleep."  Trunks said.
         "Okay."  Marron said, gasping for air.

         "You improved a lot today."  Trunks said.

         "That's not what it feels like."  She said, wiping her forehead, and stepping out into normal gravity.   "Wow! It's light out here."

         "Yeah, I know."  Trunks said.   "Take off the weights for a second. "Um . . . okay."  Marron said, and took off the
weights.  " Oh, that feels great!"  She said.

        " Wow!" Trunks exclaimed.
        "What? "

         "Your power level is 140!  It improved over 50 in two hours!"

        " Really?  That means that if I train all day today, or wear the weights, then maybe I can learn how to fly
by tomorrow!"

        " Yeah!"  Trunks exclaimed.  " You could turn into the strongest human in less then a year!"

        " This is great!"  Marron said, grabbing the weights to put them on.   "And mom thought I shouldn't train!"

        The weak try to be strong, the strong try to improve. It wasn.t going to matter in the end.  They would all pay.

        Marron went to bed wearing the weights.  After all, why not get strong while you sleep?  She crept into the room, feeling more tired then she ever had in her life.  As soon as her head hit the pillow, she was asleep.  She woke up again and it was 10:00, Bra was shaking her awake.

         "Marron, Marron, it.s your dad.  He wants to talk to you!"  Bra said, handing her the phone.

        " What?  Oh, okay."   She said, grabbing the phone, and sitting up.   "Hi daddy."  She said groggily.

         "Hey sweetie."  He said.  " How are you doing?"

         "Great!"  She exclaimed, waking up.   "Guess what?"

        " What?"

        " Well . . . mom might get upset, but Trunks is training me!"

        " Really?  When did you start?"

         "This morning, at five!  Did you wake up that early when you trained?"

         "Sometimes . . . so what did you do?"

         "Well, I sort of sparred with Trunks and he gave me pointers.  But I had to train with all this weighted clothing on, and in the gravity room, too!  But it paid of, my power level went up over 50!"

         "Really?!"   Krillian exclaimed.   "That's great!"

         "Yeah, and it was only for two hours!  Trunks said that I'll probably be able to fly by the end of the day!"

         "Wow!  I wish I could teach you . . . oh well.  Do you want to tell your mom?"

         "Um . . . would she get upset?"

         "I don't know . . . probably."

         "Well, I'll tell her later."   She said.   "But how is your vacation?"

          "It's good.  Right now your mom and I are about to go on a hike."

         " Aren.t you supposed to be resting?"

         "This is resting . . . sort of."

         "Jeez.  You two never give up, do you?"

        He laughed.  " I guess not.  Here comes your mom.  She wants to talk to you.  I gotta go, love you, bye."

         "Love you too.  Bye."   She waited for a few seconds, then said  "Hi mom!"

 "Hey, how are you?"


 "Are you having fun over there?"

 "Um, sort of . . ."

She laughed.   "Well, we have to go in a few seconds; I just wanted to say I love you. "

 "Love you too.  Bye."

 "Bye."   She hung up the phone and got up.   "Wow, am I tired!   She brushed out her hair again and changed
into some baggy clothes so that no one would notice the weighted clothes.

         "Good morning."  Bulma said, laughing.   "You and Trunks sure slept in late today."

         "Oh, sorry."  She said, yawning.

         "It's okay."  Bulma said.   "So, are you and Trunks going some where today too?"   Bulma winked at her when she said . Again..Marron froze.  " You know?"  Her stomach felt like it had about forty butterflies in it.

        " Oh yeah.  Don.t worry about it.  Trunks really likes you, you know."

        " He does?"  She asked, blushing.

         "Yep! Oh, morning sweetie."   She turned to see Vegeta standing in the doorway.  He was looking at her
weirdly. "Well, I'll go talk to Bra now."  She said, walking out of the room quickly.  She ran towards Bra's room.

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