Trunks was waiting on a cliff ; the cliff where he told Marron that he loved her,
where he proposed to her, now where he's gonna break up with her.  It was hurting
him probably more than it would hurt Marron but he had to do it, it was the right
thing to do.  She'll thank me in the end, he thought.
    He looked up at the moon.  It was so bright.  He thought of Marron.  Her face,
her attitude, probably everything about her.  He loved her so much.
Trunks looked behind him, it was Marron.  Please not now, he thought.  Marron
came up to him, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and sat down beside him.
He stared at her,  her hair was glimmering in the moonlight, her eyes were shining,
she was beautiful.  Do I have to do this?, Trunks thought.  No Trunks you have to.
Marron looked Trunks in the eyes.  "So Trunks why did you ask me to meet you
here?" Marron asked.
Trunks stopped staring at her and looked at he moon.  Marron looked at him there
was alot frustration and sadness in his eyes.  "Something wrong Trunks?", she asked.
He bent his head down.  "Marron I'm.. I'm canceling are wedding."
Marron's heart stopped.  There were like a million questions going through her
"Why?" She asked her voice sounded like she was going to cry.
"Marron look, I mean..  I know your in love with someone else, like Andrew."
Marron's eyes widened.  "Thats not true.  You know I'm not in love with Andrew."
Trunks stood up.  "Damn it Marron!  I've known you for more than 20 years, why
don't you just admit!" Trunks told her.
"How...How did you know?"
"I've know you since... since  forever."  Trunks said he started walking away.
"Where are you going?"
" My mom offered someone a job to go to Hong Kong, and take care of stuff there,
I took it, I'm leaving tomorrow."
"Trunks you'll regret this.  You know I love you."
"Marron this is not one of me one minute decisions, I know I won't."  Trunks said,
then he flew away.
"Trunks... I didn't get to tell him..the good news."  she said softly.


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