Marron came out of the bathroom. She was getting ready to go to the party. She forgot about what she told Goten. All che thought about was showing Brandon the Marron he never even seen. This is probably one night he won't forget.Marron was ready. She looked at her self in the mirror, she looked like a whole new different person. 

   She was wearing a very short black mini skirt, a white tube top that had black stripes on the top and bottom of it. She was also wearing boots that came up to her knees, They were 4 inches. She took her leather jacket from her bed and was ready to go. Ofcourse she wasn't really comfortable in what she was wearing.

   "Good thing Terrah picks out these kinda clothes for me."Marron said to herself. "Now lets see what Micheal thinks of me now."She said.


   Goten was in his rrom staring up at hte ceiling. He was thinking aout Marron. He always had a secret crush on her. But for some reason what he felt was different. He was also thinking about what she told him."I don't know why you stick with her."

   She changed alot over the years, she was prettier, she grew taller....she grew a nose. Goten laughed at the thought. He remembered when she was a kid she didn't have a nose at all. Trunks and him always use to play pranks on her. When she was 16 and started to go dating, they use to follow her, but eventually would get caught and yelled at.

   It was so different now. Thye were all grown up, they had their own lives.They weren't little kids who played tag along the beach. They were all grown. Goten was thinking when suddenly he felt something was wrong. He didn't know what it was. "Maybe Marron can help me with this."

   Goten got changed into some clothes. HE opened his window and flew out.

   He didn't want ot use the door cause he didn't want to wake up his mom and dad. He flew faster, within minutes he reached Marron's house. He knocked.

   "Marron!"Goten shouted."looks like nobodys home or they should be a sleep it's already 11:00."

   Goten flew up to Marron's window. Marron wasn't there, her bed was fixed, her room was clean, but he went inside anyway."Marron."

Goten went downstairs. Nobody was there. *Where is everybody?*He thought to himself.

   GOten went inside hte kitchen. There he saw the note. "So Krillin and 18 aren't here."He walked around, he looked at the phone there was a message, he pushed play. After the message, Goten was just shocked.

   "Please don't ell me she went to the club!"Goten said loudly. He picked up the phone and Dialed Trunks' number.
"Come on Trunks pick up the phone!"

   Goten was about to hang up when, somebody picked up the phone.

   "Hello!" A groucy voice said form the other line.

   "Trunks, is that you?"

   "Yes, this is me!" He yelled."Who the hell is this?!"

   "Trunks this is me Goten."

   "Goten!Why the heck are you calling me at his hour, it's 11:15!"

   "Look, sorry okay, I have a problem...."

   "Another problem with Paris, not again."Trunks complained."Why don't you

   ask Marron for this love advice,I'm not good at this stuff."

   "That is my problem! Why don't you listen! Look I'm at Marrron's house and she's missing!"

   "What! Where is she gonna go at this hour?!" Trunks asked.

   "I think she went to that party in that club."

   "You gotta be kidding." Trunks said."Marron wouldn't go to a club, she's not old enough."

   "How about that fake I.D. she made at your house, and how about that
   challenge at the mall,
   I just listened to one of her messages on the phone and it was some
   kinda threat thing, but
   I told her not to go, but i think she still went."

   "Okay you think she is at the club?"

   "Yes I know she is there, no wget dressed and I'll meet you there okay."

   Trunks was about to say something but GOten hung up. HE mumbled something under his breath but got changed.


   Goten flew to a club, he wasn't sure which one, but he just landed on one, he just brought himself there. Goten went inside. The music was loud. He looked around for MArron. Then he saw her, she was dancing in the middle with some other girls. She was a whole new Marron. HE didn't know Marron could dance as wild as that. Goten went to the middle.

   "HEy Man! Watch out!"Someone yelled at him.

   "Goten! Hey! What are you doing here?"Marron asked.

   "Hi MArron. Can I talk to you?"

   "Sure."Marron got out of the crowd, and went to Goten.

   "MArron you told me you weren't gonna come here."

   "Oh comeon Goten stop being a party pooper, why don't you dance with

   Goten looked at Marron she looked at Marron, she looked drunk. He was about to say something when a guy came up to them.

   "HEy MArron."

   "Hey Rowen."

   "Hey Marron can I talk to you?"


   "In private outside?"

   "Okay. I'll be there in a minute."

   Rowen went away." Goten is there anything else you wanted to tell me?"

   "No not really."

   MArron was about to say somethiing, when a girl came up to them.

   She put her arm around Goten."Come on Handsome lets dance." She pulled Goten to the Dance floor.

   Marron payed no attention, she went outside in the bak where she said she'll meet Rowen."Hey Rowen."

   "Hey Marron."

   "Why did you call me out here for?"

   "Oh nothing, you really showed Brandon didn't you?"

   "Yup,I did." She said happily.

   "Well you know you are still a virgin."

   MArron got a little scared to her this."Yeah so."

   Rowen came closer."Oh comeon you know what I mean." Rown started kissing her, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

MArron didn't want this to happen."Rowen get off me!'MArron yelled.She tried to push him off but he just pushed her down."Rowen get off!!"She yelled. He heard his belt unbuckle.Marron was getting dizzy."Please...get off."She started pleading. She was really scared.


   Goten was trying to get out of the crowd. trunks was there but was also trying to get out of the crowd, they were surrounded by so may girls. Goten finally came out of the crowd. He just kept walking, he didn't know why.

   He walked out the door. He saw Marron, she was trying to pushj that guy off. Goten ran to her and kicked the guys face and he landed against the wall. He kneeled down to MArron. She was crying, she looked really scared.

   He put his jacket around her, "Are you okay?"

   Marron didn't say anything, she just cuddled up in his arms. Goten hugged her. He didn't see Rowen got up and started attacking. He looked up and saw Rowen was about to hit him, when he fell back to the wall. He looked up he saw Trunks, He was beating up rowen now.

   "Comeon Trunks, thats enought lets bring him to the police."

   "No."Marron said softly."I just want to go home."

   Goten looked at her."Come on Trunks."Goten and Trunks flew Marron home. When they got there, Marron didn't say anything but just went to change upstairs and came back down. Goten and trunks looked at her, she still looked scared. She sat down beside Goten."MArron I think we should report this to the police, you almost got..."

   "Raped, nothing happened, I'm okay." she said. Goten and Trunks looked at her. She loked so scared, GOten pput an arm around her."Hey it's okay MArron."Goten said. She cuddled in his arms. "Yeah Marron, we kicked his

   butt! And if he messes with you again will kick hiss ass so bad, he'll
   get outta town!"Trunks said.

   MArron forced a smile."Look it's getting late we should go." Goten said. Trunks and him was about to go, when Marron stopped them,"Guys don't go..please."

   Trunks and Goten looked at her.But stopped and went to her.Goten hugged her."I'm so scared please don't leave."She sounded so scared, she was still crying."Can you guy stay with me for the night, I'm s scared."

   Trunks and Goten looked at her,"Sure Marron."trunks Said. MArron lookeda at them. She was still cuddled up in Goten arms. "thanks guys, your the best bestfrinds ever."

   "What are friends for?"Goten said.



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