CHAPTER SEVEN: "Night-time Ride"

It was Friday and Marron was more bouncy then she had ever been. Her friends were coming in this afternoon. ChiChi and Bulma came a day earlier to help out with everything for the over night party. They all went shopping that morning and spent around $400 to assure that they had enough to feed everyone and keep them all happy the entire time. (That included the $200 that Bulma had sent earlier) There was so much food, it filled the bed of the truck. After putting all the food away, Marron ran out and started to clean her horses. It was 3 and they would be arriving at 5. She pampered each horse, brushing it throughly, picking it's hooves, and combing it's mane and tail. When she was done, all 4 of them looked wonderful and their hides shined, Marron on the other hand, was a mess of sweat, dust, and horse hair. She wanted to go get cleaned up but there was one more animal that had to be cleaned. Luke. She couldn't find him anywhere. She went up to the house to ask her mom. ChiChi, Bulma, and Juuhachi were all sitting at the table talking.

"Oh. She would like that." ChiChi told Bulma. Her mom nodded, then she noticed her daughter was


"Have you seen Luke anywhere?"


"Thank you."Marron walked off into another part of the house to look for her dog. She finally found
him in her room, asleep in a ball in the small amount of sunlight filtering into her room. "Luke, come
here boy."

He jumped up and walked toward her. She grabbed a leash and hooked it onto his collar.

"We're going to give you a bath."

He started to pull away, but Marron pulled harder and got him outside. She tied him to a pole and got him all wet then got him a soapy. He sat there and endured it all. She washed all the soap off and then dried him and personally escorted him inside.

"Now it is my turn to bathe." She said as she went up to her room and got ready to take her shower.

When she got out she heard a group of people chatting downstairs. She looked at her clock. 5:13. She hurried up and got dressed then ran downstairs. Everyone but Goten, Bra, and Trunks were there. She walked up to Gohan.

"HI. Long time no see." He told her."Wow your getting muscled up."

She blushed. "Thanks. Have you seen Bra or your brother?"

"Yeah, they are all outside playing with Luke."

"Thank you." She ran outside to meet her friends.

Luke barked and ran up to her, as if to tell her that her friends were here.

"I know. I know." she told him.

"Marron!" Bra shrieked. "How are you???"

"I'm fine. Hi Goten. How are both of you?"

"I'm fine." Bra told her friend.

"Me too." Goten told her.

"I heard from Trunks you 2 are a couple now. Where is he, anyway?" she asked looking around for her man in shining armor. She was scooped up and carried into the sky. She screamed out in shock then turned and saw her favorite pair of blue eyes. She kissed Trunks and he sat her down on the ground.

"You guys brought your stuff right?" Marron asked.

They all nodded.

"Well then come on. We are all going to be sleeping in my room tonight. It is not the biggest of all the bedrooms, but the parents have all the other rooms." She led her friends up the stairs and showed them her room.

"I like the way you have done your room." Trunks told her looking at the picture of him and her.

"Marron and Gang. Dinner!" Goku called up to them. In a cloud of dust, Trunks and Goten were

"Let's go see if anything is left." Bra teased. Trunks and Goten were eating but they had saved the 2 seats that were in between them. Marron and Bra sat down and served themselves a small dinner. They finished before anyone else and excused themselves to go clean their plates then went outside. They sat out on the porch and waited for the guys to come join them. 20 minutes later the back door opened and they walked out. Marron stood up and lead them to the barn.

"Ok, just so you know, I spend a lot of my time with the horses and riding them and since I have been riding them I have found that each of the horses is a lot like one of you. So I am going to designate one horse to each of you and you may find that they are much like you." She said leading all of the horses out of their stalls and loosely tying them to posts. Hse introduced all of them to the horses then showed them which horse she thought they should go with. She matched Goten with Cowboy, Bra with Black Ruby, and Trunks with Shadow Walker. They talked to their equine friends. Then Marron taught them how to saddle and bridle the horse and how to get on. Once everyone was on a horse she led them out. It was after 9 and the moon lit up the sky. She started them out just walking them across the pasture. She turned around to see that Trunks and Goten were having major problems. She stopped Red Lightning and slid off. Goten's problem was easy to fix. His stirrups were to short so she lowered them. Trunks' problem was that the saddle was to small for his butt.

"Get off." she told him.

Trunks got off and stood there watching as Marron took off his saddle and hers quickly. She put her
saddle on Shadow Walker and held the small saddle.

"You guys stay here or in this vicinity. I'll be right back." She jumped onto Flashes back and
they took off toward the barn and returned within 3 minutes.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Goten asked Marron when she rode up.

"Naw. Once you're used to it, it doesn't bother you." she took them back on the path that her horse had showed them. She turned back to her friends and winked at Trunks. He smiled and they stopped out in the little field. The horses watched over them as they all lied down on the ground and staring at the stars. Goten held Bra and Marron held Trunks. After sitting there for 30 minutes Marron decided that they should get back before parents worried.

Once the horses were cleaned and the tack put up, they went inside. Trunks and Goten snacked on
some food and then followed the girls upstairs.

"You aren't wearing my necklace." Trunks told Marron.

"I was waiting for you to put it on me." she smiled holding it out to him. He put it around her neck and they all went to sleep; Trunks next to Goten on the floor in sleeping bags and Bra sharing Marron's bed with her.

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