CHAPTER SIX: "Something New"

When they returned, Marron helped put up the groceries and then ran out to be with her horses
and she even let Luke come with her.

"For the rest of the day I am going to be riding all of you." she saddled up Red Lightning and took him out of his stall. She walked him out of the barn, tightened the girth, hopped on and they took off. He lead her back to a small path that cut through the woods. She let him take her down there and she was surprised with what there was back there. It was a field with a small house that was built over a small creek that was now dry. She got off of Flash and walked up to the little building. Inside it was amazingly clean and all that was in there were a couple of old milk bottles. She sat and tried to imagine what it would be like to live back in the days where there were no refrigerators so they used these to keep milk cold. A loud snort snapped her out of her daydream.

"Alright. Lead me to where ever." Marron said climbing back onto his back. He slowly trotted down a path and it lead them back to the rear of the house.

"Wow. Thanks for showing me that." she said patting the horse's neck. He lifted his head and trotted proudly as they neared the barn. The other horses whinnied at us and he just shook his head.

Marron jumped down and took off the saddle and led him to his stall.

"Just so you know, all of you are being tested and then you all will be washed." She walked over to Dark Ruby and put a saddle on her and took her toward the path. Ruby knew exactly where she was going and lead Marron all the way through. Marron didn't even have to hold onto the reigns.

"Nice." she told her patting her black neck. She smoothly walked to where Marron got on and off.

"Smarty pants." Marron teased her as she lead her to her stall and took out Cowboy. She had only gotten her leg over the saddle and one hand on the reigns when he took off. She shrieked and pulled hard on the reigns. He stopped instantly and she nearly fell off.

"Your going to have to not do that when my friends come around." she told him sternly.

He threw his head up and down like he understood what she was telling him. Marron giggled at his
reaction and from there on he let her control where they went.

"Well, all except for that start it was wonderful." He pranced till she made him stop to let her off. She lead him to his stall and put on his halter then took out Shadow Walker. He sat there, looking around and sniffing the air, even after Marron had clicked to him and she eventually lightly tapped his sides and he took off. He wasn't sure about going onto the path, but Marron coaxed him into it. He acted like he had never been back there, so she concluded that they must have gotten
him just before they moved and he hadn't been ridden much.

"It's alright."Marron told him. "You'll be just as good as the rest of them at the end of this week. You'll get more work with me than the rest of them."

They finally got back. It was just after 8 and the lightning bugs were coming out. She pulled all the horses out of their stalls and tied them up to a bar to clean them. She brought out the hose and soap and all the other cleaning supplies and started to wash the horses. Shadow Walker tried to eat the water. Marron giggled and let him try to drink as much as he wanted. She quickly dried the horses and her slightly wet dog.

"Mom's going to kill me if she smells you." she laughed.

Marron led all the dogs back into their stalls and gave them fresh food and their vitamins, then ran to her house and grabbed some carrots from the refrigerator.

"Marron, your dinner is waiting for you."her dad called to her.

"Be right back." She ran back outside to her awaiting friends.

"Here is a treat for you guys for being so good today, both with the path and with the bath." She gave each of the horses a carrot and told them good-night, then walked back to the house. She entered her home and sat down to eat; she was starving. All that her parents thought would be left-overs were gone.

"Thanks you guys. Good night." she kissed them good-night then ran upstairs to take her shower. When she got out she sat there on her window seat, her brush in her hand, and stared out across her yard. The full moon lit up the sky and shadows streaked the lawn and Marron's room. She laughed when she thought of something and she picked up her phone. It would be 11 at night where she was calling. She dialed the number and pressed 'talk' then listened to it

"What do you want!" the voice snarled.

"Trunks?" she asked surprised.

"This is my cell number. If we have another meeting tomorrow tell them to SCREW IT! I'M NOT COMING." he growled.

"Wow. You're under a lot of pressure aren't you?"

"Marron? What are you doing calling me this late?" he asked kindly. His tone of voice completely changed.

" I just wanted to know if you changed into a were-wolf yet? It's a full moon."

"Nope. If I had I would be on a killing rampaged and kill all of these stupid people that plan these

"And you're not even President yet."

He chuckled. "I know. I'd love to talk but I have to get ready for 4 meetings tomorrow. I am getting them all out of the way so I can come down for the weekend."

"I'm sorry. I wish I could help."

"You can. Just tell me you're answer to these questions. First one: Do you think Bra and Goten go together?"

"He finally officially asked her out?"


"Yes. They make the cutest couple."

"Ok, next question did you get the package and the final one is that enough?"

" I haven't see it." She looked around and found a box on her bed. "Here it is." she took her car keys and ripped the tape open. After digging through the packing material she found a package addressed to her parents and then she found a package addressed to her.

"What is in the package?"

"I don't know. Mom sent it and asked me to ask you if that was enough."

Marron opened the small package. Inside was an envelope and a small paper package. She opened the envelope first. Inside was at least $200 and a note that told her it was for the food.

"Yes, yes. That is more than enough."

"Remember, you will have at least 5 sayajins there and you know how large our stomachs are."

"Don't worry. We get more for our money down here. But what is in the smaller package?" she asked he even though she already had it open.

"Something for you."

It was a silver locket. She opened it and inside was a picture of her and Trunks on one side and Bra and Goten on the other.

"It is beautiful. I love it."

"I wish I could put it on you but it is kinda hard through the phone. I got it so you won't feel
quite as home sick."

"Thank you, but I better let you go. You need to work on your presentations."

He sighed. "Gee. Thanks for reminding me." he mumbled. "I love you and I miss you more and more
every day."

"Same here. Good night." she blew a kiss into the phone.

"I got it and Good night to you too. See you Friday." and he hung up.

Marron laid the phone down and watched as the stars twinkled overhead.