Chapter 9: “Meeting Half the Family”

  “Thanks for letting her stay with us. We had a great time.” Marron told Mrs. Finisty. She thanked Marron for letting her stay and they bothwaved as they drove off. Trunks picked Marron up and carried her back to her room. Goten had left just minutes before Kali left. Goku called after finding her number on his desk and said that Chi Chi was having a fit that he wasn’t home yet. Trunks put her down so she could hobble in and he picked up her newest rose that was sitting on her doorstep.
  “Do you know who these are from yet?” he asked.
  “No. Hey is these ankle bigger than the other one?” Marron asked looking up at him.
  “Ok. My mom is coming over and is gunna check it out. Plus she wants to meet you.” Trunks smiled as he picked up the phone and dialed the number.
  “Cool, I’d like to meet her too if she isn’t holding a three inch needle in her hand that she wants to poke me with.” Marron laughed.
Trunks put the phone to his ear just as a voice answered.
  “Hello?” a female voice answered.
  “Bra?! What are you doing in mom’s lab?”
  “I’m helping her frog guts. I know that’s not your place. There is better reception from the phone. Where are you?”
  “Hey brat, just put her on.” Trunks requested.
  “Hey mom. I’m at Marron’s. Can you come down and check out her ankle.”
  “Well I’ll get there as soon as I get done here. Love ya.” she said and hung up.
Trunks ‘hmphed’ and put the phone back on the receiver then sat down on the floor beside Marron. She looked down and started playing with his hair.
  “May I ask what you are doing?” he asked.
  “What are you doing?”
  “You’ll see, just go get the small plastic bag out of my bathroom.” He got up and returned a few minutes later with the small bag in his hand. Marron reached her hand out for it but Trunks drew it back.
  “ There is a service charge.” he said flatly.
  “Well lets see, what could I use to pay for this?” she asked looking around. “I know.” She grabbed his shirt, pulled him close and kissed him.
“That work?”
  “To bad.” She grabbed the bag out of his hands. He smirked and sat down so she began to mess with his hair.
  “Man, that was one twisted movie.” Trunks exclaimed as he turned off the television.
  “Explain it please.” Marron asked sounding interested but not looking up from her work.
  “Ok, first, Chris loved Margaret and they were planning to get married, but then Chris slept with Margaret’s best friend, Whitney. Margaret was mad, but that was nothing to when Chris found out both Margaret and Whitney were both in love with his uncle, who was a chimpanzee. He confronted him and then they all lived happily ever after, somehow.”
  “Man, that is twisted.” Marron laughed.
There was a light knock on the door and Trunks got up and answered it.
  “Hi mom. Hey Bra. You guys this is Marron.”
  “Trunks, what happened to your hair?” Bra asked.
  “I don’t know.” he smiled, “but I think I’ll like it when I see it.”
Marron waved. Bulma walked up to her ankle and started to apply pressure to spots.
  “Tell me when it hurts, k?” Bulma said
  “K.” Marron smiled. “So Bra, how old are you?”
  “Really? One of my friends is OUCH!!!!!!!!!!” Marron screamed.
Bulma looked up and smirked. “Sorry. You’ve got a broken ankle.” she said, “Come on, I’ll go with you to get the cast put on. I’ll get you the best of everything.” Bulma turned to her son, “Take her to my car, then you bring your sister and meet us there after you lock up.”
Trunks picked Marron up and carefully carried her out to his mom’s car then fastened her in.
  “See ya later.” he said.
She kissed him on the cheek. “Yeah, you too.”
Bulma buckled her seat belt and they were off, leaving Trunks in the dust.
Bra closed the car door and buckled up. “So she’s your new girlfriend? I like her. She’s not like Jennifer or Kathy.” Trunks stared at her. “What do you mean? They treated you like a little sister. You’ve barely said a word to her.”
  “Yeah, well she doesn’t act like she is in love with you for your cash, I think she loves you fro being you, which is different form most girls. And she isn’t out to impress anyone. She is just being herself. Plus she has already changed you.”
  “What do you mean?”
  “Look at your hair. You never used to let anyone touch it and you let her go out and completely change your look.” He looked at himself in the rearview mirror and chuckled. “I like it.” His hair was in dreadlocks. He pushed a braid out of his eyes and started the
car. “I guess I have changed huh?”
Bra just laughed lightly as she turned on the radio. She started singing to the song. Trunks joined in and that made her start laughing harder.
Bulma looked at Marron as she got the cast put on. She looked so calm and so much like her mom when she had last seen her. She especially looked like her mom in the picture on her coffee table. She turned when she heard the door
open. She saw Trunks and Bra creeping in.
  “She has a broken ankle.” Bulma told them as they neared her. Trunks stopped in hid tracks. Bra pulled on his jacket. “She’s not dead or dying.”
Trunks looked down at her and smiled. “I know. I just think I left her front door unlocked, that’s all.” He lied.
  “Well your going to be staying with us tonight.” Bulma said as Marron got up on her crutches.
  “Oh no no. I don’t want to put anyone out, plus I have school tomorrow and my dogs need to be taken care of and I have to make some calls.”
  Your dogs will be fine alone for one night, Trunks will feed them and he will take you to school and we have plenty of spare rooms.” Marron looked at all 3 of them. “Oh ok. I’ll need to get my clothes.” Bra jumped up and down excitedly.
Trunks looked at his sister. “I’ll take her back to her place to get her stuff and you got and get her room ready.”
  “Come on mom! Come on!” Bra urged.
  “We still have to pay for her visit.” Bulma said.
  “Oh right.”
  “Well we’ll see you when we get to the house.” Trunks called as he
the door open for Marron and they left.
  “Ok, here’s where you’ll be sleeping. You have the number to reach me when I am in my room, right?” Marron nodded.
  “One more question, do you know who is sending you those roses?”
  “I have no idea.” Trunks put her bags into her room. “Lets go find out what’s for dinner.” The two of them then walked into the kitchen.
  “Hey, you look like your getting around on those crutches pretty well.” Bulma said.
  “Yeah, is there anything I can do to help you with dinner?” Marron asked.
  “No no. Dinner is almost done. Why don’t you go sit down at the table.”
  “But there must be something that I can do.”
  “NO! GO SIT DOWN!” Bulma ordered. Marron hobbled back out and Trunks helped her sit down at the table. Then he pulled out hte chair to her right and sat down beside her. Bra came skipping in, having just heard some gossip about her ex and happy it wasn’t about her present, she sat down across form her and started telling Marron all about it. Marron paused in the middle of her sentence when a figure blocked the light that was coming in from the other room. It glided to the head of the table and sat down roughly.
  “Where’s my food WOMAN!” it barked. Marron knew who it was from her mother ’s most recent description ( it was 10 years old) of him and his actions.
  “It’s coming. Hold you horses.” Bulma yelled. Vegeta glared at Marron. “Who are you?!” he snorted.
  “I’m Marron.” she nearly whispered afraid that he might hurt her.
  “She looks like that android.” he growled. Marron swallowed hard. She knew he was referring to her mother.
  “Daddy! Be nice! This is Marron, My new friend. She’s going to stay here tonight.” Bra gleefully said.
Vegeta ‘hmphed’ as Bulma emerged from the kitchen. She placed 2 huge plates of food on the table, one in front of Vegeta, the other in front of Trunks.
They began to inhale it. Bulma, Bra, and Marron all happily munched on chicken caesar salads. When Vegeta had his fill he stood up and stormed out of the room. Marron began to say something, but Bulma answered it for her.
  “Yes, he is always like that. He severely dislikes people.” Marron smiled and picked up her napkin to wipe the mouth. When she put it back down she noticed that Bra was having a hard time fighting back laughter.
  “What?” she asked innocently.
Bra burst out laughing. Marron confused, turned to Bulma and Trunks who began to laugh. She knew at that instant something was on her face. She picked up her napkin and saw a huge streak of the red lipstick that she had on. *it must have smeared some on there earlier and I just smeared it across my face.* she thought and she began to find it hard not to laugh. Se grabbed Trunks’ napkin out of his lap and cleaned her face. Slowly the laughing died down.
  “Thanks for telling me. Smudge proof my butt. But thank you for the wonderful dinner I enjoyed it very much.”
  “Well I enjoyed having a female that brought fun to the table and didn’t jump up when she first saw Vegeta.” Bulma said pleased.
  “And I enjoyed having a female that actually listens to what I am saying.” Bra said.
Marron blushed. Then all heads turned to Trunks.
  “Uh....uh, well I am happy I have found someone we all enjoy. Well all but dad but he’s an exception.” They all smiled at Marron; she was now crimson red.
  “Come on I have a great idea for us to have some fun.” Bra said, jumping up.
  “Um, how bout later. I’m really need to make some calls.”
  “Oh sure. Go on.” Bra said sweetly, completely understanding. She turned to Trunks. “Help her up to her room.” she growled at him under her breath.
  “Right away my mistress.” Trunks teased. He helped Marron to her crutches and they left hte room. As they walked down the long corridor, Marron turned to Trunks. “I don’t see why Goten had such a problem with my apartment size. This house is enormous.”
Trunks smiled at her. “I know. Sometime I wish I lived all the time at my apartment. I wouldn’t have such a hard time finding my room when I am here.”
She laughed and he opened the door for her.
  “Thanks.” She said, “After I have made my calls, I’ll call you.”
  “Ok, goodnight.” he said and closed the door when he left. Marron made her way to her bed and picked up the phone.