Chapter 12 “Prescriptions and Accusations”

The doctor emerged from Marron’s dark room. He looked up at the depressed family.
  “Well I am afraid that she has a very mild case of the flu that seems to be just draining all of her energy. But if you give her one of these,” he said handing Bulma a bottle of pills, “every hour for 2 days she should be back to normal in no time.” Trunks plopped down on the couch and put his head in his hands.
  “Trunks, she’s not dead.” Bra said softly to her upset brother.
“She’s just sick.” she laughed.
  “Maybe I should just end all of it before we are hurt more then you want to be.” a voice declared from the front door way then it began to move toward Marron’s bedroom. Trunks ran and stood in his way.
  “You touch one blonde hair on her head and you will never see me again.”
Trunks growled.
  “Good. Never liked you anyways.” Vegeta snorted.
  “Or me.” Bra and Bulma threatened in unison. A smirk formed across Vegeta’s face. “Go home and make me dinner, woman.”
  “Later.” she barked.
  “Go on mom. We’ll be fine and we’ll meet back up with you at the park, later.” Trunks reassured her.
  “Well....ok. But if she get’s worse make sure to call me.”
  “Ok mom, I will.” Trunks smiled.
And with that Bulma ushered Bra out but had to say nothing to Vegeta to get him to leave.
Trunks put down the half empty bottle. He was thinking of ways he could make her take her pills. She had taken them with little resistance up till now. After 10 she said that she didn’t want to take and more. She said they taste like chalk and she felt better before she started taking them then she did now. He had brought her in the room with him and she was now asleep on the couch. Then there was a light knock on the door. Trunks got up and opened the door. He stares at the couple outside.
  “Hello? We are out here.” the woman snapped.
  “Oh my, I an so sorry.” Trunks opened the door wider. “I completely forgot that the party was today.”
  “What wrong with her?” Krillin asked, freaking out because his little girl was aspleep on the couch.
  “Oh, she has a case of the mild flu but she’s....” He stopped when he noticed that 18's eyes hadn’t left him since he opened the door.
  “Your Vegeta’s son. I can tell in you eyes. They are colder than his are.” she snarled, then she raised her hand and gathered a small amount of energy and aimed it toward Marron.
  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!”Krillin shrieked.
  “Something! DON’T get in my way.” she growled and released it. The small ball zoomed straight toward the limp Marron.
*Her mom’s a psychopath* Trunks decided as he realized that she couldn’t protect herself. Selflessly he throw his body in front of it and absorbed the ball.


  “Trunks?! Trunks?! Mom you killed him!” Marron exclaimed as she shook her limp lavander haired boyfriend.
  “Impossible. If he is really half Sayain then he could have absorbed another hundred of those and not be affected at all.”
Trunks’ eyes fluttered open. “What’s going on?” he stammered. 18 looked at him. “You did what no one else would have ever have even thought of doing. It was a test and you passed.”
  “Uh.....ok.” Trunks didn’t understand what just happened. He looked down a his watch. “10:38? You mean I was out for that long?”
  “Yeah, that’s why I was worried. You completely missed the party, but don’ t feel to bad. I didn’t wake up till 10 and mom and dad didn’t go either.”
Trunks climbed up on the couch. “Please forgive me, but I am extremely tired.” Marron smiled, “Come on. You can stay at his place.” Marron said, getting up on her crutches and grabbing Trunks’ apartment keys off of her counter then showing her parents to where they would be staying.
  “Where is my son?!” a voice shrieked. 18 knew who it was immediately. “Bulma?! Is that you?”
  “Who is that? I have a husband who can kick your ass!!!!”
  “And I know that.”
  “Juuhachigou!!!!” Bulma embraced her long-lost friend. Then she turned to Krillin and hugged him too. “So where are they?” she asked finally.
  “Who?” Krillin asked.
  “Our kids.”
  “Oh.” Krillin lead them across the hall to Marron’s place. Bulma knocked but got no response. She turned the knob only to find that the door never was locked. When they opened the door, they saw a scene that they’d never forget. Inside the 2 had a fun fight. There was coke cans all over and what remained of dried up soda everywhere. There was chips, silly string, pickles, mayonnaise, toothpaste, and any other food item in every corner of Marron’s apartment, and in the middle of it all was the 2 lovers, holding each other close, and in peaceful slumber.