Quick notes on the RPG…

--Welcome to Neo-GTM’s RPG. This RPG isn’t built mainly on rules, but I’m gonna list a few things to consider when you decide to Role Play…That way others will have a healthy respect for you…

(Yes, I know you are wondering, why did you list this stuff, but honestly, I kinda got sick and tired of people asking me what ‘ROFL’ and ‘BRB’ means…X.x;;)

Terms to know…

RP- RolePlay
Irp- In RolePlay
RL- Real Life
Irl- In Real Life
LoL- Laughs out loud
ROFL- Rolls on the floor laughing
LMAO- Laughing my ass off
ROFLMAO- Rolls on the floor laughing my ass off…(Sorry, I just can’t resist these…)
BRB- Be right back
BBL- Be back later
GTG- Got to go
AFK- Away from Keyboard
^_^ =D -.- =( oO;; (Various facial expressions…)

Well, that’s a quick lesson in da’ language of RP. Now, let’s continue.

Skills that can be used to enhance basically any kind of chat.

 (Yeah, yeah…I hate saying this one too, but…aren’t you guys tired of people that…’sits down by a tree and narrows his/her eyes’ or ‘…’ ALL the time? It gets so repetitive and lame, it makes me wanna gag!)

#1. Be original. Don’t try and mimic things that you may have seen on TV or movies. That’s considered lame…(Unless if you are you are RP’ing and you wanna RP that specific character or event)

#2. Be yourself. Hey, if you wanna do something, do it! It won’t hurt you…not in most cases, but doesn’t it take a leap of faith to accomplish something?

#3. In an RPG, anything can be possible. You can go from anywhere to having a massive epic quest, to just plain fighting, even marriage or whatever you feel deemed necessary. Just trying to tell all newcomers that anything can be done.

#4. Since fighting is a common form of RP, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT Godmode. Godmoding is where one person fights another, and never receives a hit and basically is being unfair. Try and keep it sort of even. However, some people do have reps for being amazing fighters, and they do not godmode, just find ways to mentally trick there opponent.
#5. Just enjoy yourself, and try not to let RP really grab you and draw you away from RL. It’s a sorry thing…So have a life while yer at it!

Those are the current rules for RP’ing. If you’d like to add a rule or throw in a comment, email me at: lead_phoenix@hotmail.com OR ICQ me…The UIN# is 97383420. Also, Inow have AIM. My ScreenName is ProjectHiro


Team GTM and GTM Garden

--Get on yer hardhats and stuff, cuz like, uhhh…we are building the GTM RPG! We need ideas, stories, and other things, so please send us in your stuff. Email Haruko, Rukawa, or me the details of what you’d like to add in and we’ll see if we can actually do that.

GTM Garden

Team GTM

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