Part 1: How it All Started

Marron was going to graduate in less than a month then she would be free  to do anything she wanted , she had already picked out an apartment to live in  , now she just needed a job , Juuhachi said she would ask Bulma if there  were any job openings at Capsule Corp. since Marron was pretty smart about computers and things like that. Her and Bulma were probably talking about it right now.

   Someone opened her door , it was probably otousan , he was always coming to check on her and see if she was having any trouble with her homework. She suddenly had a strange feeling it was someone else , she looked up. Trunks ,  what was he doing in here !? He was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. (very Vegeta like=)) She noticed a big change in him , he was a bit taller and more grown up looking, almost cute , she blushed at the  thought.

   “So , Juuhachi said you were looking for a job.”

   “Umm , well , yes do you think your mom would hirer me?” she asked , no wonder all her friends had crushes on him!
 “Well I’ll hire you , I’m being made President at the end of this month.” Trunks looked Marron up and down , she was sitting on the floor with her  legs crossed , doing homework. She was much prettier than the last time he  had seen her she had beautiful blond shiny hair still in the usual pigtails , a nose , a cute little button nose , and rosy cheeks. She looked happy with the answer and so he was happy , too.

   “Wow , arigotou and congratulations!” she suddenly had the thought to jump up and hug him , but she quickly dismissed the notion.

   “Well. . . . uhu. . . . Do you. . . I mean are you having any trouble with your homework?” He was mumbling and he looked embarrassed. Did he like her or something ?

   “I’m almost done if you wanted to stay and talk or something , you can.” He sat on her bed and watched her finished. She wrote down a few more lines  on her paper and put the sheet inside her book. She got up and reached for her book bag was sitting behind Trunks on her bed. She put away the book and sat on the bed. “So do you and Goten hang out very much?”

   “Yah , but he has a girlfriend , Paris , and they go out a lot.”

   “Do you have a girlfriend?” Marron asked , she was sure he did with his looks and rich family.
 “No.” No , why not?! Marron thought as Trunks continued “So do you have a boyfriend?”

 “No” It was only part true she was going out with the head quarterback of her high school team, Mendo , but a few days ago on one of there dates he  tried to do things she didn’t even want to think about doing with him . She told him to get a life and take her home. She had had a lot of boyfriends like that and wondered if Trunks was like that. Nether of them had noticed the blonde spying on them from the hallway.

   “Hey Bulma why don’t you wait a few minutes Trunks and Marron are talking.” Juuhachi giggled.

   “Talking? The same Trunks that pulled Marron’s pigtails till she cried is  talking to the same Marron who would make up stories just to get him in trouble?” Bulma cried.

 “Yep , don’t you think they would make such a kawaii couple?” Juuhachi grinned.

“People change” Bulma started to think of Trunks and Marron as girlfriend and boyfriend. How kawaii!

 “Where are you going to stay after you graduate?” Trunks asked , he wanted to make sure she was going to live some where nice , he had heard that there were a couple dumps in Satan City that they were somehow allowed to still
   call livable.

 “Washu Apartments , they’re pretty close to Capsule Corp. aren’t they?” she asked even though she knew the answer , she was trying to keep conversation.

 “Yah , there just down the street , they’re the nicest apartments in town. When you get moved in call me and give me your new number.”

 “Sure , do you think we could go to a movie or something after I get settled in ?” she asked shyly , she was hoping that her liked her enough to at least say yes , even if it never happened.

 “That would be great , I would enjoy it a lot.” Trunks exclaimed , so she dose have a thing for me he thought. He left and shut her door behind him.

   Marron remembered she was going to go to the last football game of the school year that night with some friends so she called up one of her buds and told her to come and pick her up. Trunks drove Bulma back to Capsule Corp. and decided to go hang out with Goten.

   “Three popcorns please!” Marron ordered to the concession seller.

   “Sorry , that guy over there just bought all of our popcorn.” Marron looked  where he pointed. There was Goten carrying at least twenty bags of popcorn.

   She ran after him.

   “Hey , Goten give me a couple of those!” he turned around recognizing the voice.

   “Hi” he said , wow she looked good.

   “Well hand some over , I’ve got two starving friends waiting for there popcorn , I’ll pay you for them”

   “Here and don’t bother it’s Trunks’ money”

   “Trunks is here?” She asked looking through the stands “Tell him hi!” She  ran off with her popcorn. Goten watched her leave he had never told anyone but he had a secret crush on her. Tell him hi he thought they hated each other !?

   “Here Kagome , here Mihoshi” She handed them there popcorns and sat down.

   “Who was that stud-muffin you were talking to?” Mihoshi questioned.

   “That’s Son Pan’s uncle Goten.” Everyone new of Son Pan she was the grand daughter of the so called great Master Satan.

   Marron and her buds were walking over to Kagome’s car when they heard someone yell Marron’s name. It was Mendo , ick.

“Where are you going , don’t you want to come celebrate my victory ?” He was such a snob.

   “No , get lost , its over loser” Marron said. He smacked her across the  face. She punched him is the jaw and he fell back , got up and pushed her down. Goten caught her and put her upright as Trunks beat the crap out of Mendo. The whole team and many onlookers were watching and many of the  players came out to help Mendo. Goten and Trunks easily knocked down the sweaty jug-heads and the ones still standing ran off like babies.

   “Thanks you two , bye” she got in her friend’s car and shut her door.

Trunks and Goten stood and watched the car leave. Goten turned to Trunks and studied him as he watched the car leave. Well Trunks could have her ,Goten already had a wonderful girlfriend. “Come on lets go”


   The next day every one was talking about the most popular couple in school and there break-up. Marron sat in the cafeteria waiting for her friends to get through the lunch line. Behind her were three of the biggest gossips in school and they hadn’t seen her sit down.

   “Did you her Mr. and Mrs. Perfect just broke up” one girl said sarcastically.
   “Old news , she is going out with Son Pan’s uncle, Goten , I saw them together by the concession stand last night”
   “No way , shes Trunks Briefs girlfriend” claimed another.
   “He cant be going out with her! Now I have no chance with him!”
   “You never had a chance with him”
   “Well at least I talked to him” she shot back.
   “You mean when he laughed at you when you bumped into him at the mall and fell on your butt!?” exclaimed the other as the two started laughing.
   “Its not funny!!” the girl turned around to go sit at another table when she saw Marron staring strait at her. The other girls stopped laughing and stared.

   “You shouldn’t make rumors when you don’t even know if there true” the girl turned back around and sat down trying to avoid Marron eyes and Marron sat back down and saw that her friends were finished in the lunch line.

   Goten walked inside Pairs’ apartment and sat down she wouldn’t be home for at least thirty minutes but he decided he would house sit for awhile. He looked down at the coffee table , didn’t she keep that picture of them right there? He looked around mabe she moved it but he didn’t see it anywhere.

   Some one knocked on the door. “Delivery!” He got up and went to open the door. Outside there was a man with a vase of flowers. Goten took them  thinking they were probably from a family member and sat them on the table. He looked at the card: To my dear Pairs love Rioja. Who was that , then he looked over on the counter and saw a picture of Pairs and a guy he hadn’t seen before. He picked it up and looked at the back: Rioja and I at the  park.

   Goten grabbed the phone at dialed Pairs’ cell.

   “Who is Rioja , who is he!?” he screamed furiously.
   “Goten? I’ve never heard this name before what are you , where are yo..”

   He hung up , he was so angry he could have turned ssj. He left her apartment. He drove around and could find nothing to do he was still boiling when he parked his car at the mall , he went inside and walked around he didn’t want to go home were every one would be asking about him and Paris he sat down on one of the mall benches when he heard a weird sound. Bra was trying to hold back tears as she unwrapped her candy bar. This had  been the worst day of her life.

   “Bra?” she turned around Goten was sitting on the other side of the bench

   “Whats wrong are you upset about something?”
   “Yes , I just saw my boyfriend making out with the second most popular girl in school.”
   “Who’s the first?”
   “Oh , sorry”
   “That’s ok . Candy bar?” She offered. He took it and gave her back an empty  wrapper “Hey you!”
   “Hey what?” he asked he almost forgot his anger as he joked with her.
   “You. . . . .you candy bar eater! Hey , you never come to the mall why are you here?” Bra questioned.
   “It was the only place to go. I don’t want to go home I was going to spend the rest of my day my girlfriend . . . well now my ex-girlfriend.”
   “Oh to bad , you mean Pairs right ? You two were going out for a long time.” she said still sounding like she might cry.
   “You aren’t you happy go-shopping self today , Bra. Why are you letting some guy get to you ?” he questioned.
   “Well I didn’t really care about him its just that I told every one I had a big date tonight and I couldn’t possibly go home or to one of my friends’ house cause they all think I’m out with him. The rest of my family is going to a diner in honer of my mom and in celebration of Trunks becoming presedent , they invited me to go along , when I gave them this big speech
about how I had a life and that it didn’t revolve around Capsule Corp. So to
make this explanation as short as possible , I can’t go home.”
   “Well since neither of us can go home , wanna hang out?”


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