Part 2: Dates , Fights ,and Frights 

Goten walked Bra to his car and they discussed where to go.

   “How about the beach?”

   “How about not , I don’t know about you Goten but I don’t carry a swimsuit with me”

   “Ok , how about the movies?”

   “I’ve seen most of the movies there , but I guess we could go see Titanic , I’ve already seen it 5 times though.”

   “That thing about the big boat , I rather not.”


   “I know ! Lets go see the wrestling match at the Satan arena!”

   “Oh , fun” Bra replied sarcastically “What if Pan or her parents see you ,  wouldn’t they ask you about Paris?”

   “Pan has a school play tonight and Gohan and Videl are going to watch.”

   “Fine , since you wont go anywhere I want to go”

   “Where do you want to go than?”


   “All right then here we go” He turn the key and they were lifted off the ground , Goten wasn’t a good driver.

   “You are going to get a ticket”

   “I not going that fast” Goten looked over at Bra adjusting her seat belt.

   “You just ran a red light”

   They got inside just in time to see the last fight , it was between the two  wrestlers that had won all of the other previous matches. Goten checked them out the larger one had a power level of 34 and the other had a level of 31. They announced the fighters names , the weaker ones name was Kung fu Lu and the other’s was Rocky Rick.

   They started fighting and Lu punched Rick in the chest which seemed to do nothing , the crowd booed. “Come on my Grandma hits harder than that!” Bra shouted with the crowed . Goten looked over at her “I’m just trying to fit  in” she giggled. They looked back towards the fight and Bra yelled some  more.

   After plenty of Bra’s shouting Lu stopped the fighting. He had heard enough of that girl’s clamor. He looked around to see who it was from. “Are you gona’ fight or just stand there!?” He saw who had said it , she  looked familiar , she was that rich little Briefs girl. Some one needed to teach her manners. He junped out of the fighting area and walked towards her. Goten got in front of her but she pushed him away “He wouldn’t hit a girl”

   “You don’t know what he might do”

   “Well he couldn’t hurt some one like me” she took a step forward with Goten right behind her.

   “Oh , little tough girl , wheres your body guards?”

   “I don’t need any” she didn’t like his attitude or the nick-name he chose for her. She took another step forward and so did he. He was about to hit her when suddenly he was against the wall on the other side of the room . Bra had seen him get ready to hit her so she punched him in the chest , amazed at her own strength. Her hand hurt but he looked like he hurt more smashed up against the wall. Goten and another guy picked her up and sat her on there shoulders as every one cheered for her and gave her high-fives.

   This was cool , really cool.

   Veget was as surprised as Bulma when he told her he was going to the dinner with them , since the last dinner they went to she had to threaten to take away his gravity room and stop cooking for him if he didn’t go. But he had  almost liked the last dinner they went to , besides the food all the men there were rude and didn’t want to talk to him which was fine with Vegeta. He did talk to one human and he found him to be slightly intelegetnt. The dinner almost reminded him of one on Vegisei , he was the husband of Mrs.Briefs which was kind of like being the prinice of a planet. No one would stop him from dong anthing he wanted.
   The dinner was a big success and they stayed till 12:30. When they got  home Bra was already asleep in her room.


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