Part 3: Secret Crushes 


Trunks was getting ready to go to work when the pone rang “Moshimoshi”

   “Trunks ? Is this an ok. time to call?” Marron asked .
   “Well actually I’m about to go to Capsule Corp. but that can wait , why did you call ?”
   “I was just board so I called to see what you and Bra were doing”
   “Well I’m trying to fix my tie right now and Bra has already left for school”


   “Marron are you still there?”
   “Hai , its just that we don’t have school today and Bra and I were just talking about it yesterday , do you think she already forgot?”
   “Well I thought she said she was getting ready to go to school , but maybe I didn’t hear her right. Hey , she is a teenager now she should be able to take care of herself.”
   “Your right she is probably at the mall or something.” Marron decided.
   “Anything else?” Trunk didn’t want to hang up.
   “Iie, just…well mabe you could come to my graduation next week?” she asked shyly hoping he’ll say yes.
   “I would love to” He exclaimed , he turned around and saw the clock it was 7:45 and his meeting was at 7:50 “Yabai! Got to go , ja-neh!”

   He hung up before she got the chance to say good-bye. She put the phone down and wondered where Bra might be.

   Bra steeped behind a rock and squatted down. She had decided to sneak up on Goten so she came to the spot where he usually trained. Just like usual he was training there , with out his shirt off (Bra was really enjoying this ^__~) He pulled back his hand and gathered energy “KAMEHAMEHA” he released his energy towards a bolder near him. The stone exploded and Bra screamed covering her head with her hands. Goten saw the figure behind the rock ,he recognized the turquoise hair and small body.

   “Bra!” In less than a milia-second he was above her letting the crushed rock and gravel fall on him , he powered up and an ora covered them , the rock flew away from them.

   “What the jigoku are you doing here?!” He yelled.
   “Why are you yelling at me , you’re the one who almost killed me!” she shot back.
   “I’m the one who saved you!”
   “Baka yaro!”
   “Nani ?! You spoiled brat you were spying on me and I saved you from certain death and you start calling me names!” Goten turned around and flew off.
   “Ahondara!” She screamed , making sure it was loud enough for him to hear. She pulled out her hover-cycle capsule and drove to the Turtle house. Marron was fixing lunch for her and her parents who had went in to the city to do some shopping , they were still gone and Mutin Roshi was nowhere to be seen, when she heard someone pounding on the door.

   “Come in” Marron called. Bra stomped in to the kitchen “Bra ?! Daijoubu ka?”
   “Iie! How can Trunks be friends with that idiot Goten?! I mean he is so thick headed , he has to be reminded to breath?!”
   “What did he do?” Marron asked.
   “Well he almost killed me and then called me a spoiled brat!”
   “And your saying your not spoiled…sorry I had to , but anyways how did he ‘almost’ kill you? She asked raising in eyebrow. “I’ve never pictured Goten trying to kill you , his best friends little sis”
   “Well he shot a power at me”
   “Honto?!” she questioned , surprised.
   “Well….I don’t think he knew I was there”
   “Were you hiding from him , how did you bock his ki blast?”
   “Well…I…Iwasspyingonhimandshotablastthenhekindasavedmeandstuff” she blurted out as fast as she could realizing that she shouldn’t of got so angry.
   “You mean you were hiding from him when was training and once he saw you and figured out you would get hurt he rescued you? And your mad at him?”
   Bra looked down at the ground “Wow I shouldn’t of been so mean to him”
   “Hey wait a sec. You were spying on him?” she asked.
   “Umm…..demo….well…I wanted to watch his fighting technique”
   “Oh sure and next your going to stop shopping and join the Tenchi Bodika! I know , you wanted to see if Goten works out in tight pants or not!”
   “What do you mean by that?!” Bra snapped.
   “Stop acting stupid I can see you have a thing for Goten.”
   “What do you mean thing , I have no thing for Goten!”
   “Bra , he is way older than you! Come on and besides doesn’t he have a girlfriend , Paris?”
   “They broke up! And besides look at Pan and Trunks know one cared about there ages!”
   “What do you……”Marron was totally confused Pan and Trunks?
   “Huh ? Oh, Trunks and Pan broke up a long time ago…..what was that look for?”
   “What look , don’t try to change the subject.” Bra ran out of the kitchen “Marron likes Trunks!! Marron wants to kiss
Trunks!! Marron wants to marry Trunks!! Marron . . . .” Bra stopped as she noticed the threesome standing in the door.

   “Well at least I don’t like Goten!” Marron yelled walking into the living room. Marron noticed Bra turning red , starring at the door. Marron turn her gazed toward the other side of the room and also immediately turned red. Juhachigou was giggling at the girls as Krillen starred at Trunks who looked panicked. Juhachigou had seen Trunks leaving Capsule Corp. for a lunch break and had invited him to eat with them. Marron jumped back into the kitchen , she was going to kill Bra at the first opportunity. Bra decide this was to much pressure so she decided to faint and so she did so. Trunks was looking feverishly back at Krillen who’s eyes were burning holes through him. Juhachigou pushed Krillen through the door  so she could get inside , she went over and shook Bra “Come on its not that bad”

   “Not that bad , tell me what could be worse?” Bra said lying with her eyes still closed.
   “Well Satan could really be the strongest guy on Chikyu” Juuhachi answered pulling Bra back up. Krillen walked over to the sofa and sat by Bra leaving Trunks standing in  the doorway looking like he had been struck by lighting. Juuhachi went in  to the kitchen. “Hi , honey” she said bitter sweet.
   “Shut up , mom. What is Trunks doing here anyways?” Marron asked.
   “Well he was walking out to the restaurant down the street from Capsule Corp. and so we invited him to eat with us.” She gave Marron a giant grin and helped her prepare the meal. 


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