Part 4: An Uneasy Meal


   Marron avoided going out of the kitchen until the table was completely set. Trunks watched her come out of the kitchen door avoiding his eyes. She ate quietly and the only time she looked away from her plate was to glare at Bra. Bra also avoided Trunks’ eyes and he was avoiding Krillen’s. The only person acting like her normal self was Juuhachi , she though it was very humorous watching every one eat in silence , but she soon got board and started to hum to herself. They were all finished and Marron started to pick up the dishes off the table “Know Marron , honey you cleaned the disheslast  night , let me do it” Juuhachi smiled warmly at her daughter. Marron had noticed that her mother thoroughly enjoyed every one’s discomfort  , how bitter sweet “Iie , kaasan I’ve got it”

   “No , you should entertain your gests , don’t you think?”
   “well..” Marron didn’t want to argue with her mother right now but she didn’t want to stay in the same room with Trunks , Bra , and her father. Trunks was still sitting in his chair at the dinning room table. He could see that both Bra and Marron were uneasy being near him , he probably would have had fun nagging Bra or flirting with Marron but there was a third person in the room that hadn’t lowered his ki since he entered the room.

   Trunks looked down at his watch “Got to go I have to… one of those…uhh….things presidents do”

   “Go away now” Bra grumbled from the sofa. She couldn’t wait till would leave. Trunks walked out the door saying thank you for the meal and a rather hurried good bye. Marron made quick steps to the sofa pulling Bra up by her arm and pulled her in to her room , shuting the door behind her. “ Thanks for telling Trunks I have a crush on Goten and I don’t even have a crush on him”

   “You can stop lying Bra , I’ve known you’ve had a crush on him since you were little. But what about me? Trunks thinks I want to have some big love affair with him now! How could you say that if front of him!” Marron ranted. Bra sat on Marron’s bed and thought about what she just said as Marron paced angrily around the room. Was she right Bra new that she had a crush on Goten but were these feeling new or old? How long had see liked him or even loved him. “Marron You might be right about all that” Marron stopped , she tuned around with a faint smile on her face. She sat down on her bed beside Bra.

   “Bra I think that is great you are going after Goten and I think the best advice is to tell him how you feel. He might have the same feelings for you and if he doesn’t he must be dumber than I thought he was. And this is my other advice , if you talk to Trunks about me. I will kill you , seriously.”

   “Dose that mean you do like Trunks-kun?”

   “Yah , I mean I think he is good looking and smart and every thing but I’m sure if he wanted to be in a relationship I wouldn’t be his first choice.”
   “Maybe , mabe not but I could ask him if he likes you….”
   “No , don’t you even! Please don’t talk to him about it , ok!?”

   Bra was sitting on the floor of her room leaning against her wall. Books were everywhere “…..4F times .7 = 35.9 times G…….aghh! Math is numbers not letters!!”
   “That’s why they call it algebra , onii-chan” Trunks said popping his head  through the door.
   “Scram , Trunks-kun”
   “Trunks , please and I just came to talk you and if your nice I’ll help you  with that homework”
   “What do you want?” Trunks grinned and sat across from Bra “So what were you and Marron talking about when we walked in on you two the other day , at Krillen’s?”
   “Nothing” Bra announced looking down at her papers.
   “Well if you want to be that way about it mabe I’ll just invite Goten….”
   “What do you want to know?”
   “So what was said before we came in , about me?” Trunks asked.
   “She said you were cute and smart but that you probably didn’t like her or anything. So do you?”

   Trunks rested his chin on his hands and looked over at Bra. Bra looked back at him she didn’t have to ask she already knew the answer. He wouldn’t have come in and talked to her if he thought Marron was just another girl. Bra closed her book and through it in to Trunks’ lap , he turned his eyes is the book’s direction before he stood up and walked through the door. “ Hay ! Come back her you said you would help me with this!”


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