The second day goes by quickly as Dragon Force battle the many other warriors looking to take the winning titles for themselves. A large muscular man beats Trunks’ and moves on to the semi-finals. Ubuu comes and defeats to fighter that beat Trunks, but is beaten as he makes the mistake of underestimating an opponent. Bra and Pan duke it out for the title of the universes’ most powerful woman. Bra wins as she uses her ability to perform Super Sayajin against Pan. Gokou and Vegeta fight for the championship in the men’s portion of the tournament. After a grueling five-hour battle Gokou comes out the winner over a very pissed off Vegeta. Goten fights to the semi-finals but Dragget overcomes him with a barrage of Ki blasts. Overkill blasts his way through all his opponents with anger and resentment as he imagines all his opponents are actually Goten. Also Ubuu and Overkill take the title as the most powerful team in the universe.

 Even though the matches go without a hitch for most of the Dragon Force members, Goten, Bra, and Overkill avoid contact throughout the entire day. Goten seems to mope around the center trying to get a grip on the situation. Bra fights well, as she is somehow able to put yesterday’s incident in the back of her mind as if it never happened. She knows if she thinks about it that it will eat away at her. Overkill walks around the center between bouts with an aura of anger around him. The aura is felt by all of the fighters and they make a path for him, as he looks blankly forward just waiting for someone else to piss him off and make him hurt someone. Overkill walks by Dragget, who is leaning up against a pillar in the main area. Dragget smiles devilishly as Overkill walks by. “What are you lookin at?” Overkill says angrily. “Problems in the home?” Dragget says smiling. Overkill glances coldly at him and decides to wait till they fight in the finals. “Pansy,” Dragget says as Overkill walks away.

 The day goes by and the third and final day of the competition arrives. All of the fighters in the tournament gather around a large arena and wait for the match they all have wanted to see. A path is made as Overkill walks to the arena and enters. He stands straight and looks forward and sees his final opponent. Dragget smiles back as he clinches his fists. “The final match of the tournament is about to commence,” a loud booming voice announces over the speakers around the arena. “It sill be fought between the returning champion Dragget,” a round of boo’s and hisses rings out all over the crowd, “ and the challenger for the title, Overkill!” Cheers are heard around the crowd.  “Your mine Sayajin. I’m going to ride you all over this ring!” Dragget yells. “Funny, that’s what yo Momma said last night!” Overkill snaps back. Dragget growls loudly and crouches down into his fighting stance ready to fight. Overkill smiles and prepares. He looks around the large crowd of people and frowns as he notices that he can’t find Bra at all in the crowd. He could usually sense Bra’s unique energy signature but now he couldn’t. He looks away disappointed at her absence from the crowd. He can still sense everyone else’s powers. Gokou, Vegeta, Ubuu, and all the others were there but he just couldn’t sense Bra’s energy.

 He looks back to Dragget with an angry look on his face. Before he was just angry, now he was furious. Bra was the one person he wanted there the most. “Match begin,” the loud voice of the announcer rings a Dragget leaps at Overkill. Overkill disappears as he leaps high into the air. Overkill turns in the air and extends his hand towards Dragget and fires a large Ki blast. Dragget backhands it away and leaps into the air after Overkill. Dragget buries his fist into Overkill’s gut. Overkill doubles over and is thrown to the ground. Overkill flips through the air as he lands on his feet. Dragget rockets down at Overkill and the two engage in a grueling battle. Overkill grabs a handful of Dragget’s hair and pulls down hard as Overkill rams his knee into Dragget’s face. Dragget’s head bounces back with a jerk as he falls backwards from the blow. Overkill leaps at him and buries his fist into Dragget’s gut and fires a Ki blast that sends Dragget flying.
 Bra watches the match uneasily as Dragget and Overkill battle furiously. She concentrates on masking her energy so that Overkill couldn’t sense her. Overkill spins and buries the heel of his foot into the side of Dragget’s head. Dragget spins and hits Overkill with the back of his fist. Overkill throws a roundhouse kick at Dragget but Dragget blocks it. Overkill doesn’t put his leg down however and snaps his foot again and catches Dragget in the face. Dragget attacks with a barrage of punches and kicks. Overkill blurs with speed as he dodges all the attacks. Overkill notices Dragget is getting even more powerful as the fight continues.

Overkill kicks Dragget away as he performs Super Sayajin level three. Overkill rockets at Dragget and punches him several times in the gut. His arms blur with power and speed as his fists bury deeper and deeper into Dragget’s stomach. Dragget doubles over with pain as he tries to catch his breath. But Overkill doesn’t let up and continues to overpower Dragget. Overkill uppercuts Dragget and sends him flying into the air. Overkill holds up his hand and makes his palm flat. “Big Bang attack!” He yells as he fires a massively powerful blast at Dragget. The blast hits and explodes on Dragget. The smoke clears and Dragget’s body falls quickly out of the sky and hits the ground hard. Dragget doesn’t move and just lies on the ground still. Overkill turns around to the crowd and embraces in the applause. Dragget comes back to life and growls as he limps slowly behind Overkill. He holds out his hand as he comes closer and closer to Overkill. He plans to use the move called leach touch on Overkill and win the match.  He is inches away from Overkill and smiles as he is about to suck all of Overkill’s energy away. Overkill suddenly leaps into the air spinning. Dragget looks up as he is suddenly kicked in the face and is sent flying across the arena. Dragget hits the ground hard and stops moving.

Overkill leaves the arena victorious and makes his way through the silent crowd. Everyone leaves the arena and leaves a beaten Dragget all alone. Two men with a stretcher enter the ring to take the broken Dragget away. Dragget is loaded on the stretcher and is put into the back of a space age ambulance and driven away. Dragget lays motionless while a paramedic tends to his wounds. He looks down at Dragget and is surprised as a muscle twitches on Dragget’s face. “Man that Overkill guy beat you real good!” The paramedic says slightly laughing. Dragget’s eyes open suddenly and Dragget grabs the man by his neck. Dragget smiles as the man’s energy starts to drain from him and into Dragget. The paramedic passes out as all of his energy enters Dragget.

Dragget, feeling renewed, sits up from the stretcher and looks at the man. The paramedic looks blankly as his eyes are rolled into the back of his head. His arms are skinny and his whole body looks like a skeleton with skin. “The leach touch works!” Dragget says happily. “Now I’m going to go back and get Overkill for humiliating me!” Dragget says, “But first…” The driver sits calmly at the wheel as he makes his way for the city hospital. Dragget’s hand suddenly crashes through the wall separating the driver’s area and the rest of the ambulance and grabs the driver’s head. Dragget sucks the energy from him too. The ambulance drives through the city recklessly as it finally crashes into a large pole on the sidewalk. Several people crowd around the wreckage and wonder what caused it. A police officer walks his way through the crowd and gets between them and the now burning ambulance. He turns to face the crowd as he holds up his hands to gain their attention. “Everyone go home now there is nothing to see here!” He yells. They hear the ambulance stir a bit and the officer turns around and looks at it curiously. In a flash of speed Dragget rips his way through the metal vehicle and pounces onto the police officer. The officer screams as he tries to get Dragget off but just passes out as he loses his energy. Dragget licks his lips as the officer’s energy flows through his arms and enters him. It feels like his brain is on fire as he feels himself getting stronger and stronger. He looks up after he finishes his little meal and sees several scared people slowly backing away. He smiles slyly and licks his lips. “Lunch,” He says as he leaps at the crowd.

Overkill walks around the center looking for Bra. He hadn’t seen her sense yesterday. He walks through and sees Dean walking towards him. “Congratulations Overkill,” Dean says to the new teen champion. “Thanks,” Overkill says but really isn’t paying any attention as he looks around the main area. “Hey my group is leaving now so I guess I’ll see you next year champ,” Dean says. “I hope to see you there Dean,” Overkill says. Dean leaves through the crowd of people and Overkill is left alone. He turns around and finds Bra in front of him. “Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you!” Overkill says. “Vertell I want you to come with me, there is something we need to talk about,” Bra says, “And by we I mean we” She finishes as Overkill follows Bra to where Goten was patiently sitting on a bench outside the center. “What’s he doing here?” Goten says angrily. “We all need to talk,” Bra says sitting down on the bench besides Goten. She pats the area next to her signaling Overkill to sit by her. Overkill looks at the spot then to Goten who was sitting on the opposite side of Bra. “I think I’ll just stand,” Overkill says growling.

“Listen I love you both very much and I just don’t know or even want to choose between you two,” Bra starts. “ Just think of who is best for you,” Goten says sympathetically. “Oh great! He’s making himself seem like the good guy!” Overkill thinks to himself. “I love both of you equally and I don’t want to lose either of you,” Bra says. “I also enjoy both of your company and I want to remain friends always,” She says. “So I think it’s best if I don’t be with either of you,” Bra finishes looking down at the ground. Goten exhales deeply but stays calm. But Overkill was different. Bra looks up as she feels his anger rising steadily. “Overkill we’ll still be friends and Goten is taking this well, why can’t you?” Bra says trying to keep Overkill from loosing his temper. “Because he’s not the one who just got dumped!” Overkill yells loudly. “If it wasn’t for this little punk me and you would still be together!” He yells even louder. Goten stands up quickly trying to defuse the growing time bomb. “Listen man it’s ok. No hard feelings right?” Goten says putting out his hand and putting it on Overkill’s shoulder. “Get your stinkin hands off me!” Overkill yells as his fist collides with Goten’s face and sends him flying through the air. “Vertell stop!” Bra yells but Overkill was already rocketing towards Goten.

Goten sits up from the small trench his body made into the ground and looks up seeing Overkill heading right at him. “I’ve tried to be the good guy here but if it’s a fight you want I’m happy to supply it!” Goten yells flying into the air and locking into a battle with Goten. The fists and legs blur as both of them exchange blows with speed and power. Bra is helpless and just watches. Overkill leans back as he attempts to do a backflip kick but Goten blocks and grabs his leg. “I know that move Overkill and I can counter it!” Goten yells as he spins in the air holding Overkill’s ankle. Goten spins like a top then lets go of Overkill and sends him crashing through a row orange trees. Overkill flips back to his feet and sees Goten already flying at him. Goten gets closer with each second but Overkill suddenly disappears. Goten stops in mid air and looks around a bit. He feels pain as Overkill reappears and embeds his knee into Goten’s spine. Goten falls and hits the ground hard and his body makes a small crater in the ground. Overkill lands above him and looks down at Goten. Goten starts to stir and gets up to his hands and knees. Overkill holds up his right hand at Goten and fires several Ki blasts point blank. The air fills with the sound of Goten yelling in pain. “Stop!” Bra yells. Overkill stops his attack and looks over at Bra. His heart practically breaks as he sees the horror in her eyes. Overkill looks back down at Goten and lands on the ground. Overkill sneers at Goten as he walks away. Goten gets back up from the ground and sees Overkill with his back turned. “You don’t get away that easily,” Goten says as he leaps at Overkill and tackles him from behind. “Stop it! Stop fighting!” Bra yells but neither listen as they both punch and kick each other.

Overkill and Goten stand in their fighting forms looking at the other. They both wait for the other one to make the first move. A drop of sweat rolls down Overkill’s cheek and Goten’s eye slightly twitches. Overkill’s foot moves a little bit and that is enough for Goten. Goten leaps at Overkill and in turn Overkill leaps at Goten. They see a bright light and are both knocked to the ground. Ubuu floats down from where he was watching and lands between the two fighters. “Ubuu get out of the way!” Goten says. “You my Dawg and all but I will go through you if I have to!” Overkill says. “This has gone far enough you two!” Ubuu says. “Look at you two, actin like children!” Ubuu says. Overkill and Goten look at each other but they still give each other bad looks. “You guys should be using your energy for better things!” Ubuu says. “Yes indeed like giving it to me!” Ubuu hears as he turns around to see what it is. Dragget pounces like a lion and pins Ubuu to the ground. Electricity seems to be flowing out of Ubuu and into Dragget as Dragget sucks all of Ubuu’s energy out of him. “Ubuu!” Overkill says getting up and clinching his fists. Goten gets up also and can tell something big was about to happen.
Dragget stands up straight and looks at Overkill. “I want a rematch!” Dragget says leaping at Overkill with speed Overkill has never seen before and hits Overkill sending him flying high into the air. Goten jumps at Dragget from behind but Dragget spins around and kicks him into the air also. Dragget smiles and is about to fly into the air but stops as he feels a Ki blast hit his back. He turns around and finds an angry Bra in Super Sayajin form. “So the skank wants some too?” Dragget says as he leaps at Bra. Bra flies quickly into the air and flies away as Dragget closely follows behind. Bra looks back and sees Dragget right behind her. Dragget disappears and reappears in front of Bra. She stops in mid air and tries to turn around but Dragget punches her hard and sends her crashing into a building. Bra falls out of the small crater made into the building and floats in the air. She looks up and sees Dragget rocketing right towards her with his fist held back. Bra closes her eyes waiting to be sent to the next dimension. Both Goten and Overkill suddenly appear in front of Dragget and both hit him hard sending him crashing through a long row of buildings. Bra opens her eyes and exhales seeing her two heroes. “Thanks,” She says. “Anytime,” They both say at the same time and look at the other angrily. “Back off scrub,” Overkill says. “I’m getting sick of you so back off!” Goten says back. “Don’t start that up again!” Bra says.

They hear a yell as Dragget fires several fireballs at them. They disappear and the blasts hit and demolish the building they were standing in front of. All three reappear on top of another building and look around for Dragget but neither sees him. “Where did he go?” Bra says. “I don’t know. He’s close though I can feel it!” Goten says looking around. Overkill just looks around gritting his teeth. All three of them feel the building rumble and then suddenly stop. “What was that?” Bra says. Suddenly Dragget crashes through the top of the building and grabs onto Overkill and drags him down into the building. The building shakes violently as Overkill and Dragget fight all the way down through the building. The shaking stops as Overkill is sent flying through the wall of the building and he skids on the pavement. Bra and Goten look down and see this as both of them wonder where Dragget is.

The building starts to shake again as it suddenly blows up. Bra is knocked out as she plummets down to the ground. Goten suddenly appears and catches her in his arms. He sets her down and looks for Dragget. Dragget appears in front of Goten and knees him in the stomach. Goten holds his stomach as he falls to his knees. Dragget forms a Ki ball in his hands and stands over Goten ready to finish him off. Dragget flies through the air as a Ki blast carries him into the sky. Goten looks up and sees Overkill walking towards him. “We need to go after him,” Overkill says holding out his hand. Goten looks up at him and grabs his hand as Overkill helps him up off of the ground. They stand up and look at each other both unsure of what the other is thinking. “Let’s go,” Goten says. Overkill nods and both of them go Super Sayajin. They both rocket into the air and follow the path that Dragget was sent.

Dragget still flies through the air and the Ki ball finally dissipates sending him falling to the hard ground below. Dragget stands back up and looks around him at his surroundings. He is now in an open area with a few trees. In front of him is a large mountain range and behind him is a large deep trench. “Got to get back there, I still have some business to settle with Overkill,” Dragget says as he stands up and starts to walk towards the city. He looks up and sees a glint of light in front of him. “What is that?” He says as the flying object gets closer and closer. Suddenly Overkill is right on top of him as Overkill punches Dragget in the face. Dragget is sent flying and skids on the ground. Dragget stands up and forms a Ki ball in his hands. “Your mine!” He yells but is silenced as Goten kicks him in the back. Dragget spins and backhands Goten. Goten flips backwards and lands in fighting form. Both Goten and Overkill attack at once and the brawl begins.
 Dragget knees Goten as he also backhands Overkill. Goten punches Dragget but is kicked in the head. Overkill jumps on Dragget’s back and wraps his arm around Dragget’s neck. “Get him!” Overkill yells as Goten attacks with a barrage of punches and kicks. Dragget stands unfazed and kicks Goten away. He then grabs onto Overkill and flips him over in front of him. Dragget stomps his huge boot down on Overkill’s stomach. He continues to go on and on over and over again. Dragget brings his foot up again to stomp on Overkill one final time. Goten tackles Dragget and rolls on the ground with him but Dragget throws him off. Dragget gets up and jumps at Goten. Goten gets up and sees Dragget with a Ki ball formed in his hands. Dragget throws down the blast and a large explosion engulfs both of them. Goten flies out of the explosion and crashes into the ground with a loud thud! Dragget laughs loudly as he walks out of the fire and ashes.
“I’m getting sick of you getting in my way!” Dragget says. Dragget grabs Goten’s head and starts to add pressure to it. Goten yells loudly as the pressure starts to hurt his head. Dragget smiles as he adds more and more pressure. “Back off!” he hears as he sees Overkill flying at him. Overkill punches Dragget and puts Goten over his shoulders and flies away as fast as he can. “Get back here!” Dragget yells as he fires several Ki blasts at Overkill and Goten. They explode all around him as Overkill flips and dodges the blasts. One of the blasts connects and knocks both Goten and Overkill to the ground. They both hit the ground hard. Dragget smiles slyly as he holds up his hand at them. “Good bye boys. It’s been fun but this has got to end,” Dragget says as his right hand forms a power ball. He looks up as he sees a bright light and a power blast hits him and bounces off of him. “Oh you again,” He says as Bra floats down in front of him.

Bra throws a punch at Dragget but Dragget dodges the punch and grabs her fist. Dragget knees Bra in the stomach and throws Bra to the side. Bra hits the ground and gets back to her feet. She fires a Ki blast that bounces off of Dragget’s back. “Why don’t you go away?” Dragget says throwing a small Ki ball at Bra. Bra leaps into the air and The ball explodes leaving a crater where she once was. Bra rockets down at Dragget and punches him in the gut, which doubles him over. Dragget’s mouth hangs open as he tries to regain his breath. Bra attacks over and over again hitting and punching Dragget. “Get off me!” Dragget yells as he hits Bra to the side. Bra flips in the air and lands on her feet.

“You know what?” Dragget says standing up straight holding his hurting stomach. “What?” Bra says in her fighting stance. “I’m going to help you make a decision,” Dragget says. Bra stands up straight, as she looks at Dragget cross-eyed. Overkill and Goten are back to their feet and also wonder what Dragget is talking about. Goten still in pain from the fight and hangs on Overkill who has Goten’s arm around the back of his neck. “What?” Bra says. “Here is my plan I help you pick one of your guys and you take him to be your boy toy or whatever and the other one…I kill. It’s fair for both of us!” Dragget smiles as he explains. “Forget you,” Bra says. “Well you really don’t have a choice do you?” Dragget says as he powers up and fires a massive energy blast at Goten and Overkill. “No!” Bra yells as she rockets after the blast. Overkill knows he can’t get out of the way with Goten on his arm, Goten knows this too. They both prepare to be sent to the next dimension. Bra follows close behind the blast and knows she can save one but not both. Bra increases speed still not knowing yet who to choose. She knows she has to choose one of them but who? Bra increases speed and instinctively goes after the one who she was in love with the most. She doesn’t even notice whom she is going after but her
sub-conscience has already chosen the right guy. “Bra?” Overkill says as he watches completely stunned as Bra flies by and grabs Goten. All he can do in that brief second before the blast hits, is watch as he realizes Bra has made her decision and he was the loser in more ways than one. Overkill looks forward and closes his eyes as the blast connects. The blast carries Overkill away and it explodes as they hit the mountain range. “Overkill!” Bra yells as she sets Goten down and is about to fly to Overkill’s aid. “No,” Goten says as he grabs onto Bra’s arm. “I gotta go and help Overkill!” Bra says. “There is nothing you can do!” Goten says. Bra stops and drops to her knees, as she looks at the ash and rubble that is left of the mountain range.

“Well it looks like the little lady has made her choice loverboy, and it wasn’t you!” Dragget says laughing at Overkill even though he knows Overkill can’t hear him. Bra wipes the tears away and her eyes narrow as She looks at Dragget. Dragget looks at Bra and notices her anger. “So you’re still not satisfied?” Dragget says laughing. “Murderer!” Bra yells as she rockets at Dragget. Dragget smiles as he holds up his hand and fires a small blast that knocks Bra to the ground. Dragget walks up to Bra and kicks her away. Bra skids off the ground and lands next to Goten. “Sense you still want to attack me I have no choice but to finish you off too,” Dragget says as he appears hovering over them. He holds his hand up at them and Goten and Bra feel his power going up.

“Back off!” Dragget hears as he is punched down to the ground. Dragget looks up to find Gokou standing between him and Goten and Bra. “You want some too huh?” Dragget says as he gets to his feet. “Oh WE do,” Gokou says as Vegeta lands next to him. “Yeah all of us want a piece of you,” Krillin says as he lands behind Dragget. Trunks, Piccolo, 18, Yamcha, Chao-tzu, Tien, and Pan land around Dragget forming a circle. Dragget looks around and thinks of his odds against them. Dragget looks forward and sees Gokou, Vegeta, and Trunks perform Super Sayajin to their maximum levels. “Well then…what are you waiting for?” Dragget says smiling. All of them attack at once. They use all their training, all their skill, all their power, but unfortunately Dragget only needs the slightest touch to drain someone of their energy. Bra and Goten watch amazed as all of the warriors lay on the ground surrounding Dragget. All of them are now just mere skeletons with skin and blank expressions on their pale faces. Dragget is on his knees as all of their amazing power starts to manifest in him. His body seems to disfigure as his whole body changes to accommodate the powers. Dragget looks up and smiles as he stands up straight. He is larger than ever and looks over and Bra and Goten. “That was a nice meal,” He says as he starts to walk towards them. “Now for the main dish!” He says as his hand gets closer and closer to them. Bra and Goten hug onto each other as they close their eyes and prepare.

A flash of speed and a whirl of winds go past them and Dragget stops in his place and gulps loudly. Bra and Goten open their eyes and look up to see why they weren’t Dragget’s latest meal yet. “Vertell?” Bra says as she sees Overkill with his elbow deep in Dragget’s gut. His clothes are tattered and torn and he has blood covering his face. “Sorry buddy I’m still here,” Overkill says as he starts to punch Dragget. Dragget continually steps back as he is punched in the stomach several times. Overkill punches faster and harder with each second that goes by as he aims to knock Dragget into the gorge that lay behind him. Slowly foot-by-foot Dragget steps back and continues to be pummeled by Overkill’s punches. Sweat pours down Overkill’s face. He is only one foot away from the gorge this was his chance. Overkill stops as he pulls his fist back one final time and gathers his energy. Overkill throws the punch and aims for Dragget’s head hoping to knock it off. His mouth hangs open as Dragget grabs his fist and applies pressure. Overkill falls to his knees as he feels his hands pop and the pain forces him to cry out. “Oh so sorry, but I can’t be defeated that easily. “I’m glad you didn’t die in that blast. If you did I wouldn’t be able to suck your worthless energy right out of you!” Dragget says as he puts his hands on Overkill’s shoulders. Overkill feels himself become light headed as his energy starts to become drained from him.

“Sorry but I’m not going out like that!” Overkill says grabbing Dragget’s hands. Overkill closes his eyes and concentrates as he holds onto Dragget’s hands. “What the!?!” Dragget says as he feels all of the energy he had accumulated starts to be drained from him. “How are you doing this?” Dragget says as he tries to take the energy back. “I was taught by Gokou that if I concentrate and use my Chi correctly I can do almost anything. Like take back the energy that you stole!” Overkill says. More and more energy leaves Dragget and enters Overkill. “Oh no you don’t!” Dragget says bringing up his knee and burying it into Overkill’s stomach. Overkill coughs up blood and loosens his grip. Overkill just stays on his hands and knees completely still as he tries to regain his breath. “I’m surprised that worked. With all the power you stole from me you should be ten times as strong as me right now,” Dragget says standing over Overkill. Overkill looks up at Dragget still gasping for breath. “I wasn’t trying to steal it from you I simply put it in a different place,” Overkill says smiling devilishly. “Where?” Dragget says. “Look down idiot!” Overkill says. Dragget looks down and finally notices a large ball of energy stashed in his belt. “Say goodbye loser!” Overkill says as he uppercuts Dragget and sends him flying over the gorge and down. “Fool I can fly!” Dragget yells as he stops himself in the air. “That’s not what I was trying to do. I planned to do this!” Overkill yells firing a small Ki blast down into the gorge. The blast hits the energy ball and it explodes with amazing light and power. The very edge of the gorge crumbles and the blast knocks Overkill back. Dragget gives out a blood-curdling scream as the explosion literally rips him apart.

Overkill sits up as he feels his energy return to him. He looks around and sees all of the dragonball fighters’ bodies fill back out to the way they were before. They sit up and wonder what exactly happened. Overkill stands to his feet and looks at Bra. She stands up and helps Goten to his feet. Overkill turns his head away and looks to the sky. “I’m sorry Vertell,” Bra says coming up from behind him. “It’s ok Bra. He’s better for you anyway,” Overkill says, as he looks deeper and deeper into the sky. “You made your choice and I will respect it,” Overkill says as he lifts himself into the air. “Where are you going?” Bra says. “I need to get away for a while,” Overkill says. “We can still be friends!” She yells after him. “We are, I just need to be…” Overkill rockets into the sky and heads for Earth. “Alone,” Bra hears and looks into the sky where Overkill disappeared. Goten walks up behind Bra and puts his arm around her. She leans against him still looking into the sky. Bra then leans her head on his shoulders and enjoys being close to him.

High on the top of a skyscraper in New York, Overkill stands alone. He didn’t go back to Capsule Corp. He just flew around till he found a high place to just stand there and think. Even though her decided to respect Bra’s decision he still doesn’t like it and his anger grows steadily. He thinks about how he acted and how he should have acted. “If I wasn’t so stupid me and Bra would still be together,” He says to himself angrily. His anger grows and radiates to amazing levels and a dark thunder cloud forms above him. The lightning roars with ferocity as he thinks about everything bad that happened to him in his life.  His thoughts wonder to other things like when he was young and he went out and battled beside his father against a foe that was unstoppable. The fight went on long and he witnessed at the same time the death of his father and soon after that the death of his innocence. After his father was killed he, being only ten years old, stood over his cold body as the warrior that killed him laughed loudly and hysterically. That’s where he, filled with anger and rage, went Super Sayajin for the first time. With his new power he easily kills the warrior. That’s where he witnessed the death of his innocence. In his life after there have been many deaths and many tears.

Overkill stands on the roof with his fists clinched. The thundercloud had turned into a small monsoon as the wind rushes through his jacket. He remembers once again the death of his family. Tears flow freely and he falls to his knees. “Ooooovvverrrkiiiilll,” Overkill hears a voice calling his name. It is a distant and alien voice that sends chills down his spine. He notices the thundercloud had descended around him and seems like a deep, thick fog. “Ooooovvverrrkiiiilll,” He hears it again, louder this time. “Who are you? How do you know my name?” Overkill yells into the fog. “Me?” The voice laughs a bit. “I’m a…friend,” The voice says. “What do you want?” Overkill yells again. “Only to help you, that’s all,” The voice continues. “It was your anger and despair that has revived me and has brought me here,” The voice continues.  “What’s your point? And if it’s good I wont smear your face across this building,” Overkill yells growling a bit. “I’m here to help you get revenge for all this heartbreak that those evil Gokou and Vegeta has put you through,” The voice says. “They don’t have anything to do with how I feel right now,” Overkill says. “Oh but they do. If it wasn’t for Vegeta there wouldn’t have been Bra to seduce you, and if it wasn’t for Gokou there would be no Goten to steal your woman!” The voice says. “You are crazy, leave me alone,” Overkill says as he starts to walk away. He feels himself lift into the air. “What the heck?” Overkill says. “You aren’t going to leave! I’m not through with you yet!” The voice says enraged. “I need your body to go after Gokou and Vegeta! Without you I’m just a specter!” The voice yells.  “Too bad you can’t have my body! You are not in control of me!” Overkill yells. “Too late I already am!” The voice yells as a lightning bolt crashes down and shocks Overkill. The lightning continues to strike as Overkill’s body is filled with pain. The lightning stops and Overkill hangs in the air out cold from the pain. A green mist surrounds his body and then enters him through his nose and mouth. A minute passes and Overkill’s body starts to move. His head looks back up from its hanging position and slowly he opens his eyes. His eyes glow bright green as his body lands back on the building’s rooftop.

“This body is now mine!” The voice says coming from Overkill’s mouth. “And with this power I will take over this dimension!” He yells from the rooftop. “This body needs a different look,” The voice says as he looks down at himself. The specter is now in complete control of Overkill’s body. Gray, red, and purple veins pop out of Overkill’s body and whip around covering him entirely. The red, gray, and purple colors covering his body form into a new body, which is like a shell covering Overkill’s body. When the colors stop and make their final form they reveal the form of an evil force, which the world thought they would never see again. His new form smiles devilishly. “Finally After years of death JANEMBA walks the earth again!” Janemba laughs loudly as the lightning crashes around him. “I coming for you Vegeta and Gokou,” Janemba smiles as he flies into the air and disappears in a puff of black smoke.


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