CHAPTER ONE: Warm Winter Embraces


Vegeta came inside and saw Bulma sleeping on the couch curled up in a blanket.

        A cool breeze swept through the house , Bulma shivered. Vegeta closed the door and bent over the couch. She  opened her eyes just in time to see Vegeta kiss her softly on the lips. She closed her eyes enjoying the brief seconds that they touched. She knew inside that he must love and appreciate her and that he would do about anything to make her happy. Suddenly she felt and drop of  water on her cheek , was Vegeta sweating ? in winter? She opened her eyes as another tear fell down his cheek.


      He brushed his face with the back of his arm and sat down.Then she remembered there last fight right before he left . She had
cried her self to sleep. What was it even about? She remembered her last words  “Leave and don’t come back , leave now ! Stay away from me , I hate you!”

She hadn’t ever said that to Vegeta before , did he take her seriously?

 “I…..I….came to apologize and….if….you won’t forgive me……..then to say good bye.”

     Bulma had never seen Vegeta like this , scared and still trying to swallow his pride , trying not to get to let his emotions get in the way.“Vegeta , no don’t leave , I’m sorry I want you to stay I couldn’t live with out you” Vegeta had been starring at his boots  , but now he looked up in toBulma’s eyes .

“Re… re….really?”

“Oh Vegeta , I love you”

They embraced and kissed , Vegeta could fell how  soft and sweet her lips were. He moved his hands down her body and put them around her waist he pulled back and admired her beauty , she was just a lovely as the first time they met. He pulled  her close again . Bulma could fell his muscular body and could hear his hart beat.  She new him better than any one else and could forgive him for any thing he has done and will ever do. She had raised a family with him , so many years of love , so many memories.

Goten , Bra , and Marron crept up the stairs of Capsule Corp. . Marron went inside with both hands behind her back as Bra and Goten hid outside.


“Oh , hi sweetie  I’m in the middle of something do you need anything ?”Trunks said from his office as he  looked up from his desk toppled with papers , pens , and files.

“Just come out here for a second” Marron smiled wickedly.

He got up and walked out of his office. He stopped when he heard Goten laugh outside. Just then he got hit in the face with a snowball, Marron giggled and ran out side with Trunks on her heals. Trunks jumped in front of her and pushed her in to a pile of snow , just to be hit in the head by a snowball from Bra. Marron ran behind a tree and Trunks hid behind the stairs. Snowballs flew all across the yard and people stopped and watched , surprised to see the presedent of Capsule Corp. have a snowball  fight with his sister and there friends. Bra felt like her hands were going to fall off and Marron was getting upset cause she couldn’t throw far and Trunks
seemed to be throwing more snowballs at her than any one else. Goten was laughing so hard he couldn’t catch his breath.

Suddenly the phone rang and Trunks jumped up the stairs and ran in to his office.

“Trunks!” Marron whined following him inside.Trunks picked up the phone just as Marron pulled out the cord “Why are you  ruining this ? You are to concerned with your job !”

        “Am not!”
        “What?! How could you say that do , you know what you just did ?! You left your friends out in the cold …” Trunks put his hand over her mouth to shut her up.

        “Listen my job is important to me , it’s not as important as my friends or family but it’s still important I had been waiting for that call all day.”

        Marron put the cord back in to the wall and walked out. Bra and Goten were in the front office waiting.

        Trunks came back out after a minute or two of talking on the phone “I’m sorry you guys”

        “Well I forgive you but can we got to Marron’s and have some hot coco?” Bra said as she wrapped her coat tighter around her.

        They went outside and got in Goten's car. Trunks sat in the back with Marron even though she was still kinda mad. Bra rested her head on Goten’s shoulder as they drove to Marron’s apartment. Marron sat with her arms crossed as her and Trunks had a staring contest.
        “I’m sorry Marron”

        “Ok” she said happily as she relaxed and scooted closer to Trunks.“Ok?! Ok.” He put his arm around her amazed at how fast her mood changed.

“Why should I stay mad at you when we like each other so much?”

They arrived at Marron’s apartment and went inside. Marron served them all big cups of hot chocolate with more than plenty of marshmallows on top.

   Goten and Bra were going over to a family dinner at Goku’s so the had to leave early. Trunks and Marron sat together on her couch and talked till mid-night. Trunks was heading towards the door when he turned around and took Marron by the hand.

“I love you Marron” He bent down and kissed her she blushed and felt all bubbly inside. Trunks was hers and he loved her!


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