CHAPTER TWO:  Sayains eat like pigs !

        Bra sat in between Goten and Videl stunned by how fast Goku , Pan ,Gohan , and Goten ate. She was used to seeing her brother and father almost inhale there food but there was twice as many hungry Sayains here and it was disgusting! She unlike Pan or Trunks took she small regular bites like her mother and thought Sayains needed to take classes on proper eating habits.
       She had only eaten about half of her chicken chow mein and rice but Goten had already had 4 servings.When Goten took a sip of water Bra leaned over and told Goten she was ready to go home.

        “I’m just not hungry and my dad said I had to come home early” she lied her father said she could stay as long as she wants. Even though he hated ‘Kakorot’ and his family he new Goten was one of her more dependable ,trustworthy boyfriends.
        Goten and Bra left after Gotton told them all that she had to go home. After they left Goku wondered why they had to leave so early.
        “She was probely sickened by you snorting up your food like you always do ” snickered  Chichi. Her and Videl giggled while the Sayain thought of why she would say soutch a thing.

        Goten walked Bra to her front door and she was about to go in when she pinched Goten’s jacket and said “What about my good night kiss ,chicken chow mein breath ?”
        “Huh , well” He was stooped as Bra gently pecked him on the cheek and went in. Goten stood there amazed , there first kiss , he had wanted it to be like majorly romantic but he liked it , how it ended up anyways. Marron and Trunks had kiss in front of them a couple of times but he just  didn’t have the nerve to kiss Bra. Especially in front of his best friend , her brother.

        Bra was watching Gotton out of her window and was wondering if he would leave. “What is he doing out there?” Finally he turned around got in his car , even though he sat in the car for a minute or two before he put in the key.

        The next morning Trunks and Bra watch there parents suspiciously as Vegeta and Bulma kept kissing and saying things like “Good Morning Bulma did you have a nice rest” or “Honey what do you want for breakfast” instead of the usual “Get me some food woman” or “Fix it your self Vegeta”. Things were definitely different this morning.

        “This is getting to weird for me I’m going to work” Trunks remarked as he reached for his Capsule Corp. jacket from the
        Bra left soon after and decided that they must have had forgiven  each other and were going to be in that love sick mood for awhile. Back home Vegeta and Bulma were in that ‘love sick mood’.

        “So are you going to go train today ,Vegeta ?”

        “No I think I’ll stay and help you here”

        “Well what do you want to do than I don’t need much help with any thing ”

        “I think you need a little help and a little caressing” Vegeta kissed her from behind on the neck.

        Marron was typing in the asceses code to her apartment door when suddenly the door jerked open. Trunks grabbed her and yanked her inside , threw her on the sofa and attacked her neck with kisses. She yelled and laughed kicking and tickling Trunks and making him laugh , too. They ended with a kiss one of those long wet ones and it would have been more romantic if they weren’t  giggling constantly. He got up and ran in to the kitchen with Marron , still in her winter coat , following close behind. He pulled
out two big bags of fast food and Marron grabbed four Dr. Peppers out of her refrigerator , one for her three for Trunks.

        They sat on the floor and Trunks pulled out a cheese burger and six Big Macs for himself.

        “Do you think you have enough there?” smirked Marron as she eyed the pile of food sitting on the floor.
        “Well I did have a snack earlier”
        “Snack?” Marron questioned.
        “I have had a couple Super Size Fries” Trunks grinned. Marron took of her coat and started on her food. She knew that it was impossible to try and talk to Trunks when he ate , he might answer , but he would never remember the conversation . Marron could tell he was enjoying the meal. He was practically growling. He finished when she still had a bite left.

        “That was good” He smiled and picked up the trash and threw it all away. “So what do you want for Christmas?”
        “A Christmas present?”
        “Oh , well I don’t know surprise me”

     “Moshimoshi” Marron answered the phone sitting by her couch. Her mood suddenly changed “Yes I’ll tell him” she grumbled. She hung up and turned to Trunks “That was your secretary from Capsule Corp. you have to go back to Capsule Corp. for an emergancy meeting but, how did they get my number?”

        “I don’t know , maybe they called my mom but it must have been important. I’ll come back if  I can. Bye.” He bent over Marron who was still on the floor and kissed her forehead.

        “Bye , sweetie” Trunks left and Marron knew he would have to stay extra late and wouldn’t be able to come over , she went to bed early.


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