CHAPTER THREE: Christmas Celebrations ! 


“Kurisumasu Omedeto gozaimasu , Merry Christmas , Otou-san !” Bra shouted as Vegeta walked in to the breakfast room.

        It was Christmas Eve morning , he snorted he had always hated holidays, they were just another annoying Earthling costume. Just yesterday ‘Kakorot had refused to spar and instead tried to tell him some confusing story about a pregnant virgin. Afterwards ‘Kakorot’ gave Vegeta a pair of gloves. Gloves, all he got was gloves or maybe a gift certificate , sometimes nothing. Bulma made breakfast and then Bra left to make sure she had gotten all the perfect gifts for everyone. She was still searching for a better gift
for Vegeta when she spotted Marron.

“Hey Marron what are you doing here?”

“Hi Bra I’m getting a gift for Master Roshi have any suggestions?”


They laughed “Well what are you here for ?”

“I need to find a gift for my dad.”

“Oh that’s hard well does he wear cologne I got a bottle of Trunks’favorite for his present.”


“Well we could head to Barns and Noble there has got to be a book he would like.”

“I don’t even know if he can read”

“Huh , then lets just walk around and try to find something.”


They walked around and Marron saw a basket full of hair stuff “He could always keep his widows peaks in good condition with that”

“Maybe he would like it” she said as she pulled out her charge card.

She had got home just in time , her mom and grand were pulling out the two giant turkeys out of the oven and on to the table. Trunks and Vegeta were already seated and drooling over the feast they were about to have. After they had finished eating the present opening began. Vegeta got gloves from Bulma’s parent and was not surprised. He was surprised when he saw the giant box Bra’s present was in and tore it open.

“Good it’s not gloves” he remarked as Dr. Briefs suddenly looked offended.

Trunks said Vegeta had to wait for Trunks’ gift with his eyes closed because he didn’t have time to wrap it. Vegeta objected , but after awhile Trunks finally got him to close his eyes and he ran to his room. He came back with his hands behind his back and stood behind Vegeta. Then he slid the plastic crown that he had bought at the toy store on Vegeta’s head.He opened his eyes and immediately turned red the didn't know if it was anger or embarrassment. Bulma had to bite her lip not to laugh and Bra just sat there mortified afraid for Trunks’ life. Vegeta took off the crown and sat it on the floor not saying anything. Dr. and Mrs. Briefs left and Marron called Bra answered.


“Hey you two are still coming over tomorrow ?”

“Of course want me to bring any thing”

“Nope , Ja ne”

Trunks got in the car and bent over to turn of the radio. As he leaned forward saw a shiny hart on a chain.

“What’s that ?”

“Oh , it’s for Marron” He pulled out the platinum locket and opened it. It had two kawaii pictures of Marron and Trunks.

“That’s so sweet , she’ll like it”


“Yep , she’ll like it a lot”

Goten entered the apartment looking very nerves. “Is anyone else here?”

“No and your present is in the other room safe and sound. Here tell me if  this soup is any good.” She gave him a small bowl filled with only a few mouthfuls of soup.



Marron ran to the door and jerked it open. “I’m glad you came” she kissed Trunks on the cheek and let them in. They ate and sat down and got ready to open presents. Bra had placed Goten’s gift by the door when they came in and now went and got it. It
was really small and Gotton took his time opening it.

“A capsule ?!”

“It’s that hover car you said you liked so much.”

“Wow cool , thanks I’ll go get yours” He gave her a peck on the cheek and ran in to the other room.  He came back with a furry little kitten is his arms and was trying not to drop it.

“Ahh how cute !” She ran over and took it from Goten and giggled with delight.

“What are you going to name it?”

“Oh I don’t know maybe Goten”

“I think it’s a girl” replied Goten who was very flattered by the name. Next it was Trunks’ turn Marron gave him the box and he tore away happily at the package. She had got him a bottle of cologne and a new sweater.

“I like it , thanks sweetie ! Now you have to find your gift.”

“Find it ?”

“Yep” So Marron searched through all his pockets and about given up when Trunks laughed she saw something shiny under his shit and put her arms around his neck. She pulled out the locket.

“Oh Trunks” she looked into his eyes , his beautiful blue eyes. He took of the chain and put it around her neck. She held it tight “I’ll never take it off”

They hugged and then remembered there was other people in the room. They sat down and they all talked until Bra bobbed her head and Gotton checked to see if she was asleep. They woke her back up and everyone went home.


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