CHAPTER 4:   The Proposal 

        “Did you get it ?” Goten asked excitedly.

“Sure I did” Trunks said staring down at the engagement ring.

“How big is it , what dose it look like it?”

“It looks like a ring and it’s regular sized I guess”

“Regular sized what dose that mean?”

“Huh , what did you say?”

“Are you nerves or something?” Goten laughed picturing Trunks proposing.

“Your gona be nerves when you ask my sister”

“What are you talking about ? I’m not going to ever get married especially  not to Bra.”

“Why not you two have been going out for a long time now , you can tell me , don’t you want to get married some day?”

“Well……umumumumumum…uhuh I just can’t picture myself married and besides I wouldn’t be a very good husband yah know ? I still live at my dad’s house , I don’t have a job , and I don’t want to get one.”

“So , I still live at my dad’s and you don’t need a job”

“Sure Mr. Presedent  but you have millions of dollars and I have enough money to take Bra to the movies every once and a while and that’s all the  money I have”

“Well Bra has plenty of money and .." Bulma walked in and sat on the couch. Trunks quickly put the ring back in his suit pocket. “We’ll talk about it later , Ja ne”

Trunks let himself in to Marron’s apartment , she was expecting him.
“Hi sweetie , want some coffee?”
“Sure” Trunks walked in to the kitchen and stood behind Marron.(very nervouse- heehee)  She tuned around not expecting Trunks behind her , bumped into him and spilt hot coffee on his jacket.


“hhhot” Trunks pulled of his jacket as quick as he could.

“Here I’ll wash it real quick , gomen”

“Arigutou” Trunks handed it to her and watched her leave. Then he decided he would surprise her with the ring. He dug around in his pockets …..where is that ring , did I lose it? Trunks heard a high pitched noise from the other room and Marron ran in wearing the ring. He remembered that he had put it in his jacket pocket.

Marron grabbed her now fiancé and held him close. “Wow I didn’t even have to  ask” He grinned at her and she returned a smile.


        “Moshimoshi” Bra answered the phone.

        “Bra? Guess what? You are now talking to your soon to be sister-in-law!”

Marron pulled the phone from her ear as Bra made the same high pitched scream  she had a few minutes ago.“Wow that’s great I thought Trunks would never ask you!” Bra shouted sitting on the living room floor watching TV. Bulma came in from the kitchen.
“Asked who what ?”

“Trunks and Marron are getting married!”


        Marron stepped inside her apartment amazed there were flowers every where. All white roses except one. Around it was a white ribbon. She pulled it out  from the rest and she saw a note attached:


    She went utside got in her hover car and went to the mall. She walked around the large shopping center till she finaly found what she was looking for. She had only been to the store once when she bought a prom dress a year ago. She went inside. A tall woman came upto her “You must be Mr.Beifs’fiance , follow me”

She followed and there was a man with two boxes standing by the dressing room “These are for you miss”


She went in to the dressing room and opened the first bow it was a beautiful gown , shiny and a pale blue it woukd look great with her hair , she sliped it on. It was a little tight but it complemented her body quite well.The  next box was a pair of high heels , they were silver and had rinestones along the straps that glittered when she walked.

She looked back inside the box there was another note:

“Wow a limousine!” Marron said out loud not quite sure if this was a dream or if Trunks had something to do with this. She walked to the closest exit , she felt kinda’ strange having people look at her but she enjoyed the attention. She saw the black hover limo outside the window. How cool I get to hide in a limo! She got inside. There was a note on the seat:
           555 LOPEZ DR.
She told him and sat back combing her fingers through her hair.

“Were here”

“Nani ?” she looked out the window it was a giant mansion. She got out and ran up the stairs and on the door was taped another note with a key  attached:
            GO INSIDE

She went in , she felt small on the gigantic entrance way the ceiling was so high it would be easy to fly around in. She went in to the next room. There  was hardly any furniture and it made the room look even larger it was dark  and she looked for a light switch. She couldn’t find one but saw a lighted  candle far away she went through the rooms till she found it. It was placed
on top a final note:
            WAIT HERE , WITH ME

She turned around , where was he? She felt his hand on her shoulder and it scared her at first. He turned her back around.

“Do you like it?”

“Which one the roses , the dress , the. . . . ”

“Our home”

“Nani ? This is our house ? All this house for two people?”

Trunks frowned “You don’t like it ?”

“Oh no I’m just used to my little apartment.” She smiled and hugged him.


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