CHAPTER 5: Lights out for Goten


“Please Goten pretty pretty please?”

“No , it is torture I will not under any circumstances.” Bra had been begging Goten to go to some concert with her for the past hour when she found out Pan had two extra tickets. It was one of those boy bands girl go gah gah over and most guys can't stand , Goten was one of them.“Fine maybe I’ll just go with my ex-boyfriend , um uh what was his name To. . . no , Ji. . .no” Goten looked at her and chuckled she couldn’t remember her last boyfriends name , was that a good thing ? “What’s so funny , I would really like to know?”

“Nothing , but , if it is so important to you I‘ll go but you owe me.”

“Honto ? You mean it ?”she smiled up at him he was so sweet!


“Well you and Uub can hate it together he is going to be Pan’s date”

“He’s coming how did he get tricked in to doing that?”

“She just told him you were coming”

“Oh , I should have known”

Goten pulled up to Pan’s house Uub was waiting on the porch and walked over  to the hover car.

“Where’s Pan?” Bra asked.

“Getting ready I think , she wouldn’t come unlock the door to let me in” He explained sticking his head through the car window “I’ll go see what I can do”

He walked up to the house and yelled “Pan!”

“Just a second!!” she screamed back.


They sat down and waited for the show to start as Goten and Uub make fun of the singers.

“The blond guy is gay” remarked Uub even though he wasn’t even sure if there was a blond guy in the group.

“There all gay , six guys that all live together and sleep in the same hotel rooms together , none of them could possibly be strait”

“Shut up you two bakas!” warned Pan shaking her fist.

“Oh , were so scared aren’t we , Uub?” he laughed but Uub stayed quiet. The group started and all the girls ran up to the stage trying to touch there hands including Bra and Pan. Goten and Uub looked up at the ceiling.

“I dare you to shoot out that row of lights”

Goten looked where Uub was pointing and made a small bit of energy. The room went dark , all the girls screamed and the band stopped singing.

“I said a row not all of them!”

“I didn’t do it on purpose when one goes out they must all go out”

“I hope Pan didn’t sense your energy blast”

“Shut up there coming back”

“This is awful did you guys see what happened?” Bra asked.

“You mean the lights , they just burnt out or something” Uub mumbled hoping they believed him.

“No were not talking about that one of the singers fell of the stage twisted his ankel and can’t preform for weeks now.” Pan said.
“Just from falling of a four foot high platform? Wouldn’t be able to sing for weeks?” Goten exclaimed as him and Uub started laughing.

    They all went to McDonalds and Uub and Goten made there worst impressions of all the group members. It was hard for Pan nad Bra not to laugh at them singing off key so they started singing along.After awhile every one got tired so Goten drove Bra home and Uub and Pan flew off some where.

~Owari [End]



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