Overkill wakes up early before Vegeta could wake him. The memory of the night before was still fresh in his mind. He smiles remembering the kiss he received from Celine that night. Overkill stands up out of his bed and walks to the door. He opens it and descends the stairs to the first floor. He yawns loudly walking into the kitchen. He sees Bulma is busy cooking breakfast. “You’re up early today,” Bulma says surprised to see Overkill. “Well I guess I’m just not that tired,” Overkill says picking up a carrot stick from the counter. Bulma slaps Overkill’s hand with a wooden spoon. “Wait till I serve it!” Bulma says. Overkill rubs his hand and walks out of the kitchen. He walks to the bathroom and takes a quick shower. After he is done he walks back into the kitchen.

Vegeta, Bra, and Trunks were at the table waiting for the food to be served. Overkill sits down and looks up at Trunks. Trunks gives Overkill a sly look and smiles. Overkill knows why, it was because of Celine. He saw the kiss and planned on messing with Overkill about it. Overkill looks down not wanting any one see him blush. He looks up to Bra who also smiles at him slyly. SHE KNOWS! Overkill realizes and he looks at Trunks with an evil glance. Overkill knows Trunks told Bra about that night and now he had two people messing with him. He didn’t like or want a lot of people knowing about his personal life.

“Where the heck where you two last night?” Vegeta asks coldly. “At the carnival like I said before,” Trunks says. “But you two got back later than you said,” Vegeta says. Overkill knows Vegeta know things are about to get a little hot as Vegeta’s last sentence ended in a low growl. “One o’clock is late,” Vegeta continued, “ And worse is you two woke me up,” Trunks just sits and says nothing as to not get in more trouble. Overkill sees Trunks turn silent and is sickened that a young adult like Trunks acts like a child around Vegeta. But then again a pro wrestler would turn into a little punk if he got a glance from Vegeta like Trunks was getting right now. Vegeta for some reason decided to back off of Trunks and he sits back into his seat.

“So, did you two have fun last night?” Vegeta asks but sees smiles arise from both Bra and Trunks. “From what I hear Vertell had more fun than Trunks and Goten,” Bra says smiling. Overkill gives Bra a cold look. “What happened Overkill?” Vegeta says sensing that he might enjoy the story. “Well I got into a fight,” Overkill says. “That all?” Vegeta asks sensing there was more to the story. “Well…” Overkill says but doesn’t finish. “He met someone,” Trunks says through a large smile on his face. “Oh,” Vegeta says almost smiling. Overkill silently rejoices as Bulma ends the conversation as she brings Breakfast to the table.

Breakfast goes by quickly without talk. Like before Vegeta and Overkill completely absorb their food. Once again Overkill out eats Vegeta. With breakfast done Vegeta and Overkill stand up and leave the table. Vegeta walks out to the Capsule Corp. driveway and waits. Overkill is soon behind him and ready to train. “Let’s go,” Vegeta says as he flies away. Overkill flies after him trying to keep up with him.

They reach the training spot and Overkill lands on a high plateau, while Vegeta lands in the field below the plateau. “If you want to win your battles you have to know more techniques than a few pitiful Ki blasts,” Vegeta says. Overkill looks at Vegeta with cold steel eyes taking the comment as an all out offense. Overkill leaps from the plateau and lands six inches away from Vegeta. Overkill’s nose was right in from of Vegeta’s forehead. Overkill looks down at Vegeta and says, “ Let’s get to work then”

Vegeta kicks Overkill and he flies to the other end of the large field. “If you ever get in my face like that again I’m going to rip you into pieces!” Vegeta says angrily. Overkill stands to his feet and smiles at Vegeta. “Aw, don’t hide your true feelings about me,” Overkill says smiling but decides to stop after he feels Vegeta’s anger grow. “Guess those were your true feelings,” Overkill says under his breath. “What’s the first technique your going to teach me?” Overkill asks. Vegeta says nothing but just smiles.

Weeks past and many training sessions also past. Vegeta and Gokou look onto the open field that was filled with large holes from Vegeta’s training sessions with Overkill. They look at their students facing off against each other. Overkill looks at Ubuu with dangerous eyes. Ubuu returns the stares with a small smile. Overkill and Ubuu got along well, actually they were good friends now. But the situation with both of them is that when they sparred they treated it like a life and death battle. “Overkill looks strong but I can’t sense anything with that trench coat he wears,” Gokou says looking on at the two young warriors. “Ubuu is strong I can tell, but I believe Overkill can beat him easily with his Super Sayajin forms,” Vegeta says with a serious look on his face. “That is true, almost. Ubuu matches Overkill’s regular form but Ubuu can increase his powerlevel to amazing levels. He might even be able to match Overkill’s third Super Sayajin level,” Gokou says evaluating the match. “True,” once again Vegeta hated it when Gokou was right.
Overkill and Ubuu look at each other with blank faces. “Well lets see how this match turns out,” Gokou says smiling. “Right,” Vegeta says levitating high above the field and looks down on Overkill and Ubuu. “Ok maggots! Fight!” Vegeta yells and neither wastes any time. Ubuu fires a Ki blast at Overkill but Overkill teleports behind him. Without him being able to sense Overkill he has no idea Overkill is behind him. Overkill backhands Ubuu and sends him flying across the field. Ubuu puts his hand down and rebounds to his feet before hitting the ground. Overkill disappears again. Ubuu knows where he is; he may fall for something once but not twice. Ubuu swings his arm around and catches Overkill in his jaw sending him to the ground. “Well your not stupid, but still I’m going to beat you!” Overkill says as he does a backflip and kicks Ubuu in the jaw sending him to the ground.

Ubuu flips himself up and punches Overkill. Overkill then knees Ubuu in the gut and elbows Ubuu in the spine. Ubuu dose not go down instead he backflips away to the other end of the field. Ubuu cups his hands and brings them behind him. “KAMEHAMEHA!” He yells releasing a powerful blast at Overkill. Overkill leaps high into the air out of harms way. But as the blast explodes he is propelled out of control into the sky. Ubuu appears above him and kicks him. The strong kick sends Overkill flying. Ubuu appears again and backhands Overkill again sending him cascading through the air. Ubuu appears again planning to keep this strategy going until Overkill gave up. Unfortunately for Ubuu, Overkill had a different plan. Overkill gains control of himself and launches at Ubuu who was waiting. Overkill buries his fist deep into Ubuu’s stomach. Ubuu hunches over as the wind is knocked out of him. Overkill throws Ubuu high into the air and fires a Ki blast behind him. Ubuu recovers as he catches his breath. He stops himself in mid air but that was a mistake. The Ki blast Overkill sent hits him, explodes, and engulfs him in flames. Overkill smiles seeing his maneuver worked. The smoke clears and Ubuu stands and wipes the dust off his arm produced by the blast. “Not bad now lets really fight,” Ubuu says smiling. Overkill smiles as he realizes that there was more in common between them than just their skin color. Ubuu loved to fight and so did Overkill, this was going to be a good sparring match.

Punches and kicks blare as Overkill and Ubuu lock up in battle. They constantly disappear and reappear fighting close to each other. They fight like they are real enemies. They have no mercy for each other and look to completely destroy the other.
Overkill breaks away from Ubuu and lands on the ground. Ubuu lands about one hundred yards away. “You quitting?” Ubuu says smiling at Overkill. “Not a chance!” Overkill says extending his right arm. He grabs his right wrist with his left hand and fires a massive blast at Ubuu. “Not a bad Bakurimaha,” Gokou says. “I’ve seen better,” Vegeta says with a scowl on his face. Gokou looks at Vegeta and smiles seeing his old “friend” still hasn’t changed. Ubuu quickly fires a Kamehameha to counter the blast. The two energies meet and it is a showdown. Overkill holds his stance and so does Ubuu. Overkill’s blast slowly inches its way to Ubuu. Ubuu knowing he’s in trouble is the blast gets through and he wasn’t fast enough to escape. Ubuu powers up and his blast quickly starts to overcome Overkill’s. Overkill knows he has passed him up in power and cannot fend off his blast. Overkill stops the blast and leaps into the air. The Kamehameha explodes leaving a large crater in the ground. “Wow, he is way more powerful than me…as I am now,” Overkill says powering up and going into his Super Sayajin form. “Heh, I was waiting for him to finally do that!” Ubuu says. It’s been a long time sense he as taken on a Super Sayajin sense his days as the evil Majin Buu.

Overkill fires several Ki blasts continuously from his hands. “He seems to like doing the Renzoku Energy Dan,” Gokou says watching very interested. “Guess that’s why he’s called Overkill,” Vegeta says. Gokou looks at Vegeta with a shocked look on his face. “Did you just say a joke?!?” Gokou asks. “Yes, is there something wrong with me saying a joke?” Vegeta asks with a violent voice. “No, no of course not!” Gokou says turning his attention back to the fight.

Ubuu dodges the several energy blasts and fires a couple back at Overkill. Overkill runs quickly and dodges the blasts. “Yo! BUBU! Is that all you got?” Overkill yells to Ubuu. “BUBU? Now your going to get it!” Ubuu says holding up his hand with palm flat. Energy starts to gather in a circular motion and a flat energy disk forms above Ubuu’s hand. “KIENZAN!” Ubuu yells as he throws the flat disk at Overkill. Overkill senses that this isn’t a very powerful attack, so he decides to stand and take it. “What is he doing?” Gokou says as the Kienzan gets closer and closer to Overkill. Vegeta comes to a disturbing realization; he hadn’t told Overkill about what the Kienzan does! “Overkill you fool! MOVE!” Vegeta yells cupping his mouth. Overkill hears it and teleports out of the way. The Kienzan slices through a row of trees that was behind Overkill it only stops when it slices into a large cliff. A drop of sweat appears on Overkill’s forehead. The thought comes into his mind of what would have happened if he had let it hit him. Vegeta exhales deeply and so does Gokou and Ubuu.

“Continue the match!” Vegeta yells. Overkill charges at Ubuu at amazing speed pumping his arms as his powerful legs tear away chunks of the land as he runs. Ubuu puts his hands over his face and spreads his fingers. “TAIYOKEN!” Ubuu yells as his whole body produces a blinding light that hurts Overkill’s eyes. The Taiyoken blinds his eyes and he trips over a rock sending him to the ground. The momentum he produced causes him to skid across the field and smash into a large boulder. “BAKA!” Vegeta yells at Overkill. He told him several times to never attack head on.

Overkill stands to his feet but cannot see. Overkill stumbles around and trips several times. Ubuu just stands and waits. “Give him time to regain his senses,” Gokou says to Ubuu. “No!” Vegeta yells at Gokou. “He might come into this situation during a battle and his opponent wont give him time to recover. Ubuu attack!” Vegeta yells. Ubuu looks to Gokou, who nods to Ubuu because Vegeta made sense. Ubuu leaps at Overkill and kicks him into a boulder. Overkill’s head hits the boulder hard and he grits his teeth in pain. Overkill stands to his feet then tries to look around. He sees nothing but blurs all around him. Little fuzzy blobs of color surround him. Ubuu punches Overkill and sends him through the boulder.

Overkill rolls on the ground and finally stops. He stands to his feet but still can’t see anything. “He’s relying on his sight too much, he should use his senses,” Gokou comments on the match. “He’s an idiot,” Vegeta says. “You shouldn’t say those things about Overkill, after all he is just a kid,” Gokou says to Vegeta. “He’s a stupid kid with an attitude,” Vegeta says. “You can’t really talk about bad attitudes Vegeta,” Gokou says smiling. Vegeta just looks away and watches the fight.

Ubuu continues to pound on Overkill and Overkill still cannot see a thing. Overkill throws a desperate punch but it flies over Ubuu’s head. Ubuu drops to his knees and punches Overkill in the gut and fires a Ki blast point blank. “I can’t see so I have to use my senses,” Overkill thinks to himself as the Ki blast sends him flying. Overkill hits the ground and uses the momentum to roll himself to his feet. He stands still and closes his eyes to concentrate. He feels two amazing powers to his far right. “Gokou and Vegeta,” he thinks to himself. He feels another powerful force and knows who he is. “There’s my little whore,” Overkill says smiling. Ubuu looks at Overkill and decides to end the match quickly. Ubuu leaps at Overkill and forms a Ki ball in his hand. “He’s coming!” Overkill thinks to himself. “I’m going to suck him in and take him out,” Overkill says smiling and kneeling down. Ubuu comes closer and closer ready to end the fight with a powerful point blank blast. “Got ya!” Overkill thinks to himself and leaps up high doing a backflip. His foot hits Ubuu’s jaw and sends him flying. Turns several times in the air and lands on his feet.

Ubuu gets on his feet and teleports. And reappears behind Overkill and spins while extending his leg to get a good spin hook kick on Overkill. Overkill puts up his right arm and blocks the kick then spins and extends his leg to trip Ubuu. Ubuu goes to the ground and Overkill leaps high into the air. Overkill powers up and a violet aura surrounds him. He cups his hands and brings them behind him. “GALICK GUN FIRE!” he yells releasing the powerful blast at Ubuu. Ubuu gets to his feet but cannot escape the blast. A loud explosion is heard and a large crater is left after the dust settles. Ubuu stands in the middle of the crater and folds his arms in front of him. “Was that all you got?” Ubuu says. “Not at all,” Overkill says going into his third Super Sayajin form.

The match goes on for another hour and Vegeta leans up against a large boulder while Gokou takes a nap under the trunk of a tree. Ubuu kicks Overkill in the stomach and Overkill lands on the far end of the battlefield. Ubuu lands on the other side. They both pant loudly and both can barely stand straight. “You give up?” Ubuu says in between breaths. “No,” Overkill says panting. “Dang,” Ubuu says. “Match over,” Vegeta says. Overkill and Ubuu look at Vegeta then back to each other. “You two are equal in power,” Gokou says walking up behind Vegeta. Overkill and Ubuu stand up next to each other and look at each other. “Good fight,” Ubuu says holding out his hand. “You too Dawg,” Overkill says shaking Ubuu’s hand.  “I have an idea,” Gokou says smiling at Ubuu and Overkill. “What?” Ubuu asks. “I’m going to teach you two how to do a Fusion,” Gokou says. Ubuu and Overkill just look at each other.
“I’m not going to do it!” Vegeta yells at Gokou. “Why not?” Gokou says. “Because I hate doing the Fusion!” Vegeta yells. “Oh come on,” Gokou says. “No! Something always happens and you always screw it up! I hate becoming that pudgy little ball of gas fat Gogeta!” Vegeta says he doesn’t mention that he also hates Gokou. “But when we become Gogeta we are extremely powerful. Besides it would be a benefit for Overkill and Ubuu to be able to Fusion, think of the extra power we would have on our side if they became a Fusion person,” Gokou says to Vegeta. Vegeta considers having extra power on his side. “Ok,” Vegeta growls at Gokou. Gokou smiles and turns to the two waiting students. “You two get ready to fuse!” Gokou says smiling.

Gokou goes through the moves of the Fusion Dance by himself. Overkill and Ubuu watch with puzzled looks on their faces. Gokou finishes by leaning over and pointing both fingers to his right. Gokou stands up straight “ Any questions?” Overkill raises his hand, “Yes?” Gokou asks. “Yes one question, What the heck kinda pussy dance is that!?!” Overkill says. Gokou just shakes his head.
“Now you two do it,” Gokou says. Ubuu and Overkill stand up and walk a few feet away from each other. Overkill stands to the right of Ubuu and Ubuu stands to the left of Overkill. They nod at each other and start the Fusion Dance. They make small steps towards each other as they bring their arms through the air. They swing their arms across their bodies while they bring their knee up from their outside leg. They both take a large step towards each other and connect their fingers together while they yell “FUSION!” A brilliant blue light surrounds them both and when it fades there is only one person standing where they both once were. “Wow they got it on their first try,” Gokou says.

A tall teenager stands where Ubuu and Overkill once where. He is a very dangerous looking black boy, he wears Overkill’s black leather jacket, Ubuu’s gold belt and the usual Fusion vest. On his arms he has Ubuu’s gold wristband and Overkill’s black leather fingerless gloves. On his legs he still wears Overkill’s metal boots. On his head he has Ubuu’s Mohawk haircut. “Who the heck are you?” Vegeta asks. The boy looks up at Vegeta and walks over to him. He gets in his face and smiles. “The name is Verbuu,” he says with the voice, which is the combination of Overkill’s and Ubuu’s. “You better get out of my face before I shove my foot up your…” Vegeta is interrupted as Gokou steps in between them. “Whoa, calm down you guys!” Gokou says getting in between. “You better watch your backside punk!” Vegeta says as he teleports away. “He’s probably gone home, you got him pretty angry,” Gokou says to Verbuu. “Screw him,” Verbuu says as he walks away. “Well you got Overkill’s attitude,” Gokou says.

Thirty minutes pass and Ubuu and Overkill separate. Overkill arrives at the Capsule Corp. building. He goes inside and walks up to his room in the attic. It’s about 9 o’clock in the evening and Trunks is working late while Bra, Vegeta, and Bulma watch TV together. Overkill is tired from fusing with Ubuu because afterwards Gokou made Verbuu train hard working on his skills. Overkill gets into his bed and sleeps soundly. The usual haunting dream returns and once again Overkill doesn’t get much sleep.



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