Outside of Earth’s solar system a large metallic sphere flies towards the small blue and green marble. On board is a small community of thieves and murderers. The most powerful of all is their evil leader Golem. Golem walks through the small city made in the sphere. All of the residents of the city make a path for the massive twelve-foot giant. His stone gray face has no form of emotion in it. His gray skin is cold and pale. Veins run through his whole body and protrude through it.

 One man in the crowd had planned on Golem’s death a long time. If he kills Golem no one would ever think of opposing him. He bares a long scar on his face from many battles. He is proud of his massive powerlevel and feels he can kill Golem. This was the chance he waited for. Golem rarely came out into the city. He gets a better grip on his twelve-inch knife and holds it near him. Golem was now passing in front of him. About five men where in front of him but they won’t get in his way. He leaps over the men and holds his knife in his hand. He aims for Golem’s chest with his knife held high. With a flash of pure speed the man’s head is lobbed off by Golem’s large battleaxe. It rolls on the ground and spills crimson blood over the floor. Golem puts his axe back in his back and walks on unaffected by the man’s pitiful attack.

 The giant walks into the ships control room and walks over to a large chair. He sits down and looks to the many people working the controls of the ship. “How much longer till we reach Earth?” Golem asks. “Twenty-four hours sir,” A man says walking to the side of Golem. “Good, I’ve been wanting to come here for awhile. Those Sayajin fools Vegeta and Gokou are supposed to be living there. If they are powerful enough to kill the great King Cold, Freezer, and Cooler, they must be a good fight,” Golem says. “That’s very good Master Golem but also there are many clients who would love to purchase this particular planet,” The man says. “Yes and also there are those little rumors about the something called Dragonballs, I think I’ll start a little collection of them,” Golem says smiling. “Very well sir,” The man says. Golem smiles maliciously as the ship passes up the planet Pluto. It wasn’t long before they reach Earth and Golem enjoys every second of anxiety before they reach their destination.

 Three months had passed sense Vertell, also known as Overkill, had reached Earth looking for training and help from Vegeta and Gokou. He ended up being trained by Vegeta and has grown stronger because of it. He also has been trained by Gokou because of his ability to fuse with Ubuu, Gokou’s trainee. After a rocky start he has finally become one of the group. Almost every night he goes out with Trunks, Goten, and his very best friend Ubuu. Gokou and Vertell come to the front of the Capsule Corp. Gokou was driving the hover car and Overkill was in the passenger seat. They walk up to the front entrance of the Capsule Corp. Building with unsure looks on their faces. They walk into the front door to find all of their friends waiting in the living room. They all look at Gokou and Overkill with curious looks on their faces. Overkill looks up at the group and smiles holding up a white card. “I got it,” Overkill says and all the tension is released in the room. “All right my boy is driving now!” Ubuu says putting his arm around Overkill’s shoulder. “Yeah the driving test was easier than I thought,” Overkill smiles at Ubuu. “This is perfect! It’s my birthday too!” Overkill says smiling. “It’s your birthday?” Goten says. “How old?” Trunks asks. “I’m seventeen today,” Overkill responds. “Why didn’t you tell us about it?” Bulma asks coming up to Overkill. “No one asked so I didn’t say anything,” Overkill says with a slight smile on his face.

“Well I’m taking you out for your big day!” Trunks says. “Yeah that will be fun!” Marron says smiling. “Yeah,” Goten, Ubuu, and Bra agree. “Hey dad!” Trunks says, “Can we take your car?” Vegeta almost chokes on his beer ha had been drinking. “Like hell you will!” Vegeta yells. “Vegeta!” Bulma yells, “It’s the boy’s birthday! Be nice for once!”  “Hell no woman!” Vegeta yells crushing his can of beer in his hand. Bulma struggles to control herself. She stands up from the couch and gives Vegeta a cold glance. “Vegeta, kitchen, now!” She says walking into the kitchen and Vegeta reluctantly follows. The fight is short and loud, Bulma uses all the material she had been gathering up for a whole month and releases all of it at once at Vegeta. Vegeta walks back into the living room with his teeth gritted. Bulma walks out behind him and smiles to Overkill assuring him of her victory. “Take the stinking car,” Vegeta growls. Trunks smiles and kisses Bulma on her cheek “Thanks mom,” He says walking outside with Vegeta’s keys that he keeps on a small table next to the door. Ubuu, Goten, and the others follow close behind.

Trunks opens up the Capsule Corp. garage to find Vegeta’s weekend car. It is a bright red convertible hover car modeled after the 1999 Chevy Corvette. “Sweet,” Goten says walking up to the hover car and feeling the exterior. “It’s a drop top,” Trunks says getting inside the car, starting it, and dropping the top. “All right,” Bra says jumping into the back of the car. Ubuu leaps over the side and sits down beside her. “Come on lets get going!” Ubuu says. Goten gets in on the other side of the car and squeezes in next to Bra. Bra smiles to herself but hides it. Marron sits in the middle between Trunks who is driving and Overkill who is in the passenger seat. Trunks looks back checking that everyone is in them he pulls out of the garage.

The sun shines brightly overhead, it is about eleven in the mourning and the July heat beats down on the generation Z members. Trunks speeds down the highway and the wind whips through his purple hair. Bra gasps for breath as she is being crushed in between Ubuu and Goten. Marron purposely leans on Trunks, just wanting to be near him. Overkill smiles watching the scenery melt away as they speed by. “Where exactly are we going?” Goten says from the back seat. “To a new club I heard of near South City Beach,” Trunks says. “Can we all get into a club?” Bra asks sense her, Ubuu, and Overkill where under age twenty-one. It’s a thirteen through nineteen club but I think me, Goten, and Marron can make it in,” Trunks says.

They reach a one-story building with a long line in front of it. “It’s going to take forever to get in!” Bra says. “Nope,” Trunks says walking to the bouncer in front of the club. Overkill and the others follow behind. Trunks walks up to the bouncer and shakes his hand. The others stay back and watch Trunks. They both smile and Trunks waves to the others to come. They follow Trunks inside and hear many people use several forms of profanity towards them as they pass them up.

They walk down a small flight of stairs and walk through a pair of double doors. Techno music plays loudly through out the building. Waves of people dance on the dance floor. Many different people from different backgrounds dance at once. Goten instantly starts dancing and disappears into the dancing crowd. Bra sits over at a separate table and waits for some service. A waiter walks over to her table “Is there anything you would like to drink?” Bra simply asks for a coke and sits down enjoying the music. Trunks and Marron go off together and dance side by side. “This is a pretty nice place!” Ubuu yells so Overkill can hear him. “I guess so but I wish they would play some rap!” Overkill says back to Ubuu. Overkill becomes satisfied, as they play “It ain’t my fault” over the huge speakers. “Aw hell yeah!” Overkill yells happily.

Overkill dances to the music and so does Ubuu they see a couple of girls look at them. Ubuu can tell they were slightly annoyed in them. Overkill thinks he probably looks stupid by the way he dances. Ubuu smiles at them but they turn away with insulting looks on their faces. “Your loss,” Ubuu says to himself and continues to dance.

Overkill looks over to the table Bra was sitting and sees several guys sitting at her table. Bra seems annoyed though and doesn’t seem to want their company. Overkill keeps watching the guys’ every move. Suddenly one of the guys violently grabs Bra’s arm as she tries to leave the table. Overkill taps Ubuu’s arm and Ubuu sees what Overkill is pointing to.

“Listen you little Slut! You don’t turn me down!” The guy yells at Bra increasing his grip. Bra could easily beat this guy but she controls herself. “Get your nasty hands off of me!” Bra yells trying to jerk her arm away. Bra swings her hand and slaps the guy in the face leaving a red mark where she hit him. “You little bitch!” The guy says bringing up his hand to hit Bra. Bra braces for the impact of is hand but it doesn’t come. She opens her eyes and sees that Overkill was there and had the man’s wrist in his hand. “Back off Scrub,” Overkill says crushing the man’s wrist in his hand. A loud snap is heard as the man yells in agony. One of his friends, a tall muscular man, stands up and hits Overkill. Overkill just looks at the man annoyed then kicks him in the gut sending him to the ground. A third man gets up and pulls out a knife and runs at Overkill. Ubuu steps in and spins and kicking the man across the face and sending him to the ground hard. “Anyone else?” Overkill says looking to the other guys at the table. They instantly back away not wanting a conflict. “Thanks Vertell,” Bra says. “It’s ok Bra,” Overkill says escorting her away from the table.

They all leave the club and get into the car. “Hey Overkill thanks for helping Bra out over there,” Trunks says. “It’s ok Trunks,” Overkill says. “Well it’s not like I couldn’t have handled myself! I am a Sayajin you know,” Bra says. “Yeah one that hasn’t trained once in her life,” Trunks says smiling. “Hey I train every once and a while,” Bra says offended. “Just cause I have a life and didn’t get to Super Sayajin level at age eight doesn’t mean I can’t fight!” Bra says, “I can fire a Ki blast just as well as you!” She continues. “Okay, okay! We get the point!” Marron says getting annoyed by Bra going on and on about her fighting abilities.

The noon sky raises above the Earth and spills rays of sunlight down on the land. The red convertible hover car races down the highway again. They stop in front of an ice cream parlor and go inside. They sit down at a table next to a large window overlooking a busy intersection. “I would like a scoop of chocolate ice cream,” Bra says to the waiter. The waiter jots down the order than turns to Marron. “I would like a scoop of fudge and a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!” Marron says licking her lips thinking of the taste treat. “Ok then and you gentlemen, what would you like?” The waiter asks. “Everything on the right side of the menu please,” Goten says smiling. “I’ll take everything on the left of the menu,” Trunks says. The waiter is astonished as he writes down the orders. “I’ll have uh…Everything,” Ubuu says. “I’ll have two of everything please,” Overkill says licking his lips. “Um ok then ill get your orders,” The waiter says walking into the back room. Bra and Marron look away in embarrassment as all of the people inside the store look over at them.

The waiter walks over to their table and brings a tray full of ice cream. He is followed by three other workers all with full trays of ice cream for the hungry table. Tray after tray is put down at the table and the four guys instantly attack. Gulps and swallows are all that are heard as all the ice cream disappears. Bra cannot eat hers she just looks at the boys inhale their ice cream. Marron can’t eat because she is embarrassed by the constant looks of the rest of the people in the store. “Sayajins,” Bra exhales as she eats her one scoop of ice cream.

They leave the ice cream parlor and drive Vegeta’s car far out into the country. All they can see is farmland and forests. Trunks pulls over on the side of the highway and gets out. “Where are we going now?” Goten says getting out behind Trunks. “Just come, I found this place while flying around,” Trunks says flying into the air. The rest fly after him. They reach a large open meadow with beautiful flowers. “Wow it’s so pretty!” Marron says sitting down in the grass. “It’s really beautiful! Like a painting or something,” Bra says sitting up against a small tree. “Lot of space to spar,” Overkill says looking over to Ubuu with a smile. “Got ya,” Ubuu says getting into his fighting stance. Overkill spreads out his stance and makes fists out of his hands. “Let’s go,” Overkill says. “I think that’s a good idea,” Goten says looking to Trunks. “Yeah I haven’t been training lately,” Trunks says getting in his tiger martial arts stance. “Leave it to a bunch of stupid guys to start fighting in such a beautiful place,” Bra says. “Yeah but I bet Trunks can take Goten easily,” Marron says smiling to Bra. “For your crimson red lipstick?” Bra says. “Your on and if Goten looses I get your N’sync CD,” Marron says. “You’re on BLONDIE,” Bra says.

Trunks kicks Goten and sends him flying through the air. He lands on his feet and leaps at Trunks. Trunks is hit hard by Goten and he falls to the ground. “Come on get up pretty boy I’m not done with you yet!” Goten mocks. Trunks smiles and gets to his feet. “Let’s get it on,” Trunks says. Trunks disappears and reappears behind Goten then he quickly puts Goten in a headlock. “Come on Goten! My brother is a push over!” Bra yells. “That’s good Trunks! Keep it up!” Marron yells. Goten struggles but cannot get out of the headlock. “Got ya! I’m not letting go!” Trunks yells.

Outside Earth’s atmosphere Golem’s metal ship slows down. It descends slowly entering the atmosphere. “What the? Is that a falling star or somethin?” Goten says looking up into the sky from his headlock position. “Huh?” Trunks says following Goten’s eyes. “What is it?” Bra says looking up into the sky. Overkill and Ubuu engage in fighting and neither notices the falling object. Ubuu looks up suddenly and freezes. “What the heck is that?” Ubuu says seeing the large plummeting ball of flames. “What are you looking at?” Overkill says to Ubuu. He looks around and sees Marron, Bra, Goten, and Trunks looking at the same thing. He follows their gazes and sees it. The very same horrific falling object that caused his restless sleep and nightmares had finally found him again. He freezes in complete fear and shakes all over his body. “Golem,” he says to himself.

The fear escapes him and is completely replaced by rage. “Golem!” Overkill yells cupping his hands and bringing them behind him. Ubuu backs away as Overkill charges up a massive amount of energy. Overkill is engulfed in a violet aura. “Galick Gun Fire!” Overkill yells releasing the powerful energy blast at the falling ship. The blast hits and explodes filling the sky with a blinding flash of light. The shock waves cause Overkill and the rest to fall backwards. The deafening explosion fades away and Overkill sits up from where he fell. He looks up into the sky and is overcome with surprise. The metal ship floated about one hundred yards above the earth and it didn’t even have a single scratch on it! “Wow,” Bra says looking at the city-sized sphere.

“Sir we were attacked with a massive energy blast as we entered the atmosphere. It didn’t damage anything but it was amazingly powerful. What are your orders?” a man working the navigational controls of Golem’s ship says. “Return fire at the source of the attack,” Golem says sitting back in his large chair which is actually more like a throne. The Whole ship gathers energy and is surrounded by a bright red aura. “What is it doing?” Trunks says looking at the ship. “Move!” Overkill yells as he leaps away from the area. Trunks instantly leaps away but grabs Bra in the process, Goten carries Marron, and Ubuu flies away quickly. The ship releases a massive energy attack that hits the peaceful valley with amazing force. The explosion leaves a large crater where the beautiful valley once was.

The generation Z members float in the air and large drops of sweat form on their brows. “Who are they? How did they do that?” Goten says looking at the crater. “It’s Golem, he’s here,” Overkill says gritting his teeth. “Golem? The guy that killed your family?” Bra asks. “The one and the same,” Overkill says in a low growl.  “We gotta get Dad and Gokou,” Trunks says as he starts to fly away in the direction of Satan City. Goten, Bra, Marron, and Ubuu start to fly after him but they all stop when they notice Overkill hasn’t moved.
“Come on Overkill we have to go!” Trunks yells to Overkill. “No,” is all Overkill says. Trunks disappears in a flash of speed and reappears in front of Overkill. “What the hell are you talking about? If you stay that Golem guy will kill you!” Trunks yells. “I’m staying and I’m going to fight till the end! Go away!” Overkill yells pushing Trunks to the side. Trunks grabs hold of Overkill’s arm with a very firm grip. “No, you’re coming with us now!” Trunks says increasing his grip on Overkill’s arm. “Go away to your families, they will worry about you. My family is gone because of this oversized prick. He may kill me, he may not, but I do know I’m sick of living without my family and I’m ready to join them! Better to die in battle with Golem than to live alone without my family!” Overkill yells as he jerks away from Trunks. Trunks pauses as he sees the desperation in Overkill’s eyes. “If your staying we are too,” Trunks says he looks to the others who agree with him. “You’re going to need help,” Ubuu says flying to their sides. “And that’s what we are here to give you,” Goten adds floating besides him. Overkill smiles at them and sees even Bra and Marron are there to help him out. “Bra, Marron go home. You two aren’t powerful enough to fight Golem and his warriors,” Overkill says. Bra and Marron give Overkill a cold look but know he is right. “Go get Gokou and Vegeta, we’ll need them,” Goten says. Marron and Bra fly away quickly towards Satan City. “Let’s go then,” Ubuu says turning serious as he looks to Golem’s ship.

Overkill rockets towards the metal sphere and punches it several times leaving large dents in it. Ubuu kicks the sphere, while Goten and Trunks fire several Ki blasts at it. All the residents of Golem’s ship try their best to stay on their feet as the entire ship shakes violently. In the ship’s control room the engineers hold onto the equipment as they try to stay on their feet. They are almost in a panic as the ship continues to shake. Golem, even though the ship is shaking, sits calmly on his throne. “I’m getting tired of whoever is doing this,” he says as he presses a small red intercom button on the right arm of his chair. “Send out the Elite troopers they will get rid of the vermin,” Golem says.

The ship opens up with a loud whirring sound and four men fly out. The first was a warrior named Tursum. He was a six-foot tall man with long red hair. Long claws where on his hands and he wore the usual Sayajin armor. His shin was pale yellow with green splotches all over his body. The second warrior was named Karkel. He was a towering monster of eight feet. His biceps bulged and large veins ran through his arms. His skin was a bright purple color and he was bald. He possessed a long reptilian tail that had long sharp spikes at the end. The tail waves through the air as he wickedly smiles at the Z fighters. The third warrior was named Gorgan. He was a very fat warrior with a large mouth lined with sharp teeth. His arms where very short with scales on them. His green skin reflected the suns light. The fourth warrior was named Overkill. He was a metallic warrior with large cannons on his shoulder. Attached to his forearms where two smaller cannons with several barrels. He, like Karkel, had a long tail but his had a large metal ball at the end.

Overkill (the good one) fires a massive Ki blast at Overkill (the bad one duh). The evil Overkill hits the blast away from him. “Is that the best you have you little bitch?” the evil Overkill says. Overkill smiles slyly “Oh this is my new little friend,” Overkill leaps at him and punches the evil Overkill in the face and sends him colliding with Golem’s ship. Goten is punched hard by Karkel and falls to the ground below him. With a loud thud Goten hits the ground but he quickly gets back up. Goten fires a Ki ball at Karkel but Karkel dodges it easily. “Ha, ha,” Karkel says but doesn’t notice Goten making the energy ball turn around with his chi. The ball hits Karkel and explodes. Karkel stands in the air and leaps at Goten. “Come on then,” Goten says getting in his fighting stance. “Stand still!” Gorgan yells at Ubuu as Ubuu easily dodges Gorgan’s every punch and kick. Ubuu smiles as he punches Gorgan in the face. Gorgan reels back and makes room between him and Ubuu. Gorgan growls at Ubuu as he stretches out his grotesque little arms at Ubuu. Suddenly Gorgan’s arms stretch out at Ubuu and punch him in the face. Gorgan doesn’t stop as he continues to pummel Ubuu with his punches. Gorgan was very powerful but he couldn’t get a hold of Ubuu now he had surprised him and caught him off guard. Trunks punches Tursum and sends him hard to the ground and the collision cause a large dust cloud to rise. Trunks waits for the dust to dissipate but Tursum doesn’t. Tursum rockets out of the dust cloud and punches Trunks in the stomach. Trunks doubles over and is hit again in the chest. Trunks falls to the ground but flips himself and lands on his feet. “Bring it on!” He yells as he turns Super Sayajin.

Ubuu continues to be pummeled by Gorgan. Gorgan’s regular punches were slow and easy to dodge but this attack was too fast for him to dodge. With Gorgan’s arms reaching out about fifty yards Ubuu cannot get to him to punch him and the attack is actually too fast for him to generate any energy for a Ki attack. Gorgan’s arms hit Ubuu like whips. Ubuu figures he can take the hits until Gorgan gets tired and slows down enough for him to attack. But he didn’t figure that Gorgan could also stretch out his legs. Gorgan throws a massive kick at Ubuu that collides with his head.  Ubuu goes out cold and falls to the ground and hits hard.

Goten fights hard but is slowly being overwhelmed by Karkel. Karkel blocks all of Goten’s punches but somehow is able to connect all his punches on Goten. Karkel grabs Goten by his shoulders and applies pressure. A sickening pop is heard as Goten’s collarbone is snapped in two. “ARRRGG!” Goten says as Karkel adds more and more pressure to Goten’s collarbone. Goten leans back and slips his legs in between him and Karkel. He extends his legs quickly and buries them into Karkel’s stomach. Karkel coughs and lets go of Goten. Goten flies away and gets some distance between him and Karkel. “Damnit!” Goten says as he grits his teeth from the pain of his broken collarbone. “Sonofa…” Goten says putting his hand on his right shoulder where his collar was broken. Karkel smiles and launches himself at Goten. Goten snarls angrily and is engulfed in golden rays as he goes Super Sayajin. Karkel increases speed and prepares a punch for Goten. Goten launches himself at Karkel intending to punch him out cold. Karkel smiles and spins in mid air as his tail swings at Goten. Goten is instantly stops in mid air as one of the spikes on karkel’s tail enters deep in Goten’s side. Blood runs down Goten’s side as he slides off the spike and falls to the ground.

  Tursum falls to the ground hard as Trunks continues to punch him mercilessly. Tursum flips himself up and blocks Trunks’ punch as he knees him in the stomach. Trunks falls to the ground as he catches himself with his hands. Trunks then does a handstand and kicks Tursum in the jaw. Tursum grabs Trunks’ legs and lifts him off of the ground. Tursum puts his hands on Trunks’ waist and does a pile driver that jams Trunks into the ground like a flower. Trunks’ legs stick out of the ground and then go limp. Tursum smiles as he flies away into the air.

Overkill jams his fist into evil Overkill’s gut. Evil Overkill is punched backwards and into Golem’s ship again. “Die! Now!” Evil Overkill yells as he fires several gunshots from his shoulder propped cannons. Overkill just stands still as the gunshots bounce off of him. “Try this!” Overkill says as he fires a Ki blast that hits evil Overkill and explodes destroying his two shoulder cannons. “You sonofabit…” evil Overkill starts to say but is stopped as Overkill punches out his teeth. “What is your name anyway?” Overkill asks holding up evil Overkill by his collar. “O…Overkill,” evil Overkill says trying to breathe. “Overkill?” Overkill says. “You little pansy! You don’t deserve my name!” Overkill says holding his hand up to evil Overkill’s head. A flash of light and a burst of energy and evil Overkill’s head is blasted off. Overkill smiles as he turns around to find Gorgan, Tursum, and Karkel waiting for him. “What the hell do you want?” Overkill says. They all attack at once. “Oh ok then,” Overkill says charging up to his second and then third Super Sayajin form.

The fight is brutal as Overkill fights all three of the Elite warriors. Overkill kicks Tursum in the stomach as he elbows Gorgan in the jaw. Karkel punches Overkill in the jaw but is punched in the side as Overkill quickly comes back with a vicious jab. Overkill knees Gorgan in the jaw and punches Karkel as he spins and catches Tursum’s jaw with the heel of his foot. Overkill disappears and reappears several yards away from the three Elite’s.  Overkill fires a massive Ki attack at the three but they disappear avoiding the blast. “Where have I seen that boy before?” Golem says as he watches the fight on a large screen in the control room. Golem smiles slyly “ Aw now I remember,” Golem watches and concentrates on the fight. The three warriors reappear in a triangle surrounding Overkill. “Your dead boy!” Tursum says smiling. “Come on,” Gorgan says grinning. Karkel doesn’t say anything and just licks his lips.

All three of the warriors charge up and raise their hands at Overkill. Overkill stands straight and doesn’t move an inch. He just looks ahead with an evil look on his face. The three fighters fire their Ki blasts at Overkill. The blasts inch closer and closer to him. Sweat forms on Overkill’s brow as the blasts get closer and closer. Overkill frowns and Yells loudly as his body releases a massive amount of energy. Overkill is engulfed in flaming energy that covers him like a blazing fire. Three powerful Ki blasts come from the energy made by Overkill and they over power the three warriors’ energy blasts. Overkill’s blasts go through the warriors’ blasts and then collide with the three warriors. Three separate large explosions go off and the three warriors are now just a memory. “Pussies,” Overkill says as he flies towards the metal sphere.

He turns around as he realizes Ubuu, Trunks, and Goten aren’t with him. “Dang,” He says in a low voice as he sees all three of his friends in very bad shape. “Oh my god!” Overkill says as he disappears and then reappears again kneeling next to Goten’s bloody body. He sees the bloody gash in Goten’s side. Overkill takes off his red sash that he had wrapped around his waist. He ties it tightly around Goten’s waist to stop the rapid bleeding. “Oh man, Trunks,” Overkill says. Overkill leaps away and pulls Trunks out from under the ground where Tursum planted him. Trunks is completely limp sense he is still unconscious. Overkill flies him and sets him down by Goten. Overkill gets Ubuu also and sees a massive bump on his forehead. He sets Ubuu down also by Goten and Trunks. “Take a rest guys Gokou and Vegeta will be here soon to help out,” Overkill says.

A large shadow falls over Overkill from behind him. Overkill turns around and sees the towering giant Golem! “You again? Little Sayajin didn’t you learn not to fight a power far superior to you?” Golem says in his thundering voice. “We’ll see how superior you are when I shove my foot up your huge ass!” Overkill yells leaping at Golem. Overkill punches Golem several times. The blows sound like cannon fire. Overkill’s punches would usually topple the most powerful of men. But Golem stands still unmoved at all by the powerful punches. “Insignificant worm!” Golem yells as he rams his enormous knee into Overkill’s rib cage. Overkill is sent flying through the air and he skids over the ground tearing away whole chunks of the ground. Overkill finally comes to a stop and he gets up holding his stomach. He vomits up blood as he cringes in pain. “He broke some of my ribs!” Overkill thinks to himself. Golem launches himself at Overkill and smashes his right fist with Overkill’s jaw then his left fist buries deep into Overkill’s gut. Overkill falls to his knees but is forced to the ground as Golem’s elbow rams into his back. Overkill hits the ground and stops moving, his eyes remain open but he doesn’t move. Blood leaks out of his mouth and forms a puddle on the ground. Golem laughs loudly and it sounds like a horrific thunderstorm.

    Golem is hit with a massive energy attack but it doesn’t move him an inch. Golem turns around and is kicked in the face. Golem still continues not to be moved and then backhands his attacker. Vegeta is sent flying backwards but he lands on his feet. Vegeta already in Super Sayajin form snarls at Golem. The generation Z fighters seem to suddenly disappear as Gokou speeds by and picks them up. Gokou stands far away from Golem and Vegeta with two boys under each arm. “Vegeta lets go! I got the boys!” Gokou yells. “No Gokou! I’m going to kill this overgrown punk!” Vegeta says yelling. “Vegeta! I know you can feel his powerlevel! He is too strong for us right now! We need more fighters, now come!” Gokou yells. “Baka!” Vegeta yells because he knows Gokou is right…again. Man he was getting sic of that! Vegeta disappears along with Gokou and Golem is left alone in the open war zone that used to me a field. “Hmm… Gokou and Vegeta are here. When I kill them it will be truly glorious!” Golem says as he flies back to his floating Sphere.
Satan City Hospital is busy as Goten, Trunks, Ubuu, and Overkill are brought in on stretchers. “Get this man some type B plasma! He is internally bleeding!” The doctor yells referring to Goten. “Send these two to the observation room, they’ve been beaten pretty bad but they aren’t as bad as the other two!” The doctor says as Trunks and Ubuu are sent to the observation rooms. “Take these two to the operating room now!” The doctor barks orders as Overkill and Goten are taken to the operating room and instantly operated on. Vegeta, Gokou and all the other dragonball cast members are in the waiting room. They wait nervously for any news on the condition of Goten, Trunks, Ubuu, and Overkill. “Oh god I wish we hadn’t of left them!” Bra says rocking back and forth in her chair nervously. “If we didn’t we would have been killed! If they could do this kind of thing to them they could have easily killed us!” Marron says trying to make Bra feel better.

“I’m going to kill that ugly sonofabitch!” Vegeta says loudly. “Vegeta cool down we are going after the guy as soon as they recover. Then we are going to kill Golem,” Gokou says. “Cool down!?! That freak just beat the hell out of my son, and your telling me to cool down!?!” Vegeta yells at Gokou. “Hey!” Gokou yells standing up from his chair. Gokou jerks Vegeta up from his chair by his arm and gets in his face. “That guy practically killed my son!” My son now has a broken collar bone and a freaking hole in his side!” Gokou yells loudly. Gokou was extremely angry and acted completely different than he usually was. Anger fills Gokou’s heart and he can barely keep himself from going Super Sayajin in rage. Vegeta sees this in him and backs down. Vegeta sits back down in his seat and stays quiet.

Yajirobi suddenly runs into the waiting room with a small brown bag. He pants loudly as he stops in front of Gokou. “Yajirobi what are you doing here?” Gokou asks. “Corran,” Yajirobi pants, “ Sent these Sensu beans for you guys once he heard what happened!” Yajirobi says giving the bag to Gokou. “Great!” Gokou says as he turns the bag upside down as two Sensu beans fall out and land in his hand. “Only two?” Gokou asks. “Well they didn’t grow well this year,” Yajirobi says collapsing into one of the waiting room chairs. “I’ll get this to Goten right now!” Gokou says starting for the operating room. Vegeta stops him by grabbing his arm. “No,” Vegeta says. “Get out of my way,” Gokou says coldly. “No. Gokou think we need the most powerful fighters to take on Golem! And those are…” Vegeta starts. “Trunks right? You’re just being selfish!” Gokou says angrily. “No… I mean Ubuu and Overkill. They are more powerful than Goten and Trunks and they can form Verbuu!” Vegeta says. Gokou exhales deeply and knows Vegeta is right and he was not. “ Your right,” Gokou says as he walks to the back of the hospital to the operating rooms.

He gives the Sensu beans to Ubuu and Overkill. Overkill’s wounds are healed and so are Ubuu’s. They walk out and sit in the chairs with several doctors walking behind them. “You can’t leave yet!” one said angrily. “ How did you do that?” Another one asks. The onslaught of questions and arguing continues and it drives Overkill crazy. “Shut up!” Overkill yells and they instantly stop. “Good,” he says. Overkill hangs his head in his hands, “ I can’t believe he beat you so badly!” Overkill yells at himself. Ubuu sits in his chair and cusses at himself. “Don’t feel bad you guys your going to get your shot at Golem,” Gokou says popping his knuckles at the thought of having his revenge. He didn’t usually think of revenge and things like that but his son was on the verge of death and he wanted revenge badly.

An explosion is heard outside the hospital and the dragonball gang runs to the window to see what is happening. Golem’s ship flew over Satan City firing down on buildings leaving smoldering rubble. The time had come for the final battle. Overkill’s chance to get his revenge on Golem for killing his family. “Who’s in?” Gokou says putting out his hand. Vegeta puts his hand on top of Gokou’s even though he didn’t like him. Krillin puts his hand on top of Vegeta’s and so do Gohan, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Chao-tzu, pan, and Ubuu. Everyone looks to Overkill who looks back but then he reluctantly places his hand on top of Ubuu’s. “I’m in,” Overkill says. Overkill feels a knot in his stomach grow steadily. This was it! This was the chance he was waiting for, for three long months and he wasn’t going to miss it. This time he had a lot of help. He had nine powerful warriors on his side. But one question remained in his mind: How many of them were going to make it back alive?

HaRUko: *puts her hand on Overkill's* I'm in too..
Z Warriors: BAH!!! Go away you creep!! You're hopeless!!! 


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