“Oh!  He’s SUCH a sweetie!” Chi-chi exclaimed.  Krillian, 18, Trunks and his family, Plus the Son family and Yamcha were at a HUGE reunion at the Son’s house, but the guest of honor was Trunks and Marron’s new little boy: Trunks Krillian Briefs Jr., but that name was a mouthful, so he just went by TJ.
        “That’s what you’d think!” Marron said with a laugh, picking TJ up.  “But if you let him out of your sight for one minute, you’re asking for trouble!”
        “Do you know itsu Pan-chan, James, and Lance and Bulma, Vegeta, and Bra are going to get here?” Goten
asked, looking at the HUGE snack table that his mom wouldn’t let him touch until all of the guests arrived.  (Pan married a guy named James {who happens to be Yamcha’s little brother!!!!  LOL!} and they had a little boy named Lance.  I’ll write a fan fiction bout it sometime)
        “Soon.” Chi-chi said, reaching out to hold TJ.  He looked exactly like Trunks did when he was younger, with the same eyes and everything.  He also had a brown tail that Vegeta refused to let them cut off, and sense Marron and Trunks didn’t really care, they kept it.

Marron handed over a squirming TJ to Chi-chi.  “How old are you?” She asked him in a talking to kids voice.
 “100.” He said, everyone laughed at that, and Chi-chi set him down.  “Are you sure?”

        “Okay, I’m five.” He said, wiping some hair out of his face, and before anyone could ask any more questions, Pan came zooming up in her hover car.
        “Hey everyone!” She yelled, and hoped out of the car, James not too far behind her.  She gave Chi-chi a big
huge and said, “It’s been so long!”
        “I know!” Chi-chi said, and gave her a hug.  “Hello Lance!”  Chi-chi said as Pan ran off to hug Videl and Gohan.
        “Hello.” The little boy said in the backseat.  He had black hair, and black eyes, He looked at lot like Yamcha would look like, since James and Yamcha look a lot alike.  He looked a bit tough, too.  He got out of the light blue convertible and ran over to her.
        “How are you?” She asked.

        “Good.  How are you?” He said, repeating what he’d been told to say.

        “I’m good too.” She said.  “Do you want to go play with TJ?”

        “Okay.” Lance agreed and ran off to play with the other little boy.

        “Kaasan!  Hurry up!” Bra called, waiting by the door.

        “Okay, okay!” Bulma said, grabbing her purse.  Vegeta and Bra were waiting in the car for her, and getting rather impatient.  “Sometimes I hate have a Saiyan for a husband.” She mumbled as she ran out the door.
        “C’mon, we’re going to be late!” Bra said, hoping into the backseat.  “And I really don’t want to be late!”

        “We could just fly, but no.” Vegeta grumbled.

        “Okay, let’s go!” Bulma said, and started up the car.

  A few minutes later…  “See, I told you it wouldn’t take that long!”

        “Hey Chi-chi!” Bulma said.

        “Hi!” Chi-chi said, lifting her head up from a fight Lance and TJ had gotten in.

        “Marron!  Trunks!” Bra said, and hoped out of the car.  She ran over to them.  “Where have you two

        “Great!” Marron said, bubbling.

        “Where’s TJ?” Bra asked, looking around.

        “TJ!” Marron called, he looked over at her.


        “Come here, I want you to meet someone!” She said.

        “Okay.” He said, and ran over.

        “Wow!  The last time I saw you, you were just a week old!” Bra said, bending down.
        “Yep, and now I’m all growned up!” He said proudly.
        “That’s grown.” Marron corrected.

        “That’s what I said!” He said, looking kind of confused.  Marron just laughed.

        “Marron, do you think you could get me something from the dinner table?” Trunks asked.  “I wanna talk to
        “Okay.  I’ll be right back.” Marron said, and walked over to the dinner table and got Trunks some food.
She was out of their view soon.
        “Hey . . .” Trunks said, looking down at TJ, who was just standing there.  “Bra, I wanna try something out,
stay here.”
        “Okay . . .” Bra said.  Trunks walked away, and behind the house, out of their view.  Nothing
happened, and he ran back.
        “I don’t believe it!” Trunks said.

        “Nani?” Bra asked.
        “TJ, go play with Lance, okay?”
        “Okay.” He said, and ran off.
        “He has got to be the cutest little kid ever!” Bra said, looking at her running away.

        “That’s what we think, too.” Trunks said, his face filled with pride.  “But it’s hard to get out of the house with him there.  He screams whenever we leave his point of view.”
        “Oh, that’s too bad.” Bra said, “Wait a second, he didn’t scream when you left just a second a go . . .”  “I know!” Trunks exclaimed.  “Do you think you could come over and watch him sometime?”

“Sure.” She said, and looked at Goten, who was waving her over.  “Uh, I gotta go.”

        “Okay, talk to you later.” Marron said, coming back from around the house.
        “Yeah, bye!” She called, and walked over to Goten.  “What’s up?”
        “Not much, you?” Bra asked.
        “I started going to collage.” Goten said, sighing.
        “Isn’t that a good thing?” Bra asked.
        “Yeah, I guess it would be, except that I don’t want to!” Goten said.
        “Then what do you want to do?  You can just expect money to get handed over to you.” Bra pointed out.
        “Can we talk about something else?” Goten asked, getting uncomfortable.
        “Okay.” Bra said.  “I haven’t seen much of you since Marron and Trunks got married . . . you seeing
anyone?” She asked casually.
        “Nope.” He said.

        Yes! She thought.  They talk for a little bit more, and Marron came running up to them.

        “Bra, could you watch TJ for just a little while?” She asked.  “We just got called into the office, and
they said something shut down.”

       “Please?  I’ll pay you!  Really!” Marron said.
      “Okay, but you don’t have to pay me.” Bra said, surprised.

        “Oh, thanks, you’re a life saver!” She said, and ran to Trunks, and they walked to their car.

        “Hey, where’s kaasan and tousan going?” TJ asked, running up to Bra, his lip quivering.

        “Oh, they’ll be right back.” Bra said.  “They went to work.”

        “But . . .” He started.

        “Don’t you wanna go play with Lance?” She asked, biting her lip, and hoping he wouldn’t cry.

        “Okay.” He said with a pout.

        “Whew.” She said when he left to go play with Lance.  “I thought he was going to scream!”

        “I know!” Goten agreed.  “So, are you seeing anyone?” He asked.

        “Nah.” She said with a dismissive wave of her hand.
       Hai!  He thought.  “So, do you wanna get together sometime?”

        Oh god yeah!  “That’s sounds good.” She said calmly.  “Well, um, I’m gonna get some food from the table
        “Okay.” Goten said.  “I’ll . . . um, I’ll go with you.”

        “Okay.” She said, and they both walked up to the table.

        “Where’s your kaasan and otusan off to?” Lance asked TJ when he came back.

        “They got called into work again.” TJ said with a shrug.

        “Oh.” Lance said.  “Hey, what’s that?” He asked, pointing to the side of the house.  It was a small
bottle beside the house.
        “I think its paint.” TJ said as they walked over to examine it.

        “Cool!” Lance said.  “C’mon, I have an idea!”

        “I can’t open it.” TJ said, putting his hands on top and trying to.

        “Well, you need a screw driver.” Lance said.

        “A fork . . .” TJ said.

“Yeah.” Lance said, and ran off to get one.  He came back a few minutes later with a metal fork.  “Whatcha gonna do with that?” TJ asked.
        “You just put it under the lid, and push down and—“ the lid popped off.  And into TJ’s face.
        “Hey, you jerk!” TJ said, trying to wipe off the bloby brown paint.
        “Gomen!” Lance said right away, backing off.
        “Oh yeah?” TJ asked.  He bent down and got a huge handful of paint and threw it at Lance.
        “You . . . you . . .“ Lance started and picked up some more paint . . .

        “So, I was wondering, after this you wanna go see a movie after this?” Goten asked, sitting down in a
chair next to Bra.
        “Sure, that sounds great, what movie do you want to see?” She asked.
        “I don’t know . . . maybe” He was interrupted by Lance and TJ running by, laughing and covered in brown paint.  Goten and Bra watched them run with their eyes, and for a few seconds didn’t say anything.  Then
Bra finally stood up.
        “What the heck do you think you’re doing?!” She yelled, running over to Lance and TJ.  They were laughing and throwing paint at each other.
        “Ha!  Got ya!” TJ squealed.
        “Oh yeah!” Lance asked.  He grabbed the whole bucket of paint and lifted it over his head, and started chasing TJ.
        “Yikes!” TJ said, and ran the other way, right into Bra.  “Hey Aunt Bra.” He said smiling.  He was on her lap, and she was knocked down.
        “Trunks Krillian Briefs Jr.!” Bra said, and grabbed his arm.  “What were you thinking?!”
        “Um . . . I’m gomen.” He said, putting his head down.
        “You need to go take a bath now.” Bra said, grabbing his hand, and walking over to Lance.  “And so do you.”
        “No buts, you were the ones who got dirty in the first place.” She said, walking over to Chi-chi.  “Hey, Chi-chi, can I use your bath?”
        “Uh . . . sure.” Chi-chi said, looking down at the two brown kids, and trying not to laugh.
        “Thanks.” Bra sighed, and led them into the house and to the bathroom.  “Now, I think you two are old enough
to take a bath by yourselves.  I’m gonna come up in about ten minutes to check on you, okay?”
        “Okay.” They both said, and she closed the door.  Bra ran down the stairs and ran over to Goten.
        “Goten, do you think you have any of your old clothes that the boys could wear?” She asked.
        “Only my old training outfits.” Goten said, shrugging.
        “That’ll do.  What are they?”
        “I’ll show you.” Goten said, and they ran into the house, and into the attic.
        “Hmm . . . I wonder if they’ll ever get together.” Pan wondered out loud, watching them run into the
house together.
        “Yeah, they’d make a cute couple.” Bulma agreed.

        “Here’s a blue one.” Goten said, yanking out an outfit from an old box.  “I think it’ll fit TJ.  And here’s a orange one.”
        “Okay.  Thanks, you’re an angel.” She said, kissing him on the cheek, and running down the stairs to the bathroom.  “Oh yeah Goten, do you think you could . . .”
        “Sure.” He said with a laugh.  They ran downstairs together and into the bathroom.  They opened the door
and gasped.
        “What happened here?” She asked.  The floor was covered with water, and it was still running.  Little toys for the bath were all over the place, and the water was sort of a brownish color.  TJ’s blue hair was stained a brown color, and they were making faces at each other and laughing hard.
        “TJ.” She said slowly.  “Lance . . .”
        “Hai?” Lance asked, looking up.
        I’m gonna kill em! She thought.  “What did you do?”
        “Um . . .” They both said.
Before anyone could say anything, Goten ran over and stopped the water.  He lifted up both of the kids and drained out the tub.
        “Bra, you should probably get a mop, and try to clean this up.” Goten said.
        “Okay.” She said, clenching her teeth together and walked out of the bathroom, to get a mop.  She found a wash cloth and walked back.  “With all the technology we own, we still have to clean up spills and wash dishes.” She mumbled to herself as she opened the door.  The scene surprised her.  Goten had refilled the tub and was washing their hair and was talking to them.  Bra smiled a little.
        Boy, he’ll make a great father someday. She thought then blushed.  At least I didn’t say it out loud. She rolled up her sleeves, bent down and started drying the floor.  When she was done with the floor, they were done with the bath.  They put on the new clothes and Bra put the old ones in separate bags.
        “I don’t know about you two, but I’m hungry!” Goten said as they walked out.
        “Yeah!” They both said and ran to table.
        “Wow, you’re great with little kids!” Bra exclaimed.
        “Well, I was one once.” Goten laughed.  Bra laughed
to and they went to the table to eat.

        “Kaasan!” TJ exclaimed running up to the car.
        “Hey TJ!  Were you good for Bra?” Marron asked, picking him up.
        “No.  Me and Lance found paint by the house, and we got in a fight and—“
        “Why don’t you tell tousan?” She asked, handing TJ over to Trunks.
        “Okay.” TJ shrugged, and told Trunks the story.
        “I want to arigatou again for watching him.” Marron said to Bra.
        “Well, Goten helped.  A lot.” Bra said.
        “Well, then, thanks both of you!” She said, smiling.  “I owe you.  The main computer collapsed again.  Good
thing we installed that back up.”
        “I remember that.” Bra said. “And it was no problem, really.”
        “Thanks again.” Marron said, and walked back to Trunks and took back TJ.
        “Remember what we did that day?” Goten asked Bra.
        “Yeah.  We went to that amusement park.” Bra said, remembering.  “And you won me that teddy.  I still
have that.”
        “You do?” Goten asked his eyebrows up in surprise.
        “Yeah, I never throw away anything cute.” Bra said.  “You know, that place is still there . . .”

        “Where’s Bra and Goten?” Chi-chi asked Bulma a few minutes later.


        “I’m glad we did this again GoTEEENNNNNN!” Bra said, going down on a roller coaster.

        “So am I.” He said as they got craned up another hill.


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