Bra stood at Marron and Trunks’s new home.  It was huge.  Not as big as Capsule Corp, of course, but big non the less.  She rang the doorbell and waited.
        “C’mon in, the doors open!” Bra heard Marron call.
        “Okay.” Bra said and opened the door.
        “I’m really glad you could come over Bra.” Marron said, poking her head out the door of her kitchen as Bra walked threw their house.
        “It was no problem.” Bra said.  “Wow, you guys redecorated.”
        “Yeah, I know.” Marron said, walking out into the family room, the room that Bra was in.  “I couldn’t stand being in a house that was so . . . mechanical looking.”
        “And you’re saying ours is?” Bra asked, raising an eyebrow.
        “No . . .” She said carefully.
        “It’s okay, I think its kind of cold, too.” Bra agreed, looking around their house.  It was decorated so it looked like you were in a normal sized house in each room.  There weren’t any robots besides the guarding ones, which they needed.
        The only room that looked like it was mechanical was the one with computers.  Marron worked at home, so she needed to stay in touch with Capsule Corp.
        “So, what do you think?” Marron asked, indicating the dress she was wearing.  It was a dark purple color and almost . . . (You know this one folks!) maroon.
        “It looks great.” Trunks said from the door of his room.  “Now, let’s go.”
        “Okay.” Marron said.  “Oh yeah, TJ is in his room, asleep.  He should be asleep for most of the time.  If he wakes up, we told him we were going to be gone, so I don’t think he’ll freak out.  If he does, just try feeding him.  See ya Bra.”
        “Thanks again sis!” Trunks said, and they left.  Bra sighed.
        “Demoted to baby-sitter.” She said, sighing.   “Where’d kaasan and tousan go?” A small voice said. “They went to a place to eat but they should be back soon.” Bra said. “You should probably get to bed.” “Okay.” He said with a pout, and walked back to his
room.  He was about to go into his room, when he hit his knee on the door.

“Ow!” He said, and started crying.
“Oh no.” Bra said in absolute horror. She realized then that she had no idea how to handle a little kid. The phone rang.  She rang over tot he kitchen and picked it up.
        “Hello,” Bra said.
        “Bra?” Goten said on the other line.
        “Hey Goten.”
        “I thought you might be there.”  Goten said.  “Is that TJ screaming in the background?”
        “Yeah.  He hit his knee.” She said, holding his head.
        “Do you want me to come over?”
        “Oh Dende hai!” She said.
        “Okay, I’ll be there in a few seconds.” Goten said.  “Literally.”
        “Okay, bye.” She said, but he had already hung up.  A few seconds later, he opened the door to TJ screaming bloody murder.  (Remind you of a baby-sitting job, don’t it?)
        “TJ, look who’s here!  It’s Goten!” Bra said, pointing.  TJ looked over and was silent for a few seconds, but then continued to cry.
        “TJ, why are you crying?” Goten asked, walking over to him.
        “I hit my knee!”
        “On what?” Goten asked, pretending to be terrified for him.
        “The wall!” TJ said, pointing to the stop what he had hit it.
        “Oh, whew!  I thought you hit it on a counter.  Now, that’s serious.” Goten said, nodding.
        “If you hit your knee on the counter you need an operation.  Now, sense it’s only a wall injury . . . I think we can just cut off the whole leg.” Goten said, nodding.
        “You’re not going to do that!” TJ laughed.
        “Oh yeah?  Come here, and I’ll show you!”  Goten said, and TJ ran away, laughing.
        “Isn’t he supposed to be I in bed?” Bra asked as they ran past her once.
        “I’m tiring him out.” Goten said to her as they ran by again.  Sure enough, after the third run around the house, TJ could barely keep his eyes open.  They put him to bed, and sat down on the couch.
        “Whew.  He’s a tiring kid.” Goten said, grabbing the remote.
        “Yeah.” Bra agreed.  “Of course, you did the running, do I’m not that tired.”
        “Hey, you’re the baby sitter here!” Goten said.  Bra nodded, and Goten turned on the TV.  Goten got up and turned off all the lights and walked back to the TV, and Bra cuddled into his chest.
        It’s not a sunset, She thought as they watched an old TV show called ‘Friends.’ But hey, beggars can’t be chosers.
        “You know, even though this show is really old, it’s one of my favorites.” Goten said after laughing at something or other that Chandler said.
        “I know.  It’s one of the classics.” Bra agreed.  They watched the rest of Friends, and then watched a movie called Armageddon.
        “That was a great movie.” Bra said when it finished.
        “Are you kidding?” Goten asked.  “That was horrible!”
        “Nani?  It was one of the best movies ever made!”
        “This was a bad movie, and you know it!  The only reason you liked it was because of the guys!” Goten said, looking her in the eyes.
        “Okay fine.” She said, shrugging.  “But I still like it.”
        “Sure.” He said, rolling his eyes.  “Well, I guess I’d better be going.”  He stood up.
        “Are you sure?” She asked, standing up too.  And that’s when the door opened.
        “Hey Bra!  We—Oh, hi Goten!” Marron said.  “Um . . .”
        “I had a little trouble with TJ, so Goten came over.” Bra explained.
        “Oh, what did he do?” Trunks asked, coming in after her.
        “He just hit his knee on the wall.  He was fine after I distracted him from it.” Goten said, then looked at his watch.  “It’s 9, I guess I’d better leave.”
        “Yeah, me too.” Bra agreed.
        “Well, thanks again.” Marron said as they left.  They closed the door and Goten walked Bra to her car.
        “Hey Goten, remember how you said we should see a movie some time?”
        “Well, I taking you up on that now.” She said.  “So, do you want to go see a good movie now?”
        “Yeah, that’d be great.” Goten said.  “Only, we’ll have to take your car, since I flew.”
        “It’s okay.” Bra said, getting into the front seat of her car.  Goten got in beside her and they zoomed off for some movie.

        “Okay, what movie?” Bra asked, looking at the ads on the wall.  “There’s The Frog Prince, yuck.  And there’s After the Fact, and Star Wars, Episode 52.”
        “Hmm, I think I want to see After the Fact.” Goten said, looking at the ads.  “Star Wars got kind of weak
after the 30th episode.”
        “Yeah,” Bra agreed, they walked to the ticket booth.  “Two tickets to After the Fact.”
        “Gomen, we’re sold out of that.” The high school aged kid said.  “The only tickets available are for The Frog Prince.”
        “Uh, Goten?” Bra asked, looking up at him.
        “Let’s watch it, I need a good laugh.”  Goten said, shrugging and put down 5 bucks for the ticket.  “Although five bucks for a laugh is a little steep.”
        “Yeah.” Bra said, and put down her own movie.  They go the tickets and walked into the movie.

        “So, do you think they’re finally getting together?” Marron asked as she washed her face to get rid of the make up.
        “Goten and Bra, duh.” She said, sighing, and putting on some PJ’s.
        “Maybe, why else would Goten come over?” Trunks asked, taking off the tight work shirt and tie.  He got his pajama’s on and crawled into their king sized bed, Marron soon followed.
        “You know Trunks, sometimes I wonder why Dende blessed me with this great life.” Marron whispered before he fell asleep.
        “I know what you mean.” Trunks said.  “What did I do to disserve you?” He yawned and Marron kissed him in mid yawn.
        “What was that for?” Trunks laughed.
        “That was one of the nicest things you’ve ever said to me!” She said, and they went to . . . um . . . bed.

        “That was—“ Goten started, but was laughing too hard. “The WORST movie ever thought up!”
        “I know!  You could see the wires on the frog!” Bra gasped.  They were at a restaurant that they had gone to right after the movie.
        “Your next, Goten.” Bra said.
Goten walked up and ordered, “Two big-huge-Macs and one orange and one coke.”
“Okay, that’ll be 7.99.” The clerk said.  Goten paid and got the food.  They walked to the booth in the corner and sat down.
“So, have you had a good time?” Goten asked.
“Well, dinner was cheaper then the movie.” Bra started out.  “The movie looked like it was made by two year olds, and we had to take my car.”
Goten blushed.  “I know it’s not that great—“ “It’s the best date I’ve ever been on.” She interrupted, leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

They ate their food and talked.

“How many people were there?” Bra asked, laughing.
“At least 12!” Goten said, and they both started passing out laughing.  “So, what’s your most embarrassing moment?”  He asked after they had calmed down.
“Oh . . . I don’t think I want to tell you—“
“Okay.  It’d have to be itsu I was telling Marron a certain thing, and then a certain someone was listening in . . .” Bra said, looking him in the eyes.
“You mean--”
“Yep, Trunks told me.” Bra said.  “That would be my most embarrassing moment.”
“Hee hee.   Well, it’s be nice!” Goten said, getting up.

        “Oh, come on.  I got over it a long time ago.” Bra laughed.
        “Oh, whew.” Goten said.  “Oh man!”
        “Nani?” Bra asked.
        “It’s past 12!” Goten said, pointing to his watch.  “You’ve got to get home!”
        “Oh man!” Bra agreed.
        “Well, let’s go!” Goten said, and they ran out of the McDonald’s.  “Here, I’ll just fly you home.”
        “What about my car?” Bra asked.
        “Um . . . I’ll carry that too.” Goten said, and picked up Bra, put her in her car, and picked up the car.  Next thing Bra knew, she was in front of Capsule Corp.  Goten leaned over the side of the car and gave her a long kiss on the lips, and flew away.
        “Night!” Goten called as he flew away.
        “Oh . . .” Bra said quietly, touching her lips. “Goten.”

Haruko: Star Wars Episode.......52??! *LOL* 



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