“Master Torao, we are approaching the planet where King Vegeta is located on.” The servant said to his master.

        “Good.  Prepare to land.” Torao growled.  He sighed and looked out the window to the beautiful blue planet below him.  He was going to have to show revenge for his planet.  No matter what the costs.
        “We are preparing to land, Master.” The servant said, and crouched away.  Torao sat down in the captain’s chair, and they landed.
        “Here we are.” Torao said.  “Now, I want half of our force to go and investigate this planet.  Everyone go, and see whose the strongest, then tell them that they have a challenge they have to met.  I will destroy this world for harboring someone as horrible as King Vegeta.

        “Yes sir.” They said.

        “Excuse, Mr. Briefs, but I got something on the screen, that I thought you might want to see.” His secretary said, poking her head in the door.
        “What is it?”
        “Well, I’m not sure.” She said.  “You better come and see.”
        “Okay.” He said.  “Oh shit.  Get Mrs. Briefs in here now!”

        “Excuse me, Mrs. Briefs?”
        “Your husband wants you in his office.  He says it’s important.” She said.
        “Okay.” Marron sighed and went to his office and wiped her face off.  She went to the office and looked at what Trunks was looking at.  “What’s wrong, Trunks?”
        “Look.  This unidentified object, here.” Trunks said, pointing at the screen.
        “What do you think it is?” She asked.
        “I don’t know, but I have an idea.”
        “Space ship, maybe?”
        “That’s what I was thinking.” Trunks said, nodding.  “We should go and see what they’re up to.”
        “Yeah.” She said.  “Do you think we should tell everyone?”
        “That’s be a good idea.  You call everyone, and I’ll go investigate.” Trunks said.
        “Okay, but I’m going to come as soon as I’m done.” Marron said, rolling her eyes.  Trunks worried about her too much.
        She jogged to her cell phone and dialed Gohan’s number.
        “Hey, Gohan?  This is Marron.”
        “What’s up?”
        “Well, Trunks found something interesting . . .”

        “Goten, you baka, why’d you bring Bra?” Trunks asked, when everyone was at a ditch in the woods, everyone except Goku, he was off training Uub.
        “Sorry, I just couldn’t leave her on the street.” Goten mumbled.
        “Besides, I can take care of myself!” Bra said.
        “Okay, why are we here?” Pan asked, flying in, followed by TJ and Lance.
        “We found something on the computer, and it looks like something from outer space.” Marron said, hugging herself.  “And we’re not sure what it’s up too.”

        “King Vegeta!” A voice said.  Everyone turned to where the voice sounded.  There was a strange looking man standing there.  He was tall and had gold-ish skin with no hair.  He had bright blue eyes and big legs, that sort of looked like a horse if it was standing on
its hind legs, which were covered in white hair.

        “Lijugean’s.” Vegeta growled.  “I thought we killed all of you off!”
        “You missed a few.” He sneered.  “Now, you will have to pay for all the crimes you commented to our people!”
        “And who’s going to punish me?” Vegeta laughed.  “You?”
        “No.  My army.  You know; you saved us a lot of time of having to track all of the warriors!” The leader said.
        “Your army couldn’t kill a human, let alone a Saiyajin King.” Vegeta said.

        “We’ll see.  Attack!” He said.  An assemblage of ‘Lijugeans’ ran towards them.  They all looked alike, except they had different color legs.  Some were blue, and others were green.
        “Okay, this should be easy.” Trunks said to himself.
        They attacked at what seemed, full force, and all of team was attacked.  They were managing, but they were on the defensive side.  To win, they needed to get on the offensive.

        There were kicks and punches, and blocks and chi blasts, and blood everywhere.  Goten was about to get smacked, but Marron kicked the guy out of the way, and shot him with a blast.  A Lijugean came from behind Marron and hit her in the top of the head.  TJ kicked him in the legs, and knocked the guy down.  Marron was right behind him to block off his next attacker, and she her head got smacked into a rock.
        “Kaasan!” TJ yelled, running up to her.  He got there, bent down, and tried to shake her awake.  “Kaasan?  Kaasan are you okay?”  He asked her, his eyes wide.  No response.   He stood up and yelled at the top of his lungs.  The fight stopped and everyone turned to look at him.  All of a sudden, his bright blue hair turned blonde, and his blue eyes turned green.
        “Oh boy.” Gohan said, and somehow the fight was re-ignited by that.  Everyone was fighting, but now it was more intense.  The rest of the fight was a blur to TJ, and he vaguely remember that Trunks and Gohan ended up fusing into Gotenks, but he remembered quiet clearly that he and Lance fused into Trance.
        “Hey, TJ, look at that!” Lance whispered to TJ.  “Let’s try it!”
        “You know what’ll happen if we do it wrong, right?” TJ asks.
        “Yeah, but I still think it’d be cool if we did it right.” Lance said.
        “Okay, let’s try it.” TJ said.  “But don’t blame me if we get fat or skinny.”
        “Okay.” TJ said.  They did the steps, and yelled, “FU-SION!”
        “Who just fused?” Trunks asked, then he noticed who it was.  His jaw dropped.  On the first time they had done it right!

Trance just smirked and shot out a chi huge blast at the leader of the Lijugeans.  It hit him in the chest and blew him back a couple of feet.  They continued to fight until it came to a stand still.  Everyone on the Z force was a great fighter, but they couldn’t take on
that many people at once. “It seems that you have trained King Vegeta.” TLOT Lijugeans said. “Your people as well.” Vegeta said.

        “Well, I hope you know that you will not win.  I have more men.”
        “That will get you nowhere.” Vegeta sneered.  “That’s enough talk.”
        “Fine.” He said, and with that, he shot at Vegeta, but Vegeta dodged it.  Instead of hitting him, it hit Bra directly in the chest.
        “NO!  BRA!” Goten screamed.  He glared at the man who had shot her, and Trunks, Vegeta, and Goten attacked at full force.  Pretty soon, he was destroyed, and with out their leader, the other team was blown up pretty quickly.

        “Is she okay?” Bra heard Goten ask.
        “Well, she broke both of her ribs.” A doctor said.   Hey, _I_ didn’t brake them! She thought.   “But I think she’ll be okay.”
        “Good.” Goten said, sounding relieved.
        “Goten?” Bra asked, feeling sick.
        “Bra!  Bra, you’re awake!”
        “Yeah, I gathered that.” She said, trying to sit up, but her chest hurt too much.  “Wait a minute, is the baby—“
        “Yeah, she’s fine.” Goten said.
        “Oh, good, I was worried there for a second.”  Bra said, feeling her belly, which was now beginning to bulge a little bit.  “What about Marron, wasn’t she out for a while?”
        “Yeah, um, I don’t know about that.” Goten said, playing with his hands.
        “Could you go and find out?” Bra asked.

        Marron woke up feeling confused.  Where was she?  She looked over and saw TJ asleep on one of the chairs, his head in Trunks’ lap. “Marron?  Are you awake?” She heard Trunks ask her softly.
        “Trunks?  What happened?” She asked, sitting up.
        “Well, you got hit in the head, pretty hard.” Trunks said, sounding pretty relieved.  “But the doctor thinks you’re going to be okay.”
        “Oh good.  What about everyone else?” Marron asked.
        “Everyone’s fine, except Bra got hit.” Trunks said.
        “Oh no!  Is she okay?”
        “Well, I was with you the whole time,”
        “Then could you go and find out?” She asked.
        “Oh, yeah, sure.” Trunks said, he set TJ’s head softly on the chair, jumped up from his seat, and ran to the hallway.
“Excuse me, do you know where Mrs. Son Bra is at?” He asked a nurse.
        “Yes, she’s in room 485.” She said.  “Recovering from a chest wound.”
        “Okay, thank you.” He said, and ran back to Marron’s room.  He poked his head in and said, “She’s in room 485.  I’ll go see how she’s doing.”
        “Okay.” She said.  Goten and Trunks clashed in the middle of the hall.
        “Ow, sorry.” Trunks said.  “Oh, it’s you.  Never mind then.”
        “Jeez, thanks.  It’s nice to know I’m loved.” Goten said sarcastically.  “Hey, do you know how Marron is doing?”
        “Yeah, she just woke up, and she’s doing good.” Trunks said.  “How’s Bra?”
        “She just woke up too.  The doctor thinks she’s going to be fine.” Goten said.
        “Good.” Trunks said.  “Well, see ya.”
        “Yeah, same here.” Goten said, and they ran off to their waiting wives.



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