CHAPTER...oops, I mean, EPILOGUE ^_^"

   Six months later, Bra gave birth to a little girl, who had dark brown hair and green-ish eyes.  True to their word, they named her Son Arlene.  She grew up to be extremely powerful.  But there was something that was odd about her: Whenever she was happy she got
powerful.   When she was sad or lonely or something, then she got weak.  But he was usually happy, so that wasn’t a prob! ^_^
Everyone lived in peace then on.  Or did they? . . .

*The End....?*

Haruko: ooh! ooh! I hope there will be a sequel for this story!! C'mon guys!! help me to force Beki to write more~!! ((^O^))

MAIL TO : BEKI-chan!! (^_^)
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