The Chibi Times   
Trunks- 7             Goten- 6             Marron- 3

   "Waaaaa!" Marron, a chubby, little, blonde, pigtailed, girl screamed. Juhachi-gou rushed in and picked up the wailing girl and tried to calm her
down.  No luck.  Then her daddy, Krillin, came in and held the girl, and she stopped.
   "What happened?" Juhachi-gou asked the two boys, Trunks and Goten.
   "Uhhhhh.........  Goten can answer that!" stammered the little purple haired boy, Trunks.
   "Goten?" Junuchou came a little closer.
   "Um well, uh, Trunks did it!" the black haired boy, Goten, said then ran off.
   "You little squealer!  I'll get you!" yelled Trunks.  He then ran after him, but got caught by Juhachi-gou.
   "What HAPPENED???" Junuchou sounded a little irritated.  Trunks then looked over at Marron.  She was holding on to her daddy and sucking her thumb.
   "Well, um, she, uh, let's see, uh, tripped, and uh, fell, and started crying." Trunks stammered.
   "Nuh uh!" Marron argued.  "Tunks pull my piggys and I falls down and goes boom-boom."
   "Oh really?" Juhachi-gou said suspisiously.  She then looked down at Krillin.  "What shall we do Krillin?"
   "I dunno.  Your the 'judge' here.  I'm just a 'witness'".  Krillin said while putting down Marron and watching her toddle away to Goten, who
was spying.
   "Well, Trunks, an explanation would be nice," Juhachi-gou sighed putting her hands on her hips.  "The truth."
   "She was bothering me by making up lies about me!" Trunks said defending himself.
   "Marron's just a baby, she doesn't know better.  It gives you no right. Well, lets go tell Bulma what happened." Juhachi-gou told. So like always, Trunks got in trouble.  This is what it was like for a long time.  Even if Trunks pulled Marron's pigtails and Marron told lies to get him in
trouble, Goten always said,

   "We'll be best friends forever."  

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